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Spy Camp School may be out for summer but top secret training continues for aspiring spy Ben Ripley and so does the danger Ben Ripley is a middle schooler whose school is not exactly average he s spent the la

School may be out for summer, but top secret training continues for aspiring spy Ben Ripley and so does the danger.Ben Ripley is a middle schooler whose school is not exactly average he s spent the last year training to be a top level spy and dodging all sorts of associated danger So now that summer s finally here, Ben s ready to have some fun and relax Except that s notSchool may be out for summer, but top secret training continues for aspiring spy Ben Ripley and so does the danger.Ben Ripley is a middle schooler whose school is not exactly average he s spent the last year training to be a top level spy and dodging all sorts of associated danger So now that summer s finally here, Ben s ready to have some fun and relax Except that s not going to happen, because a spy in training s work is never done, and the threats from SPYDER, an enemy spy organization, are as unavoidable as the summer heat Will Ben be able to keep his cover and his cool

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Spy Camp

  1. Stuart Gibbs Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spy Camp book, this is one of the most wanted Stuart Gibbs author readers around the world.

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  1. The Nitty Gritty Ben Smokescreen Ripley has survived his first year at Spy School a super secret facility tasked with educating America s future CIA operatives.Smokescreen has planned a summer to end all summers Basically he just wants to hang out with his best friend, play video games and dream about Erica Hale till his little heart bursts.Too bad SPYDER is still trying to recruit Ben and he has to go to spy camp The thought of spy camp doesn t not bode well for Ben, but he would rather be surr [...]

  2. Looking forward to a summer at home after his event filled year in Spy School, Ben is dismayed to find that he only gets a weekend at home, and must go to a wilderness survival camp for the summer, along with his classmates Also dismaying is a note from SPYDER The group eventually demands that he join them or die, and they send Murray Hill, who is supposed to be incarcerated, to encourage him Ben s a good guy, though, and doesn t even consider it Things quickly go south when he is at camp, but h [...]

  3. This is the second of three books Gibbs has written in his spy series featuring 13 year old Benjamin Ripley It s summer and Ben thought he would be hanging with his family and his best friend Mike, however the spy school and the super covert evil organization, SYPDER, had other plans Ben suddenly finds himself the center of SYPDER s attention and where s a safe place to be when that happens Why spy camp Things quickly go south for Ben and spy student colleagues He, Erica and superspy not Alexand [...]

  4. Another 5 star YA novel from Stuart Gibbs This story is a continuation of Spy School,so you should read that one first If you have YA readers in your house or you are young of heart this series is a MUST READ

  5. LOVED THIS BOOK I can t believe that Joshua Hallal was alive I figured out that Murray was apart of SPYDER before it was reviled in the book, but not in this book It was of a mystery and I really liked that.

  6. This book was way interesting than the previous book called Spy School That s because it was a continuation to it , but this time it s not taking place at a school but at a camp Some readers might say that s not that different because the only thing new is that it s taking place outside of school As you know the last book ended with the main character Ben capturing the mole in spy school, Murray Hill, with the help of his friend classmate Erica and then it ends But, the new story picks up with [...]

  7. This is the second book in the Spy School series by Stuart Gibbs It begins at the end of the school year, as Ben expects to go home and enjoy his summer vacation Of course, nothing ever goes as he expects, and soon Ben is on his way to Happy Trails , a wilderness survival camp otherwise known as the CIA s summer school And he immediately embarks on another adventure with his fellow student Erica Hale, trying to evade and disrupt the plans of the nefarious secret group, SPYDER.With numerous plot [...]

  8. I loved this book very much It has suspense,thrill and an element of surprise With twists and turns around every corner so you better be ready for it After school is out for the spies in training Ben, expecting to see his family and friends back home, gets a rude awakening when he finds out that there is a summer school for spies Meant for outdoor training, Ben must go instead of have the summer he planned But this camp has also something unplanned Starting with a contract from an unknown someon [...]

  9. 12 year old Ben Ripley is spending the summer at Spy Camp, the top secret outdoor education facility of Ben s school Instead of having a spy free vacation with his old friends and family, he has to the Wilderness Education Facility, or the WEF for short Ben thought he was going to have a good time at Spy Camp, but after he got a secret letter from SPYDER, everything will change SPPYDER read to find out offered Ben to lend SPYDER his special skill or be killed The first person he turns to is Eric [...]

  10. I think that there was a clear theme in this book That theme was, never think that you are safe We see countless times as Ben is attacked by SPYDER by surprise We see how they are attacked while they are on a bus You just never know when they won t be attacked.

  11. My name is Ben For some reason, the evil organization called SPYDER wants me They invited me to join them, but they also threatened to kill me if I didn t The CIA tried to sneak me away to a secret location, but the plan just helped SPYDER kidnap my friends Luckily, Erica is protecting me She s the most awesome student spy in school, and she s kind of cute too The CIA has sent her father, their best and most famous agent, to help protect me, but he s actually an incompetent fool The big question [...]

