Echo Netty s influence transcends a full century as the United States evolves to a point of politically driven economic collapse The year is as a young mother abused by her shiftless husband heroica

Netty s influence transcends a full century as the United States evolves to a point of politically driven economic collapse The year is 2033 as a young mother, abused by her shiftless husband, heroically decides to remove her two sickly children, Scotty and Abby, from the mean streets of their government subsidized tenement town of Short Hills, New Jersey to the hills andNetty s influence transcends a full century as the United States evolves to a point of politically driven economic collapse The year is 2033 as a young mother, abused by her shiftless husband, heroically decides to remove her two sickly children, Scotty and Abby, from the mean streets of their government subsidized tenement town of Short Hills, New Jersey to the hills and old farmland of Sussex County There they unite with a Latino family that adopted Jose, a young boy from Costa Rica, traumatized at the age of seven by the brutal murder of his parents and the kidnapping of his infant sister The two families unite to pool finances, creating the love and bonds that will enable them to survive the psychotic attention of Armoni, a soul damaged beyond redemption, discovery of Baby s miraculous offspring, Echo and their subsequent body changes Through the efforts of Echo who develops an unexplained passion for the curly haired dog, Barney, they flee the clutches of Armoni after the murder of Armoni s sidekicks by Echo, to Sarasota, Florida, one of the last remaining enclaves of wealth in the U.S Scotty learns to utilize Echo as a co conspirator in his intrigue to thwart the efforts of heinous people that prey on the lives of creatures in their environmentally rich new home, where the insidious miscreant, Armoni, tracks them dragging along Ginger Mae, a New York City prostitute looking for opportunity with he

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  1. J.K. Accinni Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Echo book, this is one of the most wanted J.K. Accinni author readers around the world.

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  1. i was given this book for an honest review.i LOVED the first book , this book was a shock it was even better than the first and i could not stop reading it i love how Echo has her own personality and is not at all like Baby loved this book, tho some of the characters in it and the things they did made my skin crawl and i think they got off easyis book was fanfreakintabulous

  2. I absolutely loved Baby, and really wanted to read Echo I too couldn t get past the first CHAPTER I understand of course that authors must set up a fictional world and the opinions of the characters doesn t reflect those of the author, BUT the intro to the dystopian world isn t from a character POV is a third person narrative claiming to describe facts that are a mix of highly charged political vitriol and out right conspiracy crackpot science Many dystopian stories are based on implausible scen [...]

  3. Echo Species Intervention 6609 Book Two by J K J Kelly Ed Accinni cant not give this book a 5 ratingThe characters are unique and has the reader invested from the startThe plot is uniqueThe social and socio political commentary was spot on if emotionally draining.The character Echo, like her birth brother Baby became a firm favourite from the startI love the fact that the story picks up where it left off even though a monster amount of time has elapsed.Human depravity it seems is timeless.Many q [...]

  4. After reading the first book within this series I had to immediately grab Echo to see what happened I m glad I did because again I wasn t disappointed The story is face paced and full of action In Echo new characters are introduced and the time takes place in 2033 Life on earth is very different from what we know now Echo comes into the story healing Abby and Scotty When she s introduced, I fell in love with her She sounds soo cute and is so helpful with changing life for the siblings as they kn [...]

  5. I read the first book in this series and I liked it really much So of course I read the second book in the series Originally I thought it would pick up where we left in the first book But much to my surprise the author takes us to the year 2033 And might I say it s a gloomy look on our future Sickness, poverty, diseases, violence Hopefully it s not where we are heading to destroying this earth we are living on.Our main heroine in this story is much like Netty from the first book, Abbey has to ov [...]

  6. Author JK Accinni continues the unique story in the Species Intervention series with ECHO I have become completely engrossed with this series even though they are so unlike what normally draws me to say yes, I ve been waiting for this one , but it HAS An amazing storyline has been sculptured like a captivating piece of art within the covers of Echo that spans or lapse through time as it has here between BABY into ECHO, and the wow factor is so unreal, yet very real at the same time The cast of c [...]

  7. Though this book didn t pick up where the Baby left off, and only mentions Netty, it s and interesting read on its own In this book we follow a different family The book start of with a young boy Scotty who is on his way to play in an discarded cardboard box, we re seeing the world around him from his POV, and I doubt that a 5 or 6 year old boy would think about what is going in his world the way the book opens, for instance the outbreak of polio that devastated the population could be the autho [...]

