The Two Week Wait

The Two Week Wait A memorable and moving page turner about two very different women each yearning to create a family of her ownWhat if the thing you most longed for was resting on a two week wait From the author of th

A memorable and moving page turner about two very different women, each yearning to create a family of her ownWhat if the thing you most longed for was resting on a two week wait From the author of the international bestselling One Moment, One Morning, comes a moving portrait about what it truly means to be a family After a health scare, Brighton based Lou is forced to cA memorable and moving page turner about two very different women, each yearning to create a family of her ownWhat if the thing you most longed for was resting on a two week wait From the author of the international bestselling One Moment, One Morning, comes a moving portrait about what it truly means to be a family After a health scare, Brighton based Lou is forced to confront the fact that her time to have a baby is running out She can t imagine a future without children, but her partner doesn t seem to feel the same way, and she s not sure whether she could go it alone Meanwhile, in Yorkshire, Cath is longing to start a family with her husband, Rich No one would be happier to have children than Rich, but Cath is infertile Could these strangers help one another With her deft exploration of raw emotions and her celebration of the joy and resilience of friendship, The Two Week Wait is Sarah Rayner at her best.

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The Two Week Wait

  1. Sarah Rayner sarah rayner is the author of the international bestseller, One Moment, One Morning 2010 Her two latest novels, The Two Week Wait 2012 and Another Night, Another Day 2014 , are also set in Brighton, England, and feature some of the same characters.As a novelist, Sarah is known for tackling difficult subjects such as bereavement, infertility and mental illness with empathy and insight, but her latest books are non fiction Making Friends with Anxiety is a little self help book which Sarah hopes will enable people who panic and worry a lot to regain confidence and control, and is often enjoyed with Making Friends with Anxiety A calming colouring book which is illustrated by Jules Miller Making Friends with the Menopause is a guide she s co written with Doctor Patrick Fitzgerald to support women through their body changes.Sarah has also written two light hearted novels The Other Half and Getting Even Originally published in the early noughties, these have been fully revised and updated by the author and are now available on.You can find Sarah s website at sarah rayner and it always makes her day to hear from from her readers.

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  1. I really didn t find this to be as strong a book as one moment one morning, which was a shame The subject is a moving one although I did find it a little hard to connect with Lou s near instant decision to have a child, especially when compared to the considered desire of Cath Considering the speed with which Lou seems to come to this decision it did seem somewhat cruel to the characters and the readers that the author decided to only grant success to one woman in this story There seemed to be [...]

  2. Heartbreaking and life affirming Two words I used to describe Rayner s first book about the Brighton based women Lou, Karen and Anna One Moment, One Morning and they could easily be used again for the review of The Two Week Wait Sarah Rayner once reminds us that ordinary lives are filled with extraordinary events and once we are able to connect the dots an amazing story is unfolding right before us I love her no fuss way of telling a story Written in present tense the events of the books seems [...]

  3. I ve read two of this lady s previous novels and loved them both This is a kind of sequel to the excellent One Moment, One Morning, though previous knowledge is not required to reap the full benefit of this moving and pacey tale Her research on the subject of IVF is meticulous though worn lightly, and it s guaranteed to strike a chord with anyone who s been through a similar experience After One and Two, you do wonder if a Third novel is in the offing there s plenty of mileage left in Sarah Rayn [...]

  4. This is a story about two women who never meet but are bonded for life Lou makes a visit to the doctor after finding a lump in her tummy The doctors treat her fibroids and suggest that if she ever wants kids, to do so a.s.achokengtitik

    titikchokeng Lou s partner, Sofia, is not ready to take on that responsibility and they end their relationship on friendly but painful terms Lou is not a wealthy woman and the treatments are pretty expensive She is approved for a program in which she is able to [...]

  5. Won Through a Giveaway At times I find my self wanting to binge on women s fiction and this novel in particular fit that bill The story centers around two women who have found that their biological clocks are ticking or have already run out of time After surviving a health scare, Lou s doctors tell her that if she wants to have children, the time is now Cath, having dealt with cancer, was unable to have children of her own These women don t know each other except through anonymity They both deci [...]

