Once Upon the End

Once Upon the End Will there be happily ever after Don t miss the fractured fairy tale conclusion to the action packed and humor filled Half Upon a Time trilogy Jack and May have gone their separate ways and each is n

Will there be happily ever after Don t miss the fractured fairy tale conclusion to the action packed and humor filled Half Upon a Time trilogy Jack and May have gone their separate ways, and each is now set on course to fulfill their destiny or are they Nothing is ever quite as it seems in the world of fairy tales, and the two friends are in for some huge surprises as tWill there be happily ever after Don t miss the fractured fairy tale conclusion to the action packed and humor filled Half Upon a Time trilogy Jack and May have gone their separate ways, and each is now set on course to fulfill their destiny or are they Nothing is ever quite as it seems in the world of fairy tales, and the two friends are in for some huge surprises as they prepare to battle the Wicked Queen once and for all Knights, fairy godmothers, giants, and beanstalks all of these and fill the pages of the thrilling and hilarious conclusion to the Half Upon a Time trilogy

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Once Upon the End

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  1. Okay, the first review I did for this was rushed and did not even begin to say how much I enjoyed this book First off, the plot, it was AmAzInG I had no idea what Jack was planning and when he pulled it off, I was like WHAAAAAAAT BRILLIANT JACK, JUST BRILLIANT Second, I loved Penelope she s so chill and coolheaded, and Philip was just such a classic hero that they work great together Thirdly, May, she s so stubborn and independent that she just makes me laugh all the time, Jack and her are great [...]

  2. Eeeeekk I LOVE JACK Nuff said.Okay, maybe not But this ending to the series was nothing short of perfection No matter what anyone has ever said, Jack truly is the hero of this fantastic story Naturally, there are other heroes May and Philip, at the very least I m trying not to give too much away here But Jack is in control from page one Not even joking In the first chapter, I even wondered if I was reading correctly, he seemed so mature.Plot wise, three months again have passed since Jack left M [...]

  3. Yep, I FINALLY after weeks of my younger siblings begging me to finished this series and gave it the stamp of approval for those afore mentioned younger siblings This series is definitely worth a read, guys The plot is nothing short of genius, the characters are hilarious, and the various plot twists and action will keep even older readers on the edge of their seats Even though the writing style is very relaxed and kid level, these books are intriguing from the beginning and will keep you fully [...]

  4. Wow, that was a great finale I wish that last scene had lasted just a little bit longer though view spoiler because they were finally able to have a conversation with almost getting killed hide spoiler These were so fun to read.


  6. Have you ever had an interesting dream where all the fairy tales you have ever read, like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, got into a giant mess Then this book is just like that dream This book, which is wonderfully written to keep you on edge, is set in both the real and fantasy world Sad and disheartening at times, mounting suspense at others, it is told in third person, though it is displayed through the character s eyes, showing their point of view It begins where you left off in Twice Upon a [...]

  7. Oh, geez What a mess this is going to be How do I put this into words How do you even describe such things How do I express the feels Oh well, I guess I ll do my best.First off The writing, because, you know, as a writer, that s the first thing I m going to comment onR FECT NESS TOTALLY Everything blew my mind And I believe, even if the plot is great, you still need a great writer to convey it properly Congratulations Mr Riley for doing JUST THAT.And now Characters They have developed SO GOOD I [...]

  8. This.Book.WasAZING But, I have to say, I wish James Riley would write I mean, I know that this plot and problem has finally been solved, but I still wish Jack and May could have adventures I loved it all so much SPOILER I also have to admit, that for the first however many chapters or so, I was kinda fed up and annoyed with Jack I wasn t sure if he had a plan, if he really was betraying May, or what Pretty soon though, I realized that he could NEVER EVER betray May I thought that at the end of [...]

  9. Even though I am an avid reader, I usually don t write reviews for books I tend to keep my opinion to myself But every once and a while there comes a time where I MUST express myself And thiswell this is one of those times I absolutely LOVED this book It had so many twists and turns that it had me on the edge seat the entire time I literarily finished this book in one day I really loved Jack in this book He is truly a hero We finally learn about him and his family I actually like May in this b [...]

  10. Ahhhhh Kind of a fan girl moment maybe Not sure, but I love love love how Jack still gets to be with May Yay Love Jack s masterplan though Oh and the Eye who was with Snow White was sooooooo sweet 3 Wish he could have been there with her.

