Devoured Sienna Jensen had no plans to return home when she graduated college last spring after all her dreams lie in California But when she discovers her grandmother s Nashville home has been foreclosed an

Sienna Jensen had no plans to return home when she graduated college last spring after all, her dreams lie in California But when she discovers her grandmother s Nashville home has been foreclosed, and the new owner has started the eviction process, Sienna has no other choice but go back to Music City And she comes face to face with the flawed, gorgeous man she never thoSienna Jensen had no plans to return home when she graduated college last spring after all, her dreams lie in California But when she discovers her grandmother s Nashville home has been foreclosed, and the new owner has started the eviction process, Sienna has no other choice but go back to Music City And she comes face to face with the flawed, gorgeous man she never thought she d see again The man who now holds the deed to her grandma s estate.When millionaire rock star Lucas Wolfe finds the outspoken redhead glaring at him from across a courtroom, he s both infuriated and intrigued He still can t get the night Sienna almost spent with him out of his mind, and the chemistry between them is as undeniable as it was two years ago He craves Sienna than ever And just like everything Lucas hungers for, he s determined to have her.Now, Lucas will do whatever it takes to lure Sienna into his bed, even if that means making a deal with her ten days with him, playing by his rules, and he ll hand over the deed to her grandmother s home Though she agrees to the arrangement, Sienna is conflicted Because of her duty to her family Because of promises she s made to herself and a past that still haunts her And as Lucas s game of seduction continues, and Sienna is introduced to his dark, erotic world and even darker background, she realizes that at any moment, she could be devoured This novel contains adult situations and

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  1. Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the DEVOURED series 2012, 2013 and TIDAL 2012.

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  1. UPDATE ReadFell short of my expectations Too bad, really This looks interesting On another note, here s another interesting bit and it s also the same guy as the one below who coincidentally is also named Lucas Edit January 08 I haven t read this book yet, but look, it s the same guy and this time it is also the same girl from Easy.Edit January 22 The cover of All Over You, the prequel of Devoured, is the same cover as above.

  2. Well, it s safe to say that I devoured this book Put down whatever it is you re reading AND READ THIS BOOK Hot slash Sexy slash Alpha slash My Panties ROCKSTAR Intensely hot sex scenes Awesome heroine Kickass story Oh yeah, did I mention the INSANELY dominant sexy dominant alpha ROCKSTAR Oh, I did Well he s worth mentioning twice, what can I say Daaaayuuuuumm I loved this book Nicely done, Emily Snow Sienna Sienna Jensen s life is getting to be a bit annoying lately She has less than a rent paym [...]

  3. We all know this phrase, right Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice, shame on me Well, shame on you, Sienna SHAME ON YOU WARNING I m about to go on a serious rant here, and that will most definitely include some spoilers which I will not hide in spoiler tags Look away if you ve never read a romance novel, and don t want to know how they ALL end.So, let me tell you about this book Sienna gets a call from her brother and he tells her that her grandma is losing her house in Nashville So she dec [...]

  4. Lucus Wolfe is a bad, boy boy Where can I find a sexy rocker to hold me as a sexual hostage for 10 days

  5. Reviewed on 13th January 20144.5 Luscious Lucas Stars Two years after Lucas and Sienna met in All Over You, their paths in life cross again This time in a court room over her Grandmother s House He never got her out of his head and he s determined to have her But at what cost The secrets and demons from his past could ruin everything Will the past, he has tried so hard to bury, let him live his life free from the ties that bind him She ll destroy you if I m with you The feelingThis is my second [...]

  6. This book was so annoying, mainly because of the immature whining of both the hero and heroine I wanted to smack both these characters.Hero is a spoiled, I m trying to play this rock star into kinky BDSM sex but I have no idea what the rules are regarding this role, so I ll make them up as I go.Heroine is a wet dishrag who has no backbone.These two make no sense and their chemistry was nothing The reason the hero wanted the heroine after 2 years just because she wouldn t have sex with him becaus [...]

  7. I plan on making you sit on making you sit perfectly still, he says, his hazel eyes gleaming with desire and power Dipping my fingers, my fruit, inside of your body Tasting you I ve grown addicted to the way you taste, Red Dear Santa , How s it going dude I hear the snow in north pole is not the same as it used to be Whats up with that Well anyways , I know what I want for Christmas Yaay I want you to find me a Lucas Wolfe Damn right son I want a boyfriend just like him And this was the dude tha [...]

