Flight to Arras

Flight to Arras A recollection of the shattering days during World War II when though the fall of France was imminent a handful of French pilots continued to fight on against the Germans Translated by Lewis Galanti

A recollection of the shattering days during World War II when, though the fall of France was imminent, a handful of French pilots continued to fight on against the Germans Translated by Lewis Galanti re.

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Flight to Arras

  1. Antoine de Saint Exup ry was born in Lyons on June 29, 1900 He flew for the first time at the age of twelve, at the Amb rieu airfield, and it was then that he became determined to be a pilot He kept that ambition even after moving to a school in Switzerland and while spending summer vacations at the family s ch teau at Saint Maurice de R mens, in eastern France The house at Saint Maurice appears again and again in Saint Exup ry s writing Later, in Paris, he failed the entrance exams for the French naval academy and, instead, enrolled at the prestigious art school l Ecole des Beaux Arts In 1921 Saint Exup ry began serving in the military, and was stationed in Strasbourg There he learned to be a pilot, and his career path was forever settled After leaving the service, in 1923, Saint Exup ry worked in several professions, but in 1926 he went back to flying and signed on as a pilot for A ropostale, a private airline that flew mail from Toulouse, France, to Dakar, Senegal In 1927 Saint Exup ry accepted the position of airfield chief for Cape Juby, in southern Morocco, and began writing his first book, a memoir called Southern Mail, which was published in 1929 He then moved briefly to Buenos Aires to oversee the establishment of an Argentinean mail service when he returned to Paris in 1931, he published Night Flight, which won instant success and the prestigious Prix Femina Always daring, Saint Exup ry tried in 1935 to break the speed record for flying from Paris to Saigon Unfortunately, his plane crashed in the Libyan desert, and he and his copilot had to trudge through the sand for three days to find help In 1938 he was seriously injured in a second plane crash, this time as he tried to fly between New York City and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina The crash resulted in a long convalescence in New York Saint Exup ry s next novel, Wind, Sand and Stars, was published in 1939 A great success, the book won the Acad mie Fran aise s Grand Prix du Roman Grand Prize for Novel Writing and the National Book Award in the United States At the beginning of the Second World War, Saint Exup ry flew reconnaissance missions for France, but he went to New York to ask the United States for help when the Germans occupied his country He drew on his wartime experiences to write Flight to Arras and Letter to a Hostage, both published in 1942 His classic The Little Prince appeared in 1943 Later in 1943 Saint Exup ry rejoined his French air squadron in northern Africa Despite being forbidden to fly he was still suffering physically from his earlier plane crashes , Saint Exup ry insisted on being given a mission On July 31, 1944, he set out from Borgo, Corsica, to overfly occupied France He never returned.

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  1. As a kid growing up in a safe suburb of a safe country at a safe time I really did not think about things all that much.I picked up and read this book because it was about flying and WW11 both topics I was fascinated by.But this book, while I have trouble remembering the specifics, let me know that people have an inner life that is complex and compelling That one can be brave physically and spiritually Saint Exupery is thinking about why the hell he is on a near suicide mission with little prosp [...]

  2. Late in May 1940, Saint Exup ry, then a 40 year old fighter pilot in the decimated French air force, flew a suicide mission in a reconnaissance plane Against all the odds the crew returns in one piece But in the crucible above the northern French city of Arras, something happens Saint Ex returns as a changed man His despondency and scepticism about the war effort had been sublimated into a deep understanding of his position in this conflict The final chapters of the book take the form of a manif [...]

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  6. This is such a great book It is the one I would take with me if I were going off to war or facing certain death Autobiographical, describes 24 hours in the life of Fighter Pilot Antoine de Saint Exup ry in France in 1940 all his thoughts, memories and feelings before, during and after flying a suicide mission.The theme is All for One and One for All and The Brotherhood of Soldiers.Who should read it Fans of The Little Prince and those interested in WWII and Aviation Belongs on a shelf next to Ma [...]

  7. A beautiful work, as always But this felt personal than any of the other Saint Exupery s works I ve read, probably because it was He remembers his experiences while being a pilot in the war hence, the original title Pilote de Guerre , which, I ll admit, I like better than the English version , and the book is filled with his thoughts and ideas, portraying the war and the people in it with perfect eloquence.I have read many books about wars, from many perspectives WWI Latvian, WWI German, WWI In [...]

  8. Ap s devorar Terra dos Homens, segui para Piloto de Guerra, que tamb m um registro autobiogr fico de Saint Exup ry, por m menos fragment rio que aquele primeiro volume.Desta feita, o autor se concentra num nico fato um v o de reconhecimento para descobrir tropas alem s na Fran a para desenvolver suas mem rias, seus pensamentos sobre a guerra.Confesso que gostei mais de Terra dos Homens talvez porque seja um texto mais inocente, mais otimista Por ter um tom de romantismo e aventura Piloto de Guer [...]

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  10. I have to admitt, I couldn t wait to finish reading this book Although the concept of this book is interested, the author and main character lost my interested when he started trailing off.Flight to Arras is about a pilot, Antoine de Saint Exupery, and his crew on a single reconnaissance mission durning WWII He writes about a young soldiers thoughts about receiving a mission from his caption knowing that he and his crew will not survive and accepting this mission knowing his fate Sounds good Ind [...]

