Stolen Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B RMHRMSWith Cayne s fate in the hands of his enemies and Julia spirited away to the covert Stained compound the two are separated by impenetrable walls and a gulf

Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B007RMHRMSWith Cayne s fate in the hands of his enemies and Julia spirited away to the covert Stained compound, the two are separated by impenetrable walls and a gulf of unanswered questions Soon Julia learns the truth about the Stained and the plans they have for her, the compound is attacked, and a new group is running from an unwanted dAlternate Cover Edition for ASIN B007RMHRMSWith Cayne s fate in the hands of his enemies and Julia spirited away to the covert Stained compound, the two are separated by impenetrable walls and a gulf of unanswered questions Soon Julia learns the truth about the Stained and the plans they have for her, the compound is attacked, and a new group is running from an unwanted destiny, searching the globe in pursuit of the knowledge that just might save them all.

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  1. Ella James is the USA Today bestselling author of seventeen teen and adult love stories She s an angst a holic who loves exploring difficult situations and the emotions of the people caught up in them Also, smut But always, always romance.Ella s obsessions include vanilla cream soda, hiking, other obscure, crunchy stuff like rock collecting, and the antics of her three little monsters To find out about Ella s projects and get dates on upcoming releases, sign up for her newsletter ellajamesbooks newslet You can find her on Facebook at facebook ellajamesauthorpage and online at ellajamesbooks Questions or comments Tweet her at author_ellaj or e mail her at ellafjames gmail.Ella is represented by Rebecca Friedman of the Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency.

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  1. I think I love Ella James I started reading this book almost as soon as I finished writing my review for the first installment I was hooked from the beginning, and this sequel did not disappoint.This time, Julia and Cayne are not just two very unusual people against the world This time, Julia is separated from Cayne, the one person she feels she can trust, and surrounded by Chosen the kind of people she didn t even know existed Her kind.Now i m just gonna gush over Cayne for a little while You m [...]

  2. I received stolen the sequel to Stained on Tuesday started it today and finished it in a bit than an hour The reason for this Simple, it was that good The story of Julia and Cayne makes Romeo and Juliet fade in comparison Their love, their lives are doomed based on the nature of their existance But they wont give up Besides, to many questions remained unanswered in Stained, questions which were to a degree answered in Stolen but by its very nature, Stolen stole the scene and with it questions [...]

  3. The first book in this series, Stained, is very short, so I decided to throw these two together for one review I was approached by author Ella James not too long ago, and she generously gifted me the first two books in her Stained trilogy, in exchange for an honest review I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this wonderful story I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the last installment in the series.It begins with a young girl named Julia She has lived most of her life with a f [...]

  4. First, let me say that I am enjoying the story The characters and their varied pasts and abilities make for an interesting read However, the telling of the story needs some work for it to truly meet its potential Coming from an indie author, such is expected and understandable One of the things I love about indie authors, they re like diamonds in the rough I thoroughly enjoy watching them develop their craft.Aside from occasional grammatical and proofreading errors which are pretty typical with [...]

  5. Originally posted onmy blog This second book in the Stained series definitely does not disappoint Julia goes through so much and I really felt for her I mean who do you trust She finds others like her Butey kidnapped her Brought her to a compound that she s not allowed to leave They won t answer many questions because information is on a need to know basis and has all the makings of some crazy cult And then there s Cayne Whom she loves very much, yet he spent nearly 200 years killing those of he [...]

  6. Ella James has potential I always start my reviews with the bad and end with the good The bad The writing Ella darling, please don t rely on your husband any for editing and spend a little extra to hire an editor There s only so much sympathy an indie writer can get Yes, your commas are all in the right place, but your sentence structure needs work At times I became lost because I just couldn t follow what was being written Since this is written in third person I didn t understand that childish [...]

  7. Cliffhangers I hate them I know the third book in this series has already been published, so my irritation is smaller, but had I been waiting for these books to be published, I would have been almost annoyed enough to have stopped reading after the first one.I realize that the suspense of a cliffhanger leaves one thinking, Oh no What happens next I have to read But I honestly believe there is a way to leave a reader wanting without simply chopping the story off without any kind of resolution e [...]