  12. Thirteen year old Ben Ripley AKA Smokescreen is all set to leave spy school for a carefree summer at home Instead, he spends a weekend at home and is sent, along with his classmates, to an intelligence version of summer camp where the would be espionage agents will be trained as survivalists But a death threat from another spy group called SPYDER forces him to scramble for allies while watching his back The book is filled with adventure, smart kids, and family dynamics as Ben learns where fellow [...]

  13. This was a fun followup to the first of this series In this one, Ben finds out that he is not going to spend the summer at home as he had thought but was required to go to Spy Camp Of course, Spyder gets involved and targets Ben In the meantime, the dysfunctional member of the great Hale family is at it again, stealing credit for things he did not do However, Ben shows himself perhaps humane than Erica in this case Read this for a fun quick read involving smart kids who have learned their spyin [...]

  14. Ben and Erica are the main characters, they must work as a team to defeat SPYDER I didn t love this book because I could tell what would happen This book is full of cheesy jokes and suspense so I recommend it to those kind of people.

  15. Spy camp is about a boy, Ben Ripely, who went to Spy School and than went to to Spy Camp The evil organization, SPYDER, threatens to kill him if he does not join them Ben tries to stop them, rather than join them or run away.

  16. Ben along with all of the kids at spy school have to go to a spy camp Ban A.K.A smokescreen gets attacked by S.P.Y.D.E.R.

  17. Exciting action packed story with a great twist at the end And I totally was wrong about the identity of the villain Kids are going to gobble this one up.

  18. This book was very interesting to me It kept twisting and turning in a direction, it was full of suspense and changes The book is in the view of Ben Ripley, he is a normal kid in a not normal school The setting first starts off at spy school, the school for soon to be spy s, where everyone is packing up for spy camp Ben gets a note from the evil organization SPYDER He and his friend Erica find out why they chose him to give the letter to Next the setting changes to a wilderness in West Virginia [...]

  19. I really think that Spy Camp was a very good choice of a book for me to read I wanted to read this book because my brother inspired me to read the first book of the series last marking period, and I really enjoyed it, so I decided to read the second book I really liked this book because of all the action scenes and all of the fighting that occured Action is one of my favorite genres along with mystery, so this was a very appealing book to me My favorite part of the book was toward the end when B [...]

  20. As Ben s first year at spy school comes to an end, Ben is enrolled in a mandatory spy camp While Ben was planning to spend the summer with his best friend from his old school, Mike Brezinski, his plans change with little explanation While at camp, word spreads that Spyder is coming for Ben As Ben and their camp director Woodchuck figure out a way to avoid Ben getting captured their plans are foiled when Spyder proves once again that they are always one step ahead As Ben and his friends figure ou [...]

  21. This book continues Ben Ripley s adventure at Spy School He has finished his first year of spy school and is ready for summer at home Little does he know that he actually has to go to Spy Camp, a camp for Spy School out in the wilderness Also, SPYDER wants Ben to come join them which Ben knows isn t the right thing but SPYDER won t let it go They threaten him but Ben still won t go with them Murray Hill was supposed to be in jail but Ben, Erica, and Alex are not sure so the set off to find the t [...]

  22. Not as fun as the first one, but similarly well written It ends with a bit of a gory gift which comes off lightly given the overall tone of the book, but I d prefer it didn t include that piece given that the reading level for these is about 4th 6th grade.SPOILER ALERT Their enemy is about the same age as the kids themselves and they end up victorious because their enemy apparently falls to his death Although it s an accident, the kids were willing to make it happen before an explosion beat them [...]

  23. The school year s finally through, and Ben Ripley is ready to escape spy school for the summer and live a normal kid s life The feeling of freedom doesn t last long when Ben learns that he must go to a summer school at a camp buried into the wilderness, where he participates in various survival training activities, and if that wasn t enough, the enemy organization SPYDER is still on Ben s case and their mole has invaded the camp I really enjoyed this book a lot It s humorous, witty and also very [...]

  24. This book was really good I think a tone in the book is tense It is tense because every time you think Ben and his friends figured something out, they would discover SPYDER is always one step ahead of them An example of this is when Ben, Erica, and Alexander go to Apple Valley they think they finally got ahead and discovered something They quickly realize that Murray wanted to lead them there so they could get captured This happens a few times but they keep going I never knew what would happen [...]

  25. It s really simple how this book works Never ending action would be the first term to come to your mind after you finish reading this book You have your usual two sides The good and evil Every ten pages or so, one side will always seem to have an advantage over the other There s no clear winner here It s not like the book has to end out happy Obviously, I m not giving out any spoilers, but this book is a must read for people who love action, quick reads, and books that force them to stick their [...]

  26. This book is about agent to be Benjamin Ripley and his mission to defeat the super secret evil organisation SPYDER in there plot to destroy the world Ben is consulted by SPYDER when he arrives at spy camp and then reports it to the head of camp agent Woodchuck who then thinks it best to go into the forest and survive there for days In the mean time Erica is angry at her dad again and for lying and getting her on the black list.

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