The Passion According to G.H.

The Passion According to G H Aficionados of South American fiction as well as literary critics will welcome this posthumous translation of a nearly plotless novel by one of Brazil s foremost writers Availing herself of a single c

Aficionados of South American fiction as well as literary critics will welcome this posthumous translation of a nearly plotless novel by one of Brazil s foremost writers Availing herself of a single character, Lispector transforms a banal situation a woman at home, alone into an amphitheater for philosophical investigations The first person narration jousts with languageAficionados of South American fiction as well as literary critics will welcome this posthumous translation of a nearly plotless novel by one of Brazil s foremost writers Availing herself of a single character, Lispector transforms a banal situation a woman at home, alone into an amphitheater for philosophical investigations The first person narration jousts with language, playfully but forcefully examining the ambiguous nature of words, with results ranging from the profound to the pretentious Prehuman divine life is a life of singeing nowness or The world interdepended with me, and I am not understanding what I say, never never again shall I understand what I say For how will I be able to speak without the word lying for me These linguistic games frame existential and experiential crises that Lispector savors and overcomes Although this idiosyncratic novel will not have wide appeal, those with academic or markedly erudite tastes should like it very much.

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The Passion According to G.H.

  1. Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian writer Acclaimed internationally for her innovative novels and short stories, she was also a journalist Born to a Jewish family in Podolia in Western Ukraine, she was brought to Brazil as an infant, amidst the disasters engulfing her native land following the First World War.She grew up in northeastern Brazil, where her mother died when she was nine The family moved to Rio de Janeiro when she was in her teens While in law school in Rio she began publishing her first journalistic work and short stories, catapulting to fame at age 23 with the publication of her first novel, Near to the Wild Heart Perto do Cora o Selvagem , written as an interior monologue in a style and language that was considered revolutionary in Brazil.She left Brazil in 1944, following her marriage to a Brazilian diplomat, and spent the next decade and a half in Europe and the United States Upon return to Rio de Janeiro in 1959, she began producing her most famous works, including the stories of Family Ties La os de Fam lia , the great mystic novel The Passion According to G.H A Paix o Segundo G.H , and the novel many consider to be her masterpiece, gua Viva Injured in an accident in 1966, she spent the last decade of her life in frequent pain, steadily writing and publishing novels and stories until her premature death in 1977.She has been the subject of numerous books, and references to her and her work are common in Brazilian literature and music Several of her works have been turned into films and she was the subject of a recent biography, Why This World, by Benjamin Moser.

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  1. The world independed on me Those powerful closing remarks That brilliant made up word stating the painful truth of humankind s relative insignificance in the world in stark contrast to the absolute significance that a specific human life has for each individual Oh, she knocked me down, again Clarice Lispector, you daring, independent soul, you brilliant thinker, you wild, wild woman YOU Are me And all of us if we dare not to know what we are What is Clarice Lispector s master class Breaking down [...]

  2. The Passion According to G.H is a difficult book to talk about in part because it attempts to say the unsayable so I m going to talk about it in a very roundabout, personal way If you re one of those Dragnet types who wants just the facts, ma am, you d better scram right about now because I have absolutely no idea where this thing is going I guess I ll just let this review be what it wants to be.My first crisis was I want to say at around the age of ten But when I say it was the first crisis you [...]

  3. Holy crap I m not even sure what the hell it was that I just read, but it was undoubtedly the work of a genius It probably deserves five stars just for being such a unique work of art, but I feel comfortable with four simply because it lacked that crucial element of enjoyment I can t say that I enjoyed it, even though I think I loved it but what am I so afraid of I prefer a bit of, you know, plot and characterization, but Lispector s prose is so mesmerizing that it almost doesn t matter what sh [...]

  4. How to review this Much introspective than The Hour of the Star G.H means genero humano basically human kind otherwise we don t know her name She is reflecting on something that happened the day before The premise is fairly simple G.H is well to do lives in a penthouse and has a maid who has just left She decides to clean the maids room which she expects to be cluttered The room however is clean apart from some drawings on the wall a man, a woman and a dog There is also a wardrobe with the door [...]

  5. She lives well A sculptress, she is financially well off, living in a penthouse apartment furnished in shades of neutral colors Claiming many friends she has reflected herself back to herself through their eyes She enjoys what she sees as they do hers Get togethers occur at the right frequency It is much like stopping at the gas station and filling up the tank.Her live in maid has left, a black african american women Stepping into another country, the country from within another person s mind sh [...]

  6. This is a very thought provoking book This as its tagline A world wholly alive has a Hellish power If you are the type of a reader who rates books according to your level of enjoyment while reading, then this book is not for you Wait, let me correct myself If you want to think heavily while reading, there s a chance that you might like this book too I ordered this second hand book via and paid 9.94 plus 4.99 as shipping charges Paying 14.93 P627.00 for a second hand book with only 173 pages of n [...]

