How to Lead a Life of Crime

How to Lead a Life of Crime A meth dealer A prostitute A serial killer Anywhere else they d be vermin At the Mandel Academy they re called prodigies The most exclusive school in New York City has been training young criminals

A meth dealer A prostitute A serial killer.Anywhere else, they d be vermin At the Mandel Academy, they re called prodigies The most exclusive school in New York City has been training young criminals for over a century Only the most ruthless students are allowed to graduate The rest disappear.Flick, a teenage pickpocket, has risen to the top of his class But then MaA meth dealer A prostitute A serial killer.Anywhere else, they d be vermin At the Mandel Academy, they re called prodigies The most exclusive school in New York City has been training young criminals for over a century Only the most ruthless students are allowed to graduate The rest disappear.Flick, a teenage pickpocket, has risen to the top of his class But then Mandel recruits a fierce new competitor who also happens to be Flick s old flame They ve been told only one of them will make it out of the Mandel Academy Will they find a way to save each other or will the school destroy them both

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  • How to Lead a Life of Crime Best Read || [Kirsten Miller]
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How to Lead a Life of Crime

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  1. First, a quick note How to Lead a Life of Crime is among the most violent young adult novels I ve ever read If you enjoyed I Hunt Killers, for example, you re likely to enjoy this too, but if the thought of YA books that contain murder, corporate crime, illegal drug trials, teenage prostitution, implied rape and even a severed head bothers you, then this is not a book for you Flick s is one of the clearest voices I ve come across in YA He grabs your attention right from the first page and he nev [...]

  2. Actual rating 4.5 stars, but what the hell I m rounding this baby up.This is the first novel that I ve read from this author and I have to say that I am very impressed I don t usually seek out crime, mystery or thriller suspense novels, but I m really glad I had an opportunity to read this one There aren t many books where I can say I have almost nothing to complain about And even though I ve finished the book weeks ago, I still have nothing but high praises for it Simply put, How to Lead a Life [...]

  3. What takes guts To fight for your own life at any cost or prove that you re willing to lose it Well, well, well.I am so beyond happy Eew that sentence, but it s so true Months ago, I read a series that I absolutely cherished, adored, obsessed over I Hunt Killers It took me a long time to get over my Jazz boy, and anyone that didn t grasp my level of obsession over him would have to have been blind or wholly disinterested But what do you do when you can t make extra books appear out of thin air [...]

  4. Full review originally at Fantasy Book CriticOverall rating 2 1 2 stars OVERVIEW ANALYSIS If you read the blurb to this book by Kirsten Miller, it becomes very hard not to be interested in it The book beckoned me with oh so intriguing premise and so I got my hands on a copy and started reading immediately.The story begins with a sly and street smart teenager who is slumming in the seedier parts of New York City trying to toughen himself for a Herculean task that he has to accomplish He goes by t [...]

  5. 4.5, but what the heck.I never set out to be a thief I suppose I once had something grander in mind But when you live on the streets, you find that your career options are limited You can be one of the kids who disappear with the strangers who cruise through every night You can sell the stuff that helps those kids forget what they ve seen Or you can be a thief If those choices don t suit you, you can always be dead.How to lead a life of crime depicts the hard life on the streets of New York and [...]

  6. What takes guts To fight for your own life at any cost or prove that you re willing to lose it A fair bit of warning this book is NOT for the faint of heart It contains and talks about a lot of stuff, both sensitive and controversial, that will highly likely bother and rattle your squeamish and soft hearted side Organized crimes, underground syndicates, briberies, rape, prostitution, suicide, serial killings, secret laboratory stuff that will make you look away in disgust yup, you name it, and [...]

  7. 3.5 stars I have mixed feelings about this book, but I m bumping it up because I like the unique concept I really struggled with the first half, but the second half was actually pretty good A much improvement from the Eternal One series.First of all, I love the concept It was dark and sinister and had the perfect mood to go with it No, I can t say the book was very realistic, and a lot of the crimes and background information were a little too over the top But I think it fits because we re talki [...]

