Fall of Night


THANKS TO ITS UNIQUE COMBINATION OF HUMAN AND VAMPIRE RESIDENTS, MORGANVILLE, TEXAS, IS A SMALL COLLEGE TOWN WITH BIG TIME PROBLEMS WHEN STUDENT CLAIRE DANVERS GETS THE CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE LIFE ON THE OUTSIDE, SHE TAKES IT BUT MORGANVILLE ISN T THE ONLY TOWN WITH VAMPIRE TROUBLEClaire thought she d never get to leave Morganville, but she can t pass up the chance to fTHANKS TO ITS UNIQUE COMBINATION OF HUMAN AND VAMPIRE RESIDENTS, MORGANVILLE, TEXAS, IS A SMALL COLLEGE TOWN WITH BIG TIME PROBLEMS WHEN STUDENT CLAIRE DANVERS GETS THE CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE LIFE ON THE OUTSIDE, SHE TAKES IT BUT MORGANVILLE ISN T THE ONLY TOWN WITH VAMPIRE TROUBLEClaire thought she d never get to leave Morganville, but she can t pass up the chance to finally attend her dream school, MIT After all, getting to invent anti vamp devices with Professor Anderson a Morganville exile herself sounds like a dream come true until Claire realizes there are sinister forces at play, and she s not the only one with a vampire related agenda.Without her friends Shane, Eve, and Michael, Claire finds that surviving a killer schedule may be hard but with them, it might turn out to be impossible.

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Fall of Night

  1. Rachel Caine is a pen name of Roxanne Longstreet Conrad.She has also published as Roxanne LongstreetRoxanne ConradJulie FortuneIan HammellHer Facebook page facebook rachelcainef

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  1. Edit Not what I was hoping for, but somehow it works Liked it better than Bitter Blood, but after the mind melting twists and turns of the previous books it s no wonder 13 was a bit flat view spoiler One thing that did upset me was the unnecessary drama between shane and claire They have been a solid from the beginning Myrnin being absent throughout 90% of the book didn t help me get over this plot bomb from the last book.Long time fans with an open mind will still enjoy this book hide spoiler T [...]

  2. For me to still be reading a series after 13 books, is a pretty big deal I love this series because of the characters and probably could read chapters of them just hanging out and playing video games But that s not going to happen not with this group Basically Claire finally goes to MIT and we see the world outside of Morganville, trouble finds her almost immediately, which is my only complaint I would have loved to see her as a MIT student, making some friends and just taking a breath for the f [...]

  3. Fall of Night was, as always, full of action and adventure, with enough risk to get your blood pumping It was different than other titles, while on the heart of it it remained the same Set entirely outside of the boundaries of Morganville you would think Claire would get a second of peace away from the vampires and the dark twisty thing that is her life But then again that wouldn t make for a great novel, and Fall of Night is certainly a great addition into the series Claire needed to get outsid [...]

  4. Erke up with Shane already I swear if she doesn t do that in this bookAfter reading book Wow Woah Okay, then Some serious shit just went down there That was an intense cliff hanger and random turn in the who series with Daylight dudes It was a good book, though, and good plot I loved Shane s POV and Claire s POV and the switching out of the two I also love their relationship in this book Much mature and adult like Love it and read it in 8 hours I can t wait for November P.S Does anyone know if [...]

  5. She s a tricky woman, that Rachel Caine When I first read the blurb of Fall of Night, I was a little bit concerned Claire s given permission to leave Morganville and is off to MIT I envisioned a whole book about Claire, and missing all my favourite characters and the town of Morganville too How can that be I thought in a panic No Morganville No Myrnin No Eve How can Ms Caine do this to us I should have faith D Yes, Claire is off to MIT, to study in an advanced graduate program, under Professor [...]

  6. Okay, I am justocked and disappointed Definitely not words I normally use to describe the Rachel Caine reading experience Where do I begin when describing all the ways this book this series just went wrong And just to clarify I realize this book was supposed to have a slightly different feel to it, since the main character was leaving the main setting That in itself I don t have a problem with A similar situation occurred in book eight, Kiss of Death, and that s one of my favorites in the series [...]

