Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Now a major motion picture from Summit Entertainment R is having a no life crisis he is a zombie He has no memories no identity and no pulse but he is a little different from his fellow Dead He may

Now a major motion picture from Summit Entertainment.R is having a no life crisis he is a zombie He has no memories, no identity, and no pulse, but he is a little different from his fellow Dead He may occasionally eat people, but he d rather be riding abandoned airport escalators, listening to Sinatra in the cozy 747 he calls home, or collecting souvenirs from the ruinsNow a major motion picture from Summit Entertainment.R is having a no life crisis he is a zombie He has no memories, no identity, and no pulse, but he is a little different from his fellow Dead He may occasionally eat people, but he d rather be riding abandoned airport escalators, listening to Sinatra in the cozy 747 he calls home, or collecting souvenirs from the ruins of civilization.And then he meets a girl.First as his captive, then his reluctant guest, Julie is a blast of living color in R s gray landscape, and something inside him begins to bloom He doesn t want to eat this girl although she looks delicious he wants to protect her But their unlikely bond will cause ripples they can t imagine, and their hopeless world won t change without a fight.

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Warm Bodies

  1. THE BURNING WORLD, the first sequel in the Warm Bodie series, is out now Haven t read Warm Bodies yet Jump right in you ll catch up quickly This is a book for NOW Buy directly from my site to get a bonus booklet, the Exed World Almanac isaacmarion theburningworld

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  1. Ten Reasons to Read WARM BODIES1 It is a zombie book But not like that In the spirit of honesty, I had this book as an advanced review copy for literally months before I picked it up It had glowing reviews from Stephanie Meyer, so I figured it couldn t be that gross, and a glowing quote from Audrey Niffeneggar, so I figured it had to be well written But zombies Hopeless gore I have a pretty strict disinterest in zombies that I break only for Carrie Ryan s books I m not going to tell you this is [...]

  2. The protagonist of Warm Bodies is R, a zombie who cannot remember his name beyond that single letter He is verbose compared to other zombies, although his main recreation is still riding escalators around the airport in which he lives I kind of felt like the escalator riding was a shout out to Dawn of the Dead and it made me happy The first few chapters of the book are the strongest parts of the book I think they must have been polished over and over again and they contrast the rest of the book [...]

  3. What makes us human Is it merely a collection of living flesh and tissue and bone, or is it also consciousness and memory and feeling R, the young zombie who narrates this novel, isn t really sure But after meeting Julie, a human girl he impulsively saves and hides away in an abandoned plane, he begins to experience thoughts and feelings that he d forgotten he d ever had.Warm Bodies is a wistful love story that is creepy, sad, sweet, and disturbing in equal measure The notion that it is possible [...]

  4. Made the list forBest Badass Zombie Booksdassbookreviews the bestLessons learned from R who happens to be a zombie 1 Sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down That is until the power goes out and you are stuck 2 Freaking out is not going to help, instead get married 3 Sometimes a little brain goes a long way, unless of course you just ate the last of it, and then you are so screwed.4 It is not our words but our actions that speak loudest regarding who we are.5 A name is just that Your ide [...]

  5. I finished this book awhile ago, but I ve been avoiding writing my review The only reason I can think of is that I really don t want my first read glow to go away You know that time after you read a really spectacular book when you re just sitting around, thinking about how wonderful it was and going over passages you loved I think I ve been doing that for two weeks now Every time I think about Warm Bodies, I wonder at how good it was.Warm Bodies follows R, a zombie unlike those we normally read [...]

  6. What an entertaining delight I first heard of this book through the movie trailer I was very skeptical about this, yet oddly curious at the same time A zombie who falls in love I did not know what to expect getting into this What I ended up experiencing was a story like no other R is a zombie with personality Not very common, right Even the other zombies think he is odd He longs for memoriesr life When he eats the brain of a young man named Perry and saving a human girl, things begin to change f [...]

  7. 4.5 stars Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature In Warm Bodies 2010 , our world has been overrun by the zombies, and the few humans who are left are fighting a rearguard action They huddle in walled enclosures, sending out occasional armed expeditions for food and supplies Regular school classes have fallen by the wayside, replaced by classes and demonstrations on how to best kill a zombie permanently head shots.R is a zombie who doesn t remember his past life, except that his name ma [...]

  8. This is not a young adult novel.I mean, it is about a young adultish human and zombie who fall in love and set about to change the world with love But this is not a young adult novel.It has themes of young love and disaffected youth and hopeful new beginnings but this is not a young adult novel, people Regardless of what it is, it s a pretty good novel, but I have a confession This is going to translate in people s minds as me being simplistic and unable to handle the deeper, complicated themes [...]

  9. This was a big surprise, though not entirely a pleasant one.Try imagining the most disgusting relationship in the history of mankind Are you done yet Need some help view spoiler image error hide spoiler Now multiply that feeling of disgust by ten Or even better, by a hundred Oookay I don t know about you, but I m feeling pretty nauseous here If you ve got it, try thinking of a way to make that feeling and that relationship adorable You heard me Adorable I thought it was impossible too, but I was [...]

  10. I was quite skeptical, as well as intrigued, when I was sent Warm Bodies to review I would never have imagined putting zombie and romance in the same sentence I assumed the putrid decomposition of flesh and the eating of brains would have been a bit of a turn off.After reading the first page I didn t know whether I would be able to take this book seriously a zombie romance And with quotes like these My friend M says thie irony of being a zombie is that everything is funny, but you can t smile, b [...]

