Journey to the West (4-Volume Boxed Set)

Journey to the West Volume Boxed Set First published in The Journey to the West volume I comprises the first twenty five chapters of Anthony C Yu s four volume translation of Hsi yu Chi one of the most beloved classics of Chines

First published in 1952, The Journey to the West, volume I, comprises the first twenty five chapters of Anthony C Yu s four volume translation of Hsi yu Chi, one of the most beloved classics of Chinese literature The fantastic tale recounts the sixteen year pilgrimage of the monk Hs an tsang 596 664 , one of China s most illustrious religious heroes, who journeyed to InFirst published in 1952, The Journey to the West, volume I, comprises the first twenty five chapters of Anthony C Yu s four volume translation of Hsi yu Chi, one of the most beloved classics of Chinese literature The fantastic tale recounts the sixteen year pilgrimage of the monk Hs an tsang 596 664 , one of China s most illustrious religious heroes, who journeyed to India with four animal disciples in quest of Buddhist scriptures For nearly a thousand years, his exploits were celebrated and embellished in various accounts, culminating in the hundred chapter Journey to the West, which combines religious allegory with romance, fantasy, humor, and satire.

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Journey to the West (4-Volume Boxed Set) : by Wu Cheng'en W.J.F. Jenner
    277 Wu Cheng'en W.J.F. Jenner
Journey to the West (4-Volume Boxed Set)

  1. Wu Cheng en simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin W Ch ng n, ca 1505 1580 or 1500 1582, courtesy name Ruzhong , pen name Sheyang Hermit, was a Chinese novelist and poet of the Ming Dynasty, best known for being the probable author of one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, Journey to the West, also called Monkey.

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  1. On hold since Summer 2006, I m done with 3 1 2 volumes of this.I hope to finish before I die 9 14 07 Seriously, I should finish this.10 4 07 No kidding.10 29 07 Give it some time.12 9 07 Wait for it2 6 08 Uh4 6 08 I ve read another chapter 5 22 08 Guys, really.6 17 08 I ve read another bit.7 10 08 This is getting ridiculous9 30 08 What the hell.4 25 09 I don t think this is ever going to be finished.7 26 09 Except, by some miracle, I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED.7 27 09 I ve downgraded it from a 5 to a [...]

  2. Hiroshi Saito translationHeaven ArcThe lesson of the this, the prequel section that sets up the main story, is that you can be an enormous asshole and you ll totally get your way, at least until you piss off Buddha.Earth ArcYou can continue to be an enormous ass and mouth off to gods as long as you nominally do what they say and use some polite language.Water ArcThe gang s all here now It s imporant who s around when you get your divine punishment Sometimes they shave your head and take your ne [...]

  3. Fantastically entertainingI am always astonished how readable and accessible are those old Chinese classical books I ve stated that for The Marshes of Mount Liang, and it s even true for the Xiyouji, or Journey to the West Dating back to the 16th century, it s as readable as if it was only written a few decades ago Of course, there are some stylistic quirks you have to get accustomed to retelling of a just happened event by another person, formulaic plot elements, and the wordiness that blows u [...]

  4. 2 6 15 Finished Volume 1 of 4 This is a fascinating mythic journey so far This first volume is almost of a prologue, for those wondering how much of a journey this is going to turn out to be, out of 25 chapters, the first 7 make up the origin story of Monkey, and the next five of the monk Sanzang who at least so far appears to be the actual hero of the story, journeying to the west to receive the scriptures from the Buddha and bring them back to the Tang Emperor I would love to read some works [...]

  5. Finally, it came to an end 3 months Books like this should be the slow reads that are done along side with other shorter, faster paced books.To be honest, I hadn t expected much when I started I watched every TV series version available maybe a zillion times before I believed that I practically know everything about this Journey.But perhaps my memories blurred, or that they were the little details that I never noticed when I was sitting in front of the b w 14 television when I was 5 or perhaps i [...]

  6. Translator W.J.F Jenner says Because this was a book written for entertainment and pleasure I did not want it cluttered with footnotes I reckoned that as long as readers were being carried along by the story, they did not want to be distracted by an annotator plucking at their sleeves, and explaining the countless Buddhist, Daoist and other references Those who do want the scholarly paraphernalia can always turn to Anthony C Yu s version More to the point, here s a piece by Jenner Journeys to th [...]

