Page As the only female page in history to last beyond the first year of formal training to become a knight year old Keladry of Mindelan has an uphill battle to fight In addition to proving herself wor

As the only female page in history to last beyond the first year of formal training to become a knight, 11 year old Keladry of Mindelan has an uphill battle to fight In addition to proving herself worthy of being a page, Kel spends her time defending first year pages from bullies, staying on top of homework, conquering her paralyzing fear of heights, and keeping up with LAs the only female page in history to last beyond the first year of formal training to become a knight, 11 year old Keladry of Mindelan has an uphill battle to fight In addition to proving herself worthy of being a page, Kel spends her time defending first year pages from bullies, staying on top of homework, conquering her paralyzing fear of heights, and keeping up with Lord Wyldon s grueling physical training schedule Kel s detractors do everything in their power to thwart her progress, from tormenting her friends to sabotaging the Midwinter Festivities to kidnapping her maid and dog on the day of final examinations The tide of resistance begins to turn slightly during the summer between Kel s second and third years, when she leads a team of pages in defensive maneuvers against renegade bandits coincidentally on the same day that she gets her first period.

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  1. Hey, folks I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single star ratings except I haven t How do I know I haven t Because I haven t read those books at all So before you go getting all hacked off at me for trashing your favorites, know that I ve written GoodReads to find out what s going on.I return to my regularly scheduled profile Though I would love to join groups, I m going to turn them all down I just don t have the time to take part, so please don t be offended if I don t join your group or accept an invitation I m not snooty I m just up to my eyeballs in work and appearances Also, don t be alarmed by the number of books I ve read When I get bored, I go through the different lists and rediscover books I ve read in the past It s a very evil way to use up time when I should be doing other things Obviously, I ve read a lot of books in 54 years I was born in South Connellsville, PA My mother wanted to name me Tamara but the nurse who filled out my birth certificate misspelled it as Tamora When I was 8 my family moved to California, where we lived for 6 years on both sides of the San Francisco peninsula.I started writing stories in 6th grade My interest in fantasy and science fiction began when I was introduced to The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien and so I started to write the kind of books that I was reading After my parents divorced, my mother took my sisters and me back to Pennsylvania in 1969 There I went to Albert Gallatin Senior High for 2 years and Uniontown Area Senior High School for my senior year.After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I wrote the book that became The Song of the Lioness fantasy quartet I sold some articles and 2 short stories and wrote reviews for a martial arts movie magazine At last the first book of the quartet, Alanna The First Adventure was published by Atheneum Books in 1983.Tim Liebe, who became my Spouse Creature, and I lived in New York City with assorted cats and two parakeets from 1982 2006 In 2006 we moved to Syracuse, New York, where we live now with assorted cats, a number of squirrels, birds, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and woodchucks visiting our very small yard As of 2011, I have 27 novels in print, one short story collection, one comic book arc White Tiger A Hero s Compulsion co written with Tim, and a short story anthology co editing credit There s to come, including a companion book to the Tortall verse So stay tuned

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  1. Keladry is now a page Although she is not on probation any, she still has to prove herself to her training master, teachers, peers and the king himself, seeing that unfortunately women do not become knights in Keladry s world, with the Lioness as the only exception so far But Keladry knows she can do it if she never loses sight of her goal and puts her mind and body to it The training is rough, but she excels because she practices and perseveres Sadly, her strength arouses jealousy in other clas [...]

  2. Everyone should read Tamora Pierce Not just fantasy readers, not just young readers, but anyone who enjoys a good tale And who doesn t If you ve read Tamora Pierce, then you already know what I mean.Tamora never tries to win an award for the most confuscated use of the English language She never lets language get in the way of her story She writes her books in a simple, honest way to hook her readers into a fascinating tale And she succeeds brilliantly in doing so.In Page, Tamora Pierce gets bac [...]

  3. Oh these books, every time I read them it s like visiting a best friend I adore Kel today as much as I did when these books were first published I will forever be grateful to Tamora Pierce for creating this fantastic heroine because bless her , she is real Kel doesn t have the Gift or any wild magic to help her She gets everything only through grimy, hard work and persistence just like the rest of us and I admire her so much for it I reread these books ALL THE TIME because I need that I need to [...]

