The Book of Atrus

The Book of Atrus Based on the best selling CD ROM game a fantasy novel fills out the lives of the game s characters tracing the strange apprenticeship of Atrus to his father Gehn who wields the power to create wor

Based on the best selling CD ROM game, a fantasy novel fills out the lives of the game s characters, tracing the strange apprenticeship of Atrus to his father, Gehn, who wields the power to create worlds.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Book of Atrus : by Rand Miller Robyn Miller David Wingrove
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The Book of Atrus

  1. Rand Miller born January 17, 1959 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S co founded Cyan now Cyan Worlds with brother Robyn Miller and became famous from the unexpected success of their computer game Myst, which remained the number one selling game for the remainder of the 1990s Rand also worked on the game s sequel, Riven, and later Myst III Exile, Myst IV Revelation, Myst V End of Ages, realMyst, and Uru The brothers also acted out parts in the game, with Robyn as Sirrus and Rand as Achenar and Atrus.

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  1. 3.5 stars, but I m happy to round up for this obscure little book that s been mostly forgotten Readers and writers of sci fi and fantasy will often mention worldbuilding the process of developing a world that is different from the one we live in It s less common to see fictional characters grappling with those issues themselves, but that s exactly what this novel is about Atrus was raised by his grandmother, in an isolated dwelling in the desert He spends his time studying the environment, growi [...]

  2. I love this book not only for the story behind it but for the splendid moral integrity of two of the characters The book is essentially about Atrus about what it means to grow up, to be a man, and to be a responsible and good person One of my favorite passages and quotes, really is this poignant moment where Anna sends her grandson into the unknown with his unstable and ultimately sociopathic father You must remember what you have learned here, Atrus I have tried to teach you the mechanics of th [...]

  3. Once again I find myself drawn to the series of Myst Its lore, its wonder and the shear, mind bending thought of how someone thought of this in the first place The book opens in the sandy deserts and the life of a young Atrus, still a boy and far from the happenings of the first Myst game After a loving, peaceful life in the desert presided over by his grandmother, Anna, a strange figure appears at their quiet desert home A tall, pale man who claims to be Atrus s father, Gehn After 14 years, he [...]

  4. Honestly, I think this is one of the most underrated science fiction books out there The computer game that inspired the books was hugely successful, but the books never really caught on despite the deep characters and fascinating world I go back to this book when I want to feel inspired by a world of limitless creativity and possibility.

  5. 1 book in myst series awsome, awsome, awsome i just checked it out from the onterio library because the cover looked good but wow did it ever turn out to be good the imagination that went into this is simply amazing i recomend it to anybody

  6. Video review youtube watch v iQKQvWhat sparks an interest in a book It s different for everyone I love it when a story that begins one way morphs into something completely different and unexpected This is not to say I like a story that s unbelievable or has leaps in logic No, I m talking about characters who do something that make your eyes pop out of your head or the author that takes a hard right turn and destroys all your expectations, but in a good way Myst The Book of Atrus is one of those [...]

  7. There are fantasies that contain entire worlds geography, character backgrounds, and invented language syntax are all accounted for and invented in regards to the story All are meticulously crafted and engineered by Rand Miller Myst is one such story the sheer depth of the story and the characters is astonishing this is a case of the iceberg principle where the vast majority of the interactions between the characters involve aspects of them that the reader doesn t even know Miller has fleshed ou [...]

  8. I feel like this book will only make sense to those that have played both the Myst and Riven computer games If you liked the games, you ll love the books If you ve never played the games, you ll probably feel very under whelmed.Now after re reading this I feel that I need to dig out my cd rom of Myst Some of the timelines don t seem to make sense in this trilogy, especially in relation to the plot of the videogames Wasn t the plot of Myst based on Atrus two sons And you play as Catherine in the [...]

  9. This 1995 read is a perfect way to experience the Myst computer game virtual reality while actors and actresses make movies and shows for us I found it at BigHeartedBooks where they also sell Full House Michelle books for a penny each The only trilogy that old that can come back It s about xSJPx being called Catherine their cousin , with Joe and Dan two brothers, but not hers I m Myst I Am Sam.

  10. A bit slow, but picked up pace towards the end I haven t actually played the game, and I m sure I would have gotten a lot out of it if I had Wasn t sure I would persist with the other two in the series, but I think I ll give them a go.

  11. I read this book as a kid and I barely remember the gist of the story I m glad I re read it, because the story is great The antagonist is delightfully bad and well crafted Wonderful read I will be reading the other books in the series soon.

  12. It really seems only fitting that a video game about books would have a series of books published in its name For some reason when such books were first coming out I was sort of skeptical about their quality I truly am glad I overcame this and decided to pick up the Myst books I was an early enough adopter to be able to get all the hardcover texts and they are all beautifully designed It s strange that a lot of books don t adopt this kind of method, because it really is eye catching and I m glad [...]

  13. I bought this book because I enjoyed the Myst computer game and thought it might be fun to read about the world Unfortunately, several years passed between playing the game and reading the book, so the connections are a bit fuzzy.I enjoyed the book enough to want to play the game again, and to want to read the other books in the Myst series.However, as a fantasy book on its own, there are too many unanswered questions and too many gaps in the story for it to really succeed.I found Anna and Atru [...]

