A Plague Upon Your Family

A Plague Upon Your Family This story picks up exactly where book one left off The Talbot family is evacuating their home amidst a zombie apocalypse Mankind is on the edge of extinction as a new dominant mindless opponent scou

This story picks up exactly where book one left off The Talbot family is evacuating their home amidst a zombie apocalypse Mankind is on the edge of extinction as a new dominant, mindless opponent scours in search of food, which happens to be non infected humans.In these pages are the journal entries of Michael Talbot, his wife Tracy, their kids Nicole, Justin and Travis.This story picks up exactly where book one left off The Talbot family is evacuating their home amidst a zombie apocalypse Mankind is on the edge of extinction as a new dominant, mindless opponent scours in search of food, which happens to be non infected humans.In these pages are the journal entries of Michael Talbot, his wife Tracy, their kids Nicole, Justin and Travis With them are Brendon, Nicole s Fiancee and Tommy previously a Wal Mart door greeter who may be than he seems Together they struggle against a ruthless, relentless enemy that has singled them out above all others.The Talbots have escaped Little Turtle but to what end, on the run they find themselves encountering a far vaster evil than the one that has already beset them As they travel across the war torn countryside they soon learn that there are than just zombies to be fearful of, with law and order a distant memory some humans have decided to take any and all matters into their own hands Can the Talbots come through unscathed or will they suffer the fate of so many countless millions before them It s not just the brains versus the brain eaters any The stakes may be higher than merely life and death with eternal souls on the line.

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A Plague Upon Your Family

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  1. I won this book as a First Reads giveaway.How does this franchise have so many fans Seriously I tried to read this book, I really did Maybe if I hadn t had to sit through the first one, it wouldn t be so bad but 100 pages in and I am so very done.Michael Talbot is still a chauvinistic, misogynistic twit The writing is still horrid, and focuses on the most ridiculous stuff I m sorry, but I don t need to read about the main character s farting habits In detail Inconsistencies ranging from how long [...]

  2. I have to jump in and rate 2 having already finished 3 and eagerly aawaiting 4 I ve gone back and viewed some of the negative ratings for the first book and if the worst someone can come up with is typos and there are far less than many of the indie published books in the zombie genre, which is a credit to his publisher then I think we can declare this series a success One other reader didn t like pop culture references in the first one and complained of the preparedness and references to zombie [...]

  3. I really like this series even though it is way out of my genre The main character is snarky which keeps the zombie apocalypse not too depressing It s still pretty gross but It s fast moving and I have become connected to the characters I liked reading this second book, but I did listen to the first book on Audible and I liked it , I think maybe because of the narrator I ll be returning to Audible for the third book.

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  5. If you are reading this review for Zombie Fallout 2 A Plague Upon Your Family, and you haven t already read the first book in the Zombie Fallout series, you really need to find it and start there Just sayin.If you have read the first book in the series and are here looking at Zombie Fallout 2, then you ve already been bitten Pun intended It s too late for you You ve already succumbed and become da da da dum a Zombie Fallout Fan Mark Tufo s series about the effects of an untested Swine flu virus [...]

  6. After being rescued from his attic, Micheal Talbot, his family and a few survivors are on the run from the zombies What they don t know is that the zombie horde is not nearly as mindless as it seems Unlike other survivors, the Talbot s and the people they travel with are being hunted At first, Micheal doesn t want to believe this is the case but Tommy s warning becomes dire and his son Justin is starting to show terrible side effects after surviving a zombie attack How much of Tommy is still hum [...]

  7. I really wanted to give this book 5 stars like I did the first one I like Mike Talbot, his family and friends Mr Tufo has made me care about them over the last two books Mike is a funny and thoughtful narrator through the circles of Hell that they have been traveling in this book and the last But I have a couple problems with this book that kept it from the elusive 5th star The First is that Tracy wasn t kept in character Under zed attack we would all show signs of stress but who we aren t won t [...]

