Fifth Grave Past the Light

Fifth Grave Past the Light Never underestimate the power of a woman on a double espresso with a mocha latte chaser high T shirtCharley Davidson isn t your everyday run of the mill grim reaper She s of a paranormal private eye

Never underestimate the power of a woman on a double espresso with a mocha latte chaser high T shirtCharley Davidson isn t your everyday, run of the mill grim reaper She s of a paranormal private eye grim reaper extraordinaire However, she gets sidetracked when the sexy, sultry son of Satan, Reyes Farrow, moves in next door To further complicate matters, Reyes isNever underestimate the power of a woman on a double espresso with a mocha latte chaser high T shirtCharley Davidson isn t your everyday, run of the mill grim reaper She s of a paranormal private eye grim reaper extraordinaire However, she gets sidetracked when the sexy, sultry son of Satan, Reyes Farrow, moves in next door To further complicate matters, Reyes is her main suspect in an arson case Charley has vowed to stay away from him until she can find out the truthbut then dead women start appearing in her apartment, one after another, each lost, confused, and terrified beyond reason When it becomes apparent that her own sister, Gemma is the serial killer s next target, Charley has no choice but to ask for Reyes s help Arsonist or not, he s the one man alive who could protect Gemma no matter who or what came at her But he wants something in return Charley All of her, body and soul And to keep her sister safe, it is a price she is willing to pay.Charley Davidson is at it again in the sexy, suspenseful, and laugh out loud funny fifth installment of the New York Times best selling series.

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Fifth Grave Past the Light

  1. NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones has won numerous awards for her work, including a prestigious RITA, a Golden Heart, and a Daphne du Maurier As a born storyteller, she grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, annoying man and beast alike She currently has two series with St Martin s Press, the Charley Davidson Series and the Darklight Trilogy Darynda lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband of than 25 years and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys She can be found at daryndajones.

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  1. Sneak Peek He d gone back to staring into his wine, to running his finger along the rim of his glass The movement mesmerized me Without breaking his gaze, he said, Come here Fifth Grave Past the Light July 2013 His mouth sought mine, the contact rough, raw, and he drank me in as though my kiss were the only thing keeping him alive Fifth Grave Past the Light July 2013

  2. It all started with a key, a cheating man and a gun shot.Charley, my book BFF has gotten into it again She confronts a clients nasty husband, she is confronted by questions from the police, she s forced into therapy, her room is filled with blonds, she has a horrible life death experience and Reyes is just down the hall in all his pure hot steamy sexyness No, that is not all of it just the holy crisps parts for me The best was of course Reyes just down the hall, va va voom The worst, the bridge [...]

  3. It s just another day in the crazy life of private eye and grim reaper Charley Davidson as her apartment slowly fills up with dead blonde women But it s never anything as simple as just a serial killer case for Charleyere s an arsonist that just may or may not be her sexy neighbor, Reyes, and a whacked out cheating husband that she has to set up Okay, so things never change with Charley Yes, the case with the blonde women was really intriguing I really enjoyed how everything set up The twist wit [...]

  4. His mouth sought my ear You would still feel pity for me He nipped at my earlobe The small amount of pain caused a sharp spike of arousal I am a monster, Dutch A demon Unworthy of you I previously claimed to hate erotica Did I really mean that Nooooooooo Not when Reyes is involved Give me of that shit.Saying Charley Davidson is an interesting character is saying Homer Simpson s a little bald, or Mr Burns is a little evil It s a wee bit of an understatement Here, we have our fifth installment of [...]

  5. My rating 4.5 of 5 starsA copy of Fifth Grave Past the Light was provided to me by St Martin s Press for review purposes The dead guy at the end of the bar kept trying to buy me a drink Which figured No one else was even taking a second look and I d dressed to the nines Charley Davidson is, as usual, up to her elbows in work and she s the only one equipped to handle it Her apartment has suddenly been taken over by a few dozen ghostly blonde women who show no interest in passing, she almost gets [...]

  6. I would sell my soul to Darynda Jones if it meant she wrote these books in half the time and promised not to stop Never stop writing Jones, NEVER STOP.Fifth Grave was just as good, if not better than the first four I know I ve expressed how much I love Charley and the gang before, but you guys, I feel like I can t even physically express how much I obsess about adore them Okay, so this maybe sums it upOk, ok, I m trying to rein it in, I promise Some things I loved about Fifth Grave Past the Ligh [...]

  7. Freaking men It didn t matter what the problem was, they saw only three solutions to it food, sex, warcause if you don t, he might start a warI love Charley I can relate to all of her snark and some of her silliness Luckily, none of her almost getting killed, constantly being beat senseless She names everything all of her body parts, car, furniture, even her shower Hector I have a pillow that I sleep with that I named Phil, so I get it My husband is totally jealous of Phil Whatevs, if he wasn t [...]

  8. BREAKING NEWS Reyes Alexander Farrow, the prodigal son of Satan and self appointed protector of the grim reaper, one Ms Charlotte Jean Davidson, has been seen laughing in public and showing all signs of an actual sense of humor This unexpected display of real human emotions has caused an uproar in all of New Mexico Female residents of Albuquerque have stopped all their activities and rushed to witness this miracle Traffic has yet to return to normal Darlings, if you liked Reyes before now, by th [...]