  8. This book starts where the other left off and there was background in this book which was satisfying Julia and Cayne s relationship progresses but they do have their moments and I just did not become invested in them as a couple No earth shattering secrets are revealed and Julia finds out that belonging is sometimes over rated when she is amongst those of her kind Cayne is your knight in shining armour so to speak and a few new characters surface but little is divulged about them I think if wa [...]

  9. While I am actually enjoying the storyline plot the writing is atrocious, annoying, repetitive, etc I cannot get over Julia s whiney ness and how she says the same thing over and over I understand she is supposed to be a 17 year old girl, BUT COME ON Either she likes him or she doesnt either she can forgive him or not Holy crap child.

  10. I whipped through this one without even realizing it, grrrr Luckily I only have week until the next one comes out This series is definitely up their in my top five

  11. She let her hands hang at her sides and Julia just watched.Other Stained.These were other Stained.Not that prick Nathan or his lieutenant, Andrew Just Stained Other Stained, maybe like her p 42First off before I begin, lemme just say that this will be my first time in a long time if not ever reviewing a book after a significant amount of time has passed between finishing and writin the review I may have difficulty gettin anything I wanna say straight.But fuck it.It s actually because the ending [...]

  12. OkayThe first book was pretty good however this second book was boring and Julia was very annoying This book is over priced for 153pages and should be combined with book 3 Just another money spinner if you ask me Shame

  13. This review and at my blog, Into the Worm s Hole Rating 3.5 of 5 stars Series book Yes Will I read the Next YesWhy do these books always half to end in some potentially life threatening situation It s just all la de da, we re safe for now Then bam The last sentence is just like death is imminent I enjoyed this book pretty much the same amount I enjoyed the first I didn t regret picking it up, but I wasn t jumping up and down in excitement while reading it either There were alot of semi pop cult [...]

  14. Totally enjoyed this 2nd book Great sequel to continue the story of Julia and Cayne, right from the last chapter of STAINED Both have been kidnapped by and take to the Chosen compound headquarters though Cayne is being held prisoners in one of their cells, and is to be put to death unless Julia can save him somehow.Julia is introduced to other Chosen who are around her age, and others are younger or older It s not really a school type environment, but they do have their routines, like group medi [...]

  15. Cayne s fate is in the hands of his enemy, and Julia has been taken away to the covert Stained compound They have been separated by walls and a gulf of unanswered questions.Julia soon learns the truth about the Stained and the plans they have for her The compound is attacked and a group of Stained, including Julia and Cayne, are running from an unwanted destiny Will they find the knowledge that might just save them all This book takes up where it left off at the end of Stained I loved it The cov [...]

  16. Originally posted on my blog, Give it to Cupcakeveittocupcake 2Cayne and Julia s story continues We find them both at the Chosen compound, painfully separated from one another I was very intrigued by this compound and all the new characters that we get introduced to It was eerie and awesome all rolled up into one big unknown sandwich I mean come on, they can float through walls And bam There s the giant, creepy illuminated pyramid we saw in the cover and in Julia s dreams in the previous book.I [...]

  17. A good sequel to Stained This book picked up right where the first one left off It follows Julia as she is kidnapped by the Stained and swept up into their militant style cult while Cayne is held prisoner for crimes in his past This book gave some answers about the Stained and what is going on but hasn t really cleared up why they are at war with the Nephilim or what the leaders of the Stained, The Three, want with Julia For most of the book, things between Julia and Cayne were strained by their [...]

  18. sooo after trudging through the first book in this series, I held out hope that by the second book, the writing would improve Look, I m not trying to be mean, but this book is utter crap In fact, most young adult paranormal books seem to be crap Spoiler alert I read this book all the way until I reached the scene of the main character and her two friends deciding to go to a club The deal is, if I ve got murderous Nephilim, freaky and dangerous others after me, and ive just watched so many people [...]

  19. I enjoyed this book just as much as the first I liked the new characters that were interested and I flew through it I did find the main character to be a bit inconsistent, but that might be her age This is what annoyed me about her and yes, it is a spoiler so don t read if you haven t already read the book view spoiler In the first book, Cayne reaches out to Julia and explains part of his past He goes on to start explaining of his dark side and she cuts him off saying it doesn t matter and the [...]

