The Firebird

The Firebird Nicola Marter was born with a gift When she touches an object she sometimes glimpses those who have owned it before When a woman arrives with a small wooden carving at the gallery Nicola works at sh

Nicola Marter was born with a gift When she touches an object, she sometimes glimpses those who have owned it before When a woman arrives with a small wooden carving at the gallery Nicola works at, she can see the object s history and knows that it was named after the Firebird the mythical creature from an old Russian fable.Compelled to know , Nicola follows a youngNicola Marter was born with a gift When she touches an object, she sometimes glimpses those who have owned it before When a woman arrives with a small wooden carving at the gallery Nicola works at, she can see the object s history and knows that it was named after the Firebird the mythical creature from an old Russian fable.Compelled to know , Nicola follows a young girl named Anna into the past who leads her on a quest through the glittering backdrops of the Jacobites and Russian courts, unearthing a tale of love, courage, and redemption.

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The Firebird

  1. New York Times, USA Today, and Globe and Mail bestselling author Susanna Kearsley is a former museum curator who loves restoring the lost voices of real people to the page, interweaving romance and historical intrigue with modern adventure Her books, published in translation in than 20 countries, have won the Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize, RT Reviewers Choice Awards, a RITA Award, and National Readers Choice Awards, and have finaled for the UK s Romantic Novel of the Year and the Crime Writers of Canada s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel.She lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada Aka Emma Cole, a pseudonym she used for one novel, Every Secret Thing, a thriller which at the time was intended to be the first of a trilogy featuring heroine Kate Murray, and which may yet be finished, some day Meantime, Every Secret Thing has been reissued under Kearsley s name, and the Emma Cole pseudonym is no longer in use.

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  1. Rating Clarification 2.75 StarsThis is a hard review to compose, because all my GR friends know how much I love Susanna Kearsley s books.Let me reiterate I.Love.Susanna.Kearsley s.Books.They make me smile.They make me cry.They sometimes make me gasp in surprise over her clever plot twists.They educate me on less known periods of history.They allow the romantic in me to squee over the characters and their struggles, and cheer these fictional people on.They even allow the cynic in me to swallow im [...]

  2. Nicola Marter has special abilities She can touch an object and sense its past When a client brings in a small, wooden carving of a bird The Firebird to the gallery where she works for an art dealer, Nicola knows that the bird is as claimed by the owner, an artifact from the 18th century Empress Catherine of Russia There is no proof of documentation to authenticate this though.Nicola goes to the one person she knows who can help, Rob McMorran whose own psychic gifts are far stronger than hers Th [...]

  3. It does stand to mention that although this book continues with characters from earlier works,The Winter Sea and The Shadowy Horses The Firebird can easily be read as a stand alone You don t necessarily need to read them in any order UPDATE 02 May 2013Yes, a real review, HUZZAH I couldnt put this down Love, love, love Fantastic Beautiful Everything I anticipated I first started reading Susanna Kearsley after I found Gabaldon s Outlander series GR recommended similar books and Kearsley was a new [...]

  4. It just seemed a thing worth following, your Firebird How to recap the plot when the book description does it so nicely I m going to take the lazy way out and bypass that and just talk about the reading experience The Firebird is a sequel to The Winter Sea, and while it could stand alone, I strongly urge that TWS be read first Fans of Kearsley are familiar with her dual time storylines, and the paranormal elements she incorporates to take the contemporary characters into the past In this case it [...]

  5. Initial thoughts on finishing, May 11th sigh Susanna Kearsley is one hell of a storyteller I m honestly not sure what my final rating for this one will be 4, 4.5, or 5 On a purely emotional level, it would be 5 stars I bawled like a baby happy tears through the last 30 pages or so, and I really connected with the story and characters emotionally after having just recently read and loved The Winter Sea BUT looking at it from a critical point of view as a blogger reviewer, it wasn t perfect it st [...]

  6. This one was not as good as the Winter Sea Not comparing the books just stating my humble opinion The story was slow in some parts and lacked the tension of the previous but all in all, I did enjoy the journey, and getting to know Nicola Rob and Anna Edmund and seeing some old friends pop in again including a clever one who hid in plain sight, the devil And no, I don t care if that s a run on sentence P I enjoyed seeing what became of Anna and her journey through life The woman she became is imp [...]

