Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

Proof of Heaven A Neurosurgeon s Journey into the Afterlife Thousands of people have had near death experiences but scientists have argued that they are impossible Dr Eben Alexander was one of those scientists A highly trained neurosurgeon Alexander knew tha

Thousands of people have had near death experiences, but scientists have argued that they are impossible Dr Eben Alexander was one of those scientists A highly trained neurosurgeon, Alexander knew that NDEs feel real, but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress.Then, Dr Alexander s own brain was attacked by a rare illness The part of the brain thaThousands of people have had near death experiences, but scientists have argued that they are impossible Dr Eben Alexander was one of those scientists A highly trained neurosurgeon, Alexander knew that NDEs feel real, but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress.Then, Dr Alexander s own brain was attacked by a rare illness The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion and in essence makes us human shut down completely For seven days he lay in a coma Then, as his doctors considered stopping treatment, Alexander s eyes popped open He had come back.Alexander s recovery is a medical miracle But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super physical existence There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself.Alexander s story is not a fantasy Before he underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul Today Alexander is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition.This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to That it happened to Dr Alexander makes it revolutionary No scientist or person of faith will be

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Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

  1. Eben Alexander III born December 11, 1953 is an American neurosurgeon and the author of the book Proof of Heaven A Neurosurgeon s Journey into the Afterlife, in which he describes his 2008 near death experience and asserts that science can and will determine that the brain does not create consciousness and that consciousness survives bodily death.

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  1. I might have rated Proof of Heaven A Neurosurgeon s Journey into the Afterlife three stars had the author replaced the title with the subtitle If you re looking for proof of heaven or just an insightful and critical exploration of NDEs, you are better off moving on Proof is one neurosurgeon s personal account of heaven, or rather, a heavenly experience What it s not is a scientifically rigorous and groundbreaking paper on the actuality of heaven.Alexander offers a montage of his experiences in t [...]

  2. very cleverly written and marketed trash Those who want to believe are going to believe regardless, but all the convincing arguments he makes can easily be discredited 1 It s implied that being a neurosurgeon somehow makes his experience valid than that of say a teacher, or fireman, or even a bum on the street Nonsense it does not make him an expert on the afterlife 2 The way he sequences events in the book strongly imply that he experienced these out of body events while his brain was effectiv [...]

  3. For those like myself that struggle with their faith and what happens to us when we pass, this book gives a compelling view from a scientist and a self proclaimed skeptic As a scientist, I feel today s religions use their dogma to control morality When something doesn t fit into their belief system they want you go along just because This book explores the idea of the afterlife in a secular way and challenges the neuroscience doctrinal assertions that completely dismiss near death experiences ND [...]

  4. For reason s unknown, I have been fascinated by questions of mortality since I was a teenager Deeply skeptical of religion, I have always had a profound felt sense that we are a part of something vastly greater than we can even imagine It seems absolutely absurd to me that all of this that we are engaged in is the result of some cosmic accident and that the Universe is simply random and ultimately meaningless But, we live in a scientific age where if you cannot label something and test it it isn [...]

  5. I am a Near Death Experiencer I was really excited when I ran across Dr Eben Alexander s book on his Near Death Experience I spent last night and most of today reading his book.I am happy that someone with Dr Alexander s years of experience and qualifications has told his story of one of the deepest and longest and most significant NDE s I ve ever read about or heard of.Dr Alexander is a neurosurgeon who has worked at some of the finest hospitals in the country He has also been a teacher at Harv [...]

  6. This book should be called A Doctor s Description of His Illness and How His Body looked to Everyone Else Oops, guess that is too long sort of like the book, too long I actually was going to give the book one star, but Dr Alexander went to a lot of effort to tell us about him and his illness and to interview people who told him what his body looked like while he was ill The little discussion there was of the NDE or up to the point when I decided to put the book down because life is too short , w [...]

  7. This nonfiction book about a neurosurgeon who suffers from a severe infection of the brain so severe that it shuts down his neo cortex and he drops into a deep coma is one of the best Near Death Experience books I ve ever read The author was an agnostic physician with expertise in the brain and consciousness He started with a strong position that all consciousness is centered in brain function If the brain stops functioning, you are dead and there is no coming back He was skeptical of claims of [...]