  20. Holy Sourpatch Kids That was quite the sequel Stolen was shorter than the first book of this series, but it definitely packed a punch The plot was a little too quick again, but the length of the book made that somewhat necessary In a way, though, the plot in this book was action packed and exciting than Stained.My heart broke over and over again when I read this All I wanted was for Cayne and Julia to be okay and get back together, and when they were struggling I justI couldn t sigh And now thi [...]

  21. Enjoyed this second installment but it was just much too short and left everything a little underdeveloped I think an extra 100 pages would have really improved it Introduced to the chosen compound, I barely had time to get my head around the crazy cult ish place before being ripped out Loads of new characters are introduced but none of them have found much of a place with me because not enough was given on them to make me care And after the big deal made over Samyaza in the first book, he fell [...]

  22. I liked this second book in the series a lot Man, the Chosen compound was strange.I agreed with her insights immediately, very cultish Anyhow, the main issue I had with Julia was her assumptions about Cayne Obviously she doesn t know him that welle just met the guy, to presume she knew his past and his prior deeds was really naive and stupid It irritated me when she was waffling and whining about him I just can t support that behavior Either you accept someone or you don t Ugh Anyhow, all of the [...]

  23. Stolen takes up where Stained left off Julia and Cayne have been taken to the Chosen compound where they are forced to separate Julia is now living as a candidate in the compound while Cayne is a prisoner and hidden somewhere within the compound where Julia now resides Julia learns the truth of Cayne s past and she has to decide whether their feelings were real or something a Nephilim used to trick her into following him.This sequel to Stained was awesome I loved the battle sequences and the cha [...]

  24. This book takes place where the last one left off, they are both at the compound now, Cayne is a prisoner and Julia is a candidate, we get to learn about what this means later At first I really love how Julia is fighting for Cayne, how she doesn t stop trying to find a way to see him but then she is told some parts of his past and she turns her back on him, he already told her that he did terrible things, that he did not know differently and she acted like it did not matter but her tune quickly [...]

  25. After reading Stained i could not go without buying Stolen This is an amazing series so far Stolen picks up right were Stained left off so you have to read Stained first This book is about Julia s struggle with trying to find out who the stained are, and she needs answers when she is kidnapped All she wants to know is where Cayne is she needs to see him Julia is taken to a huge compound where she has to struggle with it feeling like all her foster homes Cayne is locked away in the Chosen jail, N [...]

  26. The second book in this series brings us back to the compound where Julia and Cayne are prisoners Julia is a prisoner to the Three s cause and Cayne is a prisoner slated for death Julia starts seeing visions which she believes to be prophetic Cayne is sacrificed and she is unable to save him She needs to find a way out and save Cayne before these visions can come to past She learns a little bit on how to control her gifts She then learns what the Three expect from her She is the One The One to b [...]

  27. Full Review at What s Beyond Forks Stolen picked up where Stained left off Julia is brought to a compound where other Stained people are being held While there, she meets some new friends and learns new things about herself and others like her She also learns about Cayne s past While we all knew from book one, his past couldn t have been a good one, this helps us know why he behaved the way he did in Stained Stolen teased me with some new mysteries concerning Cayne as well It s hard to say too m [...]

  28. This is turning out to be a great series My only problem with this book is I had problems connecting with the main character Julia Which I didn t at all in the first book I found in this book she came off to be a complete idiot, while she struggles to understand Cayne s actions It s so completely obvious why he did what he did, yet she can t grasp it There s a few other things I didn t like but I don t want to give anything away Even with that being said, I still think this book deserves 4 stars [...]

  29. Excellent follow up to Stained with none of the editing problems.It was a very quick read, and for that I was sad There were some great new characters in Stolen and they compliment the ever evolving Julia and Cayne nicely I like how there s no definite right and wrong in this series, you re left to guess Are the Chosen right The Nephilim Both Neither Though it is a bit concerning that the Chosen had so many followers, so much control, with a very flimsy purpose It s a good thing that than just [...]

  30. Cayne Julia are trying to find Sam to kill him and find out about Julia s past and why the stained are out to get her they grow closer Cayne remembers what he once was and how that can ruin the relationship they are building.Once in D.C Canye promises to protect Julia but then they are captured by the Chosen Stained.And that life is not what Julia wants She wants Cayne, until she hears what he is keeping from her.Can their relationship survive But first they must escape the commpond.

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