Unbelievable New York Times bestselling seriesThe fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series that inspired the hit ABC Family TV show Pretty Little Liars Four pretty little liars charmed lives have t

1 New York Times bestselling seriesThe fourth book in the 1 New York Times bestselling series that inspired the hit ABC Family TV show Pretty Little Liars.Four pretty little liars charmed lives have turned into living nightmares Emily s been shipped off to Iowa to live with her berconservative cousins Aria s boyfriend is behind bars because of her Spencer s afraid s 1 New York Times bestselling seriesThe fourth book in the 1 New York Times bestselling series that inspired the hit ABC Family TV show Pretty Little Liars.Four pretty little liars charmed lives have turned into living nightmares Emily s been shipped off to Iowa to live with her berconservative cousins Aria s boyfriend is behind bars because of her Spencer s afraid she was involved in Ali s murder But Hanna s fate is far worse She s clinging to life in the hospital because she knew too much These liars have tried to keep their scandals secret, but the truth is about to rock their pretty little world Full of unexpected twists and shocking revelations, Unbelievable is the fourth book in New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard s compelling Pretty Little Liars series.

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  1. Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.

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  1. The end of this cycle of Pretty Little Liars, although sadly the series is somehow continued.We commence with a prequel rehashing absolutely every dull thing that happened before the disappearance of the infamous and appalling Alison, and reminding us of Shepard s obsession with Bratz dolls Then we re back where we left off, as all the characters gather in a hospital waiting room to hear whether Hanna has survived her cliff hanger car accident Emily is not present however, as she has somehow man [...]

  2. Unbelievable continued to follow Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily as A stalks and threatens them.However this one marked the end of the what I call original four books The book begins in the hospital after Perfect ended with Hanna getting hit by an SUV and ending up in a coma Luckily she ends up ok Aria is forced to move in with her father and Meredith, Emily is forced to move to Iowa and Spencer is forced to compete in the Golden Orchid competition.Melissa continually gives off vibes as though sh [...]

  3. Actual rating 3.5 5 starsThis book was much better than the last two, it was thrilling, and kept me wondering what was going to happen next even though I basically knew, because of the TV show The plot that this particular instalment is entered around was one of my favourite episodes, so that was really enjoyable I also feel like towards the end of this book, the characters started to become less annoying Hallelujah, haha.Going to take a break from this series now, and start back up again later

  4. Pros writing is getting better I liked some twists and turns a lot plot is still very interestingCons the book felt way too long and drawn out I feel like A reveal wasn t dramatic enough It was kinda boring at times Girls don t get enough page time together, they are always separate in almost all of the scenes Hanna is so annoying.My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

  5. I have decided not to read any of these until the last one is published I just want to know who done it without having to read all of the HS drama I really liked this series at first, but once I got to the third book, all of the drama got old and started to annoy me Of course, I am WAY past my teenage years I m sure that has something to do with it.

  6. Book four in the Pretty Little Liars seriesMona is dead Wow I had a suspicion she might be lying about the notes, but never did I think she d run Hanna over because she knew too much And the turns get curvier and the twists get heavier I can t stand Hanna No matter how much I try to like her, she s always aggravating She tries to be perfect, but no one is Spencer could tell her a bit about that And Emily drives me nuts She s always crying and expecting everyone to hurt her Even Maya She never di [...]

  7. There s a lot you can t tell about people, looking in from the outside After the explosive events of the last book, a LOT is happening Emily has a one way ticket to Iowa Aria is still homeless, waiting in the hospital with her ex friend, Hanna, as Hanna struggles in a coma And Spencer is shaken by what she did to her sister The girls just wait will Hanna remember who A is Will they ever be free of A s grip I came roaring into this one straight off Book 3 I just had to find out what happened next [...]

  8. I don t know if I saw it coming Who A is I mean I guess I did and I guess I didn t Oh yeah, I m such a wiz with words, I just blow your minds, don t I Hey, it s Monday morning, go easy on me I added a lot of drama in my reactions while I was reading this, since I think these books bring out my inner queen.I m very curious about what will happen next Like deadly curious grins Silly little story I want to add I was reading this on the train and some girl was trying to explain drugs to somebody els [...]

