Crossed The Society chooses everything The books you read The music you listen to The person you love Yet for Cassia the rules have changed Ky has been taken and she will sacrifice everything to find him And

The Society chooses everything The books you read The music you listen to The person you love Yet for Cassia the rules have changed Ky has been taken and she will sacrifice everything to find him And when Cassia discovers Ky has escaped to the wild frontiers beyond the Society there is hope.But on the edge of society nothing is as it seemsA rebellion is rising.AndThe Society chooses everything The books you read The music you listen to The person you love Yet for Cassia the rules have changed Ky has been taken and she will sacrifice everything to find him And when Cassia discovers Ky has escaped to the wild frontiers beyond the Society there is hope.But on the edge of society nothing is as it seemsA rebellion is rising.And a tangled web of lies and double crosses could destroy everything.

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  1. Ally Condie is a former high school English teacher who lives with her husband, three sons and one daughter outside of Salt Lake City, Utah She loves reading, running, eating, and listening to her husband play guitar.

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  1. PsstStephanie Wake up, it s over Oh, man Did I fall asleep again It s not my fault Really, it isn t If only Crossed had just a little bit action and a lot less poetry, it would have been able to keep my attention focused on reading the book instead of hitting my REM cycle That s not to say I didn t entirely enjoy Crossed, but it also didn t live up to my expectations Crossed picks up where Matched left off Ky had been sent away to the Outer Provinces and Cassia is currently residing in a girl s [...]

  2. 1.5 stars Spoilers for Matched and Crossed.Cassia wuvs Ky Ky wuvs Cassia They both wuv poetry and art Wuv Nobody else understands their wuv for poetry and art That s why they wuv each other Cassia and Ky s wuv is forbidden Wuv Society no approve of their wuv Sociey seperates wuv birds Cassia should wuv her Society chosen match Xander Xander wuvs Cassia, cos we can t be deprived wuv triangle Cassia confunded, does Cassia wuv Xander too Cassia has epiphany, she wuvs them both oh noes Wuv Cassia se [...]

  3. no one told ally condie that the second book in a trilogy is not a resting place, not an opportunity to catch your breath and count your cash you gotta write something, too is that mean probably it true definitely.even though i wasn t crazy about matched, i wanted to read the next installment just to see where she was going with her brand of dystopia, and with these characters and also, truthfully, because i am such a sucker for covers, and i love these i think she might put time and care into [...]

  4. Rage.Hardcore TURKEY RAGE Happy Thanksgiving all my American buddies by the way What WAS THIS This was a book Really This didn t have the components of a book.Okaytal components Allusions, characters, exposition, characterization.There really are no words properly defining my rage Ally Condie CANNOT tell a story A story should draw you in with its writing and send you off on an adventre that does a good job at blowing your mind Crossed did not do that It refused to do that In fact, if it were a [...]

  5. .This is actually getting 2.5 stars I m being nice.Sigh where to begin with this one You know that I try to be nice with my reviews and at least say something that I liked about a book before I go all crazy rant girl on it, so I guess we ll do a run down of what I liked about this second book in Ally Condie s Matched trilogy firstCrossed did a good job of continuing the romance between Cassia and Ky, and honestly, I do like the romance between them Not too hot n heavy, not to whiney piney, it s [...]

  6. Matched was one of my most favorite dystopian lit books That being said, I really looked forward to reading Crossed this year.Did it disappoint me No But there are a few things that, I don t know, let s just get on with it First of all, I was quite shocked when I found out that the book was written in two different points of view There s nothing wrong with it, but still, it had me thinking that without Ky s point of view, there would be a whole lot of holes to fill just to complete the story Plu [...]

  7. I really wanted to like this book But I found the task impossible While I loved Matched, I think Condie did not keep up the original ideas, tight plot, and romantic suspense that worked in the first book She tries using two narrators, but does not distinguish their voices Other than the heading on the top of each chapter to delineate who was talking, it was almost impossible to figure out who was the narrator The plot was completely lackluster Nothing really happens Most of the events in this bo [...]