  8. This was a hard book to get through because the author tried to prove through scientific method throughout that his experience was real Important, but not your typical NDE book I thought it had some invaluable insights to life and purpose How do we get closer to this genuine spiritual self By manifesting love and compassion Why Because love and compassion are far than the abstractions many of us believe them to be They are real They are concrete And they make up the very fabric of the spiritual [...]

  9. I will acknowledge that I am rating and reviewing this little less than halfway through Full bias disclosure I will also readily acknowledge that from the moment I heard about Alexander s account, I desperately wanted to read it and believe it The reason is simple The snippets to which I d been exposed in interviews and reviews so closely mirrored an experience with my late husband less than a week before his actual death and a full two years before this book s publication His eyes were closed a [...]

  10. I wanted to like this book but there were so many signs of improbability to the story I just couldn t do it By the end of the book I was sure that the author and his editors were selling snake oil Alexander tried very hard to distance himself from religion and new age spirituality in the beginning of his book so he could seem credible once he starts telling his outlandish story Believe me I m a Neurologist I know the brain better than you Believe me I wasn t religious before Believe me I was a [...]

  11. I read this book because I know these people in it I worked at Lynchburg General during this time I have read my share of books about the Afterlife and NDE s Having said that, I do not believe that this book is like any of the others that I have read I have seen a lot of very ill tempered comments and reviews about this book many of which seem to seek to tear down the character or intent of the author In my opinion, that is unfair and not a review of the book I did not find anything wrong with i [...]

  12. Ever since I read this stinker, a book bent on manipulating you into Christianity, and not in proving an afterlife, I had been kind of keeping an eye out for a book that was a credible counterpart to it I had heard stories of NDEs previous to reading Heaven is For Real, and new such credible cases did exist.Well, the other night I was flipping channels and stopped on 20 20 because, being that it was close to Halloween they were doing stories on the paranormal and the afterlife I m a sucker for t [...]

  13. This book is about a neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander, who suffered an attack of E Coli bacterial meningitis that resulted in temporary brain death, and a Near Death Experience NDE The overarching premise of the book is that based on his experience of the NDE that death is not the end, that heaven exists, and that he is a scientist and was a skeptic and therefore is qualified to scientifically analyze what happened to him in objective terms Fair enough, game on.My first impression of the book was [...]

  14. Just started listening to the audio version of this book and am enjoying it so far As a devout Christian, all I need do is attach the familiar religious labels I know to the author s experiences and it all fits together I love his scientific view and indepth discussion of the brain I studied neurology for a semester and found it be to very interesting as well as extremely difficult matter A favorite quote How profoundly knowledge of one s origins can heal a person s life in unexpected ways anoth [...]

  15. It is beautiful to witness the courage it would take for a scientist to publicly express his discovery of faith No small feat For believers, the book is a message of hope For skeptics, its another object of ridicule Regardless, it is a gift to a humanity that is struggling under the weight of its own ambitions, greed, and fear in an increasingly uncertain world.

  16. So I m absolutely biased as I m part of the Chapter 33 camp It s a hobby of mine to read about quantum mechanics, string theory, consciousness etc I love it Also, I ve meditated, periodically, for over 15 years, which may explain my fascination with writings about consciousness Anyway, biased as I may be, Dr Alexander s book contains concise neuroscience, interspersed with his life story and details of his NDE Appendix B is must read as it lists 9 hypotheses for alternate explanations of his exp [...]

  17. A fascinating addition to the Near Death Experience stories A previously very skeptical brain surgeon had a powerful NDE and clearly receives the message that a loving power forms the universe The three main messages he received were 1 You are loved and cherished 2 You have nothing to fear and 3 There is nothing you can do wrong These echoed thoughts I found in Anita Moorjani s book about her NDE titled Dying to be Me I no longer feared death, cancer, accidents or any of the myriad things that u [...]

  18. I was asked to read this in exchange for a free copy What we have here is yet another person this time a doctor who wants his 15 minutes of glory by writing religious nonsense of some sort in hopes that the gullible, ignorant religious among us will fill his coffers with money while giving him the attention he craves This reminds me much of the crap in Heaven is Real where a minister father sought to make up a passel of lies and attribute them to his little child The only difference here is that [...]

  19. I was so excited when I heard about this book from a friend I am fascinated with people that have had NDE s I was especially interested since this man is a scientist and doctor and didn t believe it when his patients told him what they saw in their own NDE I did read many of the reviews before I purchased the book so I was aware that the author did not detail a lot of his actual experience and what he saw in Heaven, but I was still very excited to read it The author describes his experience in t [...]

