The Little House

The Little House Virginia Lee Burton won the Caldecott Medal in for her memorable picture book The Little House a poignant story of a cute country cottage that becomes engulfed by the city that grows up around i

Virginia Lee Burton won the Caldecott Medal in 1943 for her memorable picture book The Little House, a poignant story of a cute country cottage that becomes engulfed by the city that grows up around it The house has an expressive face of windows and doors, and even the feelings of a person, so she s sad when she s surrounded by the dirty, noisy city s hustle and bustle Virginia Lee Burton won the Caldecott Medal in 1943 for her memorable picture book The Little House, a poignant story of a cute country cottage that becomes engulfed by the city that grows up around it The house has an expressive face of windows and doors, and even the feelings of a person, so she s sad when she s surrounded by the dirty, noisy city s hustle and bustle She missed the field of daisies and the apple trees dancing in the moonlight Fortunately, there s a happy ending, as the house is taken back to the country where she belongs.

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The Little House

  1. Virginia Lee Burton was an American illustrator and children s book author Burton produced seven self illustrated children s books She married Boston Museum school sculptor, George Demetrios, with whom she had two sons and lived in Folly Cove, Gloucester She died at 59.

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  1. One of the classics And there s a good reason this book has been around for 70 years.Upsides A sweet story Wonderful marriage of illustration and text working in concert A guest cameo from Mike Mulligan and his Steam shovel if you re paying close enough attention Downsides Your kids might wonder why the hell you are crying your eyes out when the main character of the story is a house.Well worth your time.

  2. Rilla isn t sure she likes the look of Virginia Lee Burton s The Little House Hmm She eyes it skeptically It doesn t really look Intresting I think you ll like it, I say It s about a big city growing up around this little pink house Pink is the key word in that sentence She ll give almost anything a chance, if there s pink involved Hot pink, she murmurs approvingly, studying the cover There is no higher praise Let s give it a try, I suggest We can read something else afterward Roxaboxen Again Sh [...]

  3. 5 An all time favourite children s picture book that s as old as I am old and as pertinent today as ever I just saw a review of this and HAD to add it to my list I ve loved it forever I know we were given a copy when our kids were little, so I ve used that as a date, but who cares Upshot cute little country farmhouse is gradually swallowed up by progress , which is still happening You can see a picture of the original Little House on the book cover.The Little HouseThe city moves to the country, [...]

  4. I loved this children s book about a pretty little house out in the country The house enjoys trees and flowers and seeing the seasons change But soon a road is built in front of the house, and cars come through, and tall buildings crowd around the house The house is sad being in the city, and it misses seeing the sun and the trees In the end, the house is rescued and moved back out to the country, where it s happy again.Virginia Lee Burton also wrote Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, and both [...]

  5. I have been going through some books from my childhood and I have stumbled upon this great gem called The Little House The Little House is a Caldecott Medal award winning book by Virginia Lee Burton and it is about how a small house learns the true meaning of There s no place like home when a growing civilization is built around it over the years The Little House is definitely a gem that you cannot afford to miss When I first read this book when I was little, I thought it was a bit boring about [...]

  6. Extremely cute book I really enjoyed it It really shows how you shouldn t take your life for granted because one day it could completely change.

  7. This is a classic example of a carefully, meaningfully politicized picture book The little house, sturdily built during a simpler age, loves her life in the country but harbors a strong curiosity of what it might be like to live in the city Her curiosity is satisfied, with potentially devastating results, when the city encroaches on her countryside home Burton s tale relies on an almost universal acceptance of the pastoral ideal, and her message about the cost of rampant urbanization is told sub [...]

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  9. One of my favorite books from childhood this story remains timeless This little house began its life in a bucolic, country setting and over time its integrity becomes threatened by encroaching development and neglect For children, the concept of time is difficult to process This story make it seem understandable Of course there is a happy ending and the house is rescued and relocated to the country I am reminded of this story when I see small towns transformed by strip malls and unplanned devel [...]

  10. Many years ago I owned this little book record, playing it on my little record player I wish I still had it, but through moves and houses it was long gone before I reached High School But I did find the old cartoon on YouTube today while I was trying to locate the book s author after all these years, plus a read along of the original book Good memories today, while looking for a book you loved as a child for a reading challenge this year.

  11. Very lovely story Now, we are too busy.The little house love to see flowers and feel wind blowing To live slowly is very important This story maybe warning to the present generation.