  8. This review will be posted at My Secret RomanceDevoured is Emily Snow s debut novel and a fab debut for an indie author I must say.Sienna s grandmother has been the number one person in her life growing up When she receives a call from home, Sienna drops everything to travel back to help her grandmother Just about everything in her grandmothers life has been tarnished some way or another by her mother, who Sienna holds a thick grudge against Now her grandmothers house is being foreclosed on by t [...]

  9. 3.5 StarsAfter saying NO to the rockstar when he tried to do something Sienna was not comfortable with, their goodbye was not the nicest one But after 2 years, Sienna is still physically affected by this guy But how can she like the person who is trying to demolish her childhood home for the sake of a new recording studio And why is he so interested in Sienna after everything that happened Because she said NO and he sees her as challenge Or is there something into it It is hard to write erotic [...]

  10. I was sent an ARC of Devoured for an honest review with that being said let s goWhat can I say this is a story about sex, drugs and rock roll but definitely not what your assuming at this point Sienna Si is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold but refused to stand up to those in her life specifically her brother, Seth, and her Mom but you have to read the book to see what is up with her mother.Si is a wardrobe assistant for a reality show in L.A when she is called home to Nashville by Seth bec [...]

  11. I expected too much from this book and it didn t live up to it, it felt very incomplete and bland for some odd reason, but enough said The ending agrh D AmazingI only wish the book had spice and sizzle in it some pieces just didn t fit I hope it does in the 2nd bookHope the second book comes fast, cant wait to learn all of Lucas dark secrets O____FINALLY reading this even though my exams are on, I have no shame whatsoever

  12. Oh I m so excited for this one Sounds awesome.Update 10 11 2012 A little dissapointed about the recycled cover even though it s a fantastic cover but that aside here s my thoughts on the important part, the storyI have finally found another rockstar series I can get hooked on With all the Fifty Shades wannabees it was nice to read a good story with a dominant sexy man that didn t follow the same cookie cutter mold I ve been begging for someone to write this Ever since getting hooked on Olivia Cu [...]

  13. Review posted on Talk Supe 10 19 2012To be totally honest the cover whore in me is what really got me excited for Devoured Then I read the synopsis about the sweet Southern girl falling for the sexy rock star who s into some kinky play in the bedroom and I was automatically sold So when I realized the book was finally being released, I was a little than excited to read it I might have set my expectations a little too high because after reading the book I was left feeling a little disappointed a [...]

  14. More like a 3.70 than a full 4 starsThere are things that I did like and then there are things are just, meh The reason for the meh was the fact that this book was told entirely in Sienna s POV I liked the novella, All Over You better because it gave me Lucas s thoughts, feelings and motivations I wish we had a bit of Lucas s POV in this book but sadly, we don t If it has his POV, the story would have had a complete feel to it.This was a quick read though so it wasn t like I was bored or anythi [...]

  15. I m re reviewing this one It s been percolating in my brain, and after taking a week or so to think, I just have to revise this I ve gone back and forth on the number of stars I give it at least five times I really enjoyed this book I loved Si and Lucas I wish we had backstory on them, but in the here and now, they are HOT Lucas is definitely the one in control, and he likes it that way, and honestly, so does Si But he also has a sweet side when it comes to her He wants to protect her He CARES [...]

  16. I received this novel as an ARC from the author The moment I saw Devoured and read the blurb, I could not wait to get my hands on it This book was so unique, sexy and completely un put down able.Lucas is smoking hot Seriously, he is the epitome of everything I look for in a romance novel Looks, fame, fortune you name it, he has it all Not to mention, he is a total alpha male And Sienna I loved her character and how she would do quite literally anything to save her grandmother s house from forecl [...]

  17. Sienna finds out that her grandmother s house is being foreclosed and rushes back to help her In the courtroom, she finds out that the new owner is Lucas Wolfe, a rock star who she had an interesting and not so happy encounter with Now all she needs to do is figure out how to help her grandmother and stay away from Lucas.I wasn t sure about this book based on a lot of reviews and comments that were made but I m glad that I decided to take the plunge That being said, I think this book is like a [...]

  18. Hmmm I think the word for this book is disjointed.The plot was there and I liked the idea The characters had potential but were under developed and I lacked empathy for them.I found some of the scenes hard to follow and at times found myself going back over a page to work out who had said what, what they were referring to and where in the room people were positioned etc trying to make sense of thingsI found the whole thing quite slow and unrealistic to be honest The ending was odd It seemed rush [...]

