Love Irresistibly

Love Irresistibly HE S USED TO GETTING WHAT HE WANTS A former football star and one of Chicago s top prosecutors Assistant U S Attorney Cade Morgan will do anything to nail a corrupt state senator which means he need

HE S USED TO GETTING WHAT HE WANTS A former football star and one of Chicago s top prosecutors, Assistant U.S Attorney Cade Morgan will do anything to nail a corrupt state senator, which means he needs Brooke Parker s help As general counsel for a restaurant company, she can get a bug to the senator s table at one of her five star restaurants so the FBI can eavesdrop onHE S USED TO GETTING WHAT HE WANTS A former football star and one of Chicago s top prosecutors, Assistant U.S Attorney Cade Morgan will do anything to nail a corrupt state senator, which means he needs Brooke Parker s help As general counsel for a restaurant company, she can get a bug to the senator s table at one of her five star restaurants so the FBI can eavesdrop on him All Cade has to do is convince Brooke to cooperate and he s not afraid to use a little charm, or the power of his office, to do just thatD WHAT HE WANTS IS HER.A savvy businesswoman, Brooke knows she needs to play ball with the U.S Attorney s office even if it means working with Cade No doubt there s a sizzling attraction beneath all their sarcastic quips, but Brooke is determined to keep things casual Cade agrees until a surprising turn of events throws his life into turmoil, and he realizes that he wants than just a good time from the one woman with whom he could fall terrifyingly, irresistibly in love .

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Love Irresistibly

  1. New York Times bestselling author Julie James practiced law with one of the nation s largest firms for several years until she began writing screenplays After Hollywood producers optioned two of her scripts, she decided to leave the practice of law to write full time Her books have been translated into twenty two languages and Julie s ninth novel, THE THING ABOUT LOVE, is now available.Julie James lives with her husband and two children in Chicago, where she is working on her next novel.Visit Julie s Facebook page facebook JulieJamesfanFollow Julie on Twitter twitter juljames and Instagram instagram juliejamesa

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  1. Cade Morgan, a top assistant U.S attorney needs help in gathering evidence against a corrupt politician Knowing that the senator will be dining at a Sterling Restaurant, he enlists the help of Brooke Parker, general counsel for Sterling Restaurants.All in all this is nice, easy contemporary romance Nothing particularly new, a little formulaic, but it still works The plot is a little light, but still held my interest The bromance between Cade and his young half brother, Zach was delightful The he [...]

  2. 5 Irresistible Stars Cade is on the verge of catching a corrupt senator but for gathering the last evidences she needs help And the person perfect for helping is Brooke, businesswoman extraordinaire That one help soon turns into something and quickly they find themselves tangled in each other And not only on the sheets But behind his sexy and confident exterior Cade hides some secrets about his past And from a broken boy he turn into a broken man that hides under a shield of sarcasm and doesn t [...]

  3. Happy sniffle This is the most wonderful book that I ve read in a very long time The wait for the paperback was so worth it Straight to favs It is a wonderful romance And it is than a romance it is also a story about two fantastic individuals I was incredibly fond of their personal stories and I cared for both Brooke and Cade The both grow tremendously over the course of the book They are my new favorite couple Brooke is an ambitious, career oriented and extremely successful lawyer And a funny [...]

  4. 5 stars Contemporary RomanceI adore everything Julie James writes and this was another winner With intelligent characters, witty dialogue, snappy banter, sarcastic, sexy quips, and sizzling chemistry, her books never fail to please And she s definitely turned up the heat with steamier love scenes Cade was such a yowza, yummy hero, and he and Brooke made an appealing, enjoyable couple I just wish she wrote and faster, but without sacrificing the quality that marks every single one of her books s [...]

  5. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog Rating AHis eyes were dark Brooke She knew what he was asking Yes Immediately, Cade took her hand and led her quite briskly along the sidewalk Thank God I m not wearing the red high heels today, she said In two minutes you ll be wearing nothing, he said in a low voice Well, then Brooke has been working hard to prove herself for years Starting when she young and her parents moved her into one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Chicago, enrolling her in o [...]