  20. This book was compelling in many ways First of all it moves along except in a few chapters when the author gets a bit philosophical with several subplots woven into the main story Second it is well written, and I especially enjoyed hearing the author s voice on the recorded version of the book Third, the author s description of his illness, coma and experiences while in coma were amazing And it was fun to read about an atheist learning to believe there is to life than our physical existence An [...]

  21. I am an avid reader and an exceptionally rare reviewer But this book touched me deeply so I will offer my thoughts on the book Perhaps it is because I desperately needed something positive and much larger than the incredibly divisive and engulfing 2012 election cycle that I gravitated to this book or that loss of loved ones has never been completely put to rest I thoroughly enjoyed the balance that his science medical background gave to his story I, like the author, seem to have spent so much of [...]

  22. A year ago, I recommended the stellar book Sum book show 49 to a relative of mine This Christmas, they gave me Proof of Heaven as a gift I can see why they may have thought I would have interest in both these books they are both about the afterlife, and both written by neuroscientists That is where the similarity ends Whereas Sum is insightful, idea rich what Neal Stephenson might call Idea Porn , endlessly creative, and deliberately presented as a series of fictional thought experiments, Proof [...]

  23. Proof of Heaven do not let the title fool you that this is a Christian tome about streets of gold and pearly gates Eben Alexander, M.D a well respected neurosurgeon, saw many medical cases in which patients claimed to have seen deceased loved ones or heaven He dismissed them all as chemical processes in the brain until he had his own near death experience while in a seven day coma Alexander states that while in his coma his neo cortex was non functional The only thing keeping his body alive was [...]

  24. Gobbled this book right down because the author s near death experience isn t the most amazing part it was his perfect credentials for influencing everyone s opinion about that experience I ve visited places such as this neurosurgeon visited during his 7 day coma, and my nearly forty years of studying the interdimensional science of Consciousness made it all seem normal and to be expected of someone in his dying situation What impressed and astonished and delighted me was how PERFECTLY his situa [...]

  25. The proof of heaven is Eben Dr Eben Alexander should visit Pampanga, Philippines one day and surprise himself that the Kapampangans pronounce heaven and his first name almost the same way.Believers need not read this book for it says nothing new insofar as the prevalent belief system about the afterlife is concerned Non believers need not also read this book because it offers nothing conclusive And those who are somewhere in between belief and non belief need not read this too because whatever e [...]

  26. I don t read books about NDEs I am on the skeptical side, yet spiritual too A book written by a neurosurgeon who d been a big time skeptic, who d contracted a life threatening illness 1 in ten million gets his form of meninggitis , and spent 7 days in a coma during which he experienced a totally unique NDE when I saw the book on the table at BJ s and recalled that a friend had sent a link to several of her friends, I decided I had to read it Bought it 2 days ago and, despite a busy holiday prep [...]

  27. I read this for reasons that are probably different than most Simply put, I am searching for proof of an afterlife I have always believed , but since Ben died, blind faith and I don t have much of that isn t enough For the most part, the scientific data Dr Alexander puts forth convinces and comforts me His religious beliefs, as they are, mirror my own to a large degree.I read about 3 4 of the book the day I got it and at that point, and though I found some comfort at the descriptions of the comp [...]

  28. A truly wonderful book A neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander, knew from years of work on thousands of brains that if the neocortex is shut down, there is no possibility of creating ideas or recalling memories or any other way of producing experience Then he suffered bacterial meningitis and lost all neocortical function for seven days That he survived at all is miraculous He recovered all of his memories and expertise, except for one thing, his scientific disbelief in the spiritual or any kind of after [...]

  29. When I heard about this book, I pre ordered it for my Kindle Apparently I wasn t the only one His website says the book debuted at 1 in e book sales I ve been interested in NDE near death experience literature since reading Raymond Moody s Life After Lifein the mid 1970s So I didn t approach the book as a skeptic but a believer, and one who is familiar with the genre.Dr Alexander s experience is unique in several ways 1 As a neurosurgeon, he was very much a scientist and a skeptic, so when he we [...]

  30. I read this book with interest Not because I wanted to see if there is a heaven, simply that it had been written by a Neurosurgeon A man of scientific knowledge, I wondered what he would say In my opinion the best review of this book is here review show I had my own beliefs before I read this and the book didn t change that but this is an interesting and thoughtful read a 4 from me.

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