  7. Fuck, alright BADDASS MANLY FICTION REVIEWER got his hands on an ARC copy of FALL OF NIGHT thanks to his having shrieked at Rachel Caine over the interwebs that she should really get her ass into gear and get this shit out on the shelves, and Rachel couldn t help but admire his BADDASS MANLY FICTION REVIEWER spunk Wait, that came out wrong FUCK IT ONWARD Anyway, BAMFR just finished his copy of this book not two seconds ago, and it turns out that it s very easy to review Did DEAR READER like prev [...]

  8. I ve never reviewed a book on before, but I just finished this book, and feel I have to vent I didn t like this book I m in no way saying it s a bad book it s written decently and as usual, the interactions between characters and the dialogue work perfectly fine It s just I didn t like it It just felt off to me, in an indescribable way There are however, a few gripes I can describe A small thing is that we don t see much of the whole gang, especially Michael and Eve I don t blame Rachel Caine fo [...]

  9. Wow 4.5 to 5 stars I just finished this 14th installment of this beloved especially to me Morganville Vampires series this morning I have come to absolutely fall in love with these characters And while this installment took us outside of Morganville for the entire book with the exception of the very beginning and very end and that was basically on the outskirts of town , it was an excellent move for Ms Caine to do I think taking Claire out of Morganville was a perfect way to refresh this series [...]

  10. Slightly SpoileryThe Morganville Vampires series is the longest series I ve ever read I never anticipated it being quite so long when I first started it years ago, so I m rather glad that Fall of Night is the penultimate Morganville book There s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you ve finally finish a series I ve had my ups and downs with the Morganville books I wasn t the biggest fan of the last couple of installments but I have to admit that overall I ve enjoyed the series the books [...]

  11. The last 166 pages brought this to a 4, before then, we were looking at a 3.The Morganville Vampire series has always been one of my favourites, but Bitterblood just wasn t up to scratch So when I started Fall of Night, for the first time ever, I was going into one of these books with little enthusiasm And for the first 277 pages, it unfortunately lived up to my expectations.But enter Oliver and Myrnin and this book took a turn for the better The pace was faster, the action picked up and I didn [...]

  12. Okay, I absolutely LOVE this series, but I m going to take a break from getting reading this series for a while until I m sure Claire and Shane are solidly back together b c that was my main reason for reading this series a couple that was always together so we didn t have to worry over the drama crap of the will they, won t they And so help me if Claire finds someone at college to have a fling with while she s figuring out what to do with Shane, sigh, well lets just say I ll be very disappointe [...]

  13. I realize this series has a cult like following I have always really liked it, but at 150 pages in and I had to put it down The great thing about this series was Morganville and the friends, this book is taking place in Cambridge, and I just couldn t read it any It was BORING Even a Vampire or stalker couldn t make this book less boring I may try to pick it up again at a later date, but this series went down hill for me much the way the Southern Vampire series did from Charlene Harris.

  14. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Dark, funny, action packed drama Be prepared for a seriously crazy cliffhanger.Opening Sentence The billboard at the border of Morganville hadn t changed since Claire had first driven past it on the way into town at the tender age of sixteen.The Review Fall of Night is the penultimate novel in the Morganville Vampire series This is the first novel in this series that I have read but I have read Rachel Caine s Weather Warden Series which I thoroughl [...]

  15. Following from the events of Bitter Blood , when lives were lost and friendships put to the test, Claire Danvers is following through with her decision to leave Morganville, and attend the MIT graduate program in Cambridge Claire has made the monumental decision to leave her friends behind including newlyweds Michael and Eve, who want to start acting like a married couple less roommates should help with that But Claire is also determined to leave her beloved boyfriend, Shane, behind too Because [...]

  16. First posted to Once Upon A Time.Fall of Night, Fall of Night not quite as bad as Bite Club, but no where near as good as Bitter Blood In fact, this is a Morganville novel of two parts The part where Claire is alone in this new town, and the part where everybody suddenly appears The first part was just kind of boring sorry, but Morganville without Myrnin and Eve et al just isn t the same But then the second part woke up and we have a Morganville book that is once again fast paced and unpredictab [...]