  7. I am now going to tell you how I entered the inexpressive that was always my blind and secret search How I entered whatever exists between the number one and the number two, how I saw the line of mystery and fire, and which is surreptitious line A note exists between two notes of music, between two facts exists a fact, between two grains of sand no matter how close together there exists an interval of space, a sense that exists between senses in the interstices of primordial matter is the line o [...]

  8. The Passion According to G.H is something like a miracle, so uniquely potent that you wonder how a human being could have conjured it It s poetry The green water of the air I see everything through a full glass It s eleven in the morning in Brazil It s now That means exactly now Now is time swollen to the limit Eleven o clock has no depth Eleven o clock is full of eleven hours up to the brim of the green glass Time trembles as a motionless balloon The air is fertilised and wheezing yet also inex [...]

  9. An extraordinary work by the greatest writer of the interior crisis, of the fragmented and the fragmenting, of the breaking and the brokenHer technique is impeccable the breadcrumbs of an exterior life, of plot and reasons , which are just enough to keep the reader correctly situated but never undermine the mythic and the universally personal the self that is all self I need to re read it though, I need to go slow and listen hard instead of being caught up in the flow

  10. I suspect Clarice Lispector copied here the style in Fernando Pessoa s The Book of Disquiet to produce this exasperating, introspective, highfalutin nonsense Like The Book of Disquiet it is written in the first person singular, plot less, tackles life s big issues God, existence, death, soul, time, etc , divided into short chapters and resort to refrains Pessoa likes to repeat phrases from an earlier chapter or paragraph Lispector makes it a point to start the new chapter with the last sentence, [...]

  11. The deheroization of myself is subterraneously undermining my building, coming to pass without my consent like an unheeded calling Until it is finally revealed to me that the life in me does not bear my name And I too have no name, and that is my name And because I depersonalize myself to the point of not having my name, I reply whenever someone says I 185 This little book, though sly and resistant at first, though not meaning to be, because it couldn t have been any other way and still be itsel [...]

  12. I had a very difficult time reading this book Clarice Lispector gives you the first person account of this fictional woman as she goes through an intense unraveling of self The style is very unconventional, using a great deal of repetion, contradiction, and free form stream of consciousness, as well as very fractured grammar All this makes the flow of the prose seem to undulate back and forth, sometimes flowing, sometimes stilted, but at some point you begin to understand that she seems to be ig [...]

  13. And I want to be held down I don t know what to do with the horrifying freedom that can destroy me There are few expressions of art which can so perfectly portrait the intimism that made Clarice Lispector so famous I can list some of them some MPB Brazilian Popular Music artists like Elis Regina, Sigur R s songs youtube watch v wfJVA to anyone who wants to have a near transcendental experience and this book What I want is to live of that initial and primordial something that was what made some t [...]

  14. published while in her early forties, the passion according to g.h a paix o segundo g.h is a mesmerizing, unsettling, and sometimes vertiginous work, yet, like all of clarice lispector s writing, one punctuated by a most unique and gorgeous prose themes of reality, identity, alienation, depersonalization, contradiction, and mysticism come oozing out of this slim novel as, say, the creamy innards of a broad, relatively flat insect might, were the door of a wardrobe to be quickly closed upon it li [...]

  15. Give me your hand Now I m going to tell you how I went into that inexpressiveness that was always my blind, secret quest How I went into what exists between the number one and the number two, how I saw the mysterious, fiery line, how it is a surreptitious line Between two musical notes there exists another note, between two facts there exists another fact, between two grains of sand, no matter how close together they are, there exists an interval of space, there exists a sensing between sensing [...]

  16. Para contarles lo que me pas con este libro mejor me siento con un caf , y me tomo mi tiempo, que se pone bueno No voy a borrar lo que escrib la primera vez que lo le , porque, aunque me da un poco de pudor decir que me clav con un detalle y me perd casi todo lo dem s, es decir poco Y m s que nada, porque me parece que a Clarice hay que entrarle con valent a Es eso Te lleva por lugares insospechados de la conciencia, y en este libro, que para m es la cumbre de su obra entera, deslumbra, porque t [...]

  17. Ah, meu amor, n o tenhas medo da car ncia ela o nosso destino maior O amor t o mais fatal do que eu havia pensado, o amor t o inerente quanto a pr pria car ncia, e n s somos garantidos por uma necessidade que se renovar continuamente O amor j est , est sempre Falta apenas o golpe da gra a que se chama paix o Eu terminei este livro com um sorriso, n o um mero ato de express o, n o uma demonstra o externa de felicidade, mas sim um sorriso de quem finalmente conseguiu se ler no outro A Paix o Segun [...]

