Far Away and Long Ago

Far Away and Long Ago For at some period of a man s life at all events of some lives in some rare state of the mind it is all at once revealed to him as by a miracle that nothing is ever blotted out

For at some period of a man s life at all events of some lives in some rare state of the mind, it is all at once revealed to him as by a miracle that nothing is ever blotted out.

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Far Away and Long Ago

  1. William Henry Hudson was an author, naturalist and ornithologist He was born in the Partido de Quilmes in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, where he is considered to belong to the national literature as Guillermo Enrique Hudson, the Spanish version of his name He spent his youth studying the local flora and fauna and observing both natural and human dramas on what was then a lawless frontier, publishing his ornithological work in Proceedings of the Royal Zoological Society, initially in an English mingled with Spanish idioms He settled in England during 1869 He produced a series of ornithological studies, including Argentine Ornithology 1888 1899 and British Birds 1895 , and later achieved fame with his books on the English countryside, including Hampshire Days 1903 , Afoot in England 1909 and A Shepherd s Life 1910 His best known novel is Green Mansions 1904 , and his best known non fiction is Far Away and Long Ago 1918 His other works include The Purple Land That England Lost 1885 , A Crystal Age 1887 , The Naturalist in La Plata 1892 , A Little Boy Lost 1905 , Birds in Town and Village 1919 , Dead Man s Plack and an Old Thorn 1920 , and A Traveller in Little Things 1921.

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  1. The strangeness of the world is never ending, particularly in the memoirs of those who have long ago left us Hudson evokes a bird world in South America that even he laments as lost, from his burrow in the smokey London of his exile He knew what was happening in his homeland, the spread of efficient agriculture that doomed wetlands and their denizens And this was over a century ago The beauty and oddity of this memoir just absolves it of the terrible pain it causes That seemed to have been Hudso [...]

  2. This book tells the story of the author s childhood and boyhood on the Argentine pampas His was a warm and loving family in which the children had plenty of freedom to explore the natural world around them, since they were educated at home in their early years His love of nature began at an early age and he became a careful observer of birds and other creatures There is an elegiac mood created as he states that many of the wonderful natural places he knew as a child were now gone forever due to [...]

  3. This book is the memoir of the author while living in the argentinian field I ve been drawn to read this, because of the birds Hudson loved birds and is always describing them I also liked how everyday life is portrayed and I loved that they ate lamb with peaches in conserve I would really like to get to read his other books, though they are very hard to find I got this book at a second hand bookshop in Avda Corrientes There s also an illustrated version out there.

  4. Wonderful book I didn t rate it four stars because of a curious reticence on the author s part about his own family in a memoir of his childhood Although he tells us the names of neighbors, their personalities and biographies, he never tells us the names of his brothers and sisters, and doesn t even bother to mention that he has any or how many until well into the narrative, and we learn very little or nothing at all about them The same for his parents He scarcely mentions his father and only di [...]

  5. Other reviewers have spoken about the joy of hearing the voice of a young man who would later become a botanist.I enjoyed the book, which is essentially a collection of connected vignettes, reading about a boy who had an even feral upbringing than my own, lying somewhere near Huck Finn territory Only occasionally schooled, usually free to roam from sunup to sundown across Argentinian meadows and forests, coming across plants and animals that interested him, and then giving first an informal and [...]

  6. It s a little difficult to expand on my title for this review.The author suffered an acute illness in later life and, during this time, his childhood memories came back to him with a clarity that is a cause of envy for those of us with the usual hotch potch of muddied memories of our best times.He then took the opportunity to record these memories.Mr Hudson gives an insight into a world distant both in geography and time.Describing many different aspects of his childhood from the vast pampas to [...]

  7. The author grew up in Argentina in the late 1800 s and he describes a fantastical natural world, at least to those of us who grew up in the tame North American forests The ostriches, the vaqueros, the cattle, the birds As a boy he falls in love with birds and, although he studies and appreciates all of nature, the birds are his first love Despite having no formal education, a few tutors helping him and his brothers with the basics, he has the most lyrical and moving way of writing Very excellent [...]

  8. Es posible mantener fresco en la memoria el asombro y la fascinaci n que sentimos, siendo ni os, la primera vez que vimos un flamenco Y el miedo reverencial cuando, por vez primera, contemplamos una serpiente Guillermo Hudson relata con mirada de ni o y de sabio la misma mirada, realmente su infancia en un rea rural de la provincia de Buenos Aires El futuro naturalista creci entre rboles y p jaros pero tambi n en un per odo de fuego de la historia argentina, con las batallas entre unitarios y fe [...]

  9. There is something very special about this book, its magical descriptions of Argentina, told in a warm hearted, simple but carefully detailed way You feel, as you read, as if you are there Can t reccommend highly enough.

  10. Toen ik jong was en de dieren nog spraken, was er een programma op de radio dat Het Einde van de Wereld heette Het ging over Patagoni , maar niet echt Elke zondagavond voerde programmamaker Dree Peeremans zijn luisteraars mee naar nergensland, naar het imaginaire uiteinde van de wereld dat overal kan liggen.De Engelse natuurkundige en schrijver W.H Hudson was een van de sterren van dat programma en als ik ergens een tweedehands boekje van hem kan kopen, doe ik dat graag In Lang Geleden en Ver We [...]

  11. I read about Hudson s work in a literary piece about great forgotten literature Far Away and Long Ago was the favored of the books It is his biography of his early years on the pampas south of Buenos Aires The early and late nineteenth century were years of great isolation in this part of the world Many Europeans settled in Argentina, which was then one of the two or three richest countries in the world But those on the pampas were rich, with vast estancias they survived with smaller, often poor [...]

