Possession When a comatose woman suddenly wakes up and starts painting scenes she s never witnessed with a skill she s never had medical science has no explanation As bizarre phenomena manifest even her docto

When a comatose woman suddenly wakes up and starts painting scenes she s never witnessed, with a skill she s never had, medical science has no explanation As bizarre phenomena manifest, even her doctors start to wonder if the woman may be possessed Frustrated and frightened, the patient s sister reluctantly turns to Greywalker Harper Blaine to discover who or what iWhen a comatose woman suddenly wakes up and starts painting scenes she s never witnessed, with a skill she s never had, medical science has no explanation As bizarre phenomena manifest, even her doctors start to wonder if the woman may be possessed Frustrated and frightened, the patient s sister reluctantly turns to Greywalker Harper Blaine to discover who or what is occupying her sister s body.As Harper digs into the case of apparent possession, she discovers other patients struck with the same mystifying afflictions and a disturbing connection to one of the most gruesome stories in Washington s history

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  1. Bestselling author of the Greywalker paranormal detective novels Former theater brat, singer, dancer, gemology and jewelry course writer, liveaboard boater, and editor Currently lives in the wilds of far western Washington with her husband and dogs.

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  1. In Possession Harper Blaine goes back to the type of case she started with as a Greywalker With a twist, of course Add something worse than a revenant and a man with a skewed view on patriotism and you ll realise that nothing is usual or easy when it comes to Harper s world.This case is so serious that the only suitable help is the one she would rather avoid even if the person is a friend She definitely needs Carlos s help.Quinton has his own problems that became worse in previous books.There is [...]

  2. I think this has to be one of the best books in the series I was not a big fan of her last book, Seawitch, it felt slow and plodding and while it introduced two new fantasy creatures to the lexicon it had a very side show feel to it On the other hand Possession was a great book to read, maybe I just like my mysteries a bit on land or tangible but Possession hit all the right notes for me.A woman approaches Harper, in Phoebe s Harper s old friend bookstore, her sister is in a persistent vegetat [...]

  3. This was a little different from the other Greywalker books in that Harper spends less time in the Grey and deals with fewer monsters of the supernatural ilk Until the end, it is mystery than action and, being a mystery lover, I took to it wholeheartedly The Grey is not completely absent as Harper has a funny on purpose accident that keeps her connected to that realm all the time As there are changes for the reader, there are changes for Harper too She has an interesting relationship with Quint [...]

  4. Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.5 4 My Thoughts Possession is the eighth book in the Greywalker series and things get interesting for our protagonist Harper Blaine when it comes to tracking down the entity that has put several individuals into comas and a belief that they are all Possessed by demons or something else After being approached by the sister of one of the victims, Harper finds herself trying to solve a mystery that is both confusing and daunting and time is quickly running out before no [...]

  5. This was the 8th book in the Greywalker series and I enjoyed it than the last book It was an interesting read and I enjoyed watching the mystery unravel I also enjoyed how all of the loose ends came together in the end.I listened to this on audiobook and the audiobooks for this series have always been really well done The narrator is exactly how I picture Harper Blaine would sound The narrator does an excellent job doing all the character voices and capturing character emotion I really enjoy li [...]

  6. Harper Blaine is contacted by a woman who believes her sister is possessed The woman s sister is comatose, except for sitting straight up to paint She also starts to speak, but no one can make sense out of what she is saying Harper agrees to help and discovers this woman isn t the only case of comatose victims doing things that science can t explain In getting to the bottom of the events Harper realizes that her boyfriend, Quinton s father might have a hand in it.Possession is the eighth book in [...]

  7. Could not put it down The buildup of suspense lasted almost to the last page Loved the descriptions of Seattle especially the Pike Place Market Great backdrop for ghostly goings on This is an amazing series, and I am sorry the next one is the last one.

  8. I liked this book, even if I did read it out of order I am always so impressed by her research into Seattle s past Her information about Washington State s first female serial killer was downright scary It is of a traditional investigation story, with Harper chasing down a wide cast I don t know the background with Quinton s father, so a lot of that subplot was lost on me I ll have to go back and read the ones I haven t A very good read.

