Mactus As Charmeine and Tabbruis unite to proclaim their love for one another it becomes apparant that a new and dark task has presented itself for the lovers to overcome Even with the beautiful union betwee

As Charmeine and Tabbruis unite to proclaim their love for one another it becomes apparant that a new and dark task has presented itself for the lovers to overcome Even with the beautiful union between Tabbruis and Charmeine, destiny will surely reveal itself.Being the Queen of Light, Charmeine is fated to bring light and love into the world, but yet her personal life canAs Charmeine and Tabbruis unite to proclaim their love for one another it becomes apparant that a new and dark task has presented itself for the lovers to overcome Even with the beautiful union between Tabbruis and Charmeine, destiny will surely reveal itself.Being the Queen of Light, Charmeine is fated to bring light and love into the world, but yet her personal life can in no way interfere Devoted to Tabbruis and her son Shane, it is all she can do to focus only on them As the rule of engagement commences, she must first step up to the plate and bring forth a change that will only start an endless feud that has already been acclaimed centuries into existence.As King of Darkness, Tabbruis has been placed in his position for a purpose His love for Charmeine has only brought peace and clarity to his existence With his family now back together, he must now stand against his own kind, not only to protect what is right but also to protect the world from the impending darkness.Family bonds only strengthen the ties Shane introduces his proclaimed love into the picture and in a jaw dropping course of events love is tested and the family is torn apart They say that love can span the planes of existence, but can this family hold tight until the end and keep it together just long enough to face forces of darkness that is so hell bent on destroying the world

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  1. Emily Guido is a Published writer under Invictus PDMI Publishing and Emily Guido Publishing, US She is a Young Adult, Paranormal Romance Author Inspiration to write The Light Bearer Series came from a premise of light and dark characters who have an epic romance Emily has written five novels, Charmeine, Mactus, Accendo, Seditious and Ransom 2016 The sixth novel in The Light Bearer Series, is entitled Conundrum and will be released in 2017 Notes to Reviewers and Readers The Blood Hunter Race or Elders have been on Earth for several millennia Use of contractions like I m, don t or can t is not practiced They use a refined way of speech Also, please read the CURRENT edition of my books There are several OLD editions out in circulation Please contact me at guido.emily gmail, I will provide a current edition.

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  1. Mactus Latin means well done, good job, honored, good luck.Mactus The Light Bearer, 2 Charmeine and Tabbrius awoke to Shane barging in, demanding answers Shane was very protective of Charmeine and he didn t like the idea that Tabbrius could be taking advantage of her.Tabbrius told him that he had been an orphan, like Charmeine and that he was also a vampire Charmeine went on to tell Shane how they had found out that Tabbrius was a Blood Hunter and she was a Light Bearer Tabbrius explained that t [...]

  2. Taking off from the ending of Charmeine, as a reader, you are whisked away into the bliss of Tabbruis and Charmeine and their deep love for one another Such compassion and reverence for each other, you just have to wonder how they will ever function in the world They seem to be so passionately occupied with each other While reading, I visualize the melting and glowing that encases the room whenever they enter They soon find out that Shane is than just a great friend of Charmeine and that her mo [...]

  3. My Review Mactus picks up where Charmeine left off, without missing a beat If you enjoyed the first book, then you will LOVE this one The Good I really loved the way that Emily shares Char and Tab s past with usrough dreams It was written in such a way that I could visualize the events as they were described All of the characters really grow in this portion of the series They become a family close knit and loving Shane even has an awesome surprise and it is a great addition to the storyline Are [...]

  4. WHOO WEE UNBELIEVABLE I mean Mactus is a wild ride I don t want to give out any clues to what the book is about but after reading Charmeine, I can tell you it left the door opened wide for anything, and it did Our heros, Charmeine and Tabbruis start out with a huge surprise which was sitting right in front of them, and it is mind blowing Charmeine is attacked and it takes the help of their friends to battle the bad Blood Hunter who is out for her blood, literally The book twists and turns so muc [...]

  5. Wow I was loving these two at the end of the first book but now, I am loving them even In this book, Charmeine and Tabbruis are given the surprise of their lives as memories of their past love come to the surface Some memories are good, while others reveal their ordeal may be far from over Can they complete the dark task that has been set before them and once again be what they once where to each other I definitely recommend this book as well as the first to anyone who loves a good deep story o [...]

