Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal

Struck By Lightning The Carson Phillips Journal Struck By Lightning The Carson Phillips Journal follows the story of outcast high school senior Carson Phillips who blackmails the most popular students in his school into contributing to his literar

Struck By Lightning The Carson Phillips Journal follows the story of outcast high school senior Carson Phillips, who blackmails the most popular students in his school into contributing to his literary journal to bolster his college application his goal in life is to get into Northwestern and eventually become the editor of The New Yorker At once laugh out loud funny, dStruck By Lightning The Carson Phillips Journal follows the story of outcast high school senior Carson Phillips, who blackmails the most popular students in his school into contributing to his literary journal to bolster his college application his goal in life is to get into Northwestern and eventually become the editor of The New Yorker At once laugh out loud funny, deliciously dark, and remarkably smart, Struck By Lightning unearths the dirt that lies just below the surface of high school At a time when bullying torments so many young people today, this unique and important novel sheds light with humor and wit on an issue that deeply resonates with countless teens and readers.

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Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal

  1. Chris Colfer is an Emmy nominated and Golden Globe winning actor best known for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel on the FOX television series Glee He is also a New York Times bestselling author whose books include the first three novels in the Land of Stories series The Wishing Spell , The Enchantress Returns and A Grimm Warning as well as Struck By Lightning The Carson Philips Journal which is a novelization based on the script he wrote for the film Struck By Lighting Colfer also co produced and starred in that movie.

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  1. Youth is not an excuse for insanity As usual, when I don t expect much from a book, it s when it surprises me in the most pleasant ways Struck by Lightning was originally a screenplay and was thankfully developed into a novel written by Chris Colfer, the popular Glee actor The book is written in a journal format by Carson Phillips, an extremely smart and ambitious senior student who has only one aim to get into Northwestern and leave his sad hometown through all means possible, even if it means [...]

  2. Okay, I ll openly admit it, I was very wary of reading this book, simply because it was written by someone from Glee and I really don t like Glee However, I wanted a quick read so I picked this one up and gave it a go I ll be honest and say that I m glad I gave this book a chance though it was pretty much what I expected, I wasn t disappointed.Struck By Lightning is the journal of Carson Phillips, a high school senior who is determined to get into Northwestern and become a top editor Carson is a [...]

  3. This is a short book,written in a journal style for an easy,quick read perhaps of a very young talented author and an actor Chris Colfer It is a story of an ambitious young man,who is desperately in need to get out of his small town,and wanted to go to Northwestern University to become the editor of The New Yorker.Carson Phillips,the MC who is not really a likeable character because of his bitter attitude,would do any thing even blackmailing the most popular students in his school into contribut [...]

  4. I will be honest, I m a huge fan of Chris Colfer, but I read this book trying to remain very unbiased.For SBL the book which by the way, the movie seems a lot better than the book and I m extremely extremely excited for it This book is too obvious It spells out exactly what the character is feeling and thinking, which makes sense for a journal entry novel but Carson, the main narrator also has such a remarkable clarity of how he s transformed that it s entirely too unrealistic It rings false For [...]

  5. When I found out that Chris Colfer wrote a book When I read said book That was not what I was expecting at allBut that s not saying I didn t like the book on the contrary, I found myself really enjoying Colfer s book.What I found surprising was the main character, Carson s overall douchiness for lack of better words He was well, most definitely not Kurt Hummel He was conceited and so arragont and simply negative.I loved him.He was so genuine and I could visualize Carson roaming the halls of my h [...]

  6. Original read April 2013Re read via audiobook August 2015Meet Carson Phillips He doesn t hesitate to tell people what he thinks, is hardworking and very smart goal oriented He can be a douche but there s something about him as well Maybe not quite lovable or relatable but it s there His inner monologues had me laughing quite a bit and rolling my eyes.Sometimes it can be a bit harsh and if he were my friend in real life he probably would have gotten a smack from time to time I love that Chris nar [...]

  7. I ve been in a state of perpetual grief since Glee ended in March 2015, reading this book was supposed to help mend my broken heart and while it didn t exactly heal me I did enjoy the reading experience I love Chris Colfer with all my heart so maybe I m biased but I thought this book was great It s an entertaining, fast read that has a good balance of humour and depth The main character, Carson Phillips, isn t exactly a good person, but he s relatable and brutally honest in a way that makes him [...]

  8. Struck By Lightning The Carson Phillips Journal by Chris Colfer details Carson Phillips struggle to gain admission to the school of his dreams Northwestern University He absolutely abhors everyone in his small, narrow minded town everyone aside from his ailing grandmother and depressed mom When he realizes that he needs to create a literary journal to bolster his chances of acceptance, he blackmails various people from myriad social groups to write for him.I empathized with Carson Trust me, I di [...]

  9. I really enjoyed reading this book It was really funny and a little inappropriate, but it was still a good book

  10. I m sorry for all spelling mistakes as well as the grammar mistakes I ll correct them later Also SPOILER WARNINGSo I got my copy of Struck by lightning The Carson Philips journal by Chris Colfer today and after aprox 3 4 hours I finished it.I love and adore Chris but like in my last comment I want to keep him out of the actual story, so I can judge it without problems This was a little bit harder this time, since I knew that Carson is played by him So all the time when I imagined Carson I saw Ch [...]

  11. 3.5 I really enjoyed this book, but everything in it was way too rushed, Carson was way too cynical, and WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ENDING LIKE WHAT, DUDE I just finished watching the movie, and I d HIGHLY recommend just watching it and not reading this book, since the book is basically a written replica of the movie, and while reading the book I got that feeling, that it was basically just the movie written down The movie was great, and it worked a lot better on screen than it did in book form.

