Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Eight classics by great Edwardian scholar and storyteller Number Thirteen The Mezzotint Canon Alberic s Scrapbook Renowned for their wit erudition and suspense these stories are each masterfully

Eight classics by great Edwardian scholar and storyteller Number Thirteen, The Mezzotint, Canon Alberic s Scrapbook, Renowned for their wit, erudition and suspense, these stories are each masterfully constructed and represent a high achievement in the ghost genre New introduction by E F Bleiler 4 plates by James McBride.

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Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

  1. Montague Rhodes James, who used the publication name M.R James, was a noted British mediaeval scholar provost of King s College, Cambridge 1905 18 of Eton College 1918 36 He s best remembered for his ghost stories which are widely regarded as among the finest in English literature One of James most important achievements was to redefine the ghost story for the new century by dispensing with many of the formal Gothic trappings of his predecessors, replacing them with realistic contemporary settings.

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  1. This is M R James first book of ghost stories, containing eight of his best I believe six of these eight are among the twenty best tales of ghostly terror ever written and the other two tales are very good too If you like traditional ghost stories that unnerve the reader subtly by suggestion and indirection, this is a book you should read.

  2. This volume contains eight tasty little nuggets of supernatural horror that I found very satisfying In each of them the story is told second or even third hand by a genial narrator whose acquaintances, who are themselves of a decidedly scholarly bent, have been the victims of supernatural intrusion into our world Often the stories revolve around an ancient artifact able to invoke the otherworldly that is discovered by these particularly luckless individuals though they often feel themselves luck [...]

  3. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary is the first collection of stories by M R James, published in 1904, although some had been previously published in magazines The next collection from 1922 is often nowadays combined with this volume Montague Rhodes James was a noted medieval scholar and provost of Kings College, Cambridge His scholarly work remains highly respected in academic circles.Interestingly one incident in M R James s life could have come straight from his stories His discovery of a manuscri [...]

  4. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by M.R James A fantastic collection of creepy atmospheric horror tales written back in the day I felt that these stories lost nothing with the passage of time In fact, I appreciated the fact that these tales weren t gory at all I guess I ve gotten used to explicit scenes in my horror, and these shorts served to remind me that blood and guts don t necessarily have to play a part My imagination often supplies something scarier than the author may have intended and I l [...]

  5. My positive review of this book has to begin with two admissions Firstly, I have no idea how or where I came by it hardback edition, 14.99 quite pricey for 8 short stories and, secondly I m pretty certain I could not accurately have defined an Antiquary.On the latter point, tells me it s the term used for a person who studies history with particular attention to ancient artefacts, archaeological and historic sites, or historic archives and manuscripts Having read the stories, I can confirm there [...]

  6. I d read some of these before and most are excellent James has an imagination that can draw you ind then take advantage of your vulnerabilities to things that may or may not go bump in the night You and always find reliably creepy stories from James and I can recommend this if you re looking for ghost supernatural stories.

  7. Please note that I gave this 3.5 stars but since does not have half stars I rounded up to 4 stars These are not your typical horror stories I did like them though James has a subtle style to his writing and stories I think that he assumes his readers are going to imagine things that can be worse than what he will write so a lot of things are left to your imagination in some of the stories.The stories are the following Canon Alberic s Scrap Book 3 stars Not very scary And I am going to say I did [...]

  8. Every so often it s good to dip into a classic Alas, this was the sort of classic that reminded me why it s precisely every so often and not frequently than that Widely beloved, widely lauded these are suppose to be among the finest tales of supernatural fiction and yet they didn t do it for me at all I tried and tried, took several sittings The book s page count is misleading, it s entered as 94 on GR and 122 on and yet by my account considering the time spent reading it and the fact that it c [...]

  9. While I enjoyed the stories here, I didn t find them at all scary or really all that dark These are tales to be told of a Christmas eve around the first in the UK, and for that, they re probably perfect That being said, they re perfectly readable and enjoyable if you re in a fireplace campfire mood Reading these now, after recently going through a lot of the classics of the modern horror genre, it seems like a lot of modern writers are stealing from MR James but adding their own twists to make t [...]

  10. Most reveiewers here feel that MR James is a master of the genre and I agree There are certain expectations of a ghost story writer and for many readers these expectations are fulfilled As in the case of Lovecraft, the stories tend to be disarmingly similar, which is at once a weakness in terms of the religious or philosophical horizon, but has all the strength of a discipline imposed and accepted Charcateristic of the genre is an inciteement to fear of the inheritance of the past and fear of a [...]

  11. Full review from BadelyngeI love a good ghost story M.R.James is one of the best at the short form of the genre Ghost Stories of an Antiquary is packed with some of his best All the stories here were written between 1894 and 1904 and were originally read to the author s friends at Christmas at Kings College, Cambridge where James was a noted British medieval scholar I d guess the best way to experience these chilling little stories would be to have them read to you on a dark night, in the depths [...]

  12. This is great collection of 7 classic ghost stories Most relate to traveling scholars and their ghostly encounters My only complaint is that many of these stories are very similar Out of the 7, the story Number 13 is my favorite This is a nice quick read if you are the mood for a few really good ghost stories.

