State of Fear

State of Fear In Tokyo in Los Angeles in Antarctica in the Solomon Islands an intelligence agent races to put all the pieces together to prevent a global catastrophe

In Tokyo, in Los Angeles, in Antarctica, in the Solomon Islands an intelligence agent races to put all the pieces together to prevent a global catastrophe.

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State of Fear

  1. Michael Crichton 1942 2008 was one of the most successful novelists of his generation, admired for his meticulous scientific research and fast paced narrative He graduated summa cum laude and earned his MD from Harvard Medical School in 1969 His first novel, Odds On 1966 , was written under the pseudonym John Lange and was followed by seven Lange novels He also wrote as Michael Douglas and Jeffery Hudson His novel A Case of Need won the Edgar Award in 1969 Popular throughout the world, he has sold than 200 million books His novels have been translated into thirty eight languages, and thirteen have been made into films.Michael Crichton passed away from lymphoma in 2008 He was 66 years old.

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  1. I never expected to read this book But my mom left a copy of Michael Crichton s book State of Fear at my house, and I found myself reading it The book is an odd mix of fiction and pseudo scientific argument As a fiction piece, it s actually okay For reasons that are irrelevant to the plot, evil villains are trying to shear a big iceberg off into the ocean, create a flash flood in a canyon, and make a tidal wave hit LA The good guys are of course trying to stop them, and manage to stop them just [...]

  2. The threat of global warming is essentially nonexistent Even if it were a real phenomenon, it would probably result in a net benefit to most of the world p407 I just finished reading State of Fear, Michael Crichton s creator of ER and author of Jurassic Park, Timeline, and many others latest novel We discussed this a few months ago but I must say this book really is a delicious slap in the face for ill informed environmentalists If you have environmentalist leanings, or think that global warming [...]

  3. 3.5 starsI can t believe that I am sitting here thinking about this review while Hurricane Sandy s imminence is being trumpeted just outside my door.Makes you think The story itself is about global warming It s a cautionary tale really On the one hand you have some radical environmentalists scientists who are not above manipulating the environment in order to support their fund raising goals I mean people will dig deeper into their pockets if they have been personally impacted by global warming, [...]

  4. State of Fear is centered around a plot by eco terrorists to bring world attention to global warming by, you guessed it, blowing up half the world Yes, the nonsensical plot that makes up the spine of this book leaves the rest of this skeletal narrative in the hands of a man we ve rarely seen Michael Crichton, political philosopher First of all, the book, released in 2004, asks you to believe that there is a state of fear being pushed on the public in order to scare them into belief of Global War [...]

  5. If you want to write an essay on your opinion of global warming, Mikey, do so Don t disguise it as a novel when you ve only got 10 pages of plot.

  6. This is propaganda written by an ultra rich person Utterly despicable I just thought Crichton was mediocre until I read this Now I think he s insidious There re 2 basic thrusts Global Warming is a myth ecology activists are phenomenally stupid I don t actually have much of an opinion about global warming one way or the other so I don t hate this novel so much b c it s a threat to mass consciousness there I hate it b c it s so repulsively propagandistic w o any self acknowledgement as such The ba [...]

  7. Exciting book I ve read it 3 times now After reading State of Fear you ll think everyone who believes in global warming is an idiot Definitely read the author s message at the end, it s really interesting.

  8. Reread Dec 01, 2014 Thought provoking, controversial, action packed, suspenseful, well researched, outrageous, perhaps a science fiction, as well as fictional science book The plot A lawyer represents a wealthy client who is donating large amount of money to various conservation causes and gets involved in the underworld of power, greed and social manipulation The discovery of a set of GPS points leads to the action packed adventures which becomes the main focus of the drama.Comments State of Fe [...]

  9. As a thriller, this books fails to achieve Cricthon s usual intensity The plot is an obvious vehicle for the rhetoric, and full of predictable thriller writer strategies The premise climate scientists with guns never ceases to feel absurd The characterizations are flatter than usual, and vicious where he means them to be merely satirical There is cranky old man venom in the writing In short, this book is a piece of propaganda and would never have been published were it not for Crichton s name br [...]

  10. Michael Crichton continues to impress with both his story telling and with his researching capabilities State of Fear, on its surface, is a novel about the global warming debate But the issues it touches upon go deeper than just whether or not global warming is a phenomenon we should be concerned about.A particularly cogent theme of the book is the role of politics in shaping scientific research In particular, Crichton delves into how global warming research is shaped by political agendas both b [...]

  11. If you ve read many of my reviews you know it s not unusual for me to open a review with something like This is an interesting book or simply Interesting That applies here also.I looked through some of the other reviews of this book and I find that in many if not most cases the number of stars in the rating depends heavily on whether you agree with the stance of the main character or one of the main characters, Kenner is the spokesman in most of the narratives but the protagonist is Evans Anyway [...]

  12. Holy crap First of all, a good, solid Crichton novel Second, you will never think about global warming or science in general the same way again I don t know how much of the information about global warming presented in the book is true, but it sure does make you wonder about a lot of things What the book is really about is the politicization of science and the manipulation even if unintentional of scientific information And all of this is presented in the form of an exciting, well told, well dev [...]

  13. I m a big fan of Michael Crichton novels and State of Fear isn t an exception This is a book that you can read very easily because of it has a well written archetypal and blockbuster Hollywood style If you want to read something entertaining and you love the thrillers that mix science, politics and conspiracy theories then this is your book Espanish version Soy un gran fan de las novelas de Michael Crichton y Estado de miedo no es una excepci n Es un libro que se puede leer muy f cilmente debido [...]