  8. I was given this book in return for an honest review This book starts of years after the first one ends, in 2033 Scotty is small for his age and has some physical deformities, mother has Polio, sister has kidney disease and father is abusive His mother takes them and runs from father Everything is going well in new place, Scotty runs into the woods one day and us discovered by Echo, Baby s offspring, and this the adventure begins Echo develops a strange attachment to their dog They meet and brin [...]

  9. This is the next book in the series and a wonderful addition at that Abby and Scotty have health issues They live in a very poor part of town The government no longer runs the U.S the rich do and they make all the decisions and control everything When their father becomes noticeably abusive toward their mother and them, they move away with their mom to another part of the town Scotty finds Echo but believes she is just a fairy Little does he know at that time what he s in for With funds tight, t [...]

  10. I was given a copy of this by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.Book sequels, just like movie ones, are usually not as good as the first ones, but J K doesn t disappoint in this one In fact, she surpasses the intensity of the Baby There is a lot action drama and edge of your seat adventure going on almost constantly I couldn t put this one down either I do have to give warning though If you re sensitive to rape or torture scenarios, this has a lot of it in here.Great job J.K I can t [...]

  11. I Am blown away by this series J K Accinni has done it again I am in love with this series than I was with the first book Again all I can say really is you have got to read this series J K Accinni has really out done herself with this series I gotta have I am addicted to these books.

  12. No Just no The first book was quite interesting, but for some reason the first chapter of this volume is regurgitated right wing ignorance about poisoned vaccines, the dangers of socialized medicine, and how it s all the Muslims fault It s like a dystopia as imagined by Donald Trump Dnf in the middle of the first chapter.

  13. After having read the first book in this series awhile ago, and due to some things that bugged me about the first book, I wasn t really eager to start on the second book I d thought I d wait awhile before reading Echo for fear that the same issues that bothered me in Baby, would pop up again in Echo Alas, my fears were unnecessary and I ended up enjoying Echo far than I did Baby I was so focused on the issues that plagued me in the first book, I failed to notice how exquisitely J.K Accinni writ [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this book I have to say I m glad that I continued on from the first book Baby because Echo was a great read I was a bit hesitant because of the brutality in Baby, but there was only one incident in this book I found myself constantly thinking about this book whenever I put the book down to do something My mind, no matter what I was doing, would drift back to the book and wonder what is going to happen next, or think to myself, what does this mean, or that mean, or will the plan [...]

  15. Author JK Accinni continues the unique story in the Species Intervention series with ECHO I have become completely engrossed with this series even though they are so unlike what normally draws me to say yes, I ve been waiting for this one , but it HAS An amazing storyline has been sculptured like a captivating piece of art within the covers of Echo that spans or lapse through time as it has here between BABY into ECHO, and the wow factor is so unreal, yet very real at the same time The cast of c [...]

  16. Echo by JK AccinniPrint Length 222 pagesPublisher EK Publishing August 26, 2012 I received this book as a gift in exchange for a honest review.Cover I just adore the cover especially after reading Baby I love the colors of the book It makes me want to delve into the pages and find out about the cover.My Review After reading the first book Baby, I didn t think anything could surpass my expectations But ECHO did just that and What a thrilling read that I highly enjoyed Loved loved the characters [...]

  17. After being completely enthralled by its prelude, Baby, I was instantly drawn into this 2nd novel, which starts 100 years later delighted to discover Scotty and his family a little boy who stirred my emotions Weak, sickly, ridiculed by an abusive father, he is the first person in this story to stumble across the alien species known as the Oolahan, as he seeks solace in the woods from his miserable life thereby discovering the same cave as Netty Book 1 , as well as her abandoned gold coin and whe [...]

  18. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is the second book in the Species Intervention 6609 series.Scotty and Abby are brother and sister They are both fantastic characters Scotty is a lonely boy due to his illness Abby, although sick herself, is outgoing and popular When their mom finally decides to leave her abusive husband for the open hills of Sussex County, all of their lives take a turn for the better.Jose is also a wonderful character Having sur [...]

  19. I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.Wow I m still trying to digest this book a day after finishing it The first book in the series, Baby Species Intervention 6609, book one , was set in the past The language was formal The tone of the book was very peaceful in spite of the rather horrific things that happened Echo was not peaceful at all and it came as a bit of a shock.Part of my reaction, I suppose, is that Echo is set in the near future and the world is not a nice pl [...]