  8. I feel alone in my feelings for this series I will admit that I enjoyed reading Crossed so than I did Matched Perhaps it was because I wasn t expecting much I liked getting into Ky s head this time around Crossed is told in two point of views, between Ky and Cassia Although at times I found it hard to differentiate between their two character voices, despite the chapters being titled Ky or Cassia And I liked getting to learn a little bit about Ky and his history Condie is an extremely talented [...]

  9. I feel like I knew the formula for this series before I had even read it book one set up the story and introduced the futuristic community that strove to make a better human race, book two plots the escape of the few who dare to question the societal hierarchy, and I am anticipating book three will concern them overcoming their plight and freeing their entire society Blah I am a little bored of the dystopian genre at the moment, only because of the repetitiveness of the story line This was cooki [...]

  10. Hmm 3 stars Maybe even 2.5 Not what I was expecting.I wanted to like this book I really did, since the first book was amazing, but I just couldn t There s so many questions that are still unanswered, and not much really happened in this book It was really slow and I often got distracted during reading it Unlike when I was reading the first book, which I automatically got sucked into.I just expected so much for this book Oh wellHopefully book three will be much better.

  11. Hey, one of those shards from the broken bubble is really close to the model s fist, so it looks like she s giving readers the finger.Lol

  12. Crossed is I think a little better than the first book Matched but it s still not enough to achieve greatness The addition of new characters contributed in making the story a bit interesting but the dragging factor is still there What I liked though about this story is Cassia s determination to find Ky whom she chooses ever Xander who still hopes to win Cassia In a way, the love triangle built in this sequel earned the reader s attention especially when Indie who falls for Xander s picture but [...]

  13. 2.5 starsAlly Condie s much hyped 2010 release Matched was something of a flash in the pan for me Although it hit shelves with a great deal of fanfare and marketing to do, beyond the strikingly pretty cover, I found little to get excited over My feelings were lukewarm, at best Crossed proved to be a similarly anti climatic book for me, although this time I could moderate my pre reading expectations with my Matched experience Being in a glass half full mood and not much of a series abandoner, des [...]

  14. Before I attended BEA, I read Matched With the story fresh on my mind, I decided the first BEA ARC I would read would be Crossed I was super excited about it mainly because I love the cover It s so pretty And it MATCHES see what I did there it s first book And how cool is she matching the colors after the tablets I bet the third book will follow the red color scheme Anyway, after meeting Ally Condie, who is super sweet and told me I look like Cassia, I was all sorts of thrilled to read this book [...]

  15. It s hard to even know exactly where to begin I wanted so badly to love this book, because I have been dying to read it from the moment I finished Matched last year, which I had given 5 stars to While Matched is perhaps closer to 4 stars at times, ultimately I found myself very interested in the World that Condie built and in the relationships developed throughout the book Unfortunately loving Crossed is out of the question and I realized this very early on.The book begins right where Matched le [...]

  16. If the point of this sequel was to provide food for thought , someone should tell the author over eating is bad, very very bad, as was this sequel.About half way through this novel, I wasn t sure if I would be able to finish This promising series took a turn for the worse What started out as an intriguing adventure became a forced introspective on the oh so sad human condition by way of paragraph after paragraph of what almost read like sermon I felt a certain obligation to myself to see it thro [...]

  17. With Crossed, Ally Condie committed the crime of writing a slow paced, conflict lacking middle book in a series I recall enjoying Matched to an extent, but reading Crossed caused me to question my prior positive feelings for Matched.Condie can write There were some beautiful phrases and sentences in Crossed However, for the most part Condie s prose lacked any power or punch her writing was void of emotion I noticed it in the first book, but attributed it to Cassia s sheltered lifestyle within th [...]

  18. When I read Matched last year I unexpectedly fell in love with it Dystopian books are becoming and popular and it is therefore rare to find a unique one However I didn t enjoy this as much as the first one One of the best aspects of this trilogy is Ally Condie s writing style Her writing is gorgeous She really has a way with words Her book feels like a poem the words flow and intertwine together This gives a classic, old feeling that contrasts with the futuristic setting of the story Sometimes [...]