  9. You guyssssssssssss, I love Charley Sincerely, I have massive amounts of affection for her.I wish she d be my friend We could get drinks together, gossip about people both alive and dead , maybe smoke a little pot together in our pajamas and then pass out watching Rick Morty.She s just honestly one of my favourite female characters.And really, you don t even need to read this series from the beginning to get into it, but it does help You can jump in whenever and immediately know Charley Because [...]

  10. Dear Charley,We need to talk It s not you, it s me I m tired of every female out there drooling over Reyes and being reduced to a va jay jay every time he enters a room I m tired of former best friends who do their best to hurt you.But most of all, my dear, I m tired of you getting tortured over and over again It feels that all Mrs Jones thinks about are new and creative ways to hurt you physically Don t get me wrong I m all in for a little tormenting, but I ve been getting that lately with ever [...]

  11. 2.5 stars Spoilers and Lots of Ranty ThoughtsI m not sure how to rate this, I mostly liked it but I also had loads of issues with it So for now, I m giving it 2.5 stars However, I may or may not change it to 3 stars once I m not quite so pissed off I do think fans of Reyes, and the series in general will love Fifth Grave Unfortunately for me, I LOATHE Reyes, and he was the main reason I wasn t impressed with Fifth Grave.Random ranty thoughts I couldn t take Charley and Reyes s relationship serio [...]

  12. And that, folks, is how you perfectly write a cliffhanger I m so excited to read what Charley s response will be I m on the fifth installment of this series, and I swear, I m not exaggerating when I say that it just keeps getting better and better When I read book 4, I thought to myself, Oh, this book is the best in the series Surely, nothing can top this but then I read this one, and I was taken aback, because it wasch better The unconventional relationship between our female lead Charley David [...]

  13. Yaaaayyy I hope there are TONS of this series, it s just so GOOD As long as Charley Reyes end up together have a bunch of babies I ll be a happy camper UPDATE EEEEEPPPPPPPP I may have to curse in order to express my emotions for this one I FUCKING LOVED THIS BOOK This is probably my favorite in the series just because of the progression in Charley s Reyes relationship They are so fucking adorable together I can t handle it I get giddy giggle, smiling like a loon Reyes is incredibly sexy As alway [...]

  14. And now I need to wait 7 months and 28 days until the next installment 240 days 5760 hours 20736000 seconds Not that I am counting or anything but that is totes BULLSHIT

  15. I ve recently discovered this series and I m so glad I got to read the four books in a row because, as much as I enjoy them, the snail pace at witch the story arc is developing is maddening.From the blurb, it looks like the Reyes Charley relationship is finally getting somewhere I hope this will be accompanied by focus on Charley s powers and her discovering what they actually are Less tell, show, please Oh, and on a totally shallow note, here is my fan casting if this is ever made into a movi [...]

  16. I FINALLY got around to reading this all I have to say is HOLY EFFING HELL My favorite one so far He asked her to marry him He frickin asked her to marry him Gah Now I gotta wait for the next one Really My only complaint is that the book wasn t long enough I need Sixth Grave like NOW I was also doin a lot of this throughout the book ESPECIALLY during the end

  17. He handed me a glass of red wine Another nicety I hadn t expected A toast he asked, raising his glass What are we toasting I clinked our glasses together, then brought mine to my lips The fact that a girl I know named Charley survived another day I ll drink to that too But before I do, I want to share my feelings with the worldThe number you have called if currently unavailable because the owner is lying dead on the floor due to too much fangirling and crying and generally going crazy over this [...]

  18. Title Fifth Grave Past the Light Book 5, Charley Davidson series.Author Darynda JonesPublished June, 2013Format audiobook via audibleNarrated by Lorelei KingGenre Fiction, adult fiction, mystery, mystery thriller, paranormal, fantasy, steamy sexy scenes, adult themes language situations, murder mystery, crime, law enforcement, private investigator, female MC.Read listened to July 3 5, 2015My rating 4.5 I m addicted to this series stars 1 5 scale.Brief remarks I ve gotta tell y all, I m over the [...]

  19. Is there anything left to say about this series books that hasn t been said before Ok, how about If you haven t read these already, what are you waiting for There are heaps of sarcasm and humor on all books Most body parts and material possessions get named The sexual tension and release is off the charts The mysteries, plot, climax, discoveries, characters, etc They re all so much polished than in previous books I ve loved all books in this series, but this book is by far the best Charley Davi [...]

  20. This was an intense story and loved every bit of it I am really enjoying this series and need to get the next book Learned a little of Reyes but in the end who could say no to that gorgeous man I know I wouldn t.

  21. HOT sums it up best I love this series and Fifth Grave Past the Light made me extremely happy Darynda Jones rocks The books keep getting better and better I do not understand how she keeps topping herself but thanks DJ and keep them coming.

  22. Crap You can t just end it like that Now I have to read the next one as well Damn, I want my own Reyes.Rate 2.5 3 god I love Reyes stars.

  23. Honestly, my mind is a puddle of mud right now This is the best book yet, and I don t say that lightly I ll not go over and try to rewrite the blurb and try to fancy it up with my own words I will say it is pact full of suspense and definitely MORE dead people with mysteries to be solved I love Reyes even now than I had in the past if that was even possible OMG, this man being is sexier then the hell he was forged from The writing is superbly Darynda Wit, sas, sex it s all back and in large do [...]

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