Wonder Woman, Volume 2: Guts

Wonder Woman Volume Guts Wonder Woman goes to hell After playing Poseidon Hades and Hera against each other Hades strikes back by kidnapping Zola and trapping her in the Underworld It s up to Wonder Woman with a little hel

Wonder Woman goes to hell After playing Poseidon, Hades, and Hera against each other, Hades strikes back by kidnapping Zola and trapping her in the Underworld It s up to Wonder Woman with a little help from the God of Love and the God of Smiths to break Zola out But what is Hades real game, and once you get into the land of the dead, how exactly do you get out CollWonder Woman goes to hell After playing Poseidon, Hades, and Hera against each other, Hades strikes back by kidnapping Zola and trapping her in the Underworld It s up to Wonder Woman with a little help from the God of Love and the God of Smiths to break Zola out But what is Hades real game, and once you get into the land of the dead, how exactly do you get out Collecting Wonder Woman 7 12

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Wonder Woman, Volume 2: Guts

  1. Brian Azzarello Cliff Chiang Tony Akins Kano Dan Green Matthew Wilson Jared K. Fletcher says:
    Brian Azzarello born in Cleveland, Ohio is an American comic book writer He came to prominence with 100 Bullets, published by DC Comics mature audience imprint Vertigo He and Argentine artist Eduardo Risso, with whom Azzarello first worked on Jonny Double, won the 2001 Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story for 100 Bullets 15 18 Hang Up on the Hang Low.Azzarello has written for Batman Broken City , art by Risso Batman Deathblow After the Fire , art by Lee Bermejo, Tim Bradstreet, Mick Gray and Superman For Tomorrow , art by Jim Lee.In 2005, Azzarello began a new creator owned series, the western Loveless, with artist Marcelo Frusin.As of 2007, Azzarello is married to fellow comic book writer and illustrator Jill Thompsonformation taken from enpedia wiki Brian_Az

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  1. B 78% GoodNotes It endows humanity upon gods, who, in their cold divinity, admit forsakenness and love as fountainheads to motive.

  2. I enjoyed the second volume slightly than the first one, because this volume was full of interesting plot twists Also, I really liked how the gods are depicted, especially Hades.

  3. 3.5 starsConsidering how much I disliked the 1st volume, I m a little surprised to say that this new Wonder Woman is growing on me.I m not in love with it, but I probably won t wait as long to try to read the next volume.I think the main thing that turned the tide for me was Hephaestus and the whole babies storyline I liked it, and I think that plot line could really go somewhere interesting.The art didn t freak me out as much this time around, either Hades still looks like a stupid birthday cak [...]

  4. Azzarello s Guts picks up right where Blood left off without missing a beat Brian continues to mix it up by stirring in even Greek mythology with Diana s origin This one starts out with Wonder Woman meeting up with Hephaestus The Smith Really dig this guy Diana comes to him for some help preparing for her road trip to the Realm of Hades She also has a surprise in store for her when she discovers a little secret about home sweet home, Paradise Island And this one shocks the hell outta her Couple [...]

  5. J aurais d lire ce deuxi me volume plus t t apr s ma lecture du premier, je ne me souvenais pas hyper bien de ce qui s tait pass dedans mais bon a reste un tr s bon tome Le dessin est toujours aussi beau et original, j adore la fa on dont les diff rents dieux sont repr sent s, l intrigue est vraiment bonne, tous les l ments mythologiques sont g niaux, en bref, pour le moment, cette s rie c est juste de la bombe et a me donne envie de lire un Had s Pers phone retelling

  6. I love this volume down to its very last detail It is a frenetic, smart, rich and surprisingly humorous installment of Brian Azzarello s stellar Wonder Woman run In this book, our Princess literally goes to the underworld to marry Hell himself, as a price for the bargain she has with Hades.Hephaestus and his automatons has an unexpected heartfelt backstory It is in these details that make volume two of Wonder Woman a memorable read.Azarello s New 52 Wonder Woman is a solid story of action, humor [...]