  6. When I read a Julie James book, there are three things that are guaranteed to happen I will smile, I will laugh and I will undoubtedly fall in love with a hero who has a four letter name Most recently, I fell in love with Cade Morgan.Julie James has a spectacular talent for taking ordinary events and writing them so that they are charming, heart warming and sexy Brooke Parker is a general counsel for a restaurant company She is successful and beautiful but also a workaholic After being dumped fo [...]

  7. Actual rating 2.5 stars First of all No insufferable ramblings, no Penny Reid heroine syndrome MY SANITY SAYS THANK YOU A strong, fierce and powerful female lead who doesn t need a man to be awesome GASP , who has a great job GASP and whose hormones don t fucking tick I KNOOW Why, she s not flawless for sure, but she spreads these little vibes of badassery I crave to find in chick lit heroines There s no slut shaming involved, because Brooke doesn t need to belittle other women to be reassured i [...]

  8. While I get the feeling that James characters are somewhat replacable witty, sassy and successful , I enjoyed this very much The story was emotional to some extents than her previous books have been, and I have to admit that the Cade Noah Zach story really got to me I m glad it wasn t Brooke s background story, because that might have made me even emotional I m not sure if I d enjoy her titles as much if I read them back to back, especially if her future novels keep featuring the same H Hs The [...]

  9. Sigh worthy Bloody loved it, but it s almost 1am and I gotta get to bed, so I ll write my review when I get up.

  10. I can t express how disappointed I am that the hero of this book isn t Sam Wilkins I knew it was between Cade and Sam and you can see me trying to guess in my status updates for About That Night , but since Sam didn t get his moment in book two I was hoping his time would be now I am legit sad and it has kind of dampened my excitement for the book a lot That said, I am, of course, going to read this JJ is my favorite contemporary romance author, and I am guaranteed a good story.Side note She env [...]

  11. Love Irresistibly, like all of James s previous novels, makes its reader waste countless minutes reading instead of doing anything productive And I suffered for it last night with my minimal sleep time, and while I can t say it was wholly worth it, it was fun Love Irresistibly follows Brooke and Cade Morgan, two people who are work a holics to the extent where they ve been unable to keep a successful relationship past four months After working together on a small FBI mission, the two give into t [...]

  12. I like all of Julie s books Something familiar about reading them Like comfort food, I kinda know what to expect and am usually not disappointed.

  13. I have always loved Julie James FBI US Attorney series and the fourth installment, Love Irresistibly did not disappoint I like how Ms James writes her heroines They are not Mary Sues thank God They are smart, funny and driven woman with just enough vulnerability to make them relatable Not all of us are as beautiful or as successful as Brooke Parker but her struggle to balance her work and personal life is something that most women relate to I really think Ms James struck a chord with me on that [...]

  14. 3.5Two great main characters, some additional great ones and low angst a good thing when you are in the mood for light romance The part where they work together is only a couple of chapters long the rest is work, play and some personal issues The personal issues are what introduces angst into the story, but it is not overwhelming At times it was even cute view spoiler Cade speaking to a teenager character Let me get this straight you secretly pretend to like poetry to impress the smart girl in y [...]

  15. Reading this book is like being a lazy cat sitting in from of the fireplace happy and cozy It is relaxing and without heartaches It is simple and interesting without being overwhelming It is heartwarming It is nice It is sexy It is funny It is real.I liked both Cade and Brooke They are real persons with real lives and real jobs They don t have private jets, they don t have jachts, villas, islands They work hard They have problems fitting their private life with their jobs It all felt so real.The [...]

  16. Perfect Read For Me Hot Smart Charming Funny HeroSassy Sarcastic Intelligent HeroineCharacter Driven BanterificHonest DialogEmotionally Intelligent FriendsLight SuspenseBasically Angst FreeInteresting HeartwarmingNo CheatingI Want All My Hero s To Be Like CadeI Want All My Heroines To Be Like Brooke

  17. Another Julie James Heart MelterJulie James is another of my favorite writersI know when I pick up her book its going to be good I ve really enjoyed this entire seris Brooke is a special councel attorney for a large resturant conglomerate she s beautiful, single and BUSY Has no time for relationships but that doesnt mean she hasn t tried She s been dumped 3 times in past 18 months due to her being to busy to take time for her guys and enjoy lifeCade is a super sexy US Attorney and former college [...]

