The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game He s a game she never intended to play And she s the game changer he never knew he needed The Perfect Game tells the story of college juniors Cassie Andrews Jack Carter When Cassie meets rising baseb

He s a game she never intended to play And she s the game changer he never knew he needed.The Perfect Game tells the story of college juniors, Cassie Andrews Jack Carter When Cassie meets rising baseball hopeful Jack, she is determined to steer clear of him and his typical cocky attitude But Jack has other things on his mind like getting Cassie to give him theHe s a game she never intended to play And she s the game changer he never knew he needed.The Perfect Game tells the story of college juniors, Cassie Andrews Jack Carter When Cassie meets rising baseball hopeful Jack, she is determined to steer clear of him and his typical cocky attitude But Jack has other things on his mind like getting Cassie to give him the time of day They re both damaged, filled with mistrust and guarded before they find one another and themselves in this emotional journey about love and forgiveness Strap yourselves for a ride that will not only break your heart, but put it back together Sometimes life gets ugly before it gets beautifulThis is a MATURE YOUNG ADULT NEW ADULT novelSuitable for ages 17 Contains strong language, sexual situations and references

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The Perfect Game

  1. I got fired from my last job It s true I know you re sitting there thinking Jenn, how could anyone in their right mind fire someone as amazing and awesome as you And i d love to give you a good reason, but the truth is being this awesome is clearly very scary to other less awesome people So I said screw them and started writing my first book And you know what I realized Writing books that mean something to me is a million times better than working for my ass off for someone who doesn t really care about anything other than the bottom line My soul feels satisfied My heart, full.So thank you for reading, loving and recommending the stories I write I appreciate it than you know.

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  1. SPOILERS AHEAD YOU VE BEEN WARNED I HATED THIS BOOK.Why, you ask 1 Jack is a JERK 2 Cassie is a MORON And 3 JACK IS A JERK Look, all this book is is Jack and Cassie going back and forth completely destroying each other I mean, he cheats on her with someone who he ends up getting pregnant Then he LEAVES Cassie to marry Miss Pregnant Lady.And then he comes BACK to Cassie, and not only does she take him back.Ooooh no You want to know what she does She apologizes to HIM And then they live happily ev [...]

  2. REALLY I MEAN, REALLY it would be 1 star didn t like but the way jack apologized in the fucking end, IN THE END, actually saved the book i mean i was so frustrated with them this review will contain lots of spoilers so please don t tell me you haven t been warned, because i ain t hiding them first it was like reading soft version of beautiful disaster second all the time he called her kitten and all the time i tried to remember why is that so fucking familiar to me too, together with first one,i [...]

  3. This review is posted at My Secret Romance4.5 starsWhen I first heard about this book, I was all likeSweet heavens Jerks are the way to my heart Then I started reading and I was likeJack Carter, you are on the top of my Jerk of My Dreams shelf, first in line and all the way to the left You re sitting right next to Jack Howard from the Avoiding series Trust me buddy, that s a good thing.Seriously.This bookGave me the biggest, dumbest, grin on my face the whole timeANDMade me want to punch my kind [...]

  4. 5 JACKTASTIC STARSI absolutely adore the feeling you get when you ve found an incredibly fan f cking tastic book A book that takes you from happy, to thrilled, to anxious, to sad, to gutted, to depressed, to on top of the freaking world An amazing book to me, is a book that I will remember almost every moment once I ve read it It s a book that devours my heart, soul and mind It sticks with me and when it ends I want to cry because I m so attached to each of the characters, that the thought of my [...]

  5. 2.5 messed up, emotional and infuriating stars I mean, really This book Well, this book I can t say that I really hated it, but I also know that I didn t love it either So, that leaves me somewhere in the middle I guess MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD The main reason that this book infuriated me were the two main characters and their immature behavior Particularly that of Jack Carter.What A Jackass.Seriously.See, in the beginning of the story, Jack is a the typical famous playboy athlete who sleeps with a [...]

  6. Sometimes I feel exactly like Julia Roberts, except my hair is a very unique shade of red called brown , my lips are in proportion to my body and I would never ever teach Richard Gere how to drive a stick So why birth this randomness Because every time I start a review, I kind of feel like Julia Roberts at the beginning of My Best Friend s Wedding She slowly takes a bite, pauses, then says I m writing this up as inventived confident Well, a few days ago I took a rather big bite out of Jack The P [...]

  7. SPOILER ALERTI ll start by saying overall this book was a good, easy, contemporary read I usually love the ones centered around people in college etc.I absolutely loved the characters in the beginning, with Jack s protective, overbearing, loving, passionate and cocky attitude and Cassies kittens tough, beautiful and strong personality.The storyline was going so well and then BAM, the cheating incident occurred I ll admit the way it happened seemed pretty believable to me, and I can understand ho [...]

