Intimacy: das Buch zum Film von Patrice Chéreau

Intimacy das Buch zum Film von Patrice Ch reau Hanif Kureishi s fourth novel made many reviewers uneasy on its first appearance in the U K because it cuts so painfully near to the bone If a novelist s first duty is to tell the truth then the auth

Hanif Kureishi s fourth novel made many reviewers uneasy on its first appearance in the U.K because it cuts so painfully near to the bone If a novelist s first duty is to tell the truth, then the author has done his duty with unflinching courage Intimacy gives us the thoughts and memories of a middle aged writer on the night before he walks out on his wife and two younHanif Kureishi s fourth novel made many reviewers uneasy on its first appearance in the U.K because it cuts so painfully near to the bone If a novelist s first duty is to tell the truth, then the author has done his duty with unflinching courage Intimacy gives us the thoughts and memories of a middle aged writer on the night before he walks out on his wife and two young sons for of a younger woman A very modern man, without political convictions or religious beliefs, he vaguely hopes to find fulfillment in sexual love No one is spared Kureishi s cold, penetrating gaze or lacerating pen She thinks she s feminist, but she s just bad tempered, the unnamed narrator says of his abandoned wife A male friend advises him, Marriage is a battle, a terrible journey, a season in hell, and a reason for living At the heart of Intimacy is this terrible paradox You don t stop loving someone just because you hate them Male readers will wince with recognition at the narrator s hatred of entrapment and domesticity, and his implacable urge towards freedom, escape, even loneliness Female readers may find it a truly horrific revelation Kureishi is only telling it like it is, in staccato sentences of pinpoint accuracy By far the author s best yet a brilliant, devastating work Christopher Hart,

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Intimacy: das Buch zum Film von Patrice Chéreau

  1. Hanif Kureishi is the author of novels including The Buddha of Suburbia, The Black Album and Intimacy , story collections Love in a Blue Time, Midnight All Day, The Body , plays including Outskirts, Borderline and Sleep With Me , and screenplays including My Beautiful Laundrette, My Son the Fanatic and Venus Among his other publications are the collection of essays Dreaming and Scheming, The Word and the Bomb and the memoir My Ear at His Heart.Kureishi was born in London to a Pakistani father and an English mother His father, Rafiushan, was from a wealthy Madras family, most of whose members moved to Pakistan after the Partition of India in 1947 He came to Britain to study law but soon abandoned his studies After meeting and marrying Kureishi s mother Audrey, Rafiushan settled in Bromley, where Kureishi was born, and worked at the Pakistan Embassy.Kureishi attended Bromley Technical High School where David Bowie had also been a pupil and after taking his A levels at a local sixth form college, he spent a year studying philosophy at Lancaster University before dropping out Later he attended King s College London and took a degree in philosophy In 1985 he wrote My Beautiful Laundrette, a screenplay about a gay Pakistani British boy growing up in 1980 s London for a film directed by Stephen Frears It won the New York Film Critics Best Screenplay Award and an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay.His book The Buddha of Suburbia 1990 won the Whitbread Award for the best first novel, and was also made into a BBC television series with a soundtrack by David Bowie The next year, 1991, saw the release of the feature film entitled London Kills Me a film written and directed Kureishi.His novel Intimacy 1998 revolved around the story of a man leaving his wife and two young sons after feeling physically and emotionally rejected by his wife This created certain controversy as Kureishi himself had recently left his wife and two young sons It is assumed to be at least semi autobiographical In 2000 2001 the novel was loosely adapted to a movie Intimacy by Patrice Ch reau, which won two Bears at the Berlin Film Festival a Golden Bear for Best Film, and a Silver Bear for Best Actress Kerry Fox It was controversial for its unreserved sex scenes The book was translated into Persian by Niki Karimi in 2005.He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire CBE in the 2008 New Year Honours.Kureishi is married and has a pair of twins and a younger son.

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  1. If I was ever God forbid asked to teach a course on the ethics of fiction, this slim novel would surely be on the assigned reading list.Intimacy unfolds over the course of 24 hours as its protagonist, a middle aged screenwriter named Jay, prepares to leave Susan, the mother of his two young sons Not that he has told her he s going he intends simply to pack his bag and slip out the door in the morning after she goes to work This is a case of art imitating life if there ever was one Like his prota [...]

  2. Leali e fedeli l uno all altra o sleali e infedeli a se stessi Un romanzo brevissimo, ma che mi ha sorpreso per l intensit delle sensazioni trasmesse.Un uomo di mezza et , sposato e con due figli una sera riflette E una sera speciale, ha deciso di andarsene, di lasciare la famiglia, con tutte le conseguenze che ci comporta Ha vissuto tante situazioni scomode, ha sopportato responsabilit famigliari, sta vivendo una esistenza che gli pesa, che non gradisce pi Restare e fingere che tutto sia a post [...]