  18. Dude Julie James rocks Seriously, I ve enjoyed all of her books, but she just keeps getting better and better.There just isn t anything NOT to like about this book I LOVED Brooke and Cade The banter, the snark, the awesome one liners had me grinning like a silly fool the whole book I d start with some quotes, but honestly, there are just SO many great lines, I don t think I could choose.If you like contemporary romance at all do yourself a favor read it You won t be sorry promise and I never mak [...]

  19. OK This is me gushing over Julie James and this book It was fantastic This series keeps getting better and better Plus, we got a LOT of updates on the couples from Books 1 3 which was fun.So this is Cade Morgan Cade was raised by a single mother, turned into a college football star and was injured in a game winning, career ending play in the Rose Bowl He moved onto Plan B, law school, and is an Assistant US Attorney in Chicago.He has some daddy issues his father abandoned his mother when she got [...]

  20. The best yet from Julie James She s upped the heat level considerably in this one and it really worked real well, along with fabulous characters that you can t help but fall in love with, and a storyline that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you sad to see it end.Now on to Kristen Ashley s Own the Wind and then I ll write reviews.

  21. Three years ago I read my first Julie James book, Something About You, and I ve been addicted to her writing style ever since I m never left feeling disappointed after reading one of her books because, WOW, the woman definitely knows how to write a contemporary with the perfect blend of romance, sizzling sexy times, wickedly funny humor, and smart characters Love Irresistibly has exceeded my expectations and is WAY up there as one of my all time favorite contemporary romance I ve read thus far J [...]

  22. 4 5 starsThis might have been my favourite romance in this series so far or Something About You it s a tough decision but as much as I loved the characters and the chemistry, all the books in the series are rather similar in almost all aspects I ll link my in depth reviews of the other two books I heave read in the series But if you re looking for a good old romance story that tugs at the heart strings and is filled with kick ass career woman who take no prisoners and have a talent for falling [...]

  23. Another riveting read from Julie James, and one I am not about to forget for a while LOVE IRRESISTIBLY differs from the previous books in the FBI U.S Attorney series in being character driven, and less reliant on a grander premise to draw the hero and heroine together The story is Cade and Brooke, just them, and how they each invaded each other s lives in the most touching and necessary of ways.Brooke Parker is a successful General Counsel for an expanding restaurant company She has not once ta [...]

  24. Originally posted on The Book NymphoQuick summaryAssistant US Attorney Cade Morgan meets Brooke Parker, general counsel for a restaurant company, when he needs to set up a sting at one of her dining locales Though there s obviously an attraction, her past relationships haven t survived the rigors of her career and he never has progressed beyond casual Story dynamicsThough there s an element of suspense centered around the sting, it s minor as the real issues are focused on Cade and Brooke s rela [...]

  25. 3 stars I keep using the word nice when describing this book It s above average, but I m having trouble saying I really liked it which is my definition of 4 stars A lot of fun casual bantering I smiled often A gentle way to pass the time if you re in the mood for contemporary romance Young singles very successful at their jobs They have good friends who are supportive The subjects range from problems with family members, working too much, not enough time to date, and needing balance in their li [...]

  26. Wow I really enjoyed reading this novel However, that came as no surprise I adore Julie James writing and honestly I adore her as a person I love her facebook and blog updates You could say im safely obsessed Anywho, this book was a refreshing fun read I enjoy the fact that she doesn t make stupid contemporary romance characters I love how accomplished and well rounded every character that she develops is Also, her books get better and betterd STEAMIER AND STEAMIER Her first books rather glossed [...]

  27. Open Letter to Julie JamesDear Ms James, How are you I hope you re doing fine I hope you re at your best moment in your life that you feel you have all energy in the universe to write the next book of yours You know, I hate the fact that you only write one book in one year It s just like you asked me to go rock climbing with you and while I am enjoying the view, overwhelming about the sensation, you suddenly disappear Left me hanging on a cliff disappointed.No, I am not talking about my disappoi [...]

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