  19. Love changes what is probable and makes unlikely things possible Cassia is in the Outer Provinces, searching for Ky no matter what Ky is in the Outer Procinves too, he was sent there to die, like many other innocent young man too The only difference is that Ky is determined not to die He flees with Eli and Vick in the canyons and soon Cassia and her new companion Indie follow them Cassia is searching for Ky and he is searching for her, but as soon as they find each other everything turns out to [...]

  20. It s like 1984 meets My Side of the Mountain I took my time reading this book and when I sat back and thought about it, I realized that it was because the writing was just so beautiful It felt like I was reading poetry Ally was so good at unfolding the story Every time I learned something new about the characters or the world, I just ended up with questions The biggest question was Is everything really what it seems What s REALLY going on One of my favorite things was how much the title had to [...]

  21. Crossed , is the second book in the Matched trilogy and while I know many Matched fans were let down by this second installment, I personally found it just as good as it s predecessor As it was with Matched, the cover is simple yet insightful Cassia is beginning to break through Crossed features dual narratives while we keep Cassia s POV, every other chapter features Ky s I thought this was done very well Anyone who follows my reviews knows I love getting the boys perspective after the fact Espe [...]

  22. After Matched, which I had quibbles with but enjoyed, Crossed came as something of a disappointment Oh, sure, I tore through it in about 4 hours and with a bad head cold at that However, if I hadn t already been invested in Cassia s story from reading Matched, I m not sure that Crossed would have kept my interest up The problem with Crossed It suffers from a problem common enough in the second book of a trilogy, but so than any other 2 in a series I ve ever read Crossed is very transparently a [...]

  23. More emotional than MATCHED, if less first kiss romantic Ally s voice grows certain with every book Like the Pilot in CROSSED, she drags a boulder through the land to make a river and the water just keeps running I m looking forward to the last book of the trilogy Ally s really working on something here, and I can t wait to see where she goes with it.

  24. Okay.I admit I did not finish this book I told myself I would because I feel like I steal the chance to become exciting to the end but it was so boring and slow And there are just so many other books I am way excited to read.So I did not like this book This is just my opinion and I did really like the first one so it is kind of a pity that the second didn t turn out great.

  25. Two and a half stars A disappointing follow up Cassia finds herself in the farmlands near the Outer Provinces Day in day out she scratches in the soil planting seeds, tiny specks of hope thrown into the cold ground Far from all traces of her former life in the center of The Society, including her family, Xander and Ky She survives on the meager messages that sporadically come from the Port, scraps of love from her parents, who loved and trusted her enough to set her free down her path of discove [...]

  26. The sequel to MATCHED, if any of you were concerned, is just as good as the original Condie s writing is so crisp and clear that the book just flows along, and her characters continue to be vivid, real people who you root for and even importantly believe in There are no sitcom esque misunderstandings, but people having normal, natural conversations, keeping secrets that need to be kept, revealing secrets when they think the time is right That, I think, is the true appeal of these books The char [...]

  27. Meh.Kind of a snoozefest I guess that s the problem when every book is broken up into trilogy sized piecesBook 2 is just a way to pass time between the preface and the denouementAlthough I must say, this middle wasn t just boring was boring and improbable view spoiler If the Society was as dangerous as they were made out to be, how could four kids escape for a romp in the woods without any consequences Although, I must say, it is always nice to be on the run from the Society, but still be able t [...]

  28. Crossed, the much anticipated sequel to Matched, picks up shortly after Matched leaves off with Cassia working in the fields to try to get to Ky She spends quite a bit of time there looking for the best opportunity to get to the outer provinces, where she believes Ky is, but is slowly losing hope of finding one Cassia is about to be moved to another assignment when she receives a visit from Xander, her lifelong friend and actual match assigned to her by The Society Xander is also who helped set [...]

  29. is there even a possible second book slump for a series i hate with all my heart i don t even know why i m rereading this but i know that i hate this, a lot sue me but this series is getting worse and worsewards it s really like the series is deteriorating both ways, but i m determined to finish the backwards reading ihatecassiareyes

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