The Tutor's Daughter

The Tutor s Daughter Emma Smallwood determined to help her widowed father regain his spirits when his academy fails agrees to travel with him to the distant Cornwall coast to the clifftop manor of a baronet and his fou

Emma Smallwood, determined to help her widowed father regain his spirits when his academy fails, agrees to travel with him to the distant Cornwall coast, to the clifftop manor of a baronet and his four sons But after they arrive and begin teaching the younger boys, mysterious things begin to happen and danger mounts Who does Emma hear playing the pianoforte, only to findEmma Smallwood, determined to help her widowed father regain his spirits when his academy fails, agrees to travel with him to the distant Cornwall coast, to the clifftop manor of a baronet and his four sons But after they arrive and begin teaching the younger boys, mysterious things begin to happen and danger mounts Who does Emma hear playing the pianoforte, only to find the music room empty Who sneaks into her room at night Who rips a page from her journal, only to return it with a chilling illustration The baronet s older sons, Phillip and Henry, wrestle with problems and secrets of their own They both remember Emma Smallwood from their days at her father s academy She had been an awkward, studious girl But now one of them finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her.When the suspicious acts escalate, can the clever tutor s daughter figure out which brother to blame and which brother to trust with her heart

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The Tutor's Daughter

  1. Julie Klassen loves all things Jane Jane Eyre and Jane Austen A graduate of the University of Illinois, Julie worked in publishing for sixteen years and now writes full time Three of her books, The Silent Governess, The Girl in the Gatehouse, and The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, have won the Christy Award for Historical Romance She has also won the Midwest Book Award, the Minnesota Book Award, and Christian Retailing s BEST Award, and been a finalist in the Romance Writers of America s RITA Awards and ACFW s Carol Awards She blogs at inspiredbylifeandfiction.Julie and her husband have two sons and live in a suburb of St Paul, Minnesota.

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  1. Julie Klassen is one of those authors I knew I would love even before reading her I was agreeably surprised to discover that her style is a pleasant mix of Jane Austen and the Bront sisters This novel combines to excellence well drawn and fascinating characters, mysterious settings, family secrets and gothic atmosphere I was swept away in the story within the first few pages and had a really hard time putting it down, because I simply had to know what would happen next Emma Smallwood and her fat [...]

  2. 3.5 stars, rounding up This is a pretty good historical romance, with a little bit of semi gothic mystery and suspense mixed in, sort of like a Christian version of an old Victoria Holt novel Emma, the daughter of a widower, accompanies her father to Cornwall, where he will be the in house tutor for the younger half brothers of Henry and Phillip Weston, whom she knew as younger boys when they used to attend her father s academy for boys Phillip was the outgoing, friendly one who flirted with her [...]

  3. If I were rating this book solely on the first half of the book I probably would give it 3 To a certain point I really like Klassen s writing That point would be when about half way through the book it begins to draaaaaaag on And on And I start holding it up and comparing pages to see how much longer it is going to last and think SURELY I have to be further than this Because although Klassen is an interesting, perhaps even entertaining, author, she just doesn t have the chops to sustain interest [...]

  4. UPDATEI just realized that I somehow forgot to add this book to my read shelf Concerning the book, all I can say is that it I actually liked it which is an absolute shock for me since I had already determined that I would dislike it, but I really enjoyed the story In fact, this is the only Julie Klassen book that I like Every other one I ve read was boring or the characters seemed plain to me With this book however, I was totally invested in the plot and needed to know what was going to happen P [...]

  5. 4.5 starsPublication date 1 Jan 2013, 28 Feb in the UK according to UKThe Tutor s Daughter is an well written and engaging romantic mystery set in Cornwall in the early years of the 19th Century, at a time when the Cornish coast was a haven for smugglers and wreckers locals who would plunder the goods of foundering and wrecked ships, often ignoring the plight of the crew in favour of saving the cargo.Emma Smallwood lives with her widowed father at his small boys school in Devonshire, but since t [...]

  6. Emma Smallwood s life suddenly changes when she decides to move to Cornwall to help her widowed father teach two sons of Sir Giles Weston and cheer his low spirits up But after they arrive strange things begin to happen and Emma starts thinking she may be in danger Someone sneaks in her room at night, steals her journal and leaves strange handprints on her mirror and wall The only member of the family she is happy to see again is Phillip, the second son of the baronet who attended her father s A [...]

  7. Klassen s latest addition did not disappoint I loved the combination of romance, intrigue and mystery it was perfect.Just when I thought I knew what was coming, there would be a plot twist that totally took me by surprise Klassen definitely excels at giving the reader just what they need to know but not too much The supporting characters were delightfully complex and perplexing They are all hiding secrets, both malicious and benign, and figuring out who is hiding what kept me turning the pages u [...]

