Enon A stunning mosaic of human experience Enon affirms Paul Harding as one of the most gifted and profound writers of his generation Hailed as a masterpiece NPR Tinkers Paul Harding s Pulitzer Prize w

A stunning mosaic of human experience, Enon affirms Paul Harding as one of the most gifted and profound writers of his generation.Hailed as a masterpiece NPR , Tinkers, Paul Harding s Pulitzer Prize winning debut, is a modern classic The Dallas Morning News observed that like Faulkner, Harding never shies away from describing what seems impossible to put into words A stunning mosaic of human experience, Enon affirms Paul Harding as one of the most gifted and profound writers of his generation.Hailed as a masterpiece NPR , Tinkers, Paul Harding s Pulitzer Prize winning debut, is a modern classic The Dallas Morning News observed that like Faulkner, Harding never shies away from describing what seems impossible to put into words Here, in Enon, Harding follows a year in the life of Charlie Crosby as he tries to come to terms with a shattering personal tragedy Grandson of George Crosby the protagonist of Tinkers , Charlie inhabits the same dynamic landscape of New England, its seasons mirroring his turbulent emotional odyssey Along the way, Charlie s encounters are brought to life by his wit, his insights into history, and his yearning to understand the big questions A stunning mosaic of human experience, Enon affirms Paul Harding as one of the most gifted and profound writers of his generation.

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  1. Paul Harding has an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers Workshop 2000 and was a 2000 2001 Fiction Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center, in Provincetown, MA He has published short stories in Shakepainter and The Harvard Review Paul currently teaches creative writing at Harvard His first novel, Tinkers, won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

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  1. Onvan Enon Nevisande Paul Harding ISBN 1400069432 ISBN13 9781400069439 Dar 238 Safhe Saal e Chap 2012

  2. It is an ominous sign when your trusted, steady flow of empathy tapers off into a reluctant drip while you were making your way around the misfortunes encountered by a fictional parent rendered newly childless Are you being too coldly practical, perhaps, mentally asking this grief addled father to pick up the pieces of his heart and kickstart his life like a pre programmed cyborg Is your work tired brain refusing to let you feel an intense pity for this man who resorts to tripping himself up on [...]

  3. I was blown away by this masterful plumbing of the purgatory of despair A housepainter in a rural town in Massachusetts loses his 13 year old daughter Kate to a car accident while she was biking His wife leaves to visit her family and never comes back Charlie Crosby slowly works his way through his own version of the stages of grief, which felt to me like a timeless heroic quest to solve the riddle of life.Why would anyone want to accompany this man in this painful journey I would have to answer [...]

  4. I made an enormous tactical error in reading reviews by other people on this site prior to writing this one, because I am confronted here by people who didn t like this book because they wanted something to happen, because it s too inward looking, because it s very confusing Well if you are looking for a short novel in which things happen, in which the central character isn t too inward looking, and which isn t confusing, then you should pass this book by and continue your search elsewhere There [...]

  5. I didn t do it on purpose but having read Julian Barnes Levels of Life right before this, it was as if I had a primer on grief as background for this novel Enon also reinforced the idea I had from the Julian Barnes book about the use of metaphors as perhaps the only way to describe feelings and emotions.Harding s descriptions of what his first person narrator sees go beyond the norm His character sees into the very core of things, and there are quite a few objects that are symbolic of this When [...]

  6. Charlie Crosby was walking in the woods when his adored daughter Kate was hit by a car and killed while bicycling home from the beach In short order, he suffers an additional loss and Charlie descends into a year long alcohol and drug fueled stupor of grief and anguish I was always restless and ill at ease, running too hot But Kate gave my life joy I loved her totally and while I loved her, the world was love Once she was gone, the world seemed to prove nothing than ruins and the smoldering dre [...]

  7. What does a man do when the sun goes out of his life, when personal loss undoes his world and his self He is literally thrown out of his normal existence by grief, living in a demi monde of past and present, history and pre history, fact and fairy tale, wishes and lies Charlie Crosby lives that horror in the pages of Enon and Enon is the New England village where Crosbys have lived for two centuries while the area itself has a four hundred year history of settlement And Charlie ruminates on so m [...]