  18. O livro A Paix o Segundo G H a minha estreia liter ria com Clarice Lispector 1920 1997 , escritora nascida na Ucr nia mas naturalizada brasileira.Esta obra originalmente editada em 1964 suscitou e continua a suscitar uma gigantesca bibliografia, incluindo teses de licenciatura, mestrado ou doutoramento A Paix o Segundo G H um livro denso, com uma escrita inovadora, de cariz po tico, evidenciando um experimentalismo que nos obriga a ler e reler cada frase com uma aten o e uma disponibilidade inim [...]

  19. The Passion is a strange mix of the thrilling and timeless the central crisis is a squashed cockroach , which will probably be comprehensible and original when the fabled cockroaches rule the planet the mysticism isn t original, but this nearly atheistic version of it is an interesting tweak, and history suggests people will be having mystical experiences for some time with what seems, today at least, cliche this book could almost be a chapter from a dissertation on Deleuze and Guattari s concep [...]

  20. Reason number 36 why I love Clarice Lispector Holding someone s hand was always my idea of joy Often before falling asleep in that small struggle not to lose consciousness and enter the greater world often, before having the courage to go toward the greatness of sleep, I pretend that someone is holding my hand and I go, go toward the enormous absence of form that is sleep And when even then I can t find the courage, then I dream.

  21. Deeply deeply introspective Almost equal parts wisdom and nonsense I wavered between being moved and being exasperated 2.5 rounded up.

  22. A world wholly alive has a Hellish power.i am giving this book five stars, because five stars means it was amazing, and this book was definitely amazing i would say it was one of a kind it wasn t what i d call enjoyable, though or even, really, unenjoyable it just kind of was what it was, and was that 100%.I keep looking, looking Trying to understand Try to give what I have gone through to someone else, and I don t know who, but I don t want to be alone with that experience I don t know what to [...]

  23. How should it be called Reflections on the death of a cockroach Going into a room as a person and not exiting it The Passion According to G.H is a strange meditation on the nature of God, love, reality, nothingness, and language To a person like me, who is vulnerable because a close friend I ve known for forty five years is dying in a hospice not two blocks from me, it hit me between the eyes with the force of a sledge hammer Clarice Lispector is a Ukrainian born author who lived almost all of h [...]

  24. The book has an old color and sore on which stands the white gaze of the writer It is a book in which flows intense life, the life described in its uniqueness, in her wild, tyrannized by a continuous motion of waves, from the dense darkness and light that does not allow shadows.Quoting The mystery of human destiny is that we are strong, but we have the freedom to comply or not our fatal Depends on us realize our fatal destiny

  25. Ceci n est pas un romancerco,cerco.Tento di capire Tento di dare a qualcuno ci che ho vissuto e non so neppure a chi, ma non voglio tenere per me ci che ho vissuto.Non so cosa farmene, ho paura di quella disorganizzazione profonda.Non mi fido di ci che accaduto.Mi accaduta una cosa che io, per il fatto di non sapere come viverla,ho forse vissuto come fosse un altra Una donna.Una stanza, che anche uno spazio interiore.Una blatta.A Paix o segundo G H non un romanzo, un lungo tortuoso monologo allu [...]

  26. Update Apparently, Lispector never let go of my hand even after I finished the book, because she seems to have sparked a violent experience of my own mirroring the one in The Passion It s been creeping up on me slowly, sometimes in sudden flashes, sometimes in long sessions of crying and laughing interchangeably Any book pushing me into a personal rapture clearly deserves better than four stars, and so I m changing it to five, because now I understand, I understand I d never before had the coura [...]

  27. Translated from the original Portuguese by Idra Novey, The Passion According to G.H was the first book by Clarice Lispector which I had the pleasure to read Many rave about the Brazilian author, but I have sadly found her books rather difficult to find thus far Lispector, born in Ukraine in 1920, was revered for her novels and short stories in South America, the first of which was published when she was just twenty three To begin with some of the favourable reviews dotted around the book s dust [...]

  28. I don t mind difficult books or books that are focused on language play than on plot or character development But this book seems to try to create meaning out of nonsense It s hard to say how much of this is based on the translation, which is studded with misused words and ungrammatical sentences Lispector fills sentences with invented words like, The world independed me, but does not create enough context for such words to achieve any kind of meaning What we re left with is something that soun [...]

  29. For now the first timid pleasure I am having is realizing I lost my fear of ugliness And that loss is such goodness It is a sweetness.Why why didn t I want to become as unclean as the roach what ideal was fastening me to the sentiment of an idea why shouldn t I become unclean, exactly as I was discovering my whole self to be What was I afraid of becoming unclean with what This is my first absolute favorite of the year, but not because I like it Rather, it crept up on me and made me question the [...]

  30. This book centers on G.H a Brazilian sculptor, who experiences an epiphany after killing a cockroach G.H largely just the monogram on a suitcase, enters the surprisingly pristine room of her maid to find the maid has drawn three large figures on the wall That mural and the dry, clean state of the room makes G.H see the maid as an independent person who in fact holds her in contempt It s all up or downhill from there, depending on your point of view G.H slams the wardrobe door on a half emerged c [...]

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