  8. I m so glad that the first book I read in 2013 was a Julie Klassen book Her books are always so well written with intriguing settings and characters reminiscent of the classic romances As was the case with her previous novels this starts out slowly but continually builds so much so that you can t put it down At first I was bit worried that this was going to be too much of a Jane Eyre copycat with a mysterious ghost at Weston manor causing all sorts of mischief but I was genuinely surprised by ju [...]

  9. Out of all six of Julie Klassen s books, I ve read four, and by far, The Tutor s Daughter was for SURE my very favorite and the most clean of the ones I ve read I was very impressed with it and thoroughly enjoyed every page Some of Julie s other books were for older girls as they had some mature content that I really didn t care for, but this book pleasantly surprised me in the fact that it was very clean I especially appreciated how the romance level was very low, and how the author chose to sa [...]

  10. I have mixed feelings about this book I love it, but there are quite a few things that annoy me If I were in a bad mood, I might rate it three stars I m in a good mood today Haha What I liked 1 The time period JANE AUSTEN DUH.2 Christian Fiction books rarely have this mysterious feel to it, and this one had And, surprisingly, I really liked that It made me read on Although I still haven t figured out who wrote the Anonymous love letters They did tell me, but I must have over read it Could someon [...]

  11. Julie Klassen does it again, delivering a deep, engaging novel you just can t stop reading Once again, I found myself staying up late at night, in need of answers, turning page after page, sinking in the mystery and romance, dashed with gothic suspense, this book has to offer This author is definitely one of the best I ve ever read, and her passion and commitment for storytelling are visible in the pages of each of her books.The Tutor s Daughter is a wonderful gothic romance set in the coast of [...]

  12. Emma Smallwood agrees to travel with her father to the distant Cornwall coast when his academy fails A baronet whose two older sons attended the academy has hired Emma s father to tutor his two younger sons at their manor there But after they arrive at the manor some mysterious things begin to happen.The baronet s two older sons, Phillip and Henry, who used to attend her father s academy, both remembered Emma as an awkward young girl, but she is very different now that she s all grown up and one [...]

  13. This was an enjoyable gothic romance, excellent narrator.Definitely Christian fiction, but neither preachy or over the top Very good MCs supporting cast Warm fuzzy.

  14. Surely in her Minnesota hometown, Julie Klassen must spend time fishing for in The Tutor s Daughter she set the hook on page one and steadily reeled me deeper as the story unfurled Though, truly I was captured by the cover first I easily engaged with sweet, intelligent Emma Smallwood and empathized as she endured loss and navigated disconcerting changes to the predictable, comfortable life her father made for the two of them after Emma s mother died.When a changing economic situation forces her [...]

  15. 3.5I ve really enjoyed Ms Klassen s books and have been looking forward to this one coming out Don t you just love that cover I thought this had a nice plot, Emma Smallwood works with her dad at his academy for boys It s a small establishment that is run out of their home Her father receives an offer to become a personal tutor to a set of twins and wanting a change of pace he accepts He and Emma pack up and move to Cornwall Her father used to teach the twins older brothers, one of which Emma doe [...]

  16. Do r k sa mi dostal al rom n od Julie Klassen Op je pln romantick ch momentov, z had a v itate ovi vyvol va r zne ot zky Knihu asto prirovn vaj k Jane Eyreovej Zna nou mierou k tomu prispieva ve k rodinn tajomstvo, kedy Emma po uje uprostred noci hudbu, i nach dza r zne od romantick ch a po v hra n odkazy vo svojej izbe Tu sa v ak v etka podobnos s touto knihou na astie kon A my m eme sledova in , nemenej p tav , pr beh.Emma je ve mi sympatickou hrdinkou Oby ajn , jednoduch mlad diev a, ktor sa [...]

  17. Toto bolo nie o asn U dlho ma to l kalo, preto e by to mala by kniha na sp sob dajme tomu Jany Eyrovej Proste klasika Je to s ce nap san v dne nej dobe, ale autorka to prostredie vystihla tak dokonale, e ani na chv u nezapochybujete, e je to z Viktori nskeho obdobia Prostredie, postavy v etko bolo plne dokonal Je mi to, e t to kniha a autorka nie je a tak zn ma, preto e jej tvorba je nie o asn a ur ite si pre tam aj jej al iu knihu Odpor am ka d mu.

  18. GENRE HISTORICAL ROMANCEPUBLISHER BETHANY HOUSEPUBLICATION DATE JANUARY 01, 2013RATING 4 OUT OF 5 VERY GOODPROS Compelling storyline fascinating details about Cornwall plot twists make the novel hard to put down spiritual conflict handled well secondary characters are all well developedCONS Never felt terribly connected to Emma and only witnessed true character growth at the end of the novel Emma s spiritual issues were a bit predictableEmma Smallwood has grown up in her father s academy for boy [...]