  8. This novel,Enon written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Paul Harding, is tragic in the purest sense of the word but out of tragedy often comes redemption and that is truly the case with this story Charlie Crosby is a man who seems to try hard in life but never seems to really get anywhere After dropping out of college, Charlie returned to his hometown of Enon a small New England town Charlie marries Susan, a girl from Minnesota whom he met while attending college and they have a daughter named [...]

  9. This is a tough book to recommend, though it could very well be the best book of the year I think this is a better book than Tinkers, and that Paul Harding deserves to win the Pulitzer Prize again for Enon.This book will gut you, take you into some very dark and terrifying places At its core, this it a book about grief unraveling a man to the point of near madness At the same time, this book will dazzle you with exquisite, pure imagery and language, and it will crack open your heart to acknowled [...]

  10. Holy run on sentences, Batman This book was not for me I found it boring and long winded I got really tired of hearing about all the false worlds Charlie built up in his head after his daughter s death I couldn t even read the book after awhile I skimmed through huge sections whenever he started rambling about Kate, which is all he ever did I was looking for something to happen I m not joking about the run on sentences, either Reading the Kindle version, a single sentence could span multiple pag [...]

  11. Elegant DevastationMost men in my family make widows of their wives and orphans of their children I am the exception My only child, Kate, was struck and killed by a car while riding her bicycle home from the beach one afternoon in September, a year ago She was thirteen My wife, Susan, and I separated soon afterward.An elegant and devastating opening As prelude to the account of a man almost throwing away his life out of grief for his dead daughter, it is magnificent But I have two problems with [...]

  12. Enon is a painfully beautiful novel about the depth of a father s love and grief over the loss of his daughter It is the second novel by Paul Harding whose debut novel, Tinkers, clinched the Putlizer Prize for Fiction in 2010 Charlie Crosby s 13 year old daughter, Kate, was killed by a car while riding her bike to the beach Her sudden death shattered Charlie s world, ended his marriage, and plunged him into a miry bog of despair and self abandonment Charlie and his wife had a decent marriage, bu [...]

  13. DNF.I tried Really, I did I thought it might be interesting to watch this tragedy unfold However, this got way out of hand I m fine with hallucinations being a nerd about psychedelic science , but the hallucinations in this book took up way too much of the time, and Charlie wasn t growing at all in between The writing was beautiful in places, but much too flowery in others Scale it back, Paul Harding, scale it back.

  14. I should preface this review by saying that I have not read Paul Harding s novel Tinkers, a novel that was much praised and even earned him the Pulitzer Prize Having read Harding s work back to front, then, as it were, I can only offer an opinion on Enon while others below have situated the new novel in terms of his prior work and most virtually unanimous in stating the follow up is far inferior to his previous novel I can only speak of Enon, and so of Enon I shall speak.I am led to believe that [...]

  15. Paul Harding won the Pulitzer Prize for his 2009 debut novel, Tinkers In Enon, Harding keeps his focus on the Crosby family that was the subject of Tinkers, but shifts attention down to George Crosby s grandson and great granddaughter While the central character in Tinkers spends the majority of the novel on his deathbed reminiscing about the past, that still managed to come across as a positive, life affirming book Harding is exploring much darker terrain here It s no spoiler to say that this i [...]

  16. Enon An abbreviation of a Latin word A biblical name Here it is the name of a small town in New England, home of Charlie Crosby I have not read Tinkers, Paul Harding s Pulitzer Prize winning first novel, but Charlie is the grandson of the man who is dying in Tinkers.The writing is exquisite It moves along at the pace of a stroll down a country lane, always imbued with a sense of the history layered in the surroundings.First paragraph Most men in my family make widows of their wives and orphans o [...]

  17. Quasi tutti gli uomini della mia famiglia lasciano vedove le mogli e orfani i figli Io sono l eccezione La mia unica figlia, Kate, stata investita e uccisa da un auto mentre tornava a casa in bici dalla spiaggia, un pomeriggio di settembre di un anno fa Aveva tredici anni Mia moglie Susan e io ci siamo separati subito dopo Questo l incipit.Chi racconta Charlie Crosby che poi il nipote di George Washington Crosby, il protagonista del primo romanzo di Harding, L ultimo inverno Racconta, Charlie, i [...]