  11. I like all the series of these books If you like books that are of series, I recommend Half Upon a Time series to you

  12. I m so sad and happy at the same time Sad because this amazing trilogy is finished but happy because the end was so GOOOOOOD.What a journey I read the first book back in June and so many things happened in these three books I loved Jack May and Phillip so much that I m sad to leave them May and Jack are so cute and I really wanted the last scene to last longer I think I ll have a very big book hangover I loved these books so much You can t imagine I laughed so much too Jack is HILARIOUS.Oh Gosh, [...]

  13. My baby is three months old and I stayed awake while reading this book That s probably enough of a glowing review to leave here I will add though that I just realized that it is the final book in a trilogy, and aside from feeling like I have committed an egregious book sin by reading the last first, I m happy that I read it and I didn t feel like it needed backstory to stand on its own That being said I m glad that there are to read I enjoyed the characters, humor, and adventure.

  14. Fantastic ending to the trilogy I loved how the characters matured and changed, especially Jack, becoming complex and switching things up I was happy that the sarcasm was taken down a few notches it was pretty over the top in the 2nd book Totally satisfying ending with plenty of twists and turns along the wayI may have read it too fast, in fact Definitely the best book of this series.

  15. I think it was amazing how they put all the characters together and all of them come from a royal family Also, Jake is Prince Charming So sweet

  16. Loved the way James Riley uses a combination fairy tales to bring a updated story to the readers Jack, May, and Phillip are back This time, Jack is training to be an Eye and Phillip and May are trying to get away from the wicked queen There are a lot of twists and turns so get ready for the rollercoaster ride of your life A lot of unexpected results, but I wouldn t want it any other way I wish it wasn t a triology, I wanted for our heroes.

  17. I would like to totally recommend this book to anyone Stop now There will be some spoilers I absolutely loved this book James Riley is a genius I could not choose a favorite character because they re all so amazing I can tell you I love the Charmed One I was about to cry and die when I thought Jack was dead I literally screamed into a pillow I was soooooo happy when the Wicked Queen was killed I loved this series so much, and thank you James Riley for writing it

  18. It wrapped up nicely, but I definitely would read this series one right after the other There are so many twists and turns that I felt like I had missed big chunks since I barely remembered all the odd twists in one book by the time I got my hands on the next.

  19. I absolutely loved how everything played out so well Everything came together I wish Phillip was shown off a little bit as a main character but otherwise, I m super happy how everything was so connected I want stories from Riley I need retellings like this.

  20. This book was a very memorable book and the best of the Half Upon a Time series The story goes a bit complicated way, but just the way I like it I think I will gladfully read it when it has one series which won t be since it is finished I think I also liked the other series too, but my favorite one is this because I got to look this book in lot s of perspectives without a single character on my liking I strongly recommend this book for people who like complex stories, and people who like fairy [...]

  21. In this third part of the Half Upon a Time series, James Riley delivers even sarcasm and surprising twists in his fast paced and hilarious plot Friends become traitors, villains become allies, fairy tale tropes are teased and even ignored, and time itself turns out to be not as linear as one might expect Jack, May, Phillip, and all their friends and the people they tolerate race toward a finale that they hope will be a happy end Or will it One or two of them might have to die before they can ge [...]

  22. This book is lit This book is great and awesome I love the parts when Jack is back from the dead and meets the May from the past It is also great when Jack figured out that the charmed one is his uncle, and that he was supposed to be Cinderella s prince May is Cinderella It is really sad that this is the last book into the series half upon a time Please please please make another book

  23. I adore James Riley s ability to weave together such different fairy tales into a wonderful whole His books are always entertaining and witty The characters are personable and you want to know what happens to them I loved Once Upon the End and how it felt like a double reverse reveal I had to go back and read the first two books just to put everything in order Such a fun journey

  24. This book was so great It has to be in one of my favorites So many plot twists and tons of action, adventure, fantasy, romance and suspense I recommend this book to people who like James Riley and to those who are 8 14 years old.

  25. Ahhhhhhhh I loved the ending of this book I kind of wish that there is a fourth book that continues their adventure But I LOVED the character development in this book Especially May s character development LOVE IT.

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