  4. I need to take a moment to point out that Kel, at eleven, is five foot three in other words, taller than I ll ever be Anyway No stranger, looking at her, would have thought this disheveled girl was the sort to cause a storm of argument at court.This is interesting, because Kel is sheltered from this stuff, at least through this book Pierce drops this in, but doesn t go anywhere with it yet This book starts off with two projects for Kel, and on this reread, I thought that was convenient Very conv [...]

  5. Here is another book that I love too much to really review, and since I m trying to save all my reminiscing about how important this series has been to me for the third book, I m going to keep this short, with just a few of the things I loved about this entry Kel s friends, and particularly Neal From page 13 of the trade paperback Neal had taught Kel to know the palace the year before, assisting her with classwork and cheering her worst moods with his tart humor In return she tried to keep him o [...]

  6. WHYYY isn t Squire waiting at the library for me yet MUST READ NOW.I continue to love this series This one was the Puberty Book, in which Keladry grows breasts, gets her period, and starts attracting male attention She s kind of oblivious to it, though, which is amusing I hope she and Neal get to make out at some point.Anyway, Kel gets a dog and a maid on the same day The maid is Lalasa, a timid woman who slowly learns how to defend herself thanks to Kel s persistent teachings The feminist threa [...]

  7. What I liked Keladry She grows on me with each book I read She s just such a normal girl trying so hard to prove to everyone that she can be as good as any boy, and she ll stop at nothing until everyone sees it She trains harder and longer than the others, and it really shows how dedicated she is to the life of a hero And in this book, Kel shows that she really thinks those below her should be treated with respect Lalasa She begins the book as a timid little mouse, and she slowly begins to open [...]

  8. 4 Stars Page picks up in the summer immediately after First Test It moves a lot faster and covers the second and third years of Keladry s time as a Page It continues with many of the same themes as the first book, but expands to touch on subjects outside of focusing solely the Pages training Becoming a woman and being a woman in a man s world are issues not shied away from I love how Keladry still insists on wearing her dresses to dinner so that the boys do not forget that a girl can do everythi [...]

  9. 5 Perfect Stars Again Even amazing follow up to the first in series I ve already fangirl d really hard so if if you are interest in this series this is the review to read review show I don t have the heart to do another GIF quote ladden review so just trust me, if you loved the first Kel book the second only gets better.

  10. It s no secret that Keladry of Mindelan is one of my all time favorite fictional characters, nor is it a secret that I reread these books almost every year sometimes All I can say is this whenever I think I can pick a favorite book of this series, I am proved wrong when I start rereading there is not a single chapter in this series that I dislike.Page has long been a favorite, and remains so after this most recent re read I first read it in seventh grade finished it during a boring Language Art [...]

  11. I don t even think I have words to describe how I am feeling right now Kel was always my favourite, having been the first set of books I read by Tamora Pierce, but rereading this series for the 3rd time I think , I m just in love with everything The characters, the writing, the plote funny banter between the pages and the squires But most of all, Keladry She s so strong, and resolute, intelligent and calm, and she has the makings of an incredible leader I just want to read Lady Knight now cause [...]

  12. This one was even better She has friends, the challenges are different, she makes a female friend, she starts experiencing all kinds of lady things Seriously, I love this series I love that Kel s goal is to be a knight that defends the weak small she doesn t even just defend, she teaches others how to defend themselves So good Would recommend to all

  13. Page is a worthy follow up to First Test The characters make it shine, and while Kel is a wonderful hero, it s the cast of secondary characters I m especially fond of I simply adore Neal, who is funny and quirky and just awesome I love amiable and humorous Cleon and the way he uses flowery figures in his speech while talking with Kel And I like Jump, the dog who is as much courageous and loyal as he is ugly Most of all I love Lalasa She isn t a warrior she is shy, meek and soft spoken maid who l [...]

  14. From the beginning, Pierce continues to show how different the experiences of Alanna and Kel are While Kel matures she does reflect a few of Alanna s obvious traits such as willing herself not to be a woman but at least when Kel begins her monthlies she already knows all about them, unlike Alanna who thought she was dying and being incredibly stubborn and headstrong However, Kel is still obviously developing into her own woman Constantly being presented with ethical dilemnas, we get inside Kel [...]

  15. I like the character better in this book, it s true Kel grows on you, even if she is a portmanteau mashup hybrid thing of Daine and Alanna However, the structure in Page is abysmal There s a chronological order to things, but while she goes through two years of her training, there s only enough plot for one Summer break happens in the middle She gets taller Whoopee The climactic event comes out of nowhere because never is there any indication her aggressors are smart enough to pull anything like [...]