  7. Step 1 Read The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley.Step 2 Read The Firebird.Step 3 Squeal with delight I was so happy to find out this is the rest of Anna s story I m properly addicted to her books now.

  8. 2.5 stars I finally finished I really grooved on this one at the beginning, but then it fell flat for me The main characters in the present storyline were just too wooden and annoyingly perfect him or weak and dependent her , and I just couldn t find the will to care about them The characters in the past were interesting, and their storyline picked up for me during the last 100 pages or so, but not to the point that I can give this one a high rating I m finding out something about long books, s [...]

  9. Don t let the Slains 2 fool you is book could easily be a stand a lone book I happened to have read The Winter Sea which is Slains 1 and there wasn t anything in this book that made book 1 necessary to this story In fact I was kind of wondering why even bother with the Slains 2 part of the title When The Winter Sea ended I wasn t under the impression that there was any need for a follow up book.This book was magical I loved Anna much than Nicola though Nicola was so wishy washy for me and I jus [...]

  10. The Firebird is a small wooden objet D art that Nicola Marten has come across in her line of work Brought to her for appraisal, its owner is hoping it is valuable so she can sell it and take a cruise When Nicola touches it, there are flashes of historical memory that lead her to believe it came from the Empress Catherine of Russia She is unsure of her gift for seeing the past, so she enlists the help of her friend an former love whose gift she believes is stronger and reliable than hers.Togethe [...]

  11. I think I can safely say that Susanna Kearsley is now my favourite author This book is the sequel to The Winter Sea, but also features a character who was introduced in The Shadowy Horses so I d recommend reading both to get the best reading experience I LOVED this story.This book follows Nicola, a woman from London with a rare gift When she touches objects she can, with varying success, see their history When she meets a woman trying to sell a wooden carving called The Firebird, claiming it bel [...]

  12. This was probably of a 2.5 3 for me Susanna Kearsley writes compelling characters, and her stories have a certain charm, a lightness that seems to guarantee a happy ending Maybe it s because I ve read so many of her books within the last year, but I found this one formulaic I liked both storylines, but I m not really sure they needed each other I found myself wishing that Kearsley would abandon her signature framing device and separate the stories rather than forcing them together in a way that [...]

  13. Nicola Marten possesses the gift of psychometry, which enables her to see the history of any object she touches While her skill seems practical for her job as an antiques expert, she has never publicly shown her special ability for fear of being labelled different One day, a woman brings in an old item to their art gallery, needing provenance a wooden statue of Firebird, which is a Russian mythical bird.Upon first touch, Nicola instantly glimpses a view of 18th century Russia, and is drawn to th [...]

  14. Giveaway I WonSetting Present day London 1700 RussiaNicola Marter can hold an object and sense its history She tells no one of this gift until a woman brings a small wooden carving to her boss,a dealer of Russian antiquities When he refuses to believe the woman s tale that this is the Firebird that belonged to the Empress Catherine, Nicola knows the woman is telling the truth because she felt it and wants to help the stranger Nicola decides to turn to her ex lover, Rob McMorran for his help beca [...]

  15. Review January 2018 Still 5 stars An absolute favorite Review April 2014 view spoiler You guys I don t know what to say other then HOLY HELL I loved this book I thought I loved the Winter Sea a lot but hands down, this sequel blows it out of the water Little Anna, you all, little Anna I am so proud of her and the strong young women she became and when she told Sophia that she was blessed because she always had a loving family around her, from Krista s sister and husband who loved her like she wa [...]

  16. August 2013 The Firebird is an emotional journey in fact, considering how slight the plot is, and how nonchalantly it concludes, it s amazing that the novel carries such emotional heft A good part of that heft was earned in previous novels, and I think that prior knowledge is necessary to convey the importance of the historical events Putting aside when the emotion was earned, though, The Firebird is a piece of lovely, well written historical fiction with a dash of romance which states in all fi [...]

  17. First Sentence He sent his mind in search of me that morning.Nicola Marter has a gift but it s one with which she is uncomfortable However, when a woman comes into the art gallery for which she works, she is intrigued by the history behind an item the woman desperately wants to sell Asking the help of Rob McMorran, briefly a former lover, whose gift is even greater than her own, they travel to St Petersburg, Russia looking for answers for a gift given to the woman s ancestor, Anna, by Empress Ca [...]

