Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets

Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets George and Harold are up to their usual tricks Last time they hypnotized Principal Krupp into believing he was Captain Underpants Now by mistake they bring to life the most disgusting life threaten

George and Harold are up to their usual tricks Last time they hypnotized Principal Krupp into believing he was Captain Underpants Now, by mistake, they bring to life the most disgusting, life threatening monster the terrible Turbo Toilet 2000 Can anyone save the school from the terrifying attack of the Talking Toilets Watch out world, big briefs are back

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Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets

  1. David Dav Pilkey b March 4, 1966 , is a popular children s author and artist Pilkey is best known as the author and illustrator of the Captain Underpants book series He lives near Seattle, Washington with his wife, Sayuri.

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  1. You know, I almost don t want to admit it, but I enjoyed Captain Underpants Not to the point that I feel like I need to read another one, but certainly than I expected George and Harold are two bright yet precocious young men who write their own comic books about a character they call Captain Underpants Due to some accident that occurs in the first Captain Underpants book, their principal is occasionally hypnotized to believe he is Captain Underpants, during which time he sheds his clothes and [...]

  2. I enjoyed reading this second installment in this graphic novel series I find it less funny than the first one but nevertheless, readers will still laugh with the potty adventures of George, Harold and Captain Underpants.

  3. Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets opens with a comic strip giving a premise of the book telling the true story of how they hypnotized their principal Two boys, Harold and George transform their principal into Captain Underpants whenever they snap their fingers To stay out of trouble, the boys receive detention but instead find themselves in a world of trouble They stumble on a super copier that breathes life into 2 D illustrations Harold and Greg copied their newest comic [...]

  4. Decidedly less funny than the first Captain Underpants book I m not expecting high humor, here, but the kids didn t even really laugh at this one Although they did engage in a lively debate about why toilets would even need to wear underwear Who knows, maybe they re budding debate club members Honestly, do our politicians even have debates much above this level

  5. My first Captain Underpants book and I loved it Jokes and gags were well thought and effectively executed.The scene where the boys switched the letters from Come in and see our pretty armchairs to Come in and see out hairy armpits had me in stitches Oh, and the collection of flip o ramas during action sequences add wonders.

  6. Captain Underpants is an amazing childrens series I wish I would ve read them when I was little I regret that I haven t But now I am, and I m having a good time Captain Underpants is an enjoyable and funny read I like the pictures too I find it impressive that the author writes and draws Usually childrens authors hire illustrators, but not this one I m looking forward to reading ofDav Pilke s books.

  7. A hilarious, gross, entertaining, imaginative, wonderful middle grade series that left me in stitches this is one of the best book that Dav picky has every written in this life time I have to say.

  8. With the second book in the series, Pilkey picks up steam and presents a totally hilarious story Following the same formula as the first book, this one ups the fun factor with a couple of comic sections and two Flip o ramas Funnily enough toilet humour is limited to the presence of toilets and there were laugh out loud moments even for me Book one was just OK however with the second outing for Captain Underpants Pilkey doesn t hold back and we get to see that he s fully capable of making kids la [...]

  9. George and Harold see a sign on there way to school it says second annual invention convention then suddenly Mr.Krupp there principal jumps out of the bushes behind the sign and says they cant go but George and Harold are prepared they sneek into the gym and find melvin they make a deal with him that they wont mess up his invention if he says they were never here, he agrees then they sbotage all the other inventions and get to work then melvin changes his mind and tells Mr.Krupp.I would recommen [...]

  10. The only way I would have rated this at least 2 stars if I had found out it was written by a kid, or at least by someone when they were 5 There are no evidence or indication about this tough so I m sticking with a 1 star to simply say I didn t like it to which I ll add At all Ps This was lent to me by a 10 year old relative who knows I love reading so and she told me to read this book as she, apparently, read it in just one day, at school so I ll obviously pretend I actually liked it for the sak [...]

  11. Not really my cup of tea, but read with my son to encourage him to read books and become a confident reader he has dyslexia Amusing and silly story with lots of gimmicky things to keep the reluctant reader turning the pages.