  11. With the new season of The Walking Dead back on tonight, I thought I d go back and take a look at some killer hah zombie fiction The closest book to the show Walking Dead that I ve read is The First Days, so if you re needing of that gory, survivalist type of zombie book, I d check that one out.This book, however, is fresh in my mind due to the author himself making some recent comments that he s not altogether thrilled about some book stores shelving his book as Young Adult instead of Adult fi [...]

  12. I read this book to complete the TBRTakedown challenge of reading a book outside my comfort zone I ve never been into zombie movies and until this book, I ve never read any books with zombies Overall, I just thought this book was okay Some parts really grossed me out Parts of it seemed rushed and like we didn t get to learn a lot about the world Or there just wasn t enough world building I suppose I did think it was interesting and I liked the changes the main character, R, went through If you a [...]

  13. SPOILER ALERT I so wanted to like this I read the first half very quickly and enjoyed it I was curious to see where it was going to go I found it initially an interesting concept zombie as not a mindless entity It was a little confusing with Perry, but I did appreciate the idea that zombies crave and eat the brain at least in part to relive memories That was a new twist, for sure As soon as I realized where the author was going with the plot, though, I started to lose interest I mean, I get that [...]

  14. I fell in love with a zombie There, I said it out loud and I m not embarrassed Isaac Marion s novel, Warm Bodies, is a romance Yes, a zombie romance Now before you all get grossed out on me, hear me out In this author s post zombie apocalypse world, you first meet R R isn t your typical zombie that shuffles around mumbling Braaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnssss until he stumbles upon his next meal You step right into R s shoes In this world, zombies are dead of course , and they are really reduced to the basi [...]

  15. R and Julie s story is probably the strangest, creepiest, yet sweetest and most hopeful thing I ve come across in ages You see, WARM BODIES is a zombie romance, literally Instead of the expected survivors falling for each other given the end of days shtick, we have an actual zombie love story The concept had me questioning would I buy it Or better yet, would Julie Even if the background was not as clearly explained as I want it to be, MAN, would I like to pick the brain of the person behind this [...]

  16. Update Just saw movie trailer.i laughed out loudd squealed Here is the link youtu qrI8YIZsBokHOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS GORGEOUS.Could any amount of my insignificant words fully encompass the greatness of this book The answer here is no, no because the words printed on each copy of Warm Bodies are already tuned to a vast perfection greater than the sky itself Isaac MarionI applaud you, I give you ten million standing ovations, I declare you to be a master of words, an enchanter of souls, a rainb [...]

  17. A likable premise with some genuinely funny material, Warm Bodies is clever but still pinned down under the predictable tropes of the zombie subgenre It s a good story and one of few that actually speaks from a zombie s perspective except perhaps The Girl with All the Gifts , but it starts to drag on and get old really quickly.

  18. 4 1 2 stars.I only read this book because I was expecting blood, gore and mild necrophilia.Instead, I got a beautifully poetic book full of immaculately developed characters and gorgeous prose that demolished the well worn cliches of zombie literature and everything I thought I knew about those old shufflers Man I hate it when I don t get what I want Pfft.

  19. finished and I loved it I m so freakin excited to be starting this Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a love for all things zombies So when my sis told me about a zombie romance, I said hell yeah I need to read this I m ready for some Zombie love Buddy read with Marta, Brenda and Rosanna Can t wait to meet the very interesting and very dead R

  20. I m sorry I can t properly introduce myself, but I don t have a name any Hardly any of us do We lose them like car keys, forget them like anniversaries Mine might have started with an R , but that s all I have for now.None of us are particularly attractive, but death has been kinder to me than some I m still in the early stages of decay Just the grey skin, the unpleasant smell, the dark circles under my eyes I could almost pass for a Living man in need of a vacation.Isaac Marion s debut novel i [...]

  21. I used to avoid any zombie movies or novels before reading Warm Bodies Well I still believe zombies are creepy but this book shook my thoughts upside down This book taught us about being human Humans are the only living species in the Homo genus, a human body is constructed of flesh and bone with warm blood flowing through our artery and vein, our heart beats at 60 RR interval in seconds Then why are we so different from these living dead zombies Because we have feelings, we smile when we are ha [...]

  22. 3.5 starsA philosophical zombie love story is not something I expected I thoroughly enjoyed this and the prose was gorgeous albeit a bit purple, but enjoyable still I REALLY WISH I READ THIS WHEN THE SEQUEL WAS ALREADY OUT THOUGH I have so many questions I need answered

  23. Such a unique take on zombies I really loved reading from the mind of a zombie R is freaking awesome and I can t fucking wait for the sequel I m hoping we learn about the plague like how did it start and I wanna know if R ever remembers who he is What a great way to start 2016.

  24. Since I read this as an audiobook, I can t go back and share any quotes UPDATE I have since wised up and started routinely checking out library print copies of my audio fare Which is a shame, since Warm Bodies is unexpectedly poetic for a zombie novel It s also quite humorous.If you ve seen the movie The book is significantly different enough to be worth a go The relationship between R and Julie s boyfriend is deeper and important in the book than in the movie The boneys are symbolic of unquest [...]

  25. Warm Bodies Warm Bodies 1 by Isaac Marion was so boring that I got about half way through by forcing myself and gave up I could not finish which is not like me at all If I review a book, I finish it but I just could not torture myself any longer.

  26. Beautiful A very unique and beautiful retelling of Romeo Juliet It left me with a smile on my face It was heartwarming, lyrical, deep and profound Something I did not expected This doesn t feel like a zombie book at all I mean it is full with gory creatures that are hungry for brains but it is much than that The whole book is a parallelism that represents a very strong message Happiness is hidden in the smallest things Live your life to the fullest Oh, and don t forget It is never too late Some [...]

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