  8. Zombie Fallout 2It s got zombies, it s got blood, it s got humor, it s got sarcasm What could you ask for Well, other than the obvious wanting the zombies to dien.Wow No one can say these books don t pack in the action I was pretty stressed out than once wondering how they were going to get out of the horrible situation they were in, and there were plenty I love this series In a zombie apocalypse I d definately want to be with Mike Talbot Though he has a knack for getting into bad situations h [...]


  10. My Thoughts Okay, I have to say it Mark Tufo is bloody brilliant I freakin love this series Alright, I ve got that out of my system now Let me see if I can do this book justice by reviewing it Fair warning if you have not read Zombie Fallout 1 read my review , then please go read it first before reading this review I don t want to ruin anything for those that have not had a chance to dive into this series yet So, Mike Talbot and his family managed to narrowly escape Little Turtle in the last boo [...]

  11. Eliza, Tommy, the Talbots and of course, the zombies, are back for the second installment of the Zombie Fallout series, Zombie Fallout 2 A Plague Upon Your Family I m a massive fan of the Zombie Fallout series and the author, Mark Tufo Earlier this year I re read the first book in the series, Zombie Fallout read my review here , and always fully intended to go back and re read the second book in the series too.I read a lot of zombie books probably 20 30% of my total reading , and I enjoy them al [...]

  12. potential spoiler alert While not quite as good as the first book, I found Zombie Fallout 2 to be a fast paced, quick read A couple of things prevented me from giving it a 5 star rating The first has to deal with Eliza s origins Mark Tufo has gone into the realm of impossibility here I knowI m reading a book about the zombie apocalypse and I am arguing about realism It may seem strange, but there is a point where willful suspension of disbelief becomes impossible For me that point is having a va [...]

  13. although I thoroughly disliked the 4 prologues the audiobook was really good made me laugh really hard again lots of action, on the edge of my seat loved it I ve already started listening to book 3 so good if you like zombies, and you like to laugh really hard this is the book for you I listen to these books whenever I m in the car or working outside so sometimes its pretty spread out but I still really enjoy them apparently there s a part 3.5 which is really shortkes me a little mad, ugh I don [...]

  14. I love Mike Talbot he s the man Tommy, bless his lil heart, is a sweetie Really, where does he get all the food A vampire in a zombie apocalypse is sooo not fair And they have runners now, smh The scene that made me crack or bruise something from laughin so hard was when Tracy sent Mike to McDonalds and the manager started callin out the kids that went to the restrooms for 30 mins and etc, and then when the little girl Alexis ate the ff off the floor I m a germaphobe and I m right there with Mik [...]

  15. I really like that the action starts off right from the start of the book, and just keeps coming The book was a page gripper I stayed up later than usual I just couldn t put it down, I was even reading it while I was making dinner Good thing it was was a simple meal My husband kept asking me what I was reading because I read it all the way through supper too I finished the book in one day, so I could start on book three Awesome story

  16. Will make this a quick one Old argument When is a sequel ever better than the first Godfather , Rocky ,Police Academy HAHA WELL THIS IS Made a huge mistake,poured through this book like the first in two days and every bit as good and better,but finished it without the third being finished So what was i to do Read them both again Very Very Good

  17. I noted in my 40% status update that I was at about 50 50 whether I m going to finish this due to several annoyances, some of which were present in the first book and are not just present in this book but intensely magnified In preparation for this review, I began to write out the grievances so I could remember and thoroughly explain my thoughts when I finished the book however, it was in writing all that out that I decided to abandon this book immediately.I honestly don t know that I ve ever be [...]

  18. I m going to have to space these books out I enjoy Talbots sarcasm and psychosis equally but I found myself skimming these rants to get back to the story I will be reading 3 but I m going to read a couple of others to cleanse my palate first 3.5

  19. Four prologues all unnecessary they did nothing for the story as we follow mike and family as they escape the zombie horde.