  7. A little melodramatic to start, but Azzarello has a compelling take on the classic WW mythology, that I happen to think make sense and make for a richer universe in which to set WW s stories What makes sense, and gives room for pathos ians are a race somehow devoid of males, or that ians choose not to keep the males as part of their culture This reminds me of Milligan s attempt to put a modernist spin on Greek mythology, in his Greek Street series I didn t really care for it for all his conto [...]

  8. I understand that some readers are feeling a little uncomfortable with the rewritten backstory of the s, in that they basically rape and kill seafaring men and then sell their male offspring into slavery This is actually the true mythology behind the s, and with Azzarello keeping in step with the extremely heavy mythological storyline, it seems a logical step As he is also writing this book in a style that befits a Vertigo book, it seems like a brilliant idea to me.So here is the second volume o [...]

  9. Guts is the second volume of Wonder Woman s New 52 iteration Now, I have to admit, I ve never particularly been a Wonder Woman fan I mean, sure, as a young boy, I liked her just as much as the next young boy, but I never read her comics But, when DC decided to sort of reboot their shared universe with the New 52, and when I learned that Brian Azzarello would be taking over Wonder Woman, well, even as a thirty five year old man with a wife and two daughters, I couldn t resist Azzarello is a super [...]

  10. I am madly in love with this Wonder Woman storyline As someone who usually doesn t have much interest in DC comics in general or Wonder Woman in particular, that s a humbling admission to make This book, though, is simply a joy to read Like the volume that precedes it, this book doesn t have anything to do with the rest of the DC Universe except a possible reference on the last page I recognize that the words are a reference to a DC concept but not what that concept means , as it continues the t [...]

  11. AMAZING I think I m in love The direction in which Azzarello is taking Wonder Woman is nothing short of amazing I love that he is giving so much weight to the different Greek Gods, and I enjoy seeing what he is doing with them, making them his and part of this story Even when there are changes to the mythology like Hades beig a kid and wanting to marry Diana, demoting Persephone this changes do make the story so much powerful as we are surprised by its turns.I am really loving this series, can [...]

  12. Bullet Review I found this better than volume 1, though maybe it was just because I now have a better grasp of previous WW works That said, the art is weird like how Aphrodite was seen at the waist or awful WW can t seem to be consistent between panels , and I can t BELIEVE we are still on this stupid Ultimate Gods showdown with that stupid Zola woman I thought this was about WONDER WOMAN.Wonder Woman herself isn t bad at least she s confident and kicking ass instead of a questioning, simpering [...]

  13. It is my firm belief that Brian Azzarello s Wonder Woman is the best New 52 book out there Before Blood , I must confess, I d never read a single one of Diana s graphic adventures, and I was completely blown away by the creativity, the artwork, the mythos and, above all, the character of the titular heroine So, you can imagine how happy i was as I kept on reading into Volume 2 and found it even better Like a mixture of Clash of the Titans and The godfather, the Greek Gods are reimagined as a bit [...]

  14. What did I think Hmm While these were probably some of the most entertaining Wonder Woman stories I have ever read, I still think there is a great lack of storytelling in modern comics Everything is downsized There is no depth, very little characterization What glimpses I got into the glory of the art form are no longer even attempted these days I don t even know how to put it into words.IF you re going to rely on artwork to tell the majority of the story, cutting the page count down to 20 pages [...]

  15. Excellent So this volume pretty much picks up where the last volume left off, and based on the ending, this series will just be one long arc however Brian is able to do this without it getting boring at all Don t really wanna say about the story, otherwise I ll be spoiling What I can say, is that this a great series I really like the interpretations of the Greek gods, their all done in interesting ways, my favourite character next to Wonder Woman herself is Strife, she s kinda like the Loki for [...]

  16. 3.5 starsThis series stands out as a New 52 title because of how heavy it is on Wonder Woman s Greek background I ve always liked mythology and it s cool to see it in a superhero comic.This series is better so far as a cohesive storyline than it is as individual volumes So far it s not amazing but it is enjoyable Definitely interested in continuing.