  12. So, I should say something clever here.It was very good Not only the story, but the writing as well, and it s such a pleasure, because that s what you see less often when it comes to good books.If you think you can read it in two days, think again It s not easy to stomach the venom it contains A venom, that s lethal than acid, wasabi and the strongest chili pepper mixed together It s not an exaggeration.A lot of readers find it hard to love Carson Well, do you really think he should be loved I [...]

  13. Colfer s premise was almost interesting but the characters were too cliche and his plan fell together too quickly and easily There didn t seem to be much development This book was very obviously an adaptation of the screen play rather than the other way around The dialogue was dramatic his quirky jokes and pop references were cringe worthy and the scenes were sparse and shallow Spoiler alert killing your protagonist off in a ridiculous, comical way IN THE EPILOGUE is weird and did not make me sa [...]

  14. I LOVED this book However, I will say that my soul was crushed My entire being was destroyed by a metaphorical wrecking ball made from the deepest, darkest evil and negativity imaginable But to avoid spoiling it for anybody who hasn t yet read it, I won t explain why However, despite the existential crisis I suffered, it was an AMAZING book and I would read it many, many times.

  15. Reread 8 15 16I got the audiobook on sale at BAM and it was so worth it This book was even better having the author, Chris Colfer, read it to you because it made the emotional impact of the character s actions and it just improved it greatly overall.I really love this book The part right before the ending, the pre ending of you will, is truly amazing as Carson comes to terms with his life and how s it s playing out The actual ending still hurts and makes you want to throw things.Still love it ev [...]

  16. El final fue bastante, eh Es un libro muy sarc stico, muy c nico, detr s de la INMENSA dosis de esas dos cosas present bastante resentimiento, pero me gust , distinto e inesperado.Carson me result un poco odioso si he de ser franca, no me extra a que todo el mundo lo odiara, pobre , pero me gust mucho su evoluci n.Y definitivamente Chris va mejorando como escritor Adem s, para m sus libros tienen un plus mi mente los lee con su voz jajaRese a completa en LEEE AELA D

  17. Let me just preface this by saying that it didn t take me almost two months to finish this book Quite the contrary once I started it I finished it in about two days or so It s just that in my inheritantly lazy state of being, I haven t bothered to write a review about it until now But hey, at least I have a New Year s Resolution for 2016 The best way I can describe this book is what might have happened if Charlie Brown went to high school But instead of calling himself Charlie Brown, he has now [...]

  18. I really like Chris Colfer, and think he is immensely talented, but there is just as much to criticise and analyse with this book as there is to praise There is some wickedly dark humour in here which I love, especially pertaining to high school, but in the end the story seems to have no purpose I am left baffled by what Colfer was trying to achieve.The lead character of Carson Phillips is unlikeable Yes, I get he was an outcast in his school and that led to him getting a certain enjoyment out o [...]

  19. I ll be honest, I am biased towards this book simply because it s written by Chris Colfer, and in my opinion, anything to do with Chris Colfer is going to be incredible This book does not disappoint It s quick and easy to read it s not claiming to be anything else either which is fantastic The plot is so clever and original It makes me really excited to see the film, so it definitely crosses off one of it s main functions The writing is incredible Chris Colfer does not shy away from his literary [...]

  20. Le doy un 3,5, porque no es el gran qu , pero me ha resultado muy entretenido y sb todo divertido Me ha arrancado unas cuantas carcajadas y pese a ser el t pico libro de ni o marginal de instituto americano, tiene algo, creo q es el sarcasmo, que lo hace diferente y genial

  21. the first 10% of the book, i keep chuckle i love sarcastic humor but then 20% into the book, i am like mhew not in a good way the rest of the book flat boring as boring as the character with colver.

  22. I have been an adult Gleek for many years, particularly because my daughter had always been involved in the theatre programs in and out of school I enjoyed watching Chris Colfer s portrayal of Kurt Hummel develop over the years, and I respect him as an actor and a role model for children everywhere Knowing that he struggled with his identity as a gay teenager, and used his struggles to effectively relate to his peers both on screen and off made me admire him even My cousin s son, about the same [...]

  23. This easily jumped up to take the spot of my favorite book It s cynical, sarcastic, and brutally honest It puts high school into perspective and, in doing so, makes some profound statements about the education system elementary school, aka the first place they try to brainwash you in a small town 6 Can I please just say that it has been scientifically proven that teenagers learn and test better when they go to school later in the day Which I suppose would be taken into consideration if school wa [...]

  24. Well shit, that ending sucked for everyone.Introducing Chris Colfer s first book after the wreckage Glee had become starting Season 4 and until it s cancellation You will read a lot of reviews about this book being biased or unbiased because it s CHRIS COLFER Of course, I loved his character Kurt Hummel on Glee, but this book is and isn t him at the same time I would say I fall into the unbiased category because I am not a huge fan that sacrifices a novel for him to win the Emmy or Golden Globe [...]

  25. Originally posted at longandshortreviews boMy high school was never this interesting.I ve never watched Glee and I didn t know anything about Chris Colfer before I read this book Maybe I ve lived under a rock, but that s okay When I passed this book at the store, I stopped to check it out The title grabbed me right away Struck by Lightning Okay, I ll give it a try I m glad I did.Carson Phillips is the standard outcast kid with huge dreams He s not had the best start in life and will find out jus [...]

  26. Being a huge fan of Chris Colfer, when I heard that he was writing books I decided to check them out I have The Land of Stories which regretfully I have yet to read it s not catching my interest enough yet but I just finished reading his newest book Struck By Lightning The Carson Phillips Journal based of the screenplay that he wrote I fully expected to go into the book and be amused by it but still feeling that it was juvenile considering what it is about, but I was pleasantly surprised While n [...]

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