  20. Great series read wonderfully by Sean Reanette Great world to jump into for any zombie or vampire lover Oh and the sarcastic humor is the best part.

  21. Mark TufoZombie Fallout 2 A Plague Upon Your FamilyThis set of books has it all, the humour shines through to lighten the darker parts of the book, the psychological terror of the situation drags you into the story making you feel a part of the family, Mike Talbot is the hero of the piece protecting his family and loved ones to the best of his ability from the growing Zombie threat, the zombies are not all slow and lumbering as in the majority of Zombie films neither are they as fast as in 28 da [...]

  22. Ok, I never write reviews but I just have to for this book Just to preface my review let me introduce myself I am a very immature, easily entertained, zombie story loving male I do not read books, but I have a profession that allows me to listen to books all day every day I devour audiobooks I entered into this series extremely excited I found another awesome zombie series with multiple books Yeah Not so much Unbelievably, these books are too immature for ME Go ahead, check out the books I ve li [...]

  23. Mark Tufo has continued were he left off and he does not give the reader much time to buckle up before for the ride starts Our hero Michael Talbot and his unique Talbotism s are back, and as before had me rolling on the floor and gasping for breath because I was laughing so hard Once again I must give a warning not to read this book on public transport because your raucous laughter will result on dirty from fellow passengers.Well that is enough of my Talbot worshipping What about the story I hea [...]

  24. The second installment of the Zombie Fallout series most definitely did not disappoint The first title leaves you essentially salivating for with the way it ended and I can assure you this will do the same It would appear that the author of these books, Mark Tufo, is a fan of ending these titles at a stage that just leaves you craving for I somewhat hope that by the time I listen through all the books the other installment would be out.A number of other characters were brought to the fore here [...]

  25. I refrain from 1 star reviews, generally, because I like to reserve single stars for Worst in Class Tufo s second installment of Zombie Fallout is not worst in class, but it is nosing down to a 1.5, easy.If something is funny in one of the author s future works, I hope he takes the time to write it funny, and not just let us know it was funny by having everybody in the scene break into a snot nosed laughter.If another Eeyore like main character is kicking around in the author s creative unconsci [...]

  26. Was a bit thrown by the change in direction and was not sure I was going to like it However, I love the characters and love the style these books are written in so I persisted and boy I m glad I did I really enjoyed this book and was eager to start the next one This book starts with a real twist taking the story in a completely different direction to the one I thought it was going As I said, at first I wasn t sure because I liked the direction I thought it was heading However, this new, seemingl [...]

  27. OK,when I was reviewing the first book in this seriesI made acomment about simmilarities with other post appocolyptic fiction, namely The Passage I made a comment about Zombie Fallout having nothing to do with vampires The joke was on me the adventures get stranger and the characters grow on you I found myself wanting to be sure I was in the group staying with Mike Later in the series I ve recently finished, Zombie Fallout 5 Alive In A Dead World BT says something about staying with Mike because [...]

  28. We are back again with Mike and his family as they move across the country to try and find Tracy s mother They meet a few interesting people along the way and encounter a new type of zombie Well, these zombies have a new ability, sort of I like how the author made this a little creepier with Justin s situation along with how much Tommy knows to inner fights with Mike and his 2nd self I m not 100% sure why Eliza is hunting Mike I don t feel this is portrayed as well Maybe it s not supposed to be [...]

  29. Relisten was good, and grosslol I forgot how graphic this book was, I literally wretched a few times was a great story though and I am on to book 3

  30. If you liked the first one you will love this one I am not a fan of the first person stories usually but the way Mart tells his tale is fantastic You can t help but fall in love with Tommy and the Talbot family The I find out about Mike Talbot the he sounds just like some old Army buddy s of mine This book keeps you guessing, what are the zombies or Aliza going to do next What is up with Tommy and Ryan Secrest Why are the Zombies following them no matter where they go And of course, when the h [...]

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