  8. HERE THAR BE SPOILERS YEE HAVE BEEN WARNED I have decided to petition the author to rename this book The Perfect Lobotomy, due to all the brain cells that were destroyed during its reading.This book was an epicThat s right Fail.Never NEVER before have I encountered two characters I actively wished death upon I not only wished death on these characters, I wished for it to be slow and painful, preferrably consisting of some kind of flesh eating disease that rotted off body parts but kept their min [...]

  9. The Perfect Game Ingredients 1 cup of trust issues1 cup of abandonment issues1 2 cup of heartache love1 2 cup of betrayala pinch of laughtera pinch of an awesome bffa pinch of sexy time1 4 cup of slutiness1 can of whoop ass1 handful of tissues2 boxes of CUE FUCKING TEARS Mix all these up and you haveThe Perfect Read Cassie Andrews and Jack Fucking Carter are both juniors at college Cassie is warned to stay away from Jack b c he is like the BIGGEST manwhore on campus He neverEVEReeps with a girl [...]

  10. Spoiler Free Review Quick Review4 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult College RomanceWARNING This book contains cheating if you do not like that in your read please move on.Everybody s like, He s no item Please don t like him.He don t wife em, he one nights em Lyrics Jay Z.After reading this you will never be able to look at a quarter the same way again AND YES I am referring to currency that totals twenty five cents Your my game changer, you know that Game changer I shook my head unsure of the meanin [...]

  11. DO NOT READ THE SPOILERS IN HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THIS BOOK AND FAIR WARNING I M ABOUT SWEAR LIKE A SAILOR AS I NEED TO GET IT OUT opens mouth closes mouth opens mouth closes mouth Umm so.h deep breath innnnn and release OK Ok where the FUCK DO I START This is the story of Jack Fucking Carter and Cassie Kitten Andrews Cassie is new to the college, so when she catches the eye of the infamous bad boy manwhore superstar baseball pitcher Jack, her best friend Melissa warns her about him He never [...]

  12. I greatly enjoyed this book I fell hard for Jack Carter Yes, he came off as an arrogant jerk, but you could tell there was something underneath And there was Jack isn t perfect Cassie isn t perfect They have issues While you can pitch the perfect game, there is no such thing as the perfect relationship Something happens in the book that is gut wrenching You are so mad at Jack for what he does Then because of his issues, he compounds the betrayal by making an even dumber decision I couldn t deci [...]

  13. If you have ever read one of my reviews you wont be surprised when I gave this book such a low rating I ll give you a hint ing However, this book didn t just tell us that the cheating occurred we had to read about the event while it was in progress and it was a little sickening when Jack started thinking about how hot she was and that he wanted to f her sadly, I admit the situation was believable That was just the start though We then find out that after he didn t tell her about the cheating, he [...]

  14. This book almost killed me dead Sterling you are a rock star This book was a roller coaster of a ride that made me smile, sigh, cry, yell and then do it all over again Job well done my friend

  15. Slight Spoilers Cassie meet Jack.ball hero, manwhore, heartbreakerJack meet Cassieyour game changer1% Body Temperature 98.6, thinking to myself, ok let s see how this story goes12% snickers Love their bantering15% 50 cents a touchte28% Body Temp 99.9, Ruh Rohere s pictures out there33% First fightcation important43% Body Temp 98.6, Something bout to happenbut not what I expected63% Body Temp 101.5, Jackass emerges66% Body Temp 103.4, LIVID69% The song Here s a quarter, call someone who cares by [...]

  16. totally undecided on this book.ere where things i liked and things i didn t view spoiler one of those being when Jack cheated I usually like some kind of drama but this just didn t fit with my idea of Jack and I just felt like it was totally unforgivable and he didn t redeem himself enough Usually when the guy cheats I feel like its forgivable but I just didn t feel like that here hide spoiler There were some very cute moments and I loved Jack and Cass as a couple and once they where together it [...]

  17. Welcome to my review of THE PERFECT GAME There is a few things I want to say about the author of this book before I get started.This is Jerlings 3rd book She wrote 2 other books in the YA genre In Dreams Chance Encounters Both are great books I make no secret of the fact that I call Jenn AKA J.Sterling a friend She is an amazing person with a larger than life personality, a sense of humour that calls to my funny bone lol a huge heart that makes me love her I can also be completely honest with he [...]

  18. Jack and CassieGirl meets boyd of course they fall in love They meet at a frat party and even though Scarlett has been warned of his player status She eventually falls head over heels in love with the star pitcher of the baseball team He was beautiful And he was charming And a man whoring pig God, what is wrong with me Oh yeah and he looked good in that tight baseball uniform.WHEW It s irritating how good he looks in his uniform, right I jerked my head back toward her Seriously Why does he have [...]

