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The Origin Darwin the discoverer He did not mean to rock the world He meant only to know the truth But before he was done Charles Darwin would shake the faith of centurieswould be reviled as a fiend denounced

Darwin, the discoverer He did not mean to rock the world He meant only to know the truth But before he was done, Charles Darwin would shake the faith of centurieswould be reviled as a fiend, denounced as a madman and finally hailed as a genius His life was a storm swept voyage of discovery from the moment when as a raw youth he set sail on a five year journey arouDarwin, the discoverer He did not mean to rock the world He meant only to know the truth But before he was done, Charles Darwin would shake the faith of centurieswould be reviled as a fiend, denounced as a madman and finally hailed as a genius His life was a storm swept voyage of discovery from the moment when as a raw youth he set sail on a five year journey around the entire globe to his final years and epochal explorations into the ultimate mystery of human origins Now Charles Darwin is brought to life in a superlative novel that captures not only the man himself but the Victorian age that produced him These pages reveal the drama and passion of a beset by the prejudices of his era and by guessed at dangers.

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The Origin

  1. In 1923, Stone received his bachelor s degree from the University of California, Berkeley In the 1960s, Stone received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Southern California, where he had previously earned a Masters Degree from the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.When at home, Stone relied upon the research facilities and expertise made available to him by Esther Euler, head research librarian of the University of California at Los Angeles, to whom he dedicated and thanked, in addition to many others, in several of his works.Stone enjoyed a long marriage to his wife and editor on many of his works, Jean Stone The Stones lived primarily in Los Angeles, California During their lifetime, Stone and his wife funded a foundation to support charitable causes they believed in.Stone s main source for Lust for Life, as noted in the afterword, were Van Gogh s letters to his brother Theo It seems probable that Vincent s letters to and from his own brother Theo provided a foundation for Adversary in the House Stone additionally did much of his research in the field For example, he spent many years living in Italy while working on The Agony and the Ecstasy The Italian government lauded Stone with several honorary awards during this period for his cultural achievements highlighting Italian history From

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  1. The Origin, 1980 , Irving StoneThe Origin is a biographical novel of the life of Charles Darwin written by Irving Stone Darwin was a geologist and biologist, and could be considered the father of evolutionary theory The novel begins with Darwin at the age of 22 and follows him through the Voyage of the Beagle until his death in 1882 2000 1378 904 9646026664 20

  2. I can t remember how old I was when I first read this sixteen seventeen The paperback copy I had was a battered old used thing even then And no one ever accused Stone of being a great writer But The Origin is still a favourite I knew a little about Darwin when I first read this, knew that he d made the Beagle voyage But The Origin gave me Darwin the young man, gave me those five years aboard HMS Beagle , gave me the middle aged naturalist moving one slow, painful step at a time towards publicati [...]

  3. I enjoyed reading this book It gave me insight into the man who wrote On the Origin of Species and provided the world with a scientific explanation for the evolution of species of plants, animals and man I did not know that he wrote 24 other scientific books, on a wide variety of subjects, including worms, barnacles , insectivorous plants, and the fertilization of orchids by insects Despite accusations by religious fanatics, he did not mean to cast aspersions upon belief in god, but to report on [...]

  4. This is one of the most unforgettable books I have ever read Ever Irving Stone wrote about the life of Charles Darwin, introducing the reader, to not just the scientist behind the evolutionary theory, but the genius of a man during a time of controversy and conflict.

  5. A life story of Charles Darwin, another biographical novel by the fellow who essentially invented the genre The book is marred by the fact that the only truly exciting thing Darwin ever did was the famous Beagle voyage That took place over five or so years when he was very young, in his twenties After a few intro chapters, almost half of THE ORIGIN is devoted to his Beagle voyage around the world, his stops, his collecting, etc on that voyage This is by far the best part of the this book The rem [...]