  17. I m loving everything about the direction they have taken Wonder Woman in Love the visual representation, love the writing, love the characterizations My only qualm with this volume is that it was a little light on dialogue, although I felt the incredible artwork and action sequencing completely made up for it.I m hooked on this series 4 5

  18. In the second volume of the New 52 Wonder Woman, Diana meets my Jungian counterpart, Hephaestus, and learns the tragic history of Paradise Island and her fellow s that set many older Wonder Woman fans in a tizzy I won t spoil it here, but it deals with how s can constantly die in battle even though they re supposed to be immortal , but Paradise Island never seems to run out of s It s kinda horrible, but Greek myths were never for the weak hearted to begin with, so it fits.We find out about Apol [...]

  19. I m not enjoying this storyline Diana seems like a pawn the story s about everyone else than it is about her More weird familial squabbling and backstabbing than volume one, plus lots of extremely grotesque imagery I liked only two things about it 1 the depiction of Eros as a cute blond guy in a t shirt and jeans with two golden pistols instead of a bow and arrow and 2 the part in which Diana tried to free her brothers abandoned sons of the s from Hephaestus, only to find out they liked Hephaes [...]

  20. Better than volume 1, but still not greatYet again I find myself struggling with a rating on this So far in this series, Azzarello will give me something I like and then I start feeling excited and then the next page there will be something that annoys the hell out of me and I m right back to feeling ambivalent And this time they re totally different annoying things I will say that so far the best thing about this series is how well written Wonder Woman is as a character The side characters I ho [...]

  21. I love me some mythology I really enjoyed the first arc of the new Wonder Woman, it was much focused on the mythology and the art and the story telling refreshed a stagnant series, I m happy to say that Volume 2 is of the same good stuff, but with some glaring annoyances that I m starting to see plaguing the rest of the Azzarello Chiang run World The world is awesome, the play on classic Greek mythology and their characters are wonderful The art of Chiang Atkins is great and the fresh takes of [...]

  22. This is repulsive vandalism, a deliberate uglification of the character and her world view spoiler The largest issue from an aesthetic sense is, of course, the turning of the s into murderous sex pirates Azzarello thinks that the women who raised Wonder Woman will become interesting if he has them periodically raiding ships for men whom they murder after having sex with them Any female children are raised as s male children would also be murdered, but are taken in by a kindly god These are supp [...]

  23. Guts is the second graphic novel in the New 52 Wonder Woman Series As with Blood vol 1 , I couldn t help but be pleasantly surprised at the quality found here In my mind, Wonder Woman has always been kind of a dull comic, but Brian Azzarelllo and Cliff Chiang make her world so interesting by emphasizing her Greek Mythology roots, and surrounding her with wonderfully designed gods and monsters Similar to how Rick Riordan took the familiar world of the Greek gods and truly made them his own for a [...]

  24. I m not really a fan of Wonder Woman, I think, at least not in this incarnation I m not fond of the character designs, except maybe for Strife but she reminded me of someone else maybe a Neil Gaiman character and Wonder Woman herself, and the plot just Nah I can take some tweaks to my mythology hello Thor , but this was strangely closer to the actual mythology and further from the spirit of the mythology Or something The bickering among the gods, Hera s jealousy, etc it all makes sense within Gr [...]

  25. The story finds redemption while exploring the question what happens if a boy is born in An interesting take on rejection and perversely complex family dynamics, the plot expands and gets entangled in new players and a betrayal I kinda saw it coming only because I have read 100 bullets by Azzarello On a side note Hades made me giggle.

  26. An enjoyable quick read but nothing groundbreaking I guess I will continue with the series but on the strength of this I won t rush out to read them This volume sees Wonder Woman journey to hell to rescue Zola who is carrying the child of Zeus I enjoy seeing all the characters from mythology but the storyline is average.

  27. This WW is really starting to grow on me I liked the first one with a couple complaints, the major on is that I m not really to be on heavily Greek story lines but this one with Hephaestus was excellent and really kinda unexpected I gave it a star just for this and Hades actually had some kick butt moments of WW especially on the muscle horse, how cool I m a bit interested now to continue the story if they write similar to this one The art in this book is beautiful through out the whole book A [...]

  28. 3.5 stars A lot is going on and I really enjoyed most of the story The ending was a real cliffhanger and I can t wait to reading the next volume right away

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