  3. i absolutely love this book i get why everyone is frustrated with Jay as a character, he does have a hard to like personality i struggled trying to understand things from his perspective at times, but realising that he is a human after all i could somewhat understand the reason behind some of the decisions he made even if i didn t share his opinions on another note i loved the writing style and the brutally honest ways Kureishi chose to convey his messages and criticize the institution of marria [...]

  4. A Joke Followed by an IntimacyAfter reading Milan Kundera s The Joke , I returned it to the shelf, and looked for something short to read next Happily, I found it next to my Kunderas I thought Intimacy might continue some of the themes about relationships that had interested me in The Joke.After finishing it, I discovered a 2001 interview with Kureishi in the Guardian in which he revealed that he had been reading The Joke that very morning.In some ways, Kureishi was to the 90 s what Kundera was [...]

  5. Y lo que nos ense a esta obra es que la crisis de los 40 puede hacer mucho da o en algunos hombres No porque abandonen a la mujer y a sus hijos en medio de la noche para irse a perseguir una jovencita a la que doblan la edad, sino porque sienten tambi n la necesidad de escribirlo y acaban saliendo casta as como Intimidad Esta obra es tan narciso nihilista que me recuerda al peor Houellebecq Repetitiva hasta el tedio Y como siempre este nihilismo, tan t pico de ciertos autores de hoy en d a, acab [...]

  6. Este livro foi me oferecido h mais de quinze anos e desde ent o que tem estado na estante sem que eu tenha tido qualquer curiosidade de lhe pegar o motivo foi a pessoa que mo ofereceu ter gostos nada consonantes com os meus Recentemente vi algumas opini es aqui no que me levaram a sacudir lhe o p e a dar lhe uma oportunidade.E ent o assim Esta a noite mais triste, porque tenciono partir para nunca mais voltar.Deste modo come a a hist ria em que Jay, o narrador protagonista, nos d conta da sua in [...]

  7. Pri a o kolote ini bra nog ivota, sa mu kog aspekta On svo vrijeme razmi lja kako e te no i napustiti Susan i djecu, vaga, pravda se, pa opet vaga, oti i e, ne e, kaki e, pi ki e ao mu djece, a Susan i pre mirna bra na luka definitivno nisu ne to to eli mu karac u etrdesetim kog pere kriza srednjih godina On eli Ninu, duplo mla u djevojku koja ga bodri da masturbira po njoj dok spava Ovo se ita u jednom dahu, malo zbog toga to nas zanima da li e oti i, malo to ga mrzimo, malo to ga razumijemo Pr [...]

  8. After reading loads of reviews, what amazes me is that apparently not all women take this self indulgent crap as a personal affront Yes, Kureishi is a gifted writer Okay, his take on the excruciating ruminations of a husband plotting to leave his family is 100% believable But I can t get past my desire to castrate the narcissistic bastard It must have been fun to write a bit like writing from the perspective of a mafia hit man without any compulsion to tie together the the disparate aspects of c [...]

  9. One man pondering his life and relationships the night before he plans to leave his partner and children Not very likeable.

  10. Upon reading this, I felt that it was quite obvious that the author wrote this book with intimate knowledge of failed relationships and break ups The small details really do make this story The disagreements of how to make tea, for example which leads both the characters feeling like they want to kill each other The wife s badgering, the narrator s air of weariness, the disconnectedness of it all like they re only JUST missing the target, that if they tried that little bit harder, maybe they cou [...]

  11. I have a lot to say so please bare with me.This is a story of a middle aged british screenwriter , Jay , who decides to leave his wife and two children the whole book is actually a dialogue by Jay filled with flashbacks to his own past.I don t know how to feel about this book.It s daring ,brutal , hard to read , provocative , the characters , or the protagonist , Jay , is not likeable at all , instead you constantly feel like hitting him But at the same time , it s compelling , irresistible and [...]

  12. I would love to give this book a 5 star rating But only one question prevents it What if its my father An excellent and extremely dangerous book Its like Sofia Cappollo and Sam Mendes sat together to write something which is a sequel to Lost in Translation and a prequel to American beauty Engaging and yet edgy Mr.Kureshi has pulled off a ripper and gives us a world of emotional sexual turmoil Its autobiographical you see It is so real,for example the man watches his children with all the tendern [...]

  13. Intimidade foi a minha primeira incurs o no universo do escritor Hanif Kureishi e que viagem foi esta Logo na primeira frase do livro, o narrador e protagonista nos d conta da sua inten o de, nessa mesma noite, partir para nunca mais voltar deixando para tr s mulher e dois filhos.O que se segue s o mem rias, considera es, deplora es desencadeadas pelo ato que est prestes a levar a cabo e que sucedem no espa o temporal de uma noite, a noite mais triste como a apelida, a noite que antecede o aband [...]