  6. The first book I read by Sarah Rayner, One Moment One Morning, was very good It was sad but it had a certain type of story that people can identify with The ending was good and provided a kinda happily ever after ending When I was last in the UK I looked for books by Sarah Rayner, only to find that she had written a second book, kinda like a sequel, to the first one The second book was called The Two Weeks Wait and of course I grabbed it and it made the top of my books to read list, which is ge [...]

  7. A good solid follow up to One Moment One Morning, though you could read it without having read the first one This follows the lives of four women and their children and the struggle some have with fertility issues It follows two of them through the highs, lows and heartbreak of IVF I liked the way the author used a forum the women use to educate the reader on the facts of IVF without feeling you were reading a medical paper The story kept me engaged and I learnt at lot about a subject I thought [...]

  8. Reviewed on Alexa Loves Books.Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be a mother and raise a family I thought the process was straightforward enough, but as I got older, I realized it was possible for many complications to get in the way infertility, a lack of a partner, medical conditions just being some of the few I can name The Two Week Wait is a beautifully written tale Sarah Rayner takes us through the twists and turns with remarkable skill and just the right touch of emo [...]

  9. I loved One Moment One Morning and Sarah Rayner s new novel does not disappoint The Two Week Wait is about the fertility struggles some women face in this story, a gay woman who wants a child and a straight couple who are unable to conceive naturally Bizarrely, despite how common fertility problems are today, it doesn t seem to be a topic covered in novels, at least I haven t come across another, and reading the lives of Rayner s characters does feel like a realistic and close up insight into wh [...]

  10. I had absolutely loved One Moment, One Morning , so was very much looking forward to Sarah Rayner s new book And then, as I began to read, I was delighted to find that the characters I had most cared about in that first book especially Lou my favourite from OMOM were featuring in this new story.There is a tenderness in Sarah Rayner s writing which I really love her characters are real, believable, engaging This second story revolves around IVF not something about which I knew very much at all wh [...]

  11. I think I found a new author I enjoyed the story and the characters Now I need to go back and read her first book and see which characters carried forward

  12. SPOILER ALERT spoiler alert This is the most god awful, depressing, dry story I ve ever read I was literally forcing myself to read it just to get it over with I m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that I m American and therefore didn t understand a lot of the Proper English At one point I felt as though I d be better off keeping a thesaurus on hand to translate Word choices aside, I understand this is meant to be a touching story, but there s no need for it to be so damn depressing I onl [...]

  13. This is a really well written book It may be about a sensitive subject, but it is explored in way that really teaches you something as well as being a really good novel It is a proper page turner and the way the story twists and turns really leave you hanging onto every word I really enjoyed this book, and it taught me a thing or two along the way.

  14. It s an interesting topic that is core of Sarah Rayner s book egg sharing The story of two women that don t know each other, still are connected Lou, a lesbian woman, hears after an operation that she shouldn t wait too long if she s thinking about getting children Her partner Sofia is not ready for children or will probably never be ready , so they split up The other woman is Cath Cath is cancer survivor and will not be able to get children in a natural way Unless she gets the eggs from another [...]

  15. The story of two women trying for last chance pregnancies through egg sharing, and the impact it has on them and those around them.I really enjoyed Sarah Rayner s first novel, One Moment, One Morning, so was greatly looking forward to reading The Two Week Wait However, having now read it I can t say I really enjoyed it or thought it a worthy successor to her first book.This is almost entirely down to the subject matter and my complete lack of interest in pregnancy, IVF and motherhood as this is [...]

  16. From the author of One Moment, One Morning, and featuring the same characters of Lou, Karen and Anna, but this takes their lives in a wholly different direction In this book, Lou steps into the forefront, deciding to have a child following a health scare If you read the first book and you really don t need to this one will stand alone you ll remember that Lou is gay, so there begins the search for a father, followed by IVF treatment which means she produces eggs than she needs I ve never fully [...]