  16. This and my other reviews can be found at amethystbookwyrm In Page, Kelladry has passed her first year in probation and still has to complete 3 years of page training to become a squire She still has her friends, Jump the dog, and Crown and her flock of sparrows, along with Neal, Cleon, Roald and the rest She has gained a new maid, Lalassa, who is a country girl new to the city She also has to contend with the conservative squires, who wish her to leave.I like how Kelladry has matured in this b [...]

  17. 1 25 15 buddy re read with RachelAll of the stars Perfection in all ways Complex, lovable characters detailed, believable world building suspenseful action scenes and climax hilarious writing inducing real, actual LOLing kickassiest kickass themes of kickassery.The only thing and it s a tiny, stupid thing is that Kel is still too mature for her age at the beginning In particular, her crush She s eleven twelve, she hasn t been socialized for this type of behavior, and it does not seem natural to [...]

  18. Page and Squire, the next book in this series, are my two favorite books in the Tortall universe This one because, once again, of Kel and her solidarity her friendship with Neal, her new friend Owen, the gentleness and consideration she shows her new maid And yes, the anonymous gift at the end still makes me cry update, Nov 2016 this is the second time I ve read this book this year and it remains one of the best books I ve ever had the delight to re read.

  19. My love for Neal grows and grows Kel s a bit annoying at times, but then I have to keep reminding myself of her age.

  20. My memory of reading this series the first time around is that I thought this book was not as good as the first and the third of the series, but this time I can t think why It might be because the copy of this book I read as a teen had an incredibly awkward pose on the cover, and it infected my view of the book At any rate, this time I continue to just adore Kel as she grows up and we can start identifying her talents other than just being a brave badass I also really appreciate her friendship w [...]

  21. I would highly recommend this book to young especially female people in middle school The pace of this novel picks up significantly, covering the completion of Keladry s training as a page, and her development from childhood into adolescence I wish I d had this book during the confusion of my own pre teen years, as it deals with the common traumas of puberty with honesty and compassion While Kel s physical and emotional changes meddle with many of her relationships, it is the power of a close fe [...]

  22. As per the first novel, Kel was a great heroine to follow This novel loses a star for me because it covered three years rather than one and felt a little rushed as a consequence.

  23. Second in the Protector of the Small fantasy series for children revolving around Kel of Mindelan, only the second girl to want to become a knight of Tortall.My TakeWe get all the rest of the years Kel spends as a page in this one story She matures and has all the complications which that entails including coping with falling in love with Neal and some of her school friends starting to see her in a romantic vein.Kel continues to set the moral tone with support from her friends Well, those who h [...]

  24. This one stands up Even when I was reading First Test, I figured the rest of them might.I really enjoyed this book I like reading about Kel settling into palace life in Tortall I like reading about her and her friends I love her crush on Neil I love her relationship with her maid I adore Cleon s subtle flirtation with her when he lights up after she smiles at him I love that the younger pages go to her for help with their staff work I love that she inspect s everyone in dress uniform.This book g [...]

  25. Kelandry of Mindelan has done it though, of course, knowing Tamora Pierce, there is no doubt that her female characters will always sometimes miraculously surpass all obstacles, prejudicies and or acts of God in order to end at the finish line.Of course, for eleven year old Kel, the journey is only beginning She has to fight to maintain the harsh regimen of a page, while dealing with the constant trials a chauvinistic world has to offer And then, predictably, there is her growing affection for h [...]

  26. 4.5 our of five starsI have fallen in love with my favorite series all over again Though this book may be my least favorite in this series, I still love it I feel like this book was kind of stuck on fast forward We hit all the major highlights and big events and skipped all the small inconsequential things I kind of liked it, because we didn t get bogged down in things that had little baring on the story This book had one of my favorite scenes from this whole series, it s were all the boys and K [...]

  27. Kel s three years as a page fly by in this volume Where previous heroines did much with natural ability Kel s success comes from her determination Kel is not the only one whose growth you watch, of course there are her fellow pages, but some of the most powerful changes are in the two friends introduced at the opening of the book, Lalasa and Jump Kel makes her way over hurdles as a page, a young woman and as someone afraid of heights In many books this kind of time passage would make me feel ru [...]

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