Scene from Haden's POV

Scene from Haden s POV Exclusive scene from Falling Under in Haden s POV Found atdarkfaerietales fifty shad

Exclusive scene from Falling Under in Haden s POV Found atdarkfaerietales fifty shad

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Scene from Haden's POV

  1. Gwen Hayes that s me lives in the Pacific Northwest with her real life hero and a pack of wild beasts two of whom she gave birth to She is a reader, writer, and lover of pop culture which, other than yogurt, is the only culture she gets Gwen also edits kissing books.

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  1. As the veil between our worlds separated, my heart leapt to my throat Would she see my world as beautiful Or would it scare her as it should 4.5 stars.As beautiful, lyrical and short this scene was, I don t know whether I will try the books themselves It s an odd thought to have But I really enjoy Haden s POV, a refreshing break from all the female YA POV we get these days However it is rather short but it is good enough to present to us a particular feel to the narrative.Unfortunately this isn [...]

  2. I liked the scene from Haden s point of view I enjoyed getting to see a piece of his mind that I didn t get to see before My major problem was that it was way too short It was so short in fact, that I didn t really get to have any feelings toward it because it was over too soon.

  3. This was just a super short story of Haden s perspective from the first time Theia met him in Under It didn t really add much to the story as I was hoping, but it was interesting none the less It was cute to find out that he fussed about his clothes and the whole setup though.

  4. Well, it s a really quick read You d have to read Falling Under to get where this is going though It s just a retell of Theia s first dream trip to Under which is told in Hades s POV It s quite simple and direct but interesting to see that he is a little taken aback by Theia.

  5. It s always nice to get the point of view from the other main character He seems smoking hot And he has an awesome, old school charm that is completely adorable Wish this was longer Or wish it had scenes with his point of view

  6. Considering it was just one chapter it was ok it didn t really do much but I got to see what Haden was thinking when he saw her in her dreams.

  7. I liked reading the scene from Haden s point of view, because it allowed me to see into his mind and know what he was thinking That way I can get to know him better

  8. It s been a while since I read Falling Under but reading Haden s point of view captivated me just as much I need to get my hands on the sequel

  9. The only reason I rated it so was because of the short length I loved Falling Under and Dreaming Awake, so this was just a little look into Haden s head from those amazing books.

  10. Nothing interesting I found it by an accident, I was just searching through the internet when I was bored.

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