  17. Linsey My Little World Books N ThingsI can t believe we re approaching the end of this series and I for one am going to miss the residents of Morganville Yes, all of them But we re not quite there yet In book 14, Fall of Night, Claire has decided to get out of town in order to re address her life and figure out what it is that she really wants This sees her attending MIT and living in Cambridge away from all of her friends, including boyfriend Shane Or so she thinks She moves in with her old BFF [...]

  18. Fall of Night is the 14th book in the Morganville Vampire series by author Rachel Caine.I am a huge fan of this series I feel connected to Shane, Claire, Eve, Michael and yes Myrnin There town is complicated and full of suspense and not much down time to just relax But that is what makes them the best characters when they have to deal with problems in a vamp run town.In Fall of Night, Claire travels away to MIT She needs to find her way on her own and see what life is like outside of Morganville [...]

  19. I have to say I was pretty disappointed It s not exactly that the book was bad, it just seemed kinda pointless We have a bunch of new characters introduced that turn out to contribute next to nothing to the story line and would appear to only appear in this book I mean can anyone tell me the point of Liz or Pete or Derrick I mean it looked for a while like there would be some story line developing with Liz and Derrick, but then it just fizzed out and wam bam he s dead Utter pointless.Then there [...]

  20. Great fun with the Morganville gang when they Claire leaves home and heads for Boston Where Claire goes trouble follows She is finally at MIT her dream realized Sometimes our dreams turn out to be nightmares Everything is not what ti seems which it the way of the world The hidden dangers strike, and some of them will not come out okay It s all Claire fault, she may lose it all Her research, her love and maybe her friends lives.It was fun, edge of my seat squirming action and several ahhhh, momen [...]

  21. WHAT THE HELL This book was like riding a roller coaster Too many feels It s really sad that we d have to wait another six months for the next book to come out I don t know what and why the hell that happened in the last Nevertheless I loved everything about the book The first half was quite slow seeing the crew was scattered but the second half kind of made up for the part I m curious as to what happens next.

  22. Really MAY FREAKIN 7th Do you know how far away that is Too far I need to know what happens I just finished Bitter Blood It was great I bet this book will easily become one of my favorites SO YOU NEED TO COME OUT ALREADY I love this series

  23. BECAUSE ONLY ONE MORE BOOK AND THEN I CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH MY LIFE.YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Okay, so Fall of Night wasn t that bad of a book but it also just bored the shit out of me Claire gets to leave Morganville, again, and I really liked the change of scenery However, I felt that Claire didn t leave her friends in a good way and I was kind of glad that Shane went after her But I didn t like how Claire basically didn t try at MIT because she cou [...]

  24. It was nice that Claire got out of Morganville and to see MIT finally I really liked Nick and the other friends she met However, she really didn t try there She kept thinking about Morganville and stupid Shane All of that truly held her back and it was damn annoying Also I still don t like Shane He s made too many damn mistakes so no.

  25. This and my other reviews can be found at amethystbookwyrm Claire has decided to move out of Morganville and go to her dream school MIT however, it is hard to leave her friends even Myrnin but especially her boyfriend, Shane, as things are a bit uncertain since he did not trust her in the last book She is enrolled in a special advanced program with an ex Morganville resident Irene Anderson, and together they work on VLAD, a machine which is meant to cancel out a vampire s abilities At the same t [...]

  26. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyWhy isn t this series a TV show yet The CW ABC Family The Morganville Vampires is perfect for primetime The cast of characters has expanded over the series without loosing focus on the core relationships, the setting of a vampire run college town is the perfect blend of chills and intrigue, and the storylines that Rachel Caine continues to spin are even hotter at book fourteen then they were at book one In FALL OF NIGHT, the series takes it s biggest sh [...]

  27. I wanted to read this because I am addicted to Morganville, and I am flying towards the end of the series and can t stop.This book was hard for me because Claire is leaving behind all of the characters that I have come to adore or at least know what to expect from.Her old friend Elizabeth is going to be her new room mate and Elizabeth has changed from when Claire knew her and even though she is bubbly and shows moments of being real, most of the time she annoyed me It was hard for Claire to be a [...]

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