  6. Tabbruis Tab and Charmeine Char have found each other again remembering their love for one another is the key to many missing memories for both of them Shane Kelly demands answers from Tab and Char about previous nights events When the explanation is given for what happened a startling new discovery emerges from Shane To both Tab and Char s surprise and delight discover that Shane is actual their son A joyus family reunion insues for all involved Tabbruis cannot believe how happy he is to have h [...]

  7. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank Emily Guido, author of Mactus, for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book.WOW What a great read Charmeine was intriguing and now Mactus really changed the meaning of intriguing to me it was freakishly intriguing and exciting with dark secrets, power packed fighting scenes, passionate true love, heart touching family bonding, dangerous enemies [...]

  8. Mactus starts exactly where Charmeine left off Tabbruis and Charmeine are slowly realizing their pasts through their dreams, while working to pull together their family As the family grows, dark and deadly threats become real and destinies will be fulfilled Will Charmeine accept her new future, or will she sacrifice herself in order to save her family In this second chapter of The Light Bearer Series, Guido continues the emotional story of Tabbruis and Charmeine Two angels destined to be togethe [...]

  9. Excitement, excitement from the beginning of book two in this wonderful series I absolutely loved Shane s surprise The excitement keeps building and building I loved Dmitri, loved the family What a lovely castle for their home Charmeine is such a strong woman, she continues her training and the love between her and Tabburis continues to grow The couple is learning and who they can trust and who they can t Are friends really enemies I loved the development of the extended family, each new membe [...]

  10. Mactus means a job well done Mactus is the continuation of Charmeine and Tabbruis love story The wonderful event which happens when they arrive in Romania is both beautiful and spiritual God has a mission for them but they accept the peril that they have to combat Also the secondary characters are revealed in depth Emily Guido does not disappoint She is weaving the world of Blood Hunters and Light Bearers and I laughed and cheered while the action ensued Excellent second novel in The Light Bear [...]

  11. Notes to Reviewers and Readers First, the Blood Hunter race or Elders have been on Earth for thousands of years Because of this, they do not use contractions like I m, don t or can t They communicate in a refined way because of their age.Second, there are several OLD editions out in circulation of my books Please leave a review on the current edition Please feel free to contact me, Emily, at guido.emily gmail to check the edition you have is the recent edition.

  12. The surprises, twists and turns never fair The characters are so very real and I feel like part of the family Charmeine, Tabbrius, Shane, Dmitri, Sandra, and Neal are all such wonderful characters They are all developed so well and Emily uses her skills to draw readers into this series even , with the second book.Keep up the wonderful work Emily

  13. The author of Mactus gave me the book free so I could give an honest review As Emily gave me a signed first edition, I did not want to ruin the book, so I also downloaded the latest version to my kindle I did enjoy the book, and I feel that Emily is a very good author I am looking forward to reading the remainder of the series.Mactus starts immediately where Charmeine, the first book in the Light Bearer series, left off so there is no loss of weeks or days Charmeine has discovered who she is and [...]

  14. This Series is really heating up In Mactus you get the same magnetic romance between Charmeine and Tabbruis, along with some huge surprises.I was either sighing over Char and Tab, or chuckling about Shane.I also did a lot of take this and take that when the evil doers showed up Every time one fell, I d do a fist pump Emily s love for her characters is shown in their love for each other Never have I read a book with such love and devotion in a family I get a goofy grin on my face when they share [...]

  15. So I read Charmeine the first book in this series, I fell in love with the story and the characters Charmeine full of light, love and energy, literally, also a great sense of humor Tabbruis, a 8,000 year old BloodHunter, turned good and fights for his kind who are like him, they only feed on animals not humans He s dark, handsome, a vampire and loyal Dimitri, one of Tabbruis s BloodHunter brothers, loyal, knowledgable because he s the oldest of them, also very handsome Shane, Charmeine s friend [...]

  16. This second book in the series carried on where book one Charmeine left off The characters in the first book were developed and each had a chance to tell their own story, bringing everyone together in their fight to overthrow the corrupt Elder Council Action packed with never a dull moment add to this an ending leaving the reader wanting to find out what happens next Thank you Emily Guido for sending me a complimentary copy of this excellent book.

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