  19. I was swept into early 19th Century England with the author s beautiful descriptive writing and the flowing dialogue Emma Smallwood and her father leave Longstaple and their boarding school and failing academy for Ebbington Manor on the Cornwall Coast It is there that Mr Smallwood is hired to tutor the two youngest Weston boys, Julian and Rowan Ebbington Manor is laced with secrets and has a little bit of mystery with many complexities developing throughout The Tutor s Daughter is filled with ma [...]

  20. I really enjoyed this beautifully written Regency era romance mystery novel Reminiscent of Jane Eyre, there appears to be a mysterious stranger a mad woman in the attic who is prone to wandering around late at night That mystery is solved about halfway through the book but there are many sinister goings on which kept me anxiously turning the pages The character development is excellent believable and consistent The various plot threads, with plenty of unexpected twists, are skilfully woven toge [...]

  21. I immensely adored this book The name Julie Klassen has become a name that makes me smile and sigh because I love her books so much they are indeed treasures Well written, very informative, unforgettable stories The Tutor s Daughter was no exception I must say, if you haven t read any of Julie Klassen s novels, you are missing out.Love the Regency era Love heart melting romance Complicated, unique storylines Intricate suspense Startling revelations These make up Julie s books.The Tutor s Daughte [...]

  22. Can Inspirational Romance be feminist Haven t not yet read any books in the genre, I was pleased when Netgalley offered up a copy of THE TUTOR S DAUGHTER, by Christy Award winning Julie Klassen The bookish heroine sounded promisingYet it wasn t the novel s religious aspects which are really quite understated, coming up overtly only during a near drowning scene between hero and heroine , but rather its painfully sluggish pace and its all too obvious plot turns that made this so difficult to get t [...]

  23. With a taste of Jane Austen and Daphne DuMaurier, The Tutor s Daughter is filled with intriguing characters, snippets of danger and romance This is my second book by Julie Klassen and I look forward to reading .

  24. This was such a charming book This book had it all romance, mystery, and even peril There were so many unexpected surprises and mysteries throughout the story that I couldn t unravel until after the climax of the story it was that good And the ending was swoon perfection

  25. Note to potential readers DO NOT read the Author s Note at the end of the book first It reveals a major secret in the book that you will not want spoiled

  26. Para dejar las cosas claras desde el principio os adelanto que La hija del tutor es mi mejor lectura de este a o, me ha gustado tanto que pronto volver a releerla Ya conoc a a la autora gracias a Libros de Seda con La institutriz silenciosa , novela que me encant aunque creo que La hija del tutor la supera, siendo una historia m s completa.Emma es una joven que siempre ha vivido rodeada de ni os en un internado, a medida que pasan los a os ayuda a su padre en su ardua tarea como tutor, adquirien [...]

  27. Pomerne jednoduch historick bostn rom n a n dychom tajomnosti v trochu austenovskom duchu za m a ale ove a menej otravn .Emma Smallwoodov prich dza s otcom na roz ahl panstvo, kde m pom ha u i dvoch najmlad ch synov baroneta Westona Dvoch star ch synov u pozn z predo l ho pobytu v ich kole k m s mlad m Phillipom boli priatelia, s Henrym Westonom nevykro ili po ceste vz jomn ho porozumenia A pr ve Henry je teraz akousi hlavou rodinn ho s dlaJemne naivn , predv date n , ve mi slu n a starosvetsk , [...]

  28. Actually rating 3.5 stars In the end the myth didn t matter What mattered in reality was a person s character, what he did with the life and abilities God had given him, and his daily choice to act honorably despite the selfish tendencies and weaknesses shared by all humans This is my second book I read written by Julie Klassen but compared to Lady Maybe it was less intense.If in Lady Maybe each page was read with very much interest and eager, The Tutor s Daughter did not bring me the same effec [...]

  29. Story Description Baker Publishing Group January 1, 2013 Trade Paperback ISBN 978 0 7642 1069 3Award winning Regency Romance from Bestselling author Julie Klassen.Emma Smallwood, determined to help her widowed father regain his spirits when his academy fails, agrees to travel with him to the distant Cornwall Coast, to the cliff top manor of a baronet and his four sons But after they arrive and begin teaching the younger boys, mysterious things begin to happen and danger mounts Who does Emma hear [...]

  30. I was first drawn to this book by the colorful cover I couldn t resist the beautiful scenery, and the girl in bonnet on the front was intriguing All in all I admit I LOVED this book This is the type of book that you don t want to quit reading The author does an exceptional job at creating the world to pull you right in The characters are easily pictured and the mystery contained within is just so hard to figure out Such a wonderful change from all the typical overdone mysteries that are usually [...]

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