  18. Nothing ever causes me such consternation as the reluctant three star rating I sometimes worry that I give too many but to be fair, three stars is average and by very definition most books are going to be average But there are some books out there that I suspect I would enjoy if I read them in a different time and place, if I were a member of different demographic, if I had different life experiences In my former life as a bookseller, I tried very hard to remember that customers wouldn t always [...]

  19. And the award for Most Gut Wrenchingly, Heart Breakingly Depressing Novel of the year goes to Paul Harding s novel Enon.Less a novel and of a character study in grief and utter despair, Enon is about a man named Charlie Crosby, whose 13 year old daughter is killed in a car accident, and he and his wife split up soon afterwards For the remainder of the novel, we are witness to his painful spiral into a rock bottom suicidal melancholia, as the days tick by into weeks and months and everything los [...]

  20. Just because he won a Pulitzer Prize for his first book Tinkers, I guess Paul Harding s editors couldn t bear to tell him his second novel didn t work The story is about a guy named Charlie Crosby, grandson of the narrator in Tinkers whose 13 year old daughter is killed on her bicycle and his wife leaves him That s about all the plot there is The rest of the book is Charlie wandering around, having fantasies about his daughter, slowly falling into a pit of self abuse drugs and self pity Yuck Rea [...]

  21. Harding has an amazingly broad talent for details One can easily observe the scenes which surround his characters, whether they are of interior design or of nature s environs.Enonis the incredibly sad tale of a father s love and loss This man s descent into hopeless grief and his subsequent deterioration are painfully spelled out in these pages Of interest is the title of this, which of course spells None backwards interesting metaphor.I find a need to compare Harding s book,Tinkershere His eleg [...]

  22. I had to argue with myself, well who better to argue with, on how to rate this book A part of me, the part that loves beautiful prose and intense emotion wanted to give this a four, but the part that thought he wandered a little to far afield for my liking, with the main part of the story wanted to give it a three Well, surprise, surprise I won But now everyone knows the reason for the three stars At the beginning of this book, Charlie s daughter Kate is killed by a car, while crossing the stree [...]

  23. Disclaimer Just because I 5 star this book doesn t mean you will thank me for the recommendation and find as much to love as I did It just seemed to speak to my personal reading preferences, so see if you have any matches before you rush out and buy the book.First, on page one, sentence three, you learn that the protagonist, Charlie Crosby, loses his 13 year old daughter Kate in a bike accident Within a few dozen pages, he loses his wife, too, as she flees to her family back in Minnesota the set [...]

  24. Charlie Crosby lives in a ramshackle house in the small New England town of Enon, along with his wife, Susan, and his strong willed 13 year old daughter, Kate, who he respects and adores immensely even though he shares none of her positive traits He dropped out of college soon after Susan became pregnant while they were students, and his meager income as a house painter supplements the money she earns as a teacher His relationship with Kate is far stronger than the one he shares with his wife, w [...]

  25. Paul Harding, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Tinkers has written a new novel titled Enon It hits bookstores in early September, but interested readers can pre order the book now at.While rich in its prose, Enon is one of the most depressing books I ve ever read Our protagonist, Charlie Crosby, looses his daughter in a terrible accident and it causes his entire life to unravel For some there is a voyeuristic pleasure in observing, from a safe distance, the depravity of a lost soul and novel [...]

  26. The language is beautiful, but at times this book is painful to read Watching someone fall apart after the death of their child is difficult, but Mr Harding captured how one feels when they lose a child better than anyone I have read since losing my daughter three years ago.

  27. I loved Tinkers but Enon, the sequel, misses the mark.Enon follows a grieving dad fighting substance addiction after he loses his daughter in a bike accident The book is written in the 1st person and the writing style is not in sync with the devastation of losing a daughter There are few people that Charlie interacts with as time moves on, going than a month without speaking to another person There are no plot twists in this novel, it was just a little too sad and personal for my liking Tinkers [...]

  28. I loved the first 30 pages of this novel, which grippingly and artfully describe a married couple s loss of their teenaged daughter in a car accident For those few pages, the writing was raw, powerful, and full of big events However, circa page 30, the narrator Charlie Crosby, the grandson of the protagonist in Harding s Pulitzer winning Tinkers began a tortured, lengthy po mo analogy about his perspective compared to that of a character in a movie, and how the audience would know things that th [...]

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