  9. 4.5 stars 5 because i am a little disappointed of who A was The good news is that is going to be a new A in town starting from volume 5.Besides that, it was amazing At last, the 4 friends started working together and they made it The atmosphere was intense, the secrets were incredible, and the ending left me wanting to find out I recommend this series.

  10. Hanna is still in a coma in the beginning of the book and when she wakes up she can t remember anything about her accident or remember who A is Her best friend ends up being someone bad and her mom tells her that she got a job in another sate and leaves Hanna the option to move with her, or move in with her dad and his fiance and her evil stepsister.Aria who is my favorite in the series is dumped by Sean when he finds out she was with her teacher, Ezra Ezra ends up getting fired and moving away [...]

  11. At A GlanceGenre Young Adult MysteryLove Triangle Insta Love Love Triangle, but it s revenge than love Cliff Hanger Slight Rating 4 Stars.Score SheetCover 8 10Plot 8 10Characters 8 10World Building 5 10Flow 9 10Series Congruity 10 10Total 8 10In DepthBest Part A is getting even involved and shit is hitting the fan big time Worst Part view spoiler Mona s death scene, i wish it was long and detailed, it was maybe 2 paragraphs, not enough hide spoiler Overall Feels Felt oh snap i knew it you all [...]

  12. Who the heck is A I really do enjoy this series, this book didn t seem to have as much going on in it as the first three, but I still really enjoyed it I just don t think we know who A is, and we have no idea who the killer is I think we are being misled One thing I am very glad of is that Emily s parents seemed to finally accept her for who she is Thank goodness finally a parent with a brain in the series

  13. Oh my gosh I can t even believe it Mona And now there is a new A Was she even A in the first place Is Ian even guilty Such a great mystery book Maybe my favourite Pretty Little Liars books so far June 2015Re read August 2017

  14. Sara Shepardobrigada por me viciares em PLL Est s perdoada pelo mauzinho The Lying Game.Doces e Vingativas bomb stico E sem d vida o meu livro favorito pois finalmente neste livro que a identidade de A revelada A s rio, adrenalina que n o falta no livro, onde muitos segredos s o revelados e muitas confus es s o resolvidas Mas vamos por partes Quanto identidade da A n o quem eu pensava que era, tinha quase a certeza que era Melissa mas pelos vistos n o J no final do 3 livro vimos que A n o est pa [...]

  15. Synopsis Who is A Who tried to kill Hannah Secrets will be revealed in the fourth novel and final arc in the first quartet of the Pretty Little Liars series My Review The fourth book in Sara Shedpard s Pretty Little Liars gave a great ending to one of the many plot lines who is the first A I was very happy that this story arc came to a close, since the mystery of A was beginning to become of a bother than an interesting plot line.Some of the characters do seem whiny and annoying, at least by an [...]

  16. Okay, WOW This book literally had my heart pounding out of my chest so hard I considered putting it down then realized I, of course, totally couldn t Needless to say, all that adrenaline is probably going to keep me up for hours tonight I know I wasn t as wild about the third book, but this one was incredible Every time you think you ve figured out what s going on, you learn something else and have to completely reevaluate And while the last book was sort of all details of the entropy of each of [...]

  17. I thought I knew what to expect Unbelievable is the fourth book in Shepard s Pretty Little Liars series, following Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, and Perfect Shepard has a talent for making the series flow together seamlessly Shepard has talent, period While each book so far has read like a chapter in the overall series, I keep finding myself satisfied at the end Don t mistake me I still want LOTS , the who dunnit, the whys, and the hows But I ve read some series where their versions of cliffhan [...]

  18. For the amount of secrets revealed in this installment, it is easily the most boring of the series so far How is that possible I don t know.The entire book felt like one long rehash of what has already happened I know that s needed in series, most do it either within a few chapters or lightly sprinkled through out the whole book But this book was the entire thing Until the last 10 chapters or so, the whole thing was Previously on Supernatural if you know what I mean.So Meh Disappointed in this o [...]

