North and South

North and South Part history part novel this book chronicles two great American dynasties over three generations Though brought together in a friendship that neither jealousy nor violence could shatter the Hazards

Part history, part novel, this book chronicles two great American dynasties over three generations Though brought together in a friendship that neither jealousy nor violence could shatter, the Hazards and the Mains are torn apart by the storm of events that has divided the nation.

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North and South

  1. John Jakes, the author of than a dozen novels, is regarded as one of today s most distinguished writers of historical fiction His work includes the highly acclaimed Kent Family Chronicles series and the North and South Trilogy Jakes s commitment to historical accuracy and evocative storytelling earned him the title of the godfather of historical novelists from the Los Angeles Times and led to a streak of sixteen consecutive New York Times bestsellers Jakes has received several awards for his work and is a member of the Authors Guild and the PEN American Center He and his wife, Rachel, live on the west coast of Florida.Also writes under pseudonyms Jay Scotland, Alan Payne, Rachel Ann Payne, John Lee Gray Has ghost written as William Ard.

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  3. Too much of a soap opera read for me I was under the impression that this was a pretty decent story that was tightly connected with the events of the Civil War as the backdrop What I realized pretty quickly was that the story is the main focus and the Civil War part is just there for convenience That s fine if the story is a compelling one or an interesting one Unfortunately, I was disinterested in the fates of the Hazards and Mains fairly quickly and then I was left with nothing to hang my hat [...]

  4. Someone at work was about to take the North South Trilogy to the library, but offered them to me instead I took these three massive tomes, which I remembered dimly from the 1980s along with the TV miniseries adaptation with muted thanks No, I ll never turn down a book, but I expected some poorly written, overblown mess something like what you d get if VC Andrews decided to write a historical trilogy I put it off for nearly a year, and then finally cracked open North and South, fully prepared to [...]

  5. Description Part history, part novel, this book chronicles two great American dynasties over three generations Though brought together in a friendship that neither jealousy nor violence could shatter, the Hazards and the Mains are torn apart by the storm of events that has divided the nation The mini series.01 North and South summer 1842 summer 1844 02 North and South autumn 1844 spring 1848 03 North and South spring 1848 summer 1854 04 North and South summer 1854 autumn 1856 05 North and South [...]

  6. As good now as it was when I last re read it about 20 years ago The characters are vivid, the action broad, and the emotions reflective of the thorny period of history in which the story is set There are good people and bad and some really bad , scenes that are both funny and tragic, and it s all a marvelous soap opera Americanus No wonder they made a mini series of it.Since I ve seen the tv version too many times to count, reading this was like watching it all over again but it was very enterta [...]

  7. John Jakes chooses to base the first book in the trilogy during some of the most trying years of US history, the lead up to the Civil War Jakes tells the story of two families, the Hazards and Mains, as they progress through these trying times, beginning in the early 1840s Meeting at West Point, George Hazard of Pennsylvania and Orry Main of South Carolina soon become best friends They forge a friendship that is severely tested at numerous points, as the United States begins to tear apart over t [...]

  8. Every time I go to Boothbay Harbor in Maine I hit the porch of the building next to the library They have hundreds of books there, and the recommended donation is ten cents per book At that price, I can buy all sorts of stuff that I d never buy otherwise One of the books I picked up last time was John Jakes North and South After I finished it, I found out that it was the first of a trilogy So I picked up the rest of the books at the library yay library All together they came to over 2,200 pages. [...]

  9. This by far was the longest book I have ever listened to on audible It was well worth every minute It was an entertaining story about 2 families over several generations This is the first of a trilogy and this one took place in the years leading up to the civil war The characters were well developed and there were ones I loved and ones I hated I especially liked how the author wove the story together over several generations with the families intersecting in different ways I also like the histor [...]

  10. North and South is the tale of two families, the Hazards of Pennsylvania and the Mains of South Carolina Orry Main and George Hazard meet in their first year at West Point Academy and begin a life long friendship although that friendship will be sorely tempted as the debate over the rights to own slaves threatens to split the country in two After their military service in the Mexican wars end, George returns to run the family s iron works and raise his family, while Orry returns to the Main plan [...]

  11. John Jakes creates compelling characters weaving a captivating story, bringing history alive He delivers exactly the book I wanted.I wanted a story to bring alive the time of the US civil war I wanted to better understand the mindset of the people John Jakes brings the right amount of human weakness and strength to characters, letting us into their motivations in realistic fashion I learned the stubbornness of the Southerners and the self righteousness of the Northerners I learned attitudes of m [...]

  12. I have a lot of issues with this book It seriously annoyed me in many ways The historical interpretation is just so disingenuous It s as point for point conventionally bias as a school textbook The history is all so one dimensional First I don t believe anywhere near that amount of people were opposed to slavery for moral reasons, with perhaps a few rare exceptions ,most Yankees were opposed to slavery for economic reasons, yet in the book tariffs are shown as a secondary cause after moral obje [...]

  13. Wow, despite being a quick reader, this took nearly three weeks to read it s an epic in every sense of the word I think like a lot of people, I watched the TV series back when I was yeh high, and I remember being totally besotted by it, even if the actual events that happened in it are a distant memory I do remember that one of the characters rode a white horse with a dark grey mane I really wanted that horse Anyway the book I enjoyed the read, although I m glad that I had had a huge amount of p [...]