  12. This book is a funny book full of adventure and funny stuff my favorite part is when captain underpants goes to fight the big tolet I would recommend this book to people that like adventure.

  13. I didn t like this book that much I guess it was because my dad read it to me a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago I honestly think the book was kind of boring because all it was about was making jokes and after about 10 jokes, they aren t that funny The exciting _ part was just like all superhero books the hero saves the day by destroying the villain who has some sort of machine that destroys the world This book was about Captain Underpants defeating some talking toilets.

  14. Captain Underpants is funny, and entertaining I however, will not read any of these books simply because I don t think I will find it funny a second time around Defitnitly intended for children in grammar school.This book is something a younger audience becomes engaged with because of its comic set up Reading it I was able to understand why children are so interested in them The pictures and the comic set up are very eye catchy George and Harold the main characters in the story have a very uniqu [...]

  15. This is a funny book about two kids who love to make up comic books Their main character is captain underpants and his adventures in saving the world This is a fun read with child humor involved and the perceptions of their days at school and the world This is also an engaging book for the young reader who is learning to love literature.

  16. My first book for the Banned Books Week 25 9 to 1 10 I guess most of you can imagine why this one would be banned It was a fun book though, and I laughed a lot I will definitely see if I can find the other books in this series as well, I was already surprised to find this one at Library 3 then again they have a bigger English collection than my other libraries I am sure a lot of people won t like the humour in this one toilet humour, plus over the top evil teachers principal , but I quite liked [...]

  17. Parents who aren t already on the Captain Underpants bandwagon are missing out These books are fun, funny and most of all they get kids engaged with real books, not just game screens Harold and George are best friends and a pair of truly mischievous kids In the first book they kinda sorta accidentally brainwashed their mean principal into becoming Captain Underpants, the comic superhero they created In this book Principal Krupp Captain Underpants alter ego is holding the second annual Invention [...]

  18. This is another hilarious book in the Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey We really liked the first book and I m not sure why we waited so long to read the next one Our girls were howling with laughter and insisted that I read another chapter and another chapter until we finished the whole book in one reading it s a quick read, but they still were up a little later than I d like The humor is quite juvenile and the storyline is very predictable, but we all really liked it They especially like [...]

  19. Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets is an engaging, comedic, laugh out loud book that will keep a child interested through the entire story In this story, Captain Underpants, goes to school and everything is normal, nasty lunch, mean principal, and mean gym teacher Until their school gets zapped by a UFO ray that turns all of the toilets into live eating monsters Captain Underpants uses plungers to make the toilets stop eating Then the Turbo Toilet 2000 appears and Captain U [...]

  20. Late last year, my seven year old son told me that he didn t like reading This floored me a little as he is a really good little reader, but apparently he reads what he is told to at school and knows the words he sees on the page, but doesn t really enjoy it and after listening to the school readers with him each week, I am not overly surprised.Anyway, I was told by a local librarian that these are books that young boys love At just under 150 pages, the length is perfect We read a few chapters o [...]

  21. So far, my favorite in the series Harold and George go to the detention room Mr Krupp their principal tells them to write the sentence I will never do anything which angers my handsome and charming principal, Mr Krupp, ever, ever again Once they finished writing the sentences, they had a lot of time to write a new comic to sell at the playground Mr Krupp said if they left the detention room, they would be suspended But George and Harold snuck out and tried to make copies of their book with Melvi [...]

  22. Ever since The Super Diaper Baby 2 book I received from class and introduced to my boys, they are crazy mad over Dav Pilkey and Captain Underpants This is a comic like chapter book written by Harold and George, 2 students They have turned their principal into Captain Underpants by using the Patsy 2000, a copying machine that turns pictures into real life people objects The principal must save the day when the toilets come to life and take over the school and town This is such a silly story but m [...]

  23. Back by popular demand, night readings with flip o rama and tra la laaaa Good timesd let s not forget the explanation of why boys need urinals and girls don t, and the Uranus joke that flew over youngest s head.All boy humor, all the time.Good times It may not be classic literature, but I sure do enjoy the time youngest and I spend together He would probably tell you that his Mama really gets into the characters, too Thankfully, no recording devices are around I m turning out to be quite the th [...]

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