  19. Four almost Perfect Stars Hmmmmm so, for me, if I m 100% honest this book wasn t perfect It wasn t until the latter part of the book, probably from around the 60% mark when I finally started to warm to the characters.WhyLet me get my moans out of the way I found the dialogue a little clich d and too telling in places, it wasn t subtle enough, if that makes sense Sometimes less is and actions speak a thousand words.Also Cassie s character, to start with, was all over the place she wasn t consist [...]

  20. After the best book of the year, let me introduce you my worst book of the year Warning This review is basically a big spoiler So if you want to read the book, just don t read this.Even the jerks need their ad, don t they Or not really, okay But I wanted to translate this review so here we go Because this Jack Carter here He could be the perfect fit for a chapter named what kind of boy I don t want my daughter friend sister date like ever Or what kind of heroe you don t want to recommend me Jack [...]

  21. This book is wrong in so many levels I am not going to write a review now because I don t have anything respectful to say Later maybe UPDATE I chose to read this book when I heard it was somehow similar to Beautiful Disaster since they both had bad tempered main characters and everything I generally don t mind bad fictional boys They are hot and since I enjoyed Beautiful Disaster so much, I was so excited to start this book Boy, never have I ever been so disappointed Everything about this book w [...]

  22. 4 Fast Ball StarsCollege love can be intense and earth shattering and also the place where you meet The One The one that changes everything for the good and the bad This is a story of that kind of love.Meet Jack fucking Carter he s a college baseball superstar He doesn t date He just sleeps with girls and all their friends He was beautiful And he was charming And a man whoring pig.Meet Cassie aka Kitten She s sassy, she s tough and says plays hard to get with Jack But she has trust issues So you [...]

  23. Loved it I love romance and I love baseball, so when you put the two together, I m all over it So with that said, I can t believe that I balked at reading this I was hooked from page one I couldn t put it down I even read it while watching game 7 of the NLCS between the San Francisco Giants the St Louis Cardinals which made for an interesting soundtrack to the book view spoiler When Jack cheated, I worried that I would hate him Because one thing I can t stand is cheaters But, I didn t hate him I [...]

  24. YYEESSS FINALLY a book that for one reason or another I did not hate the heroine In fact I LOVED Cassie I knew before reading this book is was going to be awesome The peeks Ms Sterling gave us of this book before it was released confirmed that But I have to admit it was even than I expected It is definitely one of my favorites this year And now on with my reviewJack and Cassie are both emotionally damaged by their parents They have an issue with trust and letting someone in for fear that they w [...]

  25. spoiler alert I actually really enjoyed this book, for starters The characters were great Cassie was easy to like and i fell in love with Jake Carter from moment one He reminded me a lot of Jude Ryder from CRASH by Nicole Williams, who i totally and completely love Jake is the school s biggest player, and no girl can resist him Except for Cassie I loved reading how he got her to finally date him and how sweet they were together view spoiler but the fact that he cheated on Cassie made me sick I d [...]

  26. No leer el segundo libro en la vida.Jam s.En la primera mitad del libro, estaba fascinada con la relaci n de stos dos.Y entonces, el imb cil hizo lo que hizo y bueno, empez la parte del libro en que cada vez que pasaba una hoja, abr a cada vez m s los ojos al leer tanta estupidez junta.Jack, eres el idiota m s grande que he le do view spoiler No fue tanto el hecho de que le pusieras los cuernos a tu novia, y sab as lo que iba a suceder, amigo, no enga as a nadie , sino el hecho de que ni siquier [...]

  27. Cover title 3 out of 5Favorite line My heart belongs to you And I m not asking for it back, even if you don t want it any I m just asking for a chance to have yours again I promise I ll be careful with it this time I almost cannot believe i am saying this but girlies, this book did not rock my world I was seriously angry throughout a lot of this book, i found this at times really trying I do not know if i just was not in the right mind set for an mature YA or if maybe i just did not enjoy the b [...]

  28. I love this book HARD The author is an awesome person, and she s written an AWESOME story College, sports, drama, angstis one has it all Plus, my favorite, an epilogue Yay Can t recommend this one enough

  29. There may be some minor spoilers but not many I really try to stay away from spoilers Oh boy Where do I start with this book I had a pretty good idea what happens in this book before I started it What I didn t realize, however, is how emotionally involved I would get Ms Sterling made me fall in love with this couple, then ripped my heart out, and then put it back together What an exhausting, crazy, emotional rollercoaster ride this story turned out to be You re both so screwed up alone that toge [...]

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