  8. Oh My Gosh I can t give this book enough stars I m totally shellshocked This review will be a buzz of incoherent warbles about how much I ADORE this book You have been warned.Where do I start The writing was AWESOME The characters were AWESOME And the story was so freaking AWESOME I m just AHHHH The feels The complexities Can I rate it higher then 5 stars Please I ll start with the writing and the plot Both were epic I m always over the moon when I find a book I love with really, really good wri [...]

  9. Flick is a boy who lives on the streets And he sa force to be reckoned with He s a thief who tries to help people occasionally he still takes money, but from the first moment you meet him, you see that he s got a bit of a hero complex He s layered, he s emotionally damaged, and he s living on the streets because he s had some MAJOR family drama You really want to give him a hug right away.Luckily, Flick s girlfriend Joi pronounced Joey is there to give the hugs She s sweet, compassionate, and to [...]

  10. Hogwarts for Hustlers meets the Hunger Games sort of To the outside world, the Mandel Academy is an upstanding, prestigious school producing many of New York s elite Bankers, lawyers, and even politicians have emerged from this renowned but mysterious academy in Manhattan Bottom line, anybody who s anybody graduates from the Mandel Academy Or, they don t graduate at all That s right A school where failing just may be the death of you.Flick, our hero, knows everything has a price And, as Mandel s [...]

  11. The book was a page turner, but I can t help but feel frustrated with all the lost potential of the story.What didn t work for me I felt like the book simplified some really big issues corrupt politicians, greedy businessmen, dishonest lawyers, drug lords and human traffickers are everywhere, but the book s ending leaves the reader with a false feeling of a happy ending, as if destroying the school and its alumni would actually change any of those things I get that the story had a message of alt [...]

  12. If I could only use one word to describe this reading experience, this book interminable If I could add a couple of others, I might throw in some like flat, overstated, uneven, illogical, and even a descriptive phrase like poor narrative integrity If someone challenged me to find some positive things to say about the book, I could manage that some nice conspiracy theory aspects about the unscrupulous 1% manipulating and capitalizing on the populace as if we are an entirely different species and [...]

  13. This book reminded me so much of Divergent, mostly in the sense of I can barely stand to read this, but I know so many people who will think this is The Best Book Ever For my professional review I will write about the potential mass appeal, but for Good Reads, you get my complaints.1 The use of the word f seriously, as in they couldn t print the word but couldn t come up with a suitable replacement The weirdest form of censorship What The Fuck If you won t print the word, don t have your charact [...]

  14. I liked the first part of this book when Flick was still living on the streets, but once he entered the Academy, I was much less engaged by the story, and in fact had to push myself to finish it I just didn t really care that much about the prison like alpha dog dynamics, nor about the majority of the characters and relationships.I did like the male POV and Flick s sense of humor, and of course Peter Pan references are ones I m going to be fond of But while the plot has certain points that are i [...]

  15. The main character kept whining about how in love he was with his girlfriend but how he couldn t be with her because she was holding him down and taking his freedom However interesting this existential crisis seemed, I was suddenly convinced to stop reading this book.

  16. Title How to Lead a Life of CrimeAuthor Kirsten MillerPublisher Razorbill Penguin Release Date February 21st, 2013Rating 4 5Cover Impressions I like the cover art but I feel they could have done with the graffitti concept It isn t something that would jump off the shelves for me I do, however, really appreciate the quality of the physical copy The slipcover paper is thick and has an almost gritty feel to it and I love that little surprise when I grab a book off the shelf and it feels different [...]

  17. Cool ideas But a bit dullTo be honest, I m disappointed about this book I enjoyed some parts and it was commendable how the authors created various characters, starting from really smart ones, good ones, pathetic and even the psychopathic and sociopathic ones And how the author didn t have reservations on being cruel and bloody.Some were strong Some were weak And the only difference between them was a choice Fight or give in And that choice was mine All mine.I had varied thoughts aboutHow to Lea [...]