  14. Esta a noite mais triste, porque me vou embora e n o volto mais desta forma que Hanif Kureishi introduz nos nesta novela que aborda as interroga es e atribula es introspetivas de Jay, prestes a abandonar a sua mulher, Susan e os seus dois filhos pequenos Podemos escolher entre fazer o bem ou o mal aos outros mas a que pre o Como grande a inoc ncia das pessoas quando n o est o espera de ser magoadas Jay, ao longo da narrativa, coloca se a si pr prio o cen rio de continuidade na rela o ao recordar [...]

  15. Este es el retrato de un gilipollas El personaje principal es asquerosamente machista, su visi n de las mujeres su mujer, su amante, su madre, su psic loga es desde despreciativa hasta condescendiente Cumple todos los clich s del hombre en plena crisis, cuya fr gil masculinidad le lleva a cuestionarse la potencia de su propio chorro de orina reflexiona sobre el matrimonio, el amor y el deseo desde una perspectiva ego sta y mis gina, reafirmando la necesidad de los hombres de sentirse poderosos, [...]

  16. Truly impressed Exceptionally clever and interesting Book deals with contemporary issues, with taboos of our time, in the most original manner Kureishi is really talented writer, I am no longer surprised that he is so often compared to Woolf, Proust and Cami Bilje ke iz knjige ivot bez ljubavi je kao dugotrajna dosada Mesecima mi je vrhunac dana bio u i ekivanju nesvesnog stanja Ve eras moji de aci i ja elimo isto vi e ivota Shvatila je da ivot bez njega mogu Kasnije sam zami ljao da sa svakom e [...]

  17. Kr tk novelka na jedno i dv za ten , ale p itom v bec ne lehk ten P b h mu e, kter b hem jedn noci rekapituluje sv j ivot a e odchod od rodiny To nep etr it ano ne ne ano, to v h n a p emlouv n sama sebe, ek n na jedin znamen z druh strany, na jedin n znak, kter rozhodne za hlavn ho hrdinu a osvobod ho od t hy kone n ho kroku Jay je zbab lec par excellence, sprost ute e zadn m vchodem ivota a nenajde v sob ani tu kapku odvahy i zdvo ilosti to druh stran Susan a d tem alespo ozn mit p mo do o Jay [...]

  18. embora tenha lido o livro o ano passado, s hoje soube que tb h a vers o em cinemathnkx Nelson deixo link para uma entrevista com o autor publico 2017 06 28 cul

  19. Va dove ti porta il pisello 5 stellette per aver messo in prosa una magnifica e ineccepibile razionalizzazione di un comportamento umano vecchio come il mondo, che sintetizzato sino all osso ho espresso nel titolo.Ci sono proprio tutti i clich s la vita senza a traduzione non scopo abbastanza la moglie noiosa e prevedibile, naturalmente appesantita e occupata a fare andare avanti la baracca mentre lui si macera nelle dolorosissime elucubrazioni sull a, il desiderio, la libert di essere e fare tr [...]

  20. I bought Intimacy by Hanif Kureishi in a pristine hardback edition from the Children s Society charity shop in Garstang for 99p It is a short novella length book and, written in the first person as it is, could almost be mistaken for memoir rather than fiction I did learn, when reading other reviews after finishing, that Kureishi had actually lived out the theme of a man leaving his wife and children shortly before the book was published.I was intrigued by the synopsis and hoped for a deep exami [...]

  21. LOVE IN A BLUE TIMESono tornato a leggerlo per una serie di circostanze che mi hanno stimolato interesse e buona disposizione verso Kureishi Ho trovato l inizio eccellente, piuttosto portentoso Ho letto e riletto le parole, trovandole troppo profonde per una sola semplice lettura al contempo, notavo anche la semplicit , l apparente immediatezza della scrittura Non so bene perch , ma leggendolo ripensavo molto al bel film di Ferreri, Dillinger morto Andando avanti, tuttavia, cominciata a crescerm [...]

  22. I m literally speechless I don t know what to feel after reading this book It goes against everything I believe in specially as a feminist but in some way I do undersatnd what he is talking about and even worse he manages to convience me throughout the novel to agree with him on some issues not all of them and see things from his view.This dude can write I still think he s an arrogant , narcissistic bastard but he s a phenomenal writer.

  23. I think far too many people get wrapped up in what the narrator did does in the novel This is an effective novel that does what it seeks out to accomplish namely, give the run down of a departure I mean, if you re going to rate a book one or two stars for diabolic behavior, I would hate to see what Crime and Punishment receives

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