Three Kingdoms: Classic Novel in Four Volumes

Three Kingdoms Classic Novel in Four Volumes The empire long divided must unite long united must divide Thus it has ever been With this characterization of the inevitable cycle of Chinese history the monumental tale Three Kingdoms begins As

The empire, long divided, must unite long united, must divide Thus it has ever been With this characterization of the inevitable cycle of Chinese history, the monumental tale Three Kingdoms begins As important for Chinese culture as the Homeric epics have been for the West, this Ming Dynasty masterpiece continues to be read and loved throughout China as well as in Ja The empire, long divided, must unite long united, must divide Thus it has ever been With this characterization of the inevitable cycle of Chinese history, the monumental tale Three Kingdoms begins As important for Chinese culture as the Homeric epics have been for the West, this Ming Dynasty masterpiece continues to be read and loved throughout China as well as in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam The novel offers a startling and unsparing view of how power is wielded, how diplomacy is conducted, and how wars are planned and fought it has influenced the ways that Chinese think about power, diplomacy, and war even to this day.Three Kingdoms portrays a fateful moment at the end of the Han Dynasty 206 B.C A.D 220 when the future of the Chinese empire lay in the balance Writing than a millennium later, Luo Guanzhong drew on often told tales of this turbulent period to fashion a sophisticated compelling narrative, whose characters display vivid individuality and epic grandeur.The story begins when the emperor, fearing uprisings by peasant rebels known as the Yellow Scarves, sends an urgent appeal to the provinces for popular support In response, three young men the aristocratic Liu Xuande, the fugitive Lord Guan, and the pig butcher Zhang Fei meet to pledge eternal brotherhood and fealty to their beleaguered government From these events comes a chain of cause and consequence that leads ultimately to the collapse of the

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Three Kingdoms: Classic Novel in Four Volumes

  1. Luo Ben c 1330 1400 , better known by his style name Luo Guanzhong Mandarin pronunciation lw kwant , was a Chinese writer who lived during the Yuan Dynasty He was also known by his pseudonym Huhai Sanren Chinese pinyin H h i S nr n literally Leisure Man of Lakes and Seas Luo was attributed with writing Romance of the Three Kingdoms and editing Water Margin, two of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

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  1. The world s affairs rush on, an endless stream A sky told fate, infinite in reach, dooms all.The kingdoms three are now the stuff of dream,For men to ponder, past all praise or blame.The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a book which attempts to cover the sweep and drama of history The sheer scale and scope of the book makes it a clear epic in the traditional sense This is a book written in the same century as the The Decameron To give a scale of its scope, the book starts in 168 AD and ends in 2 [...]

  2. Around the time the earth cooled and life spread across the continents, I was a huge fan of the game Destiny of an Emperor for the NES Chinese generals with names I couldn t pronounce duking it out for the fate of China enthralled me.Years later, I was thinking fondly of the game and decided to investigate the source, Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms is one of the four great classics of Chinese literature.Imagine my surprise while on my 2300 page journey that the story of the game wasn t very much [...]

  3. The historical novel recounts the kingdoms of Wu, Wei and Shu vying to dominate China proper after the fall of the Eastern Han dynasty Approximate Territories of the Three Kingdoms Image from Yu Ninjie Not only are the heroic deeds memorable but the strategic up onemanship among the kingdom reads like Machiavelli s The Prince You can find many of the strategies from Sun Tzu s The Art of War Recommended for all historical novel lovers A Portrait of Cao Cao, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Wei

  4. Difficult to begin, butThis novel, one of the great classic Chinese novels, is one of the difficult texts for readers While some others, like Journey to the West or The Marshes of Mount Liang, are much easily accessible and entertaining right from the beginning, a feeling of disorientation is common for first readers of Three Kingdoms The story starts without introduction with the appearance of dozens of protagonists, and it s hard to keep track of all of them At the end you will have encounte [...]

  5. I love this book All the characters, despite the fact that there are so many, are unique, and every character plays a part When I started reading this book in March I finished in June I was studying China in my sixth grade class If you are in sixth grade you should probably only read it if you have an intense interest in Chinese history and it really helped me know a lot about dynasties in general, how empires function, and how war is fought throughout Chinese history It even influences the way [...]

  6. There can be no equal This is the book that makes all others pale in comparison.I m forced to compare this book to Game of Thrones due to the popularity of the TV series, as its all my friends ask about when talking about this book How does it compare to Game of Thrones It doesn t This is not high fantasy.To say it s a story about the fall of the Han dynasty and the various warlords scramble to fill the void does not due the book justice If you are looking for all the political maneuvering and [...]

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  8. Romance of the Three Kingdoms was written sometime around the 1400 1500 s late Yuan to mid Ming and tells a dramatized version of the fall of the Han Dynasty and the three kingdoms period, spanning 168 280 A.D over 2300 pages.And it s not an easy read, at least at first The first several hundred pages can be very confusing with dozens upon dozens of characters with difficult to remember names, coming and going with no way of telling whether they will be important characters or not Once you get t [...]

  9. Holyshit.That was nuts.Beyond Epic.Try to keep up.I had to read this series a few time to figure it all out.You gotta have a little patience with this one.It was written about 500 years ago, so the way the story is delivered is very different.Sometimes like kung fu master or a great wine Subtle yet powerful Dynamic yet poignant Rich and and complex, yet not pretentious or overly flamboyant.

  10. Die Drei K nigreiche ein Schl sseltext der chinesischen Literatur Dies ist die zweite bersetzung, die ich lese, die erste ist die englische Voll bersetzung von Moss Roberts F r Kuhn bersetzungen gilt im Allgemeinen, dass sie gek rzte Nachdichtungen sind, und auch hier findet sich ein entsprechender Hinweis im Nachwort Der vorliegende Band bringt in stellenweise gek rzter Fassung die ersten achtunddrei ig Kapitel, also knapp ein Drittel des einhundertzwanzig Kapitel z hlenden Originaltexts S.461. [...]

  11. Really long, really good.And what follows is a somewhat tedious review, so don t read it.It s my first read through and I m not sure I can offer much in review But my favorite characters were Zhao Zilong for his bravery, honor, and integrity , Zhang Fei for his heroic appetite , and Kongming for his wisdom, but not so much for his pragmatism Liu Bei, as portrayed, seemed to become less of the figure near the end, and this was a letdown, at least for my emotional attachment to him Deng Ai was a c [...]

  12. A wonderful translation of a complex historical epic The Romance of Three Kingdoms covers the period 168 AD to 280 AD the collapse of the Han dynasty into three warring kingdoms, the Wei, Wu, and Shu and in the last chapter their eventual reunification by the Jin dynasty The story is rich with personalities, contests of wit and will, and military exploits The heart of the story pits Liu Xuande, a virtuous, personable man who ultimately founds the Shu kingdom with a lot of help from loyal friends [...]

  13. Volume I This book is awesome I ll fill in the review once I ve read the other three volumes.Volume II The stuff of legends Battle, intrigue, strategy, poetry, honor Volume III I almost lost interest in the first half, but was well rewarded by the developments that followed.Volume IV The empire long divided, must unite long united, must divide The conclusion kept me guessing up to the end In this volume it was sad that Kongming died without reaching his goal, and sadder that the children of some [...]

  14. In a word sprawling This is certainly not a quick read Guanzhong s epic contains hundreds of characters, battles, and events that need to be properly stored in memory for the reader to understand the novel The book is roughly 70% historically accurate, which allows for a mostly solid basis for the author to expand upon This is not an unbiased record of the Three Kingdoms Era, as the Shu Han faction, and Liu Bei in particular, is lionized while Cao Cao s Wei is often put in a negative light The l [...]

  15. Pre review I strongly believe you guys won t want to miss this anime manga retelling of the Three Kingdoms LOL enpedia wiki Ikki_To You also won t want to miss this slightly Boy s Love version of retelling either enpedia wiki K%C5%8D I admit I laughed my ass off when I was watching the few anime episodes of this oneLooks like there still are some soft power left in Chinese classical literature after all

  16. Read the abridged version a while ago, but reading the Iliad made me think about this book again Someday, I d like to find and read the whole thing It s a good look a Chinese war history Just a heads up, there are several characters to keep track of and with similar names The reason I read this though was because I enjoy learning about ancient China and because of the video game Dynasty Warriors Having played that game actually helped me a little with who was who in the novel.

  17. I didn t get around to reading this book until after college, though I knew the basic story One day, I will translate this whole book and give it the literary style it deserves The current translations are all wretchedly dated, but the characters are incredible 100 s of them and all well developed with their own quirks It really puts the snooze fest that is War and Peace to shame.

  18. I m not well versed in Chinese names which makes it even difficult to follow the abundance of undeveloped characters through the long series of battle to battle to battle Too long If you get this in hard cover, you d probably need a mule to carry it.

  19. I started reading The Three Kingdoms a few weeks ago I finished volume 1 this weekend I m reading the Moss Roberts translation as my Chinese is nowhere near good enough to tackle reading it in the original I have to say I m enjoying it much than I thought I would I have to say I think having played Dynasty Warriors 4 first really helped With the cast of 100 s having played the video game and been able to put faces to people helped keep them all straight a lot easier I also think having studied [...]

  20. At four volumes, this is a lot of book I decided to read it around the time that Beijing was making news for their Olympic preparations, as Three Kingdoms is a beloved classic there and reputedly informs much of Chinese culture After making my way through this epic, I can certainly see why, though I personally felt that it was a little military history than novel.Trying to pay attention to the particulars of Three Kingdoms can be a daunting task there are literally hundreds of characters, many [...]

  21. Epic is the only word that can be used to describe this.I have just finished the third volume, and am looking forward to the fourth and final volume I have only one complaint, and that is the lack of female characters With only one exception, all the women are treated either as property or objects of veneration, if she married well and managed to reach old age How do women survive at all in a man s world _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _At this point, I have finished reading the whole thing, and I have to say t [...]

  22. A Classic Novel in Four 4 Volumes Big volumes In a nutshell recounts the kingdoms of Wu, Wei and Shu vying to dominate China proper after the fall of the Eastern Han dynasty I do recommend this to anyone interested in a Historical novelsb Chinese literaturec Someone with a large period of time on their hands This is convoluted and so very intensive on the memory, but it is also so richly rewarding as well, and worth the not insignificant effort to read.

  23. An exelent source if you are looking to find out about the culture, society, morals and history of china the last one is greatly helped by the essays in the afterword On the other hand, I would not recomend it as a leasure read for the most people As a novel, it gets incredibly repetitive unless you are a hardcore military strategy fan, there is only that many times before reading about two generals fighting, one feigning defeat and leading the other one into a trap gets old To be fair to those [...]

  24. Hands down it s my favorite history novel ever written The complex of the drama and story plot, simply makes you wanted to keep reading it.In the time of eastern Han dynasty that almost brought down by traitors, there came many heroes Some were loyal, some were only loyal to gain cause in bringing power and fame to them.This novel brought hundred of characters , the focus is mainly latter in remain three power blocs Cao Wei, Shu Han, and Eastern Wu Struggles and intrigue to have written for almo [...]

  25. Moss Robert s translation is hands down the best It comes with great inter textual commentary and essays discussing the meaning of the work Three Kingdoms is, by itself, well deserving of being a classic, but this version is the definitive one.

  26. My responses to the individual volumes of this edition are below, but the highlight is, this is a phenomenal work, full of scheming, heroism, tragic flaws, and fascinating stratagems, also stupidity, pride, and the collapse of kingdoms big and small Maybe it s the time period in which I m reading it, but it seemed to me that one of the ongoing themes focused on how the sure sign that a kingdom will fall comes when the people serving in government are focused on their own wealth and pleasure tha [...]

  27. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the four classics of Chinese literature and the other two I don t own are on my wishlist, hint hint At first it appears pretty intimidating There s over 2000 pages of text in four volumes here, and everyone, of course, has Chinese names On top of that, some of the important figures also have nicknames in addition to their given names Luckily, the superb translation ensures a minimum of confusion partly via the simple expedient of picking a way of referrin [...]

  28. Only two stars for this great work of literature Surely you jest, Matt Nope I couldn t finish it and gave up half way through volume 1 It was interesting for a while, but the writing style was really stilted, not at all helped by a mediocre translation, bad typesetting, and poor proofreading I couldn t keep track of all the characters with such similar names there s Zhang Bao, Zang Bao, Zhiang Bao, Xiang Bao, Xian Bao, and so on Given they keep switching sides, I ended up with no idea who was wh [...]

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