Economic Sophisms

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  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Economic Sophisms : by Frédéric Bastiat Arthur Goddard Henry Hazlitt
    130 Frédéric Bastiat Arthur Goddard Henry Hazlitt
Economic Sophisms

  1. Claude Fr d ric Bastiat 29 June 1801 24 December 1850 was a French classical liberal theorist, political economist, and member of the French assembly.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant, proving economic theory need not be dry or boring, and also showing how very relevant to daily living it remains Perhaps if people had been conversant with Bastiat, Lord Maynard Keynes John Maynard Keynes never would have gotten off the ground Bastiat explodes so many myths prevalent in his day, and sadly, still prevalent today Chiefly he contrasts abundance with scarcity and shows how protectionism, luddite opposition to technology and automation, and efforts to increase [...]

  2. A friend told me I should read Bastiat, because so many of my arguments sounded like him For a 19th century French guy, I think he sounds very modern I like his style, very straight forward, but also almost comical and tongue in cheek I was surprised how many of the arguments he refuted sounded exactly like ones made today I was also libertarian and capitalist before reading him, but I wasn t sold on free trade, in fact I was leaning slightly toward protectionism, because I thought it helped th [...]

  3. A must read for every fledgling libertarian or full grown libertarian who hasn t read it yet A brilliant series of essays on the perils of tariffs, subsidies, protectionism, and otherwise government restrictions on free markets The arguments I believe also apply to as a critique of the anti globalization movement, although Bastiat was writing before such a movement existed, so its not explicitly addressed Nonetheless, I m looking forward to pulling out some choice zingers next time I debate such [...]

  4. Ya en 1859 se hablaba de las consecuencias que se originaban a ra z de las pol ticas intervencionistas del Estado en materia econ mica, Bastiat recoge algunas de las falacias que a n se siguen manifestando a ra z del marxismo y el keynesianismo principalmente y de manera sat rica sin dejar lo elegante las refutaba, todo usando un lenguaje comprensible hasta para los no muy familiarizados con la econom a, me hubiese gustado que hicieran enf sis en la teor a del valor subjetivo pero supongo que es [...]

  5. Bastiat masterfully destroys the economic fallacies of protectionism and tariffs with simple logic, wit, and analogies in this great book So many great quotes from Bastiat are also found herein, making it a fun and enjoyable read I highly recommend.

  6. How have I not read this book until now I loved Bastiat s witty writing style and timeless pro liberty and free trade arguments Even his arguments about the competition of labor between people and machines are relevant today It really is a shame that mainstream economics omit the works of Bastiat when teaching economics I wish I read Bastiat as an undergrad or even as senior in high school I read this on my tablet and used the public domain version available in I can now better see why people cl [...]

  7. Fredereric Bastiat is one of my favorite political economists in all of history, he at once systematically destroys the arguments of protectionist and does so in a way that is extremely enjoyable Sarcastic letters, play scripts, and other very humorous ways This book can be easily understood by the layman and I recommend this book to anyone curious about protectionism and it s faults

  8. Bastiat does a great job of breaking down protectionist economIcs He takes their sophisms to their final conclusions to show how illogical they are It gets a bit repetitive at times, but I think you have to be to get into the reductio ad absurdum reasoning A great book to learn about how free trade trumps protectionism every time

  9. In this work Bastiat tackles the protectionist measures which serve only end up serving the interest of some at the expense of the consumer at large Indirectly this book tackles the broken window fallacy, and follows what is now the mainstream Austrian school argument that the broken window may create a demand for a window, and may even create work for the window repairman, but ultimately it has only redirected funds which would have been used for other means This argument, as I perceived it, wa [...]

  10. Makes good points and is eloquently written, but is also super repetitive In additon I feel like if he focused on nominal vs real pricing directly it would have helped his case Also I can t help but wonder about the math behind protectionism is it possible that there is a point where the multipliers would actually indicate protectionism is an advantage Also what about countries which export only raw materials that are necessarily finite, is it possible that protectionism could actually help th [...]

  11. Interesting Quotes At all events, let no one claim that because an abuse cannot be done away with, without inconvenience to those who profit by it, what has been suffered to exist for a time should be allowed to exist forever Frederic Bastiat, Economic Sophisms Those who say Repress all injustice, whether on a greater or a smaller scale, suffer no dishonesty, to however small an extent, are marked down for ideologues, idle dreamers, who keep repeating over and over again the same thing The peopl [...]

  12. It s Bastiat And you can never go wrong with Bastiat.In all seriousness, this book is not quite as good as The Law, but that doesn t say much since The Law is such a masterpiece Nevertheless, I always find myself encouraged by how simply and clearly Bastiat strikes down the most absurd economic fallacies that not only permeated his time, but that continue to permeate our time today This book is especially helpful in realizing the utter absurdities of many academics, politicians, and intellectual [...]

  13. Read this short book and you will understand why protectionism and trade barriers are bad for almost everyone You ll also learn that before water lines were installed that some people made their living selling bucketsful of water to Parisian residents Bastiat was President Reagan s favorite economist and no wonder Bastiat makes the complicated easy and the obscure clear with his examples Free for Kindle.

  14. After reading it I think the best thing to do is mention just a few important people from history and present who should have read this book The Law If they would have read it the world would have been a better place Karl marx and all his predecesors and followers All dictators all socialists , all comunists ,all politiciansKaynes especiali , he in his book admits that his new theor is protectionism and mercantelism , a fact that his followers don t usualy like to mention

  15. Disappointing Bastiat has a rare reputation as an economist who could write in clear language While the First Series of his Sophisms contains some fantastic writing, the Second Series is surprisingly dull with some horribly laboured and long winded stuff The work is also let down by its uncompromising embrace of the discredited at the time Labour Theory of Value.

  16. This is the first book that I have read by Frederic Bastiat Why Because it was free at iBooks and I could download it to my iPod and read it as I worked out This has really whet my appetite for of his books The practical explanations given as to the workings of free trade and why it benefits a society were very convincing This should be required reading for members of congress.

  17. The clearest debunking of trade barriers I have ever seen Bastiat makes the incomprehensible easy President Reagan named him as his favorite economist Before you discuss an economic issue again, check out Bastiat and become better informed.

  18. Une id e si simple que peu de gens saisissent r ellement Ce livre devrait tre lecture obligatoire d s la tendre enfance Il faut voir au dela des apparence pour saisir le co t r el de l interf rence gouvernementale.

  19. I might not be in lock step with all of his viewpoints but he paints a clear picture and rightly calls out fallacious arguments against his own philosphy.It s a clear polemic against economic protectionism.

  20. Economy suddenly becomes so much simpler when treated this way Why some of us still advocate trade protections, I don t understand.

  21. A thorough attack on protectionism which contains the sarcastic but amusing candlemaker s petition A little too much filler for my liking.

  22. Free Trade DefenseMasterly written defense of free trade Protectionists beware Bastiat s argumentative and writing style at its highest Recommended read for libertarians.

  23. Good foundation, but work is hard to read based on the fact the examples are 150 years old and not really applicable.

  24. Incredible that you can take Frederic Bastiat writings and transpose them to present time and you need not change a word to accommodate our current state of affairs So Sad.

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