  6. Irving Stone was a popular biographer in an earlier age when info on famous historical figures was less available His feats of research balance out what now seems to be overblown prose Because I was going to the Galapagos Islands, I read THE ORIGIN as a way to better understand Charles Darwin and how these islands influenced his life I had to force myself to slog through the first 90 pages, since his wordy descriptions of even minor characters bogged down my thinking Eventually, though, I let my [...]

  7. My Dad recommended this book to me while it is told in novel format it is clear that the intention of Mr Stone is to base as much in documented fact as possible Sometimes this leads to a rather disjointed style, where succeeding paragraphs are bits of data rather than connected narrative Side bonus for me I had a chance to visit Mr Darwin s grave while I was only a few chapters into the book it gave it an extra gravity and reality for me.EDIT a long time later I misplaced the book while on vaca [...]

  8. Stone did a great job of presenting Charles Darwin, the man and his famous journey which ultimately resulted in his theory of evolution as well as his survival of the fittest Then he further to detail the rest of the story including family life and struggles to develop his much debated theories and finally his work to have all of his many books published.I felt that I learned so much from reading this book about his theories and about the first scientists in general It was quite an interesting a [...]

  9. An incredibly detailed fictional biography of Charles Darwin It begins with young Darwin, having just graduated from divinity school, being chosen as a naturalist on the voyage of the HMS Beagle The details of Darwin s intensive research in all area of natural history portray a curious and serious scientist at the beginning of an era of great discovery Mr Stone spent five years researching this book It is a fascinating portrayal of a dedicated and generous man of science who went where the scien [...]

  10. A very difficult read It would lose little if it were 200 pages shorter, but eliminated much of the personal family story about which there is tremendous detail The portions on how Darwin reached his ultimate groundbreaking understanding about evolution should have been the focus of the book, but almost get lost in the saga of his immense family Disappointing.

  11. Must have taken years for Irving Stone to write this book Interesting story about Charles Darwin and his trip and his collections and his thoughts about it all.

  12. Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet Ralph Waldo EmersonGreat books remain relevant for a reason because they teach us something They better us broaden our understanding of the world and its many fascinating inhabitants And for that reason they deserve to be re introduced, from time to time, so they may find in this vast ocean of distractions, some few new fertile islets upon which to propagate One such enduring saga is Irving Stone s 1980 exploration of the life of Char [...]

  13. Charles Darwin had a nickname for his seminal work, On the Origin of Species 1859 The Origin 1980 , which is why biographical novelist Irving Stone chose that as the title of his novel about Darwin Although the novel is a work of fiction which takes some liberties with Darwin s personal life and thoughts, this still is a detailed chronicle about the evolution of Darwin s theory of evolution.Despite the dour thinker presented in portraits and the evil atheist presented in some fundamentalist reli [...]

  14. Not only was this a long book, it was an intense book requiring a ton of concentration However, it was well worth the effort Irving Stone brilliantly detailed the life of Charles Darwin and it was completely fascinating Darwin s The Origin of Species is 150 years old give or take and becoming immersed in the world of the 1830 s 1880 s reminds you how much the world has changed.In the 1830 s these people were just learning about dinosaurs, and science wasn t even an accepted practice really and i [...]

  15. A biographical novel which really showed me the man behind the theory It references Darwin s own personal writings, and the work of his contemporaries I feel like I know Charles Darwin very well after reading this extraordinarily detailed account of his life Chock full of amzing quotes and fascinating insights into the inner workings of one of the great minds of the nineteenth century Darwin s theories continue to underpin modern scientific exploration into the origin of life, and this remarkabl [...]

  16. This is a very fascinating and well researched fictionalized biography of Charles Darwin, and gives us a very good look at the life of this complex and brilliant man Darwin s name will forever immediately bring to mind his work on evolution, but his work in other fields of biology and in geology was extensive I had no idea he had published so many books and papers on a wide range of topics It was interesting to learn of his internal struggles as he realized what the reaction to his evolutionary [...]

