The Dark Days Club

The Dark Days Club New York Times bestseller Alison Goodman s eagerly awaited new project a Regency adventure starring a stylish and intrepid demon hunter London April On the eve of eighteen year old Lady Helen Wr

New York Times bestseller Alison Goodman s eagerly awaited new project a Regency adventure starring a stylish and intrepid demon hunter London, April 1812 On the eve of eighteen year old Lady Helen Wrexhall s presentation to the queen, one of her family s housemaids disappears and Helen is drawn into the shadows of Regency London There, she meets Lord Carlston, one of tNew York Times bestseller Alison Goodman s eagerly awaited new project a Regency adventure starring a stylish and intrepid demon hunter London, April 1812 On the eve of eighteen year old Lady Helen Wrexhall s presentation to the queen, one of her family s housemaids disappears and Helen is drawn into the shadows of Regency London There, she meets Lord Carlston, one of the few who can stop the perpetrators a cabal of demons infiltrating every level of society Dare she ask for his help, when his reputation is almost as black as his lingering eyes And will her intelligence and headstrong curiosity wind up leading them into a death trap

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The Dark Days Club

  1. Alison is the author of EON and EONA, a New York Times Bestselling fantasy duology Her latest novel The Dark Days Club is Book 1 in a new trilogy, and will be published in the USA and UK in January 2016, and December 2015 in Australia It has been reviewed by Publishers Weekly as a delicious collision of Regency romance and dark fantasy Alison calls it Pride and Prejudice meets Buffy in English high society EON was short listed for Victorian, NSW, and WA Premier s Literary awards, and won the 2008 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel It was also listed as an American Library Association Best Young Adult Book 2010 , a James Tiptree Jr Honour book, and a CBCA Notable Book Alison s first novel, Singing the Dogstar Blues, won the 1998 Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel, and was also listed as an American Library Association Best Book 2004 and CBCA Notable Book Her second novel, a crime thriller titled Killing the Rabbit, was published in the USA and shortlisted for the 2007 Davitt Award Alison was a D.J O Hearn Memorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne and holds a Master of Arts She lives in Australia with her husband and their Machiavellian Jack Russell Terrier, and is currently working on Book 2 and 3 or The Lady Helen series.Visit Alison s website at darkdaysclub

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  1. In 1812, Prinny had been regent for one year Britain was on the brink of war with America, and in its tenth year of almost continuous war with France and its emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte None of these countries, however, knew there was another, even older war being waged.Alison Goodman did not disappoint.In some ways, this book reminds me of Donnelly s These Shallow Graves the setting, the mystery that emerges, and the heroine who is strong willed but feels true to the time though I think Goodman [...]

  2. London, late April 1812 a month that had seen violent civil unrest, savage battles on the Continent, and the rumblings of aggression from the new American nation It was also the month in which Queen Charlotte after a two year hiatus returned to the practice of holding drawing rooms for the presentation of young ladies into high society A battleground of a different kind.My goodness, this book was delightful It s got everything I like Historical romance Check Magic Check Murder Check That s not t [...]

  3. Pride and Prejudice meets the Infernal Devices.Alright, it s not exactly like Pride and Prejudice There is no Mr Darcy, only an infuriating earl that may of may not have killed his wife And there is no Elizabeth, only a girl whose curiosity leads her to an underground demon hunting cult, but is too reluctant to follow her call The resemblances lie in the vivid and detailed depiction of the English society, with its etiquette, its balls and fancy gowns and dreams of marriage, all of them wrapped [...]

  4. A delicious collision of Regency romance and dark fantasy Publisher s Weekly, starred reviewYou know those books that are so good they fill you with a strange desire to visit your local bookstore and discreetly find every copy of it that they have in stock and line them up on the most prominent display This isn t one of those I nearly DNFed it several times The first came around 125 pages in, when I was sure that I must have misread the blurb I could have sworn that it had mentioned demons, but [...]

  5. Holy moly, this book was so great Amazing research, really fun characters and such an original idea I read it because I am going on tour with Alison Goodman and now I m just going to meet her and fangirl and she s going to be like who are you, please go away.

  6. It s no surprise that this book is terrific every Allison Goodman story includes a world that comes alive in a way few books do Paranormal Regency London shimmers with whirling silk skirts and is bound by careful decorum, yet our heroine finds herself defying everything she s been taught when she experiences powerful magic for the first time and is drawn into a web of intrigue and danger.I m surprised to find that I do have a couple of reservations about the book, so I need some time to sort out [...]

  7. My favorite thing aboutThe Dark Days Club is the historical accuracy It is very clear from the first page that there was a great deal of research that went into this book There were moments, places, and people in history I recognized The setting feels so real with the incredible amount of detail included It felt like I had traveled back to London 1812 I even found myself learning things This is exactly what I want from a historical fiction book andAlison Goodman brought it.The introduction provi [...]

  8. 1812 Dark Days 1812 Sometimes there is no good choice 3 1812 2016 The Diviners 1 2016 10 2016 Dec 2013 Dec 2014 Dec 2015

  9. 3.5 Maybe it s because I just wasn t in the mood for it, but I found this to be so so slow It had a great atmosphere, great characters, great historical aspects, but I just felt like I was being dragged along for an unnecessary amount of time I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books Music Inc in exchange for an honest review

  10. I m already 16 books behind, and this is the 9th book I m putting on my current read.I gotta get it together LOL.Please let this be awesome I don t remember why I added it, but let s go HOLY SHIT THIS BOOK IS INSANE And I Am For It.PlotI have never quite read a YA like this I love the historical aspect which the author has clearly done a good amount of research on , the romance I ship it , the engaging plot it s creative and kinda creepy , the mystery did not see any of that coming , the paranor [...]

  11. Heeeeyyy, look, a GIVEAWAY Go forth and win Ends 02 18 Review posted on The Eater of Books blog The Dark Days Club by Alison GoodmanBook One of The Dark Days Club seriesPublisher Viking Books for Young ReadersPublication Date January 26, 2016Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from London