  11. intimidating, philosophical and poetic allegories inside a true Exuperian style and truly not a page turner reading this piece is a painful experience, one goes through the most intimate of thoughts, memories and desires which is inconvenient itself, not to mention the context of the story pain is sweeter now you re the pilot, you re meaningless surviror heading nowhere but to the next chapter of of what

  12. Short autobiographical novel by the author of The Little Prince , set during and published only 2 years after his service as a reconnaissance pilot for the French during the 1940 German invasion which service the majority of his fellow flyers did not survive The book s action takes place on a single reconnaissance mission low over the occupied town of Arras to gather intelligence which due to the breakdown of the French infrastructure will and can never be used While flying and even under heavy [...]

  13. Otro libro que leo ambientado en la segunda guerra mundial.En 1940 Alemania invadi a Francia, poniendo fin a la guerra ficticia Pronto se supo que la derrota de Francia era segura Pero mientras tanto los soldados segu an peleando Aqu estaba Saint Exup ry, piloto de reconocimiento de la fuerza a rea francesa Sabiendo que s lo uno de cada tres aviones vuelve de sus misiones, se sube a su avi n para una misi n particularmente dif cil volar a baja altura en territorio enemigo, con el nico consuelo d [...]

  14. En el transcurso de una guerra, un pueblo no significa un nudo de tradiciones En manos del enemigo no es m s que un nido de ratones Todo cambia de sentido No sab a con cu l frase empezar este comentario, pues el libro tiene un mont n de cosas hermosas y memorables Es agradable leer a Saint Exup ry como un escritor total y no solo como el autor de El principito Piloto de guerraes un libro autobiogr fico, casi una novela de no ficci n, en donde se muestran las creencias que ten a el franc s y sus [...]

  15. A French pilot talking about his scouting flight flown while the German s were pouring into his country like a flood The French high command was in disarray and he felt his scouting flight was probably useless and likely to get him killed But he went anyway Along the way on this one flight he talks about philosophy, life, the situation in France, and with the French Air Force A sample There is a cheap literature that speak to us of the need of escape It is true that when we travel we are in sear [...]

  16. A book written in a totally different style compared to the famous Petit Prince I read it in Russian, and I guess there were some parts translated not so well In any case, I liked this novel a lot It is an honest look inside the mind and soul of the author himself, the French society, European society during WWII and the whole humanity To me, it lacks some consistency and depth, but it is so charmingly honest And here is my favourite line from this book When the body sinks into death, the essens [...]

  17. Not real close to what I enjoy in my favorite Saint Exupery writings, but didn t disappoint either While I do enjoy existentialism, here it takes a turn for the vague after a certain point, where a lot of what he says could be applied in many situations, and not exclusively his Having the general context helps a lot, but one could probably gain much insight from this by doing some deeper historical research.

  18. St Ex at his best philosophy of humanity with stories of flying over wartime France and Germany.Many of his most famous quotes come from this one I never should have grown old Pity I was so happy as a child is one great example.A must read corollary to the epic tome, Sand Wind and Stars

  19. Apr s presque 1 mois de lecture je termine enfin Je suis compl tement en amour avec le plume d Antoine de Saint Exup ry.Son style d criture est poignant Son t moignage crue sur ses pens es pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale m a vraiment marqu.

  20. To live is to be slowly born Antoine de Saint Exup ry These words have had an impact on me since I first discovered St Exup s novel years ago while studying French Literature in school What most appealed to me was the psychology of the pilot alone in the sky in times of peace and turbulence and alone in his thoughts The precarious albatross Sure it may be easier to accept the cop out to live is to die but it s so much forgiving and powerful to realize that to live is to be slowly born At any st [...]

  21. Saint Exupery was a poet of the sky In novels like Southern Mail and Night Flight he wrote lyrically about his experiences as a pilot in the early days of aviation when flying was adventurous and extremely dangerous He always exalted, sometimes in ecstatic tones, the spirit of Man He flew the early airmail of the first 40 airmail pilots in the U.S 31 died in crashes in France and North Africa he crashed many times and broke many bones, and it was after going down in the Sahara that he hallucinat [...]

  22. Seemingly doomed to fly reconnaissance flights during the initial french defeat at the opening of world war 2 Saint Exupery chronicles the feeling of the nation at the time How does it feel to be the sacrificial meat that must be offered and why must the game be played France may have been holding up the German war machine long enough for the Allies to get organised but it sacrificed its people, villages, towns but hopefully not its culture This is what Exupery attempts to explain how a nation i [...]

  23. Este libro sin duda muestra los pensamientos de Antoine durante sus funciones como piloto durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial Es interesante porque no es usual encontrar versiones de este periodo de primera mano por parte de militares, funcionarios, m dicos, etc que no sea siempre el recuerdo de la gente dentro de los campos de concentraci n.Este libro muestra sus reflexiones, sus miedos, sus m s internos pensamientos e incluso sus rutinas a reas.No cabe duda que Antoine fue un hombre de mucha ref [...]

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