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  8. I m torn about whether I should rate this higher I really liked it, and it s a must read for anyone who likes fighting mangas This is the granddaddy a bunch of idiots who don t like each other very much get stuck on a long journey where they have to face increasingly dangerous or outlandish obstacles to retrieve the true scriptures from a Buddha The Monkey King grandfather of such characters as Goku and Monkey D Luffy uses a combination of martial skills, cunning, and a large network of friends [...]

  9. One of the Four Great Literary pieces of China and my favorite tale of the four Through and through, it is a epic tale similar to the Iliad or the Odyssey The prose takes some getting used to as it is not written in any stylistic matter at all Rather, it told in tales with each chapter being a new story and event that occurs during the journey to the West Due to this, I am sure that there are people who would struggle though this Nevertheless, this tale has always been a part of my culture and f [...]

  10. This four volume translation that clearly involved no native English speakers is not for everyone It s a lot of fun if you enjoy the unintentional absurdity inherent in too literal translation For the most part, the rollicking story shines through the odd syntax, which only obscures beyond hope the meaning of a few sentences here and there.

  11. I m giving this one four stars for how much I liked it, and five stars for the impact I know it s had and my respect for it I started reading this one the summer of my freshman year of college, put it down almost immediately as a return when I have time book After picking it up repeatedly to try and finish but getting no further, I finally decided to tackle it this summer So, here I am Journey to the West is a difficult book to categorize I know it s a symbolic allegory, but as someone who does [...]

  12. The book consists of 100 chapters The first seven deal with the tale of Monkey s revolt against heaven A stone monkey is born on the Eastern Continent, becomes the monkey king, and travels west to attain immortality He is taught by a Taoist master who warns him never to reveal how it was that he attained his powers, and prophesises that in 500 years he will be struck down by heaven lest he finds a way to escape his fate None of this ever comes up again, because an overarching theme of the book i [...]

  13. The Journey to the West is one of the four great classics of Chinese literature As an English translation runs to over 1800 pages tackling it seems to be as daunting a task as reading all of Milton s Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained In fact W.J Jenner s fabulous translation turns the thing into a fabulous comic romp.The Journey to the West is the epic of how the Monk Tang Sanzang conducts a 14 year voyage to India in order to obtain Buddhist scriptures to bring back to China and thus spiritua [...]

  14. Back when I was really young and had nothing to do, I read the whole set a few times I only remember bits of the stories with epic battles, or Son Wu kong s incredible magical abilities This time when I re read it, I am now able to pick up subtleties in the stories and dialogues, like the author s satire of China s society, corruption of authority which invades even holy temples, or the philosophy of Budhism I also grew to appreciate the translators effort they were able to recreate the tale as [...]

  15. A simple but probably one of the better translations of the old story of a Journey to the West, or Sun Wu kong, as it may be called otherwheres Stories like this are rare to find these days, and filled with a touch of history that makes a slow read if you want to understand it all, but immensely rich in depth if you do learn it all.

  16. Talk about a long, strange trip Journey to the West is, by far, the longest book I ve ever read my edition was over 2,000 pages divided into 100 chapters , and certainly one of the most unique It is considered one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, and of those, is probably the most fantastical It took me five years to read, but it was well, well worth it.I ve got quite a lot to say about this book, so either strap yourself in, or leave this review for later This one s goi [...]

  17. Lo he tenido que dejar a la mitad, con todo el dolor de mi coraz n y mis ojos Odio dejar algo a la mitad, y m s cuando lo empec dos veces y me he tirado meses ley ndolo Pero igual ten a que haberlo tomado como una clara se al de que esto iba a suceder.Esta opini n se la dejo al orco literario En su d a, hace diez a os, lo saqu de la biblio y pens Hey Las aventuras del rey Mono El personaje m s legendario de la literatura oriental, cuyas aventuras inspiraron grandes personajes, historias y mitos [...]

  18. I listened to this 55 hr plus book I wish I could have seen pictures of who these characters were A lot of adventures, and Monkey always wants to kill someone sometimes it is helpful and he does try to become good.

  19. Th t kh ng th ng khi x a c th c li n t t n tr n i n tho i Ch th b x u xiu D i kinh kh ng, nh ng c kh ng bi t ch n B n d ch x a c m y o n th kh hay.

