England's Lane

England s Lane Jim and Milly Stan and Jane Jonathan and Fiona Winter Three married couples each living in England s Lane each with an only child and each attending to family and their livelihoods the ironmo

Jim and Milly Stan and Jane Jonathan and Fiona Winter, 1959 Three married couples each living in England s Lane, each with an only child, and each attending to family, and their livelihoods the ironmonger, the sweetshop and the butcher Each of them hiding their lies, disguising sin, and coping in the only way they know how.

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England's Lane

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  1. I really hated this book at the start The writing style drove me insane Very difficult to keep up with which character was speaking thinking and it jumped from first to third person a bit However, I don t understand the reviews which state that not much happens Quite a lot happens in this book, especially after the first 300 pages I found the lives of the characters very interesting and believable I like Jim, and I wanted to know about Fiona Not sure I d pick it up for a second time, or recomme [...]

  2. Cannot think why I persevered with this book Not a writing style I personally enjoyed and pretty unappealling characters Odd dialogue, and a business idea swiped from a Roald Dahl short story Double subjects in far too many sentences, as in the boy, he shivered or the car, it was blue Felt almost Poirotish and really maybe that s how English people actually spoke in 1950s north London, but it was extremely irritating after a while But, I ploughed on through Quite liked the end, anyway I had a lo [...]

  3. HATED IT I was so excited to read this but it was in my opinion so disappointing, I didn t like anything about it.

  4. A very peculiar book which is hard to define I enjoyed it initially but it just went on and on with a plot not substantial enough to sustain the interest The speaking style of some of the characters was very odd, with reversed order at times Busy, you are type of speaking , and made the characters seem mannered and unreal Jim spoke in an English I ve never heard spoken and Jonathan was just annoying The long, long streams of consciousness when characters should just be moving the plot along were [...]

  5. England on the cusp between two eras the post war 1950s habits of austerity, coping, and make do and mend are dying hard, but dying all the same Morality is muddled Milly married a man she didn t know at all, thinking he might never return from the war He did though, and now she finds she doesn t actually like him very much She has a passionate affair, and he seeks comfort from a motherly prostitute England s Lane is a book of voices, inner voices, that never stop worrying, analysing, scheming, [...]

  6. Just before starting this book, I was following a Literary London Walk that took up from Chalk Farm to Hampstead In England s Lane was the flat where Alex Garland wrote the beach and also rather a darkly lit pub called the washington, which just had to be called into for a cheeky half.Two days later, I started this book The street and pub are main characters of the book.Set in 1959, it tells the story of three shop keepers, their families and how they inter relate to each other.Once again, Mr Co [...]

  7. Marriages like gated estates, to which casual visitors are barred, only allowed the briefest of glimpses past the Business As Usual facade behind which nothing remotely normal is occurring.Connolly s novel exposes the abnormal in the intertwined lives of three such couple, who live around England s Lane in Hampstead in the 1950s The constrained and fearful way people lived in postwar England, with its hypocritical public morality and insular dullness as though society were seeking a safety first [...]

  8. I liked the cover and I really enjoyed the bits and pieces of social history The plot was clever, as was the technique of recording characters thoughts as if one were reading their minds But that was also one of the problems I had, since I sometimes found it over written and difficult to follow easily because some of the speech mannerisms were unfamiliar However, what really lowered my opinion of the book was the not so subtle racism I m not sure if it was intentional god forbid but in trying to [...]

  9. Stirred a lot of memories I was born in 1958, albeit up North, that s probably why it s reminiscent of my childhood progress took a little longer to arrive up there I lived in a terraced street among lots of characters whose stories I partially understood as being a child things were hushed up and only by listening carefully, when grown ups didn t think you were taking any notice, were you able to pick up the gossip, which inevitably, being filtered through a child s understanding sometimes were [...]

  10. Never read any of his books before but on the strength of this one I won t be reading any I live in Belsize Park and the author reviews local eateries and wrote such a funny and damning piece on a local hotel which had a new chef and restaurant and knowing England s Lane well I had to take the plungeHe does write stream of consciousness pieces with his characters, the shopkeepers in the Lane, and it tweeks memories of products and brands commonplace in 1959 but to my mind it has little depth and [...]

  11. I am relieved to have finished this overlong book I felt that the characters were two dimensional and were caricatures of what the author imagined people would be like in 1959 I also felt that the constant product placement of 1950s food, drinks, artefacts etc was overdone Using the various characters voices to tell the story reminded me of a 1950s Ealing comedy and the voices of Jim and Jonathan were particularly tedious I am also unsure whether Milly s range of vocabulary would be quite so ext [...]

  12. I can understand why many reviewers found this book difficult to read the style, a series of internal monologues without natural divisions between them made me struggle and the fact that the language of the monologues was beyond the capability of some of the characters irritated me But I got used to it and enjoyed the last 300 or so pages yes, it is much too long for its relatively slender plot line For those who don t know it, England s Lane is a real street in Camden, London and although I did [...]

  13. 1959, England Lane, London an ordinary street full of shopkeepers and other habitants who all seem to have their little and big secrets I was quite taken with it at the beginning, mainly because of the monologues But that got tedious and at times even annoying as I read on So after a while, I was rather looking out of the window of the moving train than reading this on my commute If you are into long monologues, this is for you Otherwise, don t bother.

  14. Although the style and characters take a bit of getting used to, this is a slyly beguiling novel that peels back the layers of hypocrisy from the supposedly genteel and conventional family life of late fifties Britain.

  15. The style was tedious, the characters ridiculous, and I couldn t get in to the story cf tedious and ridiculous.I m speed reading the last chapters because I can t stand any of this.Masterpiece Hmmmm

  16. I liked the way it was written, a stream of consciousness slipping from one character to another The characters and culture felt authentic but I found the story a bit weird.

  17. I wouldn t normally give up on a book but found this unreadable.It felt as if I was listening to someone ramble on about nothing, my mind kept wandering.Not my cup of tea at all.

  18. Unusual, enjoyable, ever, ever so slightly boring re the stream of consciousness stuff being a wee bit repetitive.will look for other books by him, maybe.

  19. I mean This book is great Up until they start dying I think he ran out of ideas so started killing characters And what s with Milly and all the men She can t be that pretty

  20. Good sense of time and place He puts you firmly in the head of the main characters which can be a bit disconcerting when the pov changes mid chapter but well worth it.

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