  19. 4.5 stars A few thoughts after finishing Devoured.1 Lucas Holy Hotness Batman, that man was my favorite kind of uber alpha hero He was beyond yummy and definitely the reason I read this one so quickly.2 This book was shorter than I expected, and in many ways certain parts of the story felt a bit rushed while other times i found myself thinking okay, let s get on with it In fact, i would have to say that 75% of this book was build upwhich is fine, but I would be lying if I didn t admit that i kin [...]

  20. This is one fucked up couple.I still don t know what the hell happened here That ending was just I don t even know what the fuck that was I mean, could you please confuse me Emily Snow Argh I have to stop ranting about that motherfucking ending and just write this review.Let me start by saying that Lucas Wolfe is a giant ASSHOLE.He was hot and all that shit, but it definetly didn t compensate for hisobnoxious behavior The only thing he did which I thought was good, was giving Sienna the push sh [...]

  21. I as actually very excited to read this because of the guy in the cover which happens to be the same guy from the easy cover and coincidentally has the same name LUCAS Devoured is the story of Lucas and Sienna Lucas is an ass hole rock star with millions of dollars and Sienna is an insecure 23 year old who wants to help her grandmother avoid a foreclosure on her house Lucas turns out to be the one who is buying Sienna s grandmother s house, but he gets interested in Sienna and convinces her to w [...]

  22. For now this is getting 3 stars If I d of known this was going to be part of a series, I would of held off reading it Very much a cliff hanger ending The writing was very disjointed and didn t flow well all the time While reading it felt like chuncks of the story were missing The concept is there, just needs polished up Also there were quite a few editing errors Normally I don t even notice that, but in this case it was hard not to Overall I think this story should have been told in one book and [...]

  23. By the end of All Over You, we know 2 things 1 One of Lucas regret is the night he let Sienna go , 2 We know they have to meet again, somehowAnd so Devoured beginsSienna goes back to her hometown in Nashville, when she hears her grandmother is being evicted from her house What nothing could prepare her for, was that the cause of her grandmother misfortune, is no other than Lucas Wolfe And of course when they meet again, they clash first she thought he wouldn t even remember her, what is another [...]

  24. I really enjoyed this book Sienna came home to Nashville to deal with some family drama Her Gram s house was in foreclosure and it was bought by none other than Lucas Wolfe, a man Sienna had a past with Ah Lucas at first I wasn t sure how I felt about him, but its settled I love him lol I also really liked Lucas s sister Kylie The only complaint I have is that I felt it was too short and just when it was starting to get really good, it was over I m okay with that because I heard there is going t [...]

  25. I really wanted to love this book, the cover is great, the blurb is all spot on, I ve heard great things but I just did not get it.My main issue was that i just did not feel a connection with the characters, I didn t feel that their story was believable, there was little character development and I didn t understand how they fell in love I really wanted to love this story, it had everything in it to be great but for some reason it was just ok.Sad but true just two lonely stars from me.

  26. I m in cover love Gorgeous Review origninally posted at fictionvixen review devourI ve been on a bit of a self pub kick lately, but then again I ve also been on an erotic contemporary romance kick The cover for Devoured caught my eye on a couple of weeks ago and after reading the blurb I knew this was one I had to try out When you give me a gorgeous cover, combined with a hot rock star who has a past with the heroine I m there.When Sienna Jensen receives a phone call from her notoriously absent [...]

  27. 01 04 17 Reread I originally received this as an ARC Actually, it was the first ARC I ever received back in 2012 Since then I have bought my own copy.09 06 12 So where do I begin with this review First a solid 4 stars and a recommendation to read.When I originally read this book in October, when I received the ARC thank you Emily Snow , I gave the book 3 stars I did not feel connected to the characters The relationship just felt written on paper I don t know how else to say how I felt, but that [...]

  28. 3.5 to 4 starsOkay I have to say that I was expecting from this book It started out really strong and then just fizzled out I would have to say that the last 30% of the book saved the book for me and that s why I gave it as many stars as I did I gave this the rating I did because I had a hard time connecting to Lucas I am all about a Dominate Rock star bad boy but for some reason Lucas just rubbed me the wrong way He was to hot and cold throughout the whole book I also didn t feel the connectio [...]

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