  14. This is the worst book I have ever had the misfortune of wasting my time with Not only are the politics deplorable it s about a group of eco terrorists who induce fake desasters to back up their false claims of global warming , it s also shoddily written The characters are paper thin and idiotic, the hero is a dim witted buffoon, and the plot consists of icreasingly boring action scenes, interrupted by the preachings of an obnoxious Jack Bauer rip off The bad guys all drive Priuses and the good [...]

  15. 2.0 stars This book was somewhat of a disappointment for me as I have always been a Michael Crichton fan and the premise of the book radical environmentalists as the bad guys was intriguing However, rather than letting the story or the various arguments make the case against global warming , Crichton just beats the reader over the head with one sided monologues I was hoping for a thoughful, and thus powerful, expression of the premise That said, it was an easy read and there were a few decent [...]

  16. Balanced perspective on the issues of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, politicized science, romanticized environmentalism, poorly informed decisions, and media bias.Exciting Provocative From the brilliant mind of Michael Crichton, M.D Like all of his books, he describes scientific concepts, and the new directions they may take, in the context of a dramatic story.Extensively researched, contains footnotes and a bibliography, including his personal opinions, of books and resources that h [...]

  17. OK, so, controversy concerning global warming aside, this is a pretty solid effort from Crichton Particularly engrossing than Timeline although probably not as believable as Prey His readers seem to understand and expect that he will take rather liberal license with stretching the realm of scientific possibility in his stories, but the point is his skeptic characters sure seem to believe it and that s good enough for me The point is, storywise, I think this is pretty solid I m not sure exactly [...]

  18. Do you enjoy seeing pompous, self righteous jerks get their rightful comeuppance Then you will like this book Dr Crichton delivers his usual competent tour through a scientific realm, mixing a decent amount of action and suspense with actual facts Global warming zealots are the target here and he hits the bull s eye, judging from the reaction about this book The book reads exceptionally fast for all the science and background explanation necessary For the average person with a little common sens [...]

  19. I really enjoyed this book, despite being a tree hugger and one of the main themes of the book being that it questioned the entire concept of global warming It was a very compelling page turner, and I think Crichton does an excellent job of conveying the message not that global warming is necessarily false or that there aren t things we could all be doing differently in our lives, but that every news headline and every study too should be taken with a grain of salt and the data behind it should [...]

  20. The deck is stacked here The lefty environmentalists are dimwitted TV actors who nearly rape women who don t desire their advances, or cynical ideologues, if not actual murderers The climate change denialists are clear thinking, evidence admiring McGyvers When the good guys are being followed by the bad guys, the bad guys are driving Priuses The characters are puppets who recite talking points They often refer to climate change nonchange graphs, which Crichton inserts in the text They elucidate [...]

  21. Trigger warnings violence, gore, cannibalism seriously , car accident, murder I think that s all, apart from offensive abuse of science So this was technically a reread for me Except that considering I read it the year it came out, I d forgotten literally everything that happens in the story And I probably should have known that it would end very badly when my brother saw me grab it off the bookshelf the other day and said Ooooh, that book is gonna make you REALLY mad He was not wrong Here s the [...]

  22. This book was intriguing to me It is not what I would consider my normal genre, but the student I tutored last year did a report on Michael Crichton and this book was in a lot of the research we did I had no idea Michael Chrichton was so multi talented Anyway, my husband had listened to this book on CD while driving, and really enjoyed it, so I picked it off the shelf Once I started reading, I had trouble stopping for food, drink, bathroom breaks, or even sleep This is the reason I can only read [...]

  23. Alright, I ve waited to review this book long enough The fact is, I waited so long because I could never find enough hate filled words to accurately describe my opinion of this book However I don t think I ll ever find them, so here it goes A new friend asked me why I hate Michael Crichton I decided I ll post my response here as my review As for Crichton, well it s kind of a long story I ll tell you, but I ll understand if you choose to skip it You ll notice that Jurassic Park and Time Line are [...]

  24. La merda Thrillerucolo da quattro soldi che offre inesattezze scientifiche vergognosa la parte sul clima nonch l assortimento ammerigano di inseguimenti ai quattro angoli del globo e la classica bionda che aspetta nella dimora a gambe aperte non una brutta idea, ma un po di realismo non guasterebbe.Quando poi si va a parare nel complottismo massonico informatico mediatico le risate involontarie diventano naturali e si comprende, con amarezza, il rincoglionimento completo di un autore che aveva f [...]

  25. State of Fear by Michael Crichton Beginning with the mysterious death of a wave analyst in France, this book has its moments of action all around the world though, the main setting is Los Angeles, California in 2004 It also takes place in Antarctica, the Solomon Islands, Iceland, and several other places throughout the world, all the while chasing after the relentlessly evil plot of the eco terrorist group ELF The reason I really enjoyed this book was how you were just dropped in the middle of a [...]

  26. Even the subject is interesting, the book itself was really naive and easy to predictThat is why I put on only 3 stars

  27. So what we need is to structure the information so that whatever kind of weather occurs, it always confirms your message That s the virtue of shifting the focus to abrupt climate change It enables us to use everything that happens There will always be floods, and freezing storms, and cyclones, and hurricanes These events will always get airtime And in every instance, we can claim it is an example of global warming So the message gets reinforced The urgency is increased This from a PR person in t [...]

  28. I disliked this book intensely Right from the beginning it was critical of enviornmental subjects such as global warming I was involved with through such studies in the 1990s and into the new century, and many of his opinions were ill founded although I recognized that the problems he spoke of exist, they are hardly dominant in any of the enviromental fields.He claimed to be a defender of the scientific method regarding an approach to the crises apparent in the world, yet there were obvious gaps [...]

  29. State of Fear, Michael Crichton State of Fear is, like many of Crichton s books, a fictional work that uses a mix of speculation and real world data, plus technological innovations as fundamental storyline devices 1392 731 9789644428210 21 .

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