  17. Set in England, THE TWO WEEK WAIT follows Cath in Yorkshire and Lou in Brighton on their separate yet connected journey toward motherhood Lou has recently dealt with having had a fibroid tumor removed and was told that if she wanted children she should do so sooner than later Cath has survived cancer and with the help of an egg donor is told that she can carry a child These women have never met yet their lives become intertwined Telling the story in the present tense, the author makes the reader [...]

  18. Sarah Rayner is a good writer, I have read the book before this one moment one morning and think that it should be read after the two week wait as it fits perfectly This book was a great joy for me despite the subject the writing was powerful and kept you gripped It made me sad as well as things happened that left a lump in my throat My favorite character was Anna, as she s the friend everyone wants to have She is thoughtful and kind in both books The reason it s only four stars is because Sukey [...]

  19. The Two Week Wait is a touching, heartfelt and uplifting story The story follows two strangers, Lou and Cath, as they each struggle to form a family of their own The characters feel like real people and I could instantly relate to everything they were going through, even though I ve never been in a similar situation.This isn t the type of book I usually pick up I tend to go for love stories or action packed books instead of those that deal with deep subjects like IVF and struggling to have child [...]

  20. I got this book from GiveawayIt has been a long time since a book made me cry, and it took me by surprise I finished the last page, closed the book and tears just poured down my face Very touching story.I really appreciate how the writer focused only on the feelings of the two women and not weather it was right or wrong, and not getting into the politics of this topic The story hit close to home for me because my oldest daughter was born with no ovaries, she is 20 now, and I know eventually this [...]

  21. I really enjoyed this book I love the way the author just got right inside people s thinking It is about two women s journey through infertility and the challenges and decisions they make in response to it It s very much about their emotional journey which I find fascinating, but then as a former social worker I love hearing about people s emotional lives whether it s something I m familiar with or not I do think society as a whole is learning to understand and appreciate our inner lives and tha [...]

  22. While this was not my favorite book I did find aspects of it interesting I found the whole process of egg sharing and IVF fascinating The author did a great job of giving you enough information so you understood the process but not so much as to get too clinical and boring My heart went out to poor Cath and Rich and their circumstances I truly felt for them and their desperate desire to have children The reactions of the different people in each of their lives and Lou s life to the process was e [...]

  23. Brilliant.I wanted to both cry and be happy for the characters I was with them every step of the way.I suppose because I have been there in a baby situ 8 miscarriages a still birth then two children I was fingers crossed and holding my breath throughout the book whilst watching their lives played out like a game of russian roulette.It helped that I had read her previous book and knew some of the characters but it does stand as a read on it s own without having read her first book The story isn t [...]

  24. I received this book through First Reads Thank You This was a very moving and emotional book for me I felt a connection to both women, Cath and Lou even though I have never gone through what either of them had to This book made me think about how lucky I am in my life and what strength and courage many families have to go through this process This is the first book I have read by this author and I will read

  25. This book was excellent reading, it had me hooked from page 1 Two women, both of whom have fertility problems, will never meet but help each other and are linked together forever All the characters in this book were believable and likeable people and I felt their pain and happiness as I was reading.By the final page I was in tears, and never before have I cried at a book.Would highly recommend

  26. Nice book and good insight into IVF but I would have liked detail, it seemed to miss huge chunks out and speed through important parts like the two week wait the writer failed to capture just how stressful a two week wait is A nice read and fairly heartwarming but I d have like to see the subject of infertility studied with a bit depth and not just a rush through.

  27. This book tells the story of Cath and Lou two woman that want to have a baby and for different reasons they can t Their life is connected since the day that they decide to fight for it You can live their problems, their emotions and you can feel the value of a friendship relation I want to tell you .Just take a deep breath and begin to read

  28. I received The Two Week Wait as a first reads winner This is the first book I have some what read by Sarah Raynar It s also the first time I haven t been able to finish a book I enjoyed the characters and the subject is a touching one However, I just had a hard time getting into the whole IVF and egg sharing idea.

  29. Great book about two women in parallel stories that are facing struggles in starting families The struggles are different for each woman but you feel for both the characters as they struggle to make decisions about their future A great read

  30. A different storyline following two people whose lives are intertwined although they will never know or meet each other Each person changes the life of the other The outcome is not quite the happily ever after but was clever I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.

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