  12. I spent half of this book thinking it was an okay read nothing special, just the odd entertaining anecdote interspersed with a lot of stuff about birds.But, as I read on, Hudson started to delve deeper into interesting themes family, the nature of beauty, even life and death, all seen through the lens of his childhood in the Argentinian countryside The I read, the I thought he had something interesting and insightful to say, and I m glad I persisted.I just wish he d spent time on that, and l [...]

  13. Very descriptive of the culture and customs of Argentina in the 1850 s Great stories of escapades and adventures, flora and fauna, critters and creatures You can put it down for days and pick right back up s a collection of his childhood experiences I MADE myself read it, most of it was plodding, but the last 3 chapters regarding his affection for his mother, his search for understanding of truth regarding life after death and life s purpose pulled me through the rest of the book.

  14. A unique and highly personal memoir of a boy s life on the Argentine pampas in the late 1800 s Hudson was highly sensitive to and attracted by the natural environment, and went on to become a naturalist during the time of Darwin s dawning influence I loved this unconventional book, including its loving descriptions of plants animals, especially birds, and it s antiquated but touching language.

  15. I am really not sure how to rate this book I was enjoying it quite a lot the writing is beautiful despite some overly precious self indulgence However, halfway through the book a few thin but strong strands of bigotry began to twine through the narrative Killed the whole thing for me and left a sour taste in my mouth.

  16. Un libro molto bello, anche se non si riesce a leggerne tanto in una volta Superate le difficolt legate all inglese molti termi relativi a nomi di uccelli, piante, etc regala emozioni profonde Credo di non aver mai letto descrizioni cos particolareggiate e vivide La pampa argentina alla fine dell 800 vista con gli occhi di un bambino Semplicemente splendido.

  17. Far Away and Long Ago W H Hudson 1841 1922 Hated pr cis at beginning of chapters Why Annoying Some stories were pointless.The son of American settlers he wrote the book in London died penniless in Bayswater at 80 during 6 weeks of illness, its about his childhood in what is to become Argentina They fought for independence from 1810 to 1818 followed by a civil war til 1861 and conflict with Chile It s a fascinating view into a lost way of life he was a naturalist and ornithologist and evokes a bi [...]

  18. At the age of 15, suffering from a difficult and painful malady at his parents estancia on the Argentine pampas, W H Hudson did not think he would see 20 Instead he saw 80 LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY is a memoir he wrote of his boyhood Hudson was a superlative naturalist whose interest in plants and animals, especially birds, started early According to what he tells us, laid up late in life for a period of weeks, he kept having memories of his childhood What extraordinary recall He wrote the memories [...]

  19. Written in 1918 by this Englishman who tells about his life as a boy in the Argentine Pampas Filled with intense melancholy but at the same time joy that those recollections produce in his memory Whoever reads this biographical account cannot but adore this man.He achieves the difficult task of making us readers see nature, wildlife, and human beings with the same eyes as his young and avid ones He talks a lot about plants and birds, and this to me is the only minus I can find, since I sympathiz [...]

  20. Far Away and Long Ago is a reminiscence rather than a true autobiography I m about halfway through my third or fourth reading of this marvelous book not to mention the many times I have dipped into it It has a charm for me that never fades the charm of a sensitivie, warm, kind hearted personality who was in love with the natural world around him from the time he first encountered it Hudson was shy and unhealthy as a child and noticed everything in nature with utter fascination He became a renown [...]

  21. I have a faint recollection of reading this book, or a shortened version, years ago at school My only recollection of that was the sense of peace and tranquility that his writing style conveyed and I feel the same now As Conrad said of him He writes as the grass grows It is also an interesting insight into settler life in rural Argentina of the 1840s and 50s and has some similarities to Gerald Durrell s My family and other animals , being an account of the life of a growing boy who has a passion [...]

  22. I take great delight in fine thoughts finely expressed With that being said, I have a soft spot for Hudson s literature Or should I rather say for his accurateness in describing the workings of the mind, which baffles me His tenderness in describing nature, his beloved childhood places and the people that he met and that meant something to him throughout his life, filled me with joy This book here, as well as Green Mansions, are lost treasures, which should get recognition Certainly a pleasure [...]

  23. It took me a while to get into this book but once I started I managed to keep up the momentum The story about the story was interesting but it is difficult to comprehend Hudson s lot until he deals with Darwinism and his own inclinations as a naturalist Delivered as the story of one s boyhood, it is not until after finishing the book and reading the preface, one reflects and Hudson s genius comes to light.

  24. I m not sure I can actually mark this book as read it s like I gave up This may be the most boring book I ve ever attempted to read I made it about half way through, waiting for something of importance to actually happen, but nothing did The author is a pompous bigot who tells little snippets of his childhood that mostly focus on naming the tress and birds that he observed Snooze o rama.

  25. Not a single surprise in this book But this is not necessarily a bad thing There are beautiful moments where the boy speaks FROM his childhood in the Pampas, sending us naive messages about his love of nature The beginning is particularly strong with all those images of memory processes So is the closing, though with a darker tone, when doubts about what to believe had to be combined with the feeling of wonder with nature.

  26. I loved this book Its simple, sincere writing and stirring narrative make it one of the entertaining books I ve read lately The book is a recollection of the author s childhood in the Argentinian pampas during the late 19th century I enjoyed learning about the author s life, especially his fascination with nature, from his perspective I would recommend this book to anyone interested in South American history or interested in nature generally.

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