A Pet Banana

A Pet Banana I found a pet banana today Today I found a pet banana Now I have a friend for me Now I have a friend for my son A pet banana for a friend A pet banana to put in bed You need a pet banana that is red C

I found a pet banana today.Today I found a pet banana.Now I have a friend for me.Now I have a friend for my son.A pet banana for a friend,A pet banana to put in bed,You need a pet banana that is red.Children can learn basic colors with this story rhyme

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A Pet Banana

  1. Author Othen Donald Dale Cummings was raised in the countryside on the outskirts of a small town called Pryor Creek, where he spent his childhood happily doing daily chores and playing outdoors on a little farm nestled in a valley and surrounded by rolling hills Some of his favorite memories growing up are hiking to his friends houses, sledding down the big hill after a deep winter snow, riding horses until dusk, and even helping to look after a family of rescue tigers and escorting them to his small country school The latter being quite an experience for a young farm boy Later in life he started care giving for his elderly mom and it was during that time he began his adventure into publishing Othen currently has published many different genres of literature under a variety of pen names and also has a line of coloring books, notebooks, and sketchbooks.

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  1. My mom had open heart surgery during this procedure she had a major stroke My mother had a huge struggle ahead of her and we were told that the damage was so severe that she could only hope for minimum recovery.Well mom proved them all wrong She made huge gains in every area through extraordinary courage and perseverance.A Pet Banana is a rhyme story that I came up with one night to help my mom with speech therapy We needed to do speaking exercises in between visits and A Pet Banana and other st [...]

  2. If you don t want a pet banana already, you will after reading this story This rhyming book is cute and clever in a style that reminds me of The House That Jack Built It s what I like to call a new classic The illustrations are fun and quirky This book also teaches colours A very important concept for young children I highly recommend it

  3. Bananas Everywhere This charming children s book is full of bananas Through the use of poetry and illustrations, the author has created a cute book for beginning readers This book would also be perfect for a parent to read to their child, or for helping a new reader laugh while learning In addition to helping a child read, the author has cleverly introduced colors Fun book

  4. A Pet Banana by Othen Donald Dale Cummings is a charming book which all children will love Great Rhymes and illustrations, well done

  5. The crazy world of the Pet Banana deserves to become a cult in its own right Fun for kids to learn basic colours, and entertaining for parents too

  6. A wonderful cute children s book poetically and rhyming The book is recommended to young children learning colors with this book and beautiful illustrations Recommended

  7. As our school s academic dean, I m putting in a request to mass order this book for our Kindergarten classes Very nicely done

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