  14. I enjoyed reading The Book of Atrus and am moving right along to the Book of Ti ana The Book of Atrus was a little slow moving, but I think that s what the entire world of Myst is explore, experiment, discover The book really on ever involved two characters at one time which I think contributed to the slowness Atrus and Anna Atrus and Ghen Atrus and Catherine.I love the world of Myst and so was determined to get through the book I don t think that people who are not familiar with Myst and Riven [...]

  15. I read this book as a kid and went back to see how it held up.The first half was intriguing enough, especially if you re a fan of the games, but the last half felt very rushed Nonetheless, it was fun reading the origin of Atrus as well as his relationship with Gehn.If you re a Myst fan, I d say it s worth it and a very easy read If not, you re not really missing out.

  16. The game looked cool so I grabbed this book from the free box Well, you know how those free books can be in need of an editor Might be okay, but I wasn t willing to risk it Looked like the work of an amateur.

  17. I loved this It took a while to get going, but once it did, it was incredible The world building is absolutely astounding and really captures the imagination I would most definitely recommend taking the time to read this book.

  18. Relectura perfecta Sigue siendo tan original y diferente como la primera vez El mundo q describen y los que creen son realmente impresionantes en cuanto a la narraci n y los personajes est n muy bien tra dos.Distop a juvenil altamente recomendable que nadie lee no s por qu

  19. Rating 4 1 2 stars an extra half for the illustrations.I d never heard of this book or the game it ties into when it was recommended I really liked the premise of the plot that you can create real worlds by the stories you write.The characters were well developed, although I imagine it may be enlightening if you are already familiar with the game.For some reason, the detail about the blue flowers caught my attention and I ve spent some time researching what they may be Obviously, it s a fiction [...]

  20. Anna is the only person young Atrus has ever known His mother died in childbirth His father, Gehn, abandoned Atrus immediately after, leaving him to his grandmother to raise or bury Gehn didn t really care which Anna chooses the former, making a home with her grandson in a dormant volcano in the midst of the desert Together they tease a garden from the reluctant earth, ration their precious water, and scavenge the surrounding area for anything they might sell to traders in exchange for salt, fab [...]

  21. I ll admit, I was a big Myst fan in my teens and early twenties The original was one of the first games I played on a Pentium PC, and I somehow managed to solve it on my own without the aid of the pitiful internet of the mid 90s That said, I certainly understand that nostalgia might bias my view of Myst The Book of Atrus Quite frankly, whether that bias subconsciously improved my review of the novel or not, I don t care This was a tight, excellent read, and I wish I had read it before delving in [...]

  22. I jumped on the Myst bandwagon a bit late I played Myst, Riven, Exile in 2012 I really enjoyed the style of the games and the characters, so I decided recently to give this book a read First off, before even getting into my thoughts on the book, the hardcover version of this book is beautiful The cover looks like an old tome, the pages have a weathered look, and every so many pages we re shown a drawing Atrus made of his surroundings and inventions It makes the plot so much engrossing Speaking [...]

  23. Date Completed 12 23 2015Rating 6.5 10I ve had this book sitting on my book shelf and was in no rush to get around to it, but when I came home for break I was drawn to it Maybe I thought it would be an easy read, maybe I wanted to laugh at how poorly written it was, but I was pleasantly surprised because this book was not poorly written at all A sci fi novel written as a prequel to the popular 90 s Myst computer game, which I m sure some of you have played I played it with my parents , this book [...]

  24. I remember playing the Myst games and feeling the thrill at how immersive the world was It was so rich with history and detail It isn t an exaggeration to say that the entire experience of the Myst world is lush It was wonderfully fun When I got the books, I had my hopes high it would be a similar enjoyment So after sitting them on the back of my to read list for such a long time, I decided to make them a priority I went in with the most positive outlook for all three books I think they are goin [...]

  25. I actually feel torn about giving a star rating to Myst The Book of Artus, not because I didn t enjoy it, but because I feel like it doesn t do justice to the book or to people looking to read it If you grew up in the 90s, there s a chance that you dappled around the CD ROM game of Myst at least once It was a groundbreaking game for PC gaming at the time, beautifully rendered, and, perhaps the biggest allure of all, no one knew what it was freakin about At the time I played I had no patience for [...]

  26. The Book Of Atrus was a splendid mix of lore, adventure, character growth, and creativity I was very surprised when I heard that this fantasy sci fi novel was written based on an old series of video games that were very popular awhile back I checked out the video games prior to finishing the book and fell in love with it The book s characters don t play a role in the video game, but the world depicted in both book and game are both the same and beautiful I have read many fantasy and sci fi books [...]

  27. Linking books, the Art of writing, creating Ages with only pen and paper These comprise the labyrinthine world of Myst a book undoubtedly compelling as its CD ROM predecessor Rand and Robyn Miller, whose genius and imagination brought the vivid world of Myst to life, have successfully written a complex yet beautiful prequel to their hit game series in the form of this relatively short book Myst describes the humble beginnings of the games protagonist Atrus and his journey to discovering all that [...]

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