  13. CANON ALBERIC S SCRAP BOOK They were in the sitting room of the house, a small, high chamber with a stone floor, full of moving shadows cast by a wood fire that flickered on a great heart p.13 Canon Alberic s Scrap Book was first published in 1904, although it was written in 1894.The story is set in southern France An English tourist is photographing the interior of the cathedral of Saint Bernard de Comminges at the foot of Pyrenees, when the cathedral s sacristan tries to sell him a strange boo [...]

  14. I never liked horror stories, because I m a sissy and I get very, VERY scared And I have nightmares and shit, and I can t sleep alone or with the lights out But lately, I m really scared of the world The politics, the social situation, the environmental state, the growth of extremism and terrorism, the floating certainty of war, injustice, and greed So suddenly, ghosts, ouija boards, demons, and spectres don t seem so scary They do make my hair stand on end, but they have become a refuge, a fant [...]

  15. As Leonardo is to painting, so M R James is to the short ghost story He really is that good These stories are like beautifully crafted little gems, rich in tiny, exquisite detail, and sparkling with dark beauty.There is an indefinable rare something that marks out the greatest writers of supernatural fiction H P Lovecraft had it, and M R James had it It s a kind of mood, an atmosphere, but it s than that Effortlessly, these writers draw you into a world where the most strange and terrible thing [...]

  16. These eight ghost stories are classics of the genre and found in many anthologies Originally written to be read aloud, their colloquial tone adds to the suspense, and my sense is that stories like The Mezzotint and Oh, Whistle and I ll Come to You, My Lad are best read early in the evening.

  17. M.R James fue uno de los mejores escritores dedicados al peculiar g nero de las ghost stories, o historias de fantasmas Realmente, no se dedicaba a ello profesionalmente creaba sus historias para contarlas a sus amigos y conocidos, siendo para l m s una afici n con la que disfrutar enormemente, eso s , haci ndonoslo pasar mal Afortunadamente, se fueron publicando porque se trata, indiscutiblemente, de uno de los maestros del relato breve.Sus cuentos son una delicia escalofriante M.R James fue un [...]

  18. I first read MR James several years ago, and he still remains my favorite ghost story writer This volume has a few of his best stories in it MR James was an antiquarian studied, translated and catalogued old books, particularly religious texts , so he knew all about dusty books, religious tomes, in particular, and old places with plenty of history and mystery, and that s evident in his stories Some might not get the narration style, but many of these were invented for telling instead of reading [...]

  19. These stories are a delight finely crafted ghost stories from the turn of the twentieth century, subversively witty and proceeding to build suspense, menace and even outright horror by insinuation and implication much than bare narration or depiction.The stories aren t particularly revolutionary, typically beginning with an energetic and atmospheric description of the setting before introducing an urbane and often scholarly narrator who will interact with a relic that provides a doorway to supe [...]

  20. I was quite honestly surprised by just how much I enjoyed these stories I am not, generally speaking, a fan of much horror and I felt that these stories may fall into that space But, a friend recommended, and so I tried What I loved about these was the suspense and how clear the characters were painted It wasn t gory and it wasn t really scary It was just good fiction These would probably be best read aloud My favorite of the tales was Number Thirteen Three stars solely because it could be a bit [...]

  21. I came across a reference to one of the stories in this book, Oh Whistle and I ll Come to You, My Lad , which has been filmed for UK TV a couple of times It is probably the best story in the book, though I quite enjoyed a couple of others as well.As ghost stories, they really weren t very scary, but I suppose we have been toughened up a lot by films and television since these stories were written, to say nothing of books such as The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters Now that one is really somethin [...]

  22. What perfectly creepy little tales Lost Hearts and The Treasure of Abbot Thomas were my favorites I had a lot of fun with these stories.

  23. The audio narration was excellent I liked most of these, but I m not quite as enthusiastic as I thought I would be, and my attention wandered a bit with some of them The highlight is probably Oh Whistle and I ll Come to You, My Lad in which the narrator is followed around by a ghost after coming across a mysterious whistle at an an archaelogical ruin.

  24. These stories are very well written and I m impressed by the author s ability to create suspense and mood with such subtlety and a few well chosen words These aren t horror stories in the modern sense, but they are most definitely spooky, and I m sure the excellent reading by the Librivox narrator made a great contribution to the book s ambience But, I m not into spooky I can admire the writing, I can sit on the edge of my sit in suspense, but I can t actually enjoy spooky So after listening to [...]

  25. MR James s stories have nearly everything that a classic ghost story should have Period settings, for us at least, although as an Edwardian he wrote a lot about the Victorian period Geographic settings usually in cold and foreign climes, Germany, Denmark and Sweden, like us but foreign too The anti heroes are invariably bachelors who are also chaste University dons, like himself, alone singular and scholastic Many are religious but are men of reason who have this reason challenged by much older [...]

  26. M.R James was known to me as the editor and translator of the Oxford editon of the Apocryphal New Testament Finding ghost stories by such a scholar was intriguing and the reading of them was quite pleasant.

  27. As others have pointed out, these stories are not super scary But they are weird and supernatural and very fun to read There is also some humor I really enjoyed reading this book And the book is in the public domain so the price was right.

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