  18. Uno de esos libros que te dan ganas de leerlo de corrido y sin parar ni para usar el ba o Me encant Flick hasta que ingresa a la academia, ah su personaje se pone un poco confuso y pasa de ser el alumno perfecto a el segundo en comando altibajos continuamente que, si bien van en la linea de su lucha por venganza versus hacer lo correcto, hacen que se pierda un poco su personalidad de los primeros cap tulos del libro Odio la frase hay dos tipos de personas en el mundo , NO, no hay solo dos tipos [...]

  19. I don t know how to put it into words it just got me.I always thought that the good against evil and good wins type of books were dumb and not for me but the truth is I like them but when they are smart books, when evil is really hard to defeat, when the happy ending is well deserve, when it s something that goes beyond the main characters This book had so many aspects, it never got boring you just wanted to keep reading.

  20. 4.5 starsBefore I write this review, I want to point something out This book is marketed as a book for readers aged fourteen years and older However, Kirsten Miller sets all guidelines for giveaways and such for this novel for sixteen years or older because of the content After reading the book, I have to say that I agree While I absolutely loved this book, it s very violent, has horrible language, and is uncomfortably twisted at times It s not something younger kids should read and is definitel [...]

  21. What happens when you take a smooth pickpocket and introduce him to a bunch of ruthless teenage criminals at New York City s most exclusive academy for young criminals You get a twisted, dark story that will leave you cheering on the story s main character, and hoping he not only succeeds but brings down the entire academy, something that s next to impossible to do This isn t a book I d normally pick up and read When I first received How To Lead a Life of Crime I was both looking forward to pick [...]

  22. Ten Second Review A thrilling novel that blew my mind It has a great group of characters, great writing, great plotting Just great, great, great.More Than Ten Second Review How to Lead a Life of Crime is a book that is chock full of complete and utter kick butt Reading this book made for one heck of a ride, and I loved all the layers of the story Kirsten s Miller s novel is violent, thrilling, and contains some pretty controversial stuff, but it can also be really warming to the heart the story [...]

  23. wickedly goodSo he said let s get into the flourishing business of crime and I said it is better to enroll into a university that can provide an extensive researched course in the world of crime first, than to get beaten up in a dark alley for trying to steal a wallet that has only maxed out credit cards and a packet of unused condoms From the wicked brains of the author of this review How to Lead a life of crime is one of those rare books where I have seen a female author come up with a book th [...]

  24. How to Lead a Life of Crime felt like if Dead Poet s Society and Hunger Games had a baby, this would be their love child Flick is kid living on the streets who picks pockets to survive When he s recruited to take his talents and enroll in Mandel Academy, a prestigious school that takes kids with all kinds of rough edges and spits out successful CEO s, politicians, bankers, etc, he s intrigued When he sees the classes offered are embezzling, exploiting the environment for profit, blackmailing 101 [...]

  25. 3.5 stars, bordering on 4 I m having trouble deciding how I really feel about this book It kept me engaged, kept me turning pages I cared about these characters, but at the same time, I felt somewhat disconnected from them And while there are people like Lucian Mandel in the world scarily enough , he was teetering on the line that separates the layered villain from the overblown, mustache twirling cartoon Further, as much as I hate to say it, the final showdown fizzled out for me, and the afterm [...]

  26. A very interseting blurb, but i m a little undecided about the book, i liked the narration and i enjoyed reading it from Flick s POV but, though the book was a page turner, at times maybe in an attempt to build the suspence things were dragged out to the maximum and then everything was overly simplified, i found the ending unbeleivable, everything was easy and convenient And to censor F in a book about all that is F ed up in the world is just silly.

  27. The summary made this book seem incredibly interesting, but for the most part this book was just generic melodrama with dull characters, choppy sentences and very little imagery It quickly got boring and I highly doubt I d read it again.

  28. I m not even going to attempt to review this without spoilers I have no clue how I m going to write a review for my classroom book blog luckily, I think I m going to save it for 8th grade, so I ve got some time to figure it out.I went into this expecting it to be a somewhat frothy romp into an unusual private school Everything I d heard about it, including the Anderson books review at the IRC conference, made it soundif not lighthearted, certainly not this dark Each time I thought it couldn t ge [...]

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