  20. I received this book to give an honest review.Man oh man I was captured from the first page and found myself not wanting to put it down You are taken into the future where the government is not like it use to be and everyone is pretty much poor You will meet Echo one of the creatures whose brother was in book one named Baby Also you will meet other characters Scotty, Abby, Jose who all play a big part The way the author described some of the horrific things that one of the not so good humans nam [...]

  21. My Review will contain MANY Spoilers Please do NOT continue on if you don t want to know what goes on in this book.This one was a little bit harder for me to get into feeling it We get a new gang of Characters, out with the old and in with the new Writing Style stays the same, Characters POV s jump from one to the next The storyline bounced from Scotty to Echo then Jose Barney was another constant fixture as well.Thought some facts could have been left out about Jose because they seemed to cause [...]

  22. Echo is the second book of the Species Intervention 6609 series We pick up the story a full century from the time of Netty, Wil, and Baby The year is 2033 and our government seems to be falling apart Most familes are poor and welfare is cut off for anyone working This in turn is causing some families to merge to make ends meet This is how we meet Abby, Scotty, and eventually Jose As time goes on we finally meet Echo, the offspring of Baby, who has been hiding out in the Hive Just as Baby did Ech [...]

  23. Advance to 2033, Scotty and Abby live on Lily Pond Road, the site of Netty s destroyed home Scotty finds the womb rock on his seventh birthday He leaves a piece of birthday cake for the creature he catches a glimpse of This creature is called Echo because of the way she communicates She is Baby s sister Scotty and Abby have to learn to adapt to another family because of hardships and two households blend into one home to make ends meet This extended family splits when Scotty s mother and one of [...]

  24. When I started to read this series I really wasn t really sure if I would be able to really get into the books Well I can tell you that I was truly impressed Throughout both book one Baby and Echo I was able to totally submerge myself into the characters Each of these books has been very well written and laid out I love a book that makes you wonder One that will allow you to throw yourself into the story so deep that you just cant put down the book You just HAVE to see what happens next I can te [...]

  25. I received this book from the Author for an honest review.Echo is a continuation into a Sci Fi thriller that will have you in its grip until the end I wasn t sure how I would like the passing in years between Book 1 and Book 2, but once I started the story it was even better then the first one Based in a post apocalyptic Earth, Echo the offspring from Baby, awaits patiently for over a century for the One to come With all new characters this could actually be a stand alone, but the Author has cle [...]

  26. This book has little to save it from sheer mediocrity The story begins with a political rant about the rich and poor that goes way beyond what is necessary to set the scene I don t like to be cruel in my reviews, but again, like the first book in this series, the narrative is somewhat lacking Immediately upon closing the broad political update to take us into the year 2033, there is a demonstration of violence and the description of the brutal rape and killing of a seventeen year old girl It is [...]

  27. I was gifted this book for an honest review.In the beginning I was very disappointed with this story Mostly because I had certain expectations that were not realized and because I didn t like the politics in this future world I thought I would learn about Baby however, instead I met his birth sister who is Echo She has been what I call dormant for a 100 years occasionally observing the world around her waiting for The One I was compelled to continue reading and hoped that I would discover exact [...]

  28. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review This is the second book in the Species Intervention 6609 series by A.K Accinni that I have been able to read and review I thought book one was crazy, Echo is ten times crazy I actually for it to be very disturbing and I was actually afraid that I was going to have very vivid nightmares from reading it J.K Accinni is such a detailed writer that my mind will forever be scarred from some of the events that occurred in this [...]

  29. Interesting way to continue a series, wait 100 years,Well, Brother may have lost his offspring, but JK found her Echo, so named by Jose because he hears her in his head, has waited 100 years before contacting any humans She has been waiting for The ONE and thinks she has found him when a young boy named Scotty finds her In her attempt to contact him, he gets scared and falls Since she caused his injury, she heals him although that is not supposed to be done to humans Scotty leaves and tells ever [...]

  30. The Species Intervention 6609 series is not a series that I would have probably picked out for myself Not being a really big sci fi fan, I probably would not have looked at it twice Echo is book 2 in the series It is the continuation of a story started over 100 years before Characters have changed, but the story skips a few years, then picks up again Baby s offspring, Echo, is found by two boys who happen to live in the same house because of financial circumstances As they grow, and change, they [...]

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