  19. Loads of fun, but the long anticipated conclusion didn t contain the mind bending twist I was waiting for after so many little twists and red herrings and reveals in the long buildup.

  20. If you thought you d figured Perfect out with Spencer being Ali s killer, you re wrong And if you think that Mona being A is the end of it, you re wrong And if you re just wondering where this book sits in terms of the TV show, it includes Mona s party and Hanna being hit by the car If anything can be frustrating in a good way, these books are a perfect example of that After Perfect I knew the author was going to do a 180 with Spencer, somehow explaining away that she didn t really kill Ali That [...]

  21. UnbelievableSara Shepard352 pgs June 1 2008ISBN 9780060887391This book was the most shocking book of the series yet Emily got shipped off to Iowa but then came back because of her cousins Spencer won the golden orchrid essay Ian got put behind bars because he was the one who killed Ali Hanna was in a coma but recovered with a lot of scars, after being hit by a car who is really A.The most shocking part is A, the one who has been sending the threatning text messages is MONA That is Hanna s best f [...]

  22. Unbelievable picks up where Perfect left off moments after Hanna s accident While her friends and family pace the hospital s waiting room to learn Hanna s fate, A continues to threaten each girl Emily is sent to live with her cousins after her parents learn she kissed the new girl, Maya Little does Emily or her parents know that her cousins aren t so innocent and have issues of their own Meanwhile, Aria is trying to cope with her parents imminent divorce Just recently broken up with her boyfrien [...]

  23. Sometimes when I would have trouble in school or maybe with sports I would have to stay strong, and keep on going through with it Just like in the book, everyone has trouble with things, but you just have to keep on going through with it and keep your head up during tough times In Unbelievable written by Sara Shepard, the four main characters, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily all face the same problems and are really struggling, just like what happens to people in real life This problem that has [...]

  24. This book is truly breathtaking In fact all of the pretty little liars books really capture me These books are perfect if you are in the mood for a murder mystery and you are tired of having all the boys as the hero and or villan or victim These books are perfect for any girl who likes to be under a good book spell They re quick reads if you love them and even though my busy schedule gives barely any time to read, I still found a way to fit in these great books These books aren t what you think [...]

  25. I think this one might be my favorite in the series so far It just seemed suspenseful and action packed than the other ones Despite the many annoyances, I couldn t put this book down As for the identity of A and Ali s supposed killer, I would like to be all smart and say I knew who they were all along, but I honestly didn t There were enough red herrings along the way that had me guessing the whole way But as for the girls, I just can t get over their life styles I find the books unrelatable wi [...]

  26. I think it s hard to rate individual books in a series, especially a long one like PLL, but I honestly believe that each book is great and the only one I d say maybe wasn t a full 5 stars like I rated it, was probaby book 1, just cuz it was a little bit boring But this book is amazing It s actually starting to get a little deeper and the characters are stating to have depth to them as well I like the fact that with each book, I keep trying to figure out which girl is my favorite and I really ca [...]

  27. Four girls Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily are still being haunted by an unknown person named A In the Pretty Little Liars series, by Sarah Shepard each of these characters have a deep dark secret that they cannot let out Spencer is rewarded for plagorizing her sisters senior year essay, because she was too lazy to write her own Emily is sent to a strict aunts farm because of the secret that her mom didn t like Aria is kept from her forbidden love, as A threats to tell her parents and it drives h [...]

  28. 2.5 starsI wasn t a huge fan of this edition After the last addition to the series Perfect I thought the books were getting better but yeah, they re obviously not if this is an indication There wasn t anything definitively wrong with this but it was nothing special In fact, it was pretty dull There was no climax and it was just too boring for me to get into I also have to add that some of the MCs are really getting on my nerves I m not a fan of Hanna, and Emily s constant mood swings and screami [...]

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