  14. Back in 1985, I was one of millions who swooned over the southern charm of Patrick Swayze s character, Orry Main, in the television adaption of John Jakes novel North and South I still have a soft spot for the story, and thought it was high time I read the book.Once I started reading I was immediately immersed in the world of the Hazards and the Mains The story, in case you don t know it, involves two young men who meet at West Point as cadets and become lifelong friends Orry Main is a southerne [...]

  15. EDIT I m changing my original rating I was thinking about Catch 22 this morning which then led me to thinking about Madame Bovary and I realized that I gave this book the same rating I gave those, four stars This is beyond ridiculous Catch 22 was a wonderfully crafted book and Bovary used pacing like a scalpel, which relates directly to a complaint about this book The pacing is so slapdash that I ve never seen anything like it I did really love some pieces but others were terrible and it was all [...]

  16. I learned about this book, and the other two that compose this series, by chance I was watching TV when I came across its adaptation, which my parents remembered of seeing it and, tried to portray the American Civil War Since I know little about it, I thought it would be interesting reading it.The story of this volume revolves around the years before the civil war, giving the reader a chance to know two families, the Hazards and the Mains, which came from two distinct backgrounds The first famil [...]

  17. Dobro ispri ana pri a o prijateljstvu dvojice ljudi razli itog odgoja, li nosti, pona anja, uvjerenja Ljudi koji non stop nailaze na prepreke i isku enja, ali ije prijateljstvo, uprkos svemu, opstaje Zanimljivo za itanje pogotovo stoga to je opis nekih doga aja slikovit Ne mo e da se ne zapita o polo aju pot injenih, potla enih, druga ijih u svakom pogledu Ekranizacija ovog djela mi je jedna od omiljenih serija u djetinjstvu Re iser nije previ e odstupio od knjige, ali je bitno podvu i neke stva [...]

  18. I first saw the ABC mini series in the mid 80s It s still one of my favorites today Then, I read the book when I was 19 John Jakes has such a knack for bringing history to life He interweaves fictional with historical characters so easily You get such a sense of the turbulence in the years leading up to the Civil War This book and the entire trilogy is what prompted me to become a History major This was my second time reading the book, and I loved it even better that the first because I have re [...]

  19. What a great book I was first introduced to this series in the form of a costume drama on tv which my grandparents liked to watch I enjoyed it as well so I decided to give the first book a go Again the old saying is proven true the book is always better Such a well built story against a great historical background, well written, great variety of characters and a great dealing of entertainment from history and philosophy to sex and violence It is an intruiging portrayel of the USA right before th [...]

  20. I m not going to finish this, I ve finally decided, and I m sick of seeing it on my currently reading list when I m totally not The mini series outstrips the novel by miles don t even bother, just go watch the mini series.Technically, this still counts as a read book to me because I had already read it a long time ago and just didn t remember what it was like Well, it s awful, in my opinion.

  21. This is my second time around reading this wonderful novel, preceding the The Civil War, of the Mains of South Carolina and the Hazards of Pennsylvania I enjoyed it just as much if not than the last time.

  22. I am a big John Jakes fan and he has written a masterful trilogy on the American Civil War Any of John Jakes books are both educational and entertaining.

  23. FICTION HISTORICAL LITERATUREPart 1 of the North and South trilogy.The North and South trilogy tells the story of two families before, during, and after the American Civil War The two families in question, the Mains from the Southern state of South Carolina and the Hazards from the Northern State of Pennsylvania, are bound together primarily through the friendship of their second eldest sons Orry Main and George Hazard , who meet at the beginning of the book, in 1842, at the West Point Military [...]

  24. If you saw the movie, wipe it from your mind and then read this trilogy All the characters are so real You may not know what they are going to do but it sure makes sense when they do it In the beginning you meet 2 young West Point cadets These men and their families you will follow from before, during, and after the Civil War And be glad you are getting them now I tried not to read them until I had all three, I thought i had learned my lesson from the Kent Family Chroniclesbut no I had to start [...]

  25. My girlfriend recommended this book to me, and I am appalled that her lily white and pure hands ever held such a dirty book There is plenty of stirring of loins and heaving of breasts in this bodice ripper Jakes throws in a history lesson so you do not feel as guilty about a guilty pleasure Might I add, I plan on reading the other two books in the trilogy No one would ever accuse Jakes of writing literature, but this novel accomplishes its purpose His primary goal is light entertainment surround [...]

  26. Wow, this one surprised me I ve had this book on my TBR list for years, and finally picked it up, not thinking I would like it as much as I did The author does a great job of character building so that you have villains and protagonists to root for an against that are from both sides of the Mason Dixon line, which is not easy to do for a book about the Civil War This book was all about the history leading up to the start of the war, which isn t often covered and was at times chilling I particula [...]

  27. Although this series has been available for quite some time, I have finally undertaken the reading of this epic story When I saw that the first book had 883 pages I almost swooned So much for a quick read thought I But I chipped away page by page and was soon finished I must credit John Jakes with creating an historically accurate story so interesting, and characters so complex, that I simply had to keep reading I was compelled to do so The Hazards and the Mains have been part of my life since I [...]

  28. I really enjoyed this book than I expected I have seen the miniseries and was surprised by what it left out It also saddened me a bit to see parallels between the 1850 s and today Some quite shocking for 2016 Let s hope we don t head down the same road as last time Recommend Yes, and watch the miniseries first.

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