  12. I thought the first 12 pages of this book were perfect It is the story of a sweet little house that is happy and loves the family that lives there The family who built the Little House loved the house so much that they imagined their great great grandchildren s great great grand children living there You watch the house move from season to season You see the family in the apple orchard, swimming, kids running in the yard, then ice skating, sledding, snowmen And then for some reason the author de [...]

  13. I was in our local book store buying my current obsession, Dark Places, as always I had my 1 2 year old daughters w me The deal always is if Nina our oldest behaves she gets to pick a book, she loves books so she always behaves in books stores The children s section has 4 shelves w recommended books on them, each table done by age group We hit the birth 3 years table she picked a colorful book w a little girl on the potty on the cover I then saw her wandering we found the classic children s sect [...]

  14. So far, with the books I ve been reading for this challenge, I ve been able to see why they were selected for the list the appeal they would have to children Even if I personally wouldn t have liked them as with Each Peach Pear Plum I can see the appeal to other children.This is the first book I ve read where I ve simply not seen the attraction I can see how adults would like it it can be seen as a fable illustrating the negative effects of urbanisation, and has a nice nostalgic element of retur [...]

  15. This is one of those books that embeds itself in your memory forever I read it once or twice as a child at the library but never saw it again after that until I spotted it at a bookstore last year and just had to buy my own copy It is a simple story about a well loved house that survives generations and generations, first being built in the country and observing simple life and season changes around it Over time a town pops up, which later turns into a city, which later turns into a dirty, over [...]

  16. When I saw The Little House I was instantly filled with warm nostalgia, and a little bit of melancholy I knew the book was important to me as a child, but I couldn t remember why I felt a twinge of sadness As soon as I started reading it, I remembered the poor Little House getting all forgotten and broken in the big city s shadow Even so, I love the book and it really made an impression on me as a child I love the cadence of the story and the illustrations, all the details in the changing season [...]

  17. Genre Concept Picture bookThis is a sweet story about a house that lived in the countryside for a very long time and as time went on she began to see a city in the distance She was curious about the city and thought it would be an interesting place to be but as time progressed and the city grew into the countryside she began to realize that she was not accustomed to city life This story is like that idea that you think you want something until you get it and realize what you had was what you rea [...]

  18. As a little girl, I d ask my parents to read this picture book to me over and over again It is so sweet, and the illustrations are so great.I love how the pictures and words, of course personify a house without giving it overly human qualities like some children s books nowadays eyes, for instance Except in the Pixar animated movie Cars, I hate machines house etc with eyes or other facial parts that makes them look like creepy little humans squirms uncomfortably So whenever I return to this book [...]

  19. 2.5 This Caldecott winner was first published in 1942 It tells the story of a little house, set on a hill amid a field of daisies, with apple orchards, and a pond where the children swim in summer and ice skate in winter Over the years the city encroaches, until the little house is abandoned in a canyon of skyscrapers Until one day the great great granddaughter of the man who build the Little House sees it, and has it moved to a new spot in the country The illustrations are lovely and bright whe [...]

  20. I know the big fascination for me as a child was that a house could be moved I d certainly never heard of such a thing at the age of four or whatever I was then And watching the city grow was pretty neat too, even though it didn t look much like the only city I knew at that point in my life Toronto in the 1980s.

  21. My 8 year old was so excited when I brought this book home from the library He just loves it Must have been introduced to it at school.

  22. In this picture book, it tells a story of a little house that lived in the country The little house watches the different season This will allow students to learn what happens in the four different seasons in a book The little country house noticed a change It was not a season change but a cultural change The country became a city and the little house missed her roots The students will learn the differences between the city and country the little house was picked up from a moving truck and the m [...]

  23. 3.5 5A sweet story book about a little house in the country who enjoys watching the passing of the days and the passing of the seasons As the years go by, she also watches the effects of industrialization and urban sprawl.

  24. This was one of my favorite books as a kid I completely forgot about it until today when Logan pointed out a house being transported down the highway.

  25. This book won the Caldecott Medal The protagonist in this book is a little house built by a man way out in the country a very long time ago He says, This little house shall never be sold for gold or silver and she will live to see our great great grand children s great great grandchildren living in her The little house is illustrated with the windows to look like her eyes, the door to like the nose and the stoops leading up to the door like the mouth The house is illustrated throughout the seaso [...]

  26. The Little House, by Virginia Lee Burton, is about a little house in the country that dreams of what life would be like in the city As time goes by, lots of changes take place around where the little house lives First a new road is built, and the little house gets very excited Soon after houses are built, and now the little house is part of a neighborhood This make her even excited, because now she feels like she is getting a taste of city life However, once taller buildings replace the smalle [...]

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