  18. Susanna Kearsley is one of my favorite authors I have read almost all her books and while I like some than others I have never been disappointed In The Firebird she brings back two favorite characters a grown up Robbie MacMorran from The Shadowy Horses and Anna Moray, daughter of John and Sophia Moray from The Winter Sea.Nicola Marter works for an art dealer in London and has an unusual psychic gift She can touch an object and see visions about it s origins She is very uncomfortable about her g [...]

  19. Nicola has the gift When she touches something she catches a glimpse of the history of the object Despite her job dealing in Russian art and antiquities she refuses to use her gift, fearing ridicule and being made to look a fool Then one day a woman comes to her with a small hand carved wooden bird and a tale that it was a gift to one of descendents from Catherine I of Russia Unfortunately the provenance of the firebird is almost impossible to prove But having touched the firebird and knowing th [...]

  20. ETA Oct 13, 2017 THIS IS STILL SO GOOD I liked it even now that I ve read the first book in the series as well What an excellent book I loved this so much Both stories were SO GREAT At the start, I was super into Nicola and Rob in the present, but as the book went on, I became so invested in Anna s story ANNA WHAT A GREAT KID YOUNG ADULT I love her so much I didn t quite see the twist at the end coming but it had me clutching at my face because I was hoping that that s what would happen what it [...]

  21. When I initially went into this story I had no idea it was a follow up to The Winter Sea which is not of my favorite books from this year.As I got further into the book and realized what it was I became so excited because there were so many Up in the Air emotions I had left from Winter Sea.This book had its slow moments but when I finished it I was so damn glad I read it Stories like this one remind me of why I love reading.This story follows Nicola who in present day is trying to help a client [...]

  22. First read 1 30 13 to 2 3 13 Second read 8 28 13 to 8 31 13 Third read 1 28 14 to 2 1 14 Fourth read 7 13 17 to 7 20 17First listen August 2014Second listen Oct 20154th read commentsI started listening to this, again, because I was going on a long drive and knew this is a book that would keep my attention My drive was done but I couldn t just leave the book I _had_ to pick up the book and read to finish the story For me, there is magic in the pages Magic of imagination, of the depth of relations [...]

  23. While the official title of The Firebird indicates that it is the second book in the Slains series, rest assured that, based on Susanna Kearsley s own website, it is not a sequel Rather, it is a companion book This means that anyone can pick up this charming novel and enjoy Nicola s search for the mysterious Anna without losing anything to a lack of knowledge or understanding References to the first book might exist but in no way hamper a reader s ability to understand the current story Therefor [...]

  24. I liked the fact that this book was connected to the other two Kearsley books I have read The winter sea introduced us to two figures in the past and now we see their daughters journey But like her other books she also have people looking into the past Those two are Nicola and Rob, and Rob we met in The Shadowy Horses, where he was a kid with the sight Two books connected in this third one.Like I said, it s about Nicola and Rob She can touch objects and see their past but she is no where as good [...]

  25. I really liked one storyline and I really disliked the other view spoiler The historical story was wonderful Starting in Scotland, we meet up with Anna from The Winter Sea We then follow her as she flees, first to Ypres, then Calais and finally St Petersburg I loved everything about this half of the book Great descriptions, wonderful history, characters I adored and a sweet romance Then there is the other half of the bookh I tried to buy in, I couldn t I tried ignoring, I couldn t do that either [...]

  26. While I didn t enjoy this one as much as The Winter Sea, this was still a very enjoyable read I think I loved Anna than I did Sophia too It is amazing that most everyone in the tale is based on a true person Kearsley does an excellent job of bringing people to life from another century I do admit to skimming through the modern day parts of the story since I was truly interested in Anna s story I do hope there will be a sequel if only to find out if Stuart ever settles down His cameo only makes [...]

  27. My initial reaction to this book wasn t enthusiastic, but after about halfway I fell in love with it don t give up without getting to Russia I have read both The Shadowy Horses and The Winter Sea, but even though this book has characters from those books it can stand alone without reading them Anna s story was especially good and the ending made me get a little teary eyed, it was so great In fact, the conclusions to both stories left me wanting , which is always a sign of a great book for me.

  28. 3.5 5Damn, I think I would ve loved this one, if I liked the present time storyline better The past storyline was great It drove me slightly nuts every time it got interrupted by the present time storyline, because the past was so much interesting Still, a fairly solid follow up to The Winter Sea.

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