  17. I finally powered my way through this door stopper I generally like long books, but this one was a bit of a trial I put it down four times to read other books that I needed to review Only the subject matter of Charles Darwin kept me at it Darwin is a pivotal figure in science a towering intellect and still a lightning rod for those who believe the Christian Bible is a literal history of the world I enjoyed my journey through this fictionalized version of Darwin s life and thinking process His wr [...]

  18. This blew me away Charles Darwin has been a long time science super hero of mine because of his penetrating perception of the magnificent theory of evolution, in a time when germ theory was just beginning to establish itself, nevermind molecular biology and genetics not even existing yet But The Origin introduced me to the man himself The brilliant, courageous and tender hearted man, as well as his few very good friends and colleagues without whom he would have had a much harder time accomplishi [...]

  19. Once again, Irving Stone takes something I never thought would be all that fascinating, and turns it into a gripping story that cannot be put down This time it s the history of Charles Darwin I knew about Darwin, the Beagle, The Origin of Species, etc, etc, whatever, fine But Stone makes you see Darwin, the man Troubled by ill health all of his life, conflicted over what his findings on evolution might mean for people s spirituality, it s all here I was surprised to find that Darwin, who I alway [...]

  20. I read this book hoping to get a better understanding of Darwin s evolutionary theory With all the controversy over evolution versus creationism, science versus religion, I feel I cannot formulate an intelligent opinion on either side since I don t understand enough about evolution What I learned after over 700 pages is that it is a complex scientific theory that I may never fully understand Aside from that, I enjoyed the book The first half covered Darwin s five year voyage around the world on [...]

  21. This book was very enlightening for me Darwin s theory is explained through his scientific ponderings The idea of evolution, as I understand it now, isn t necessarily about the jump from species to species but about an evolution within the species Not monkey to man, but like primitive monkey to evolved monkey A monkey that survives it s surroundings a little deep maybe but the book reads like classic Irving Stone He tells the story of Darwin s travels, what interested him, where he went, how h [...]

  22. Great book Fascinating Charles Darwin was a brilliant and dedicated scientist the book provides insights into the close network of scientists working alongside Darwin in England and how prolific Darwin was and how hard he worked Yet, he had close friends and corresponded daily with colleagues all over the world I had always wondered just how a scientist produces a monumental work like Origin of Species After reading this book I understand that it was years of dedicated work and collaboration And [...]

  23. Reading Stone s book about Charles Darwin was like seeing a movie He describes in detail manners, environments, fashions, neighborhoods, country houses, aspirations, relationships, and events I especially liked the details given about Darwin s voyage on the Beagle Darwin s strength, vitality, adventuresome nature, enterprise, curiosity, work ethic, studiousness, attention to detail, curiosity, and desire to explore and know the world was wonderful to learn about I enjoyed reading about his frien [...]

  24. I can see why it is a must readI mean between most of the stupid things these people sayMost of these people are complete frauds It does shed light into humans complete loss of what they want to believe and what to believeThe thing isyou all listen to thisGreat read thoughFor those of you who want to wake up to earth before it is destroyedI suggest you start meditationYou need to find out for yourself,this world is not what is suppose to beA great disturbance has clouded the human race

  25. This was my fourth try with this book, and it feels like a real accomplishment to have finally finished it It took me nine months of picking the book up and reading one or two pages before putting it down again In my opinion, it s not particularly well written I ve read other books by the author that have a much better flow read purely as fiction, I would only have given it two stars But the book goes into so much depth I had to add stars for the amount of research that went into it, and the amo [...]

  26. I tried this so called fiction to have an easier read on Darwin in this 200th year of his birth at over 600 pages, it does that, but at a cost of skipping a lot of science I find the tale hardly compelling and writing rather mundane I am reading both Darwinds tale of the voyage of the Beagle and the Origin of Species at the same time slower going but informative More on those later.

  27. I became addicted to Irving Stone although I don t remember the order I read his historical novels Some did not come up on GoodReads like Benjamin Franflin, Mary Todd Lincoln, This is the story of Charles Darwin the Voyage of the HMS Beagle Pull out your map of South America You will learn so much about observation, notebooks, sending those specimens back to London, Another Must Read

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