  9. I m a follower of the Graywalker series I really like Harper Blaine, the detective graywalker of these novels So far, I have read all of these books I also will continue to read further installments of the series Although I had liked some of the other stories , this story did not live up to my expectations Don t get me wrong, it was still a good read I think the reason I am giving it three stars, is because I do not feel the plotline was up to the standards of some of the other stories.The Grayw [...]

  10. I hate writing reviews, so I will keep this short I love Kat Richardson and her Greywalker series I love how she has made a new character type and a new ability, you don t hear about something called The Grey in every book nowadays That being said, this one was not my favorite of the series This is the next book after Seawitch, which I thought was one of the best in the series I think this one was too slow to start and once it did, you were sort of like Okay, what next I also didn t think the en [...]

  11. Another outstanding novel by Kat Richardson Whenever I read one of her books I totally fall into the story Everything is so greatly written that you can actually picture the location and events going on The history of the locations are just as interesting as the stories the characters are involved in It really makes for a well rounded and solid story I ve been with this series since the first book, Greywalker, and must say that every installation has been a pleasure to read Harper has grown so m [...]

  12. Once again, Kat has rendered me speechless with her tale telling I love her vivid imagination, and the way she weaves the past into her books I also love when a particular vampire is in the storyline, cause I m twisted and have a soft spot for him Yep, Carlos is one bad kick ass necromancer vampire, but I ve always been one for the good bad guy, and to me, that s Carlos Love him Of couse I love Harper and Quinton too I love the way they are together, and separate I m looking forward to Kat s nex [...]

  13. I am having to rest my eyes so picked this up in an audio book The Greywalker series is one that is best if read in order but the last one I read was 3 I did not feel the lack of any backstory or world building It did help that I had read the first books in the series Harper is still a great character and she is supported by a great cast of supporting characters The story has a great plot that allows a lot of danger and suspense as the story progresses The reader does a good job of different voi [...]

  14. Let s just say, I continue to enjoy the Greywalker series so much, I was already looking for information on the next book Then I kicked myself as I remembered that this one just came out sigh For awhile, I was behind on the series due to school, and had several to catch up on Now that I m caught up, I must wait impatiently with everyone else I highly recommend this series, set in Seattle, but definitely start at the beginning

  15. Harper is dealing with a case involving the strange behaviour of a patient in a permanent vegetative state On further investigation it seems that there is to the story than possession.A chance to read a series set in Seattle one of my favourite places to visit.

  16. I love this series Harper is a tough chic Her bond mate if you have read the series Quinten is cool and very understanding of all the ghosts stuff I can t wait to see what comes next I love the history in the book I live in WA I have read about the big bad doctor chic Creepy.

  17. Eighth in the Greywalker urban fantasy series revolving around Blaine Harper, a private psychic detective who walks the Grey in Seattle.My TakeThis was terrifying enough even though I knew that Harper would win the day Thank god for Chaos Richardson s descriptions of this chuckling little fuzz ball and his antics helped defuse the terror.It s a tightrope that Harper and Quinton walk as he tries to bring down his father while keeping Harper s abilities from him The last thing Harper wants is to e [...]

  18. Is it my imagination or are these books getting better Maybe I m getting to know the cast better as people Or maybe finally they are all getting to be real people in my mind Anyway, I m liking Harper s relationship with Quentin now Nice going Kat

  19. 4.5 The Greywalker series by Kat Richardson is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series I love the kick ass protagonist Harper Blaine, the Seattle setting and Richardson s unique storytelling Possession, the eighth book in this series, was one of my most highly anticipated releases this year and I am delighted to share it with you Three word review mystery, mediums and possession Oh my Harper accepts a case regarding a comatose patient that sits up and begins painting pictures and muttering words [...]

  20. Get ready for another creepy and thrilling trip through the Grey with Harper Blaine The Greywalker series by Kat Richardson is for those who love dark edged mysteries and fantasy Possession brings the story back around to the ghost world we learned about in the beginning of the series Not only does Harper have to protect the normal world from the inhabitants of the Grey she now has to protect the Grey from an outside threat I was happy to see the vampires Carlos and Cameron show back up in Posse [...]

  21. Summary Harper s hands are full Her boyfriend s father is causing trouble, and it s putting a strain on her relationship and into her grey matters When a client comes to Harper about her sister s mysterious behavior, Harper finds other crazy behaviors around the city Are they all related to each other Can the Paladin of the dead solve the mystery Review Kat Richardson s Greywalker series is unique because of it s heavy of use of science to explain the supernatural and the low drama quotient And [...]

  22. Having read the other Greywalker novels by Kat Richardson, I continued the adventures of Harper Blaine,her hipster boyfriend Quinton, and ferret Chaos in her latest novel Possession The mythology that Richardson has created is not that hard to follow, still, it might be a good idea to catch up on the other novels before embracing this one The ending does rely on the reader knowing some of the ins and outs of Blaine s Greywalker powers Nevertheless, it is fun to watch the character steamroll thro [...]

  23. As a longtime fan, Possession is exactly what I expect and crave from a Kat Richardson title Harper Blaine P.I advocate for the downtrodden, and Greywalker is called upon to help those in need and as a Greywalker, Blaine can travel between two worlds, ours and the realm of the paranormal Blaine excels in cases that any normal P.I would run from screaming, if they could get away, that is Blaine s life becomes complicated when she takes on a case of what seems to be a simple possession But nothing [...]

  24. I enjoyed getting back to Harper Blaine, though this seemed to start out a bit slower than previous stories It felt like Richardson was explaining a lot, but this simply could be that I ve read all the previous books, and there s information a new reader would need Still wish it was spread out a bit Harper is a bit connected to the case she becomes invovled in, in that she becomes part of the case Not quite a victim, but she suffers a bit than usual Well, she does tend to suffer in various wa [...]

  25. This Greywalker novel seemed a bit slower than some of the other ones I ve read Several times I thought of what was clearly the next logical step, but it takes Harper many, many pages to figure it out I don t like my characters being much dumber than me, and I don t remember the earlier Harper novels being that way Anway, for Harper, the main character, having come back from the dead means she can walk in the Grey, the half world where other creatures lurk that humans can t see So she guards th [...]

  26. Man, that was rather good lost some sleep finishing this last night I think Seawitch is still my favorite in the series, but this comes close I LOVED the history and ghosts surrounding Pike Place Market which handily reminded me of the single most enjoyable aspect of this series That of personal wish fulfillment fantasy History has always fascinated me, and specifically, i ve been in love with the Seattle region s complex history since even before i moved to the area The protagonist s ability t [...]

  27. Harper Blaine is a Grey Walker She can move between the planes of existence to see what is and what was She works for the Guardian Beast, who seeks balance between the living and the dead A series of freak accidents in Seattle have beset three different people who have nothing in common except dirt that they inhaled or ingested from the tunnel dig going on near the Pike Street Market, a place haunted by lots of ghosts, including Linda Hazzard, America s first documented serial killer, who starve [...]

  28. This is the 8th book in the Greywakler series, and I m still thoroughly enjoying it Usually, at some point, the writer goes in a direction I m not interested in This usually means the romance is becoming too dominant to the detriment of the storytelling.That s not the case with the Greywalker series I love that the romance took so long to become established, and it is still a low key part of the series This book in particular focused heavily on solving the mystery with the relationship between H [...]

  29. Lily Goss hires Harper Blaine to figure out what is happening to her sister, Julie Julie has been in a persistent vegetative state since contracting meningitis several months earlier, but recently she has begun painting a talent she never had when she was conscious She paints the same scene over and over And alarming, she has begun speaking gibberish, though she is never conscious Harper learns about two other PVS patients in Seattle which is unheard of, since PVS is actually quite a rare condi [...]

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