  20. Illogical use of magic to resolve obstacles dangers Propaganda for Chinese Buddhism , which is far away from Buddhism, as both a philosophy and a religion Gautama Buddha taught and explained to monks, and generally everyone, why not to use animal s labor, but the main character rides horses Gautama Buddha taught and explained why not to be afraid terrified, but the main character is always in that stat

  21. A Trickster Eric Novels reviewI finally finished Journey to the West the other day At over 3,000 pages across four volumes, it s quite a journey in and of itself I will examine plot, characters and polish before assigning a grade.This is a review of the novel as a whole I might do something specific at a later dateOT The novel itself is basically two stories First is the Rise and Fall of the Monkey King and the second is Xuanzang s journey to fetch scriptures from Thunder Monastery The Rise and [...]

  22. The day has finally come I have finished Journey to the West by Wu Cheng en Having started around half a year ago, this one was a true beast to read, and hell, it was a true journey So hold on to your pants, because this review might be a long one.When I began reading the book, I did not know what to expect One of my friends was studying Chinese literature and mentioned this book, and how awesome it is turns out he didn t read it , and since I am a big fan of Barry Hughart s work, I decided to g [...]

  23. Rispettando la mole del romanzo, mi scuso ma non sar breve Il Viaggio in Occidente Xiyou Ji un romanzo popolare di mitologia cinese ispirato al vero viaggio del monaco buddista Xuanzang, che viaggi verso l India a met del 600 non 1600, seicento , impiegandoci 17 anni, per ottenere gli insegnamenti nella patria del buddismo Al fondo di realt per sono fusi un infinit di elementi mitologici popolari, talmente radicati nella cultura dell estremo oriente, che si ritrovano spesso anche in media modern [...]

  24. Fantastische Ausgabe eines fantastischen WerksDer Anf hrer der Affen vom Berg der Blumen und Fr chte ist ein rebellischer Kerl Er bringt Unordnung in das ehrenwerte starre Himmelsreich, stiehlt sich Pfirsiche der Unsterblichkeit und kann erst von Buddha pers nlich gema regelt werden Um seine Freiheit wiederzuerlangen, muss er einen buddhistischen M nch auf dessen Reise nach Westen besch tzen vor allerlei D monen, b sen G ttern und anderem Gelichter.Diese Reise nach Westen ist eine in China berau [...]

  25. Surprisingly good An adventure epic with good, predictable characters and events that nonetheless develop enough throughout There are countless charming touches throughout.I love how Pig is often just called the Idiot.I love how there is such blatant acceptance for ugliness as long as they have good hearts, right p I also love how the book is full of poetry which likely translates poorly , but it s fun to read it aloud Character, scene, castle, mountain descriptions are almost always in verse.Sa [...]

  26. I read up to ch.76, skipped ch.77 97 and went straight to when Sanzang and Company arrived at the Thunder Monastery.Journey to the West lives up to its place as one of the four great novels of China According to some of my friends from China, this great novel is usually read when a pre teen teenager in China, knowing this helps to understand the repetitive nature of the novel The majority of the book is essentially the epic long journey of Sanzang and Co to India to retrieve the Golden Sutras Th [...]

  27. Better thoughts than my own on this work can be found in the forward and afterward to the book It s uniquely eastern and yet the folk legend religion tropes found within are often familiar to western readers The prose of the English translation is simple and charming Although it is split into four volumes for convenience, the book really has three legs to it, the origin and history of Monkey and to some extent Sanzang, The title journey itself and the wrap up The journey covers most of the body [...]

  28. Sun Wukong, his master and fellow disciples have been my companions for months now, keeping me company on buses and trains and in other quiet moments at times I felt as though this journey was never going to end This is a good book to space out, though, given its length and the repetitive nature of the story I greatly enjoyed Journey to the West I can t really comment on the quality of the translation, but I will say that I often found myself wishing for an annotated version as I felt that a lot [...]

  29. I don t rate this one too high because you really have to want to read this to make it worth it Every time I read this it takes me than a year Last time I read it I took four years to do so It s so episodic in its chapters it s easy to pick up and put down with months in between A good background in Buddhism, China Asian culture, or Dragon Ball anima will make this an interesting read Considered one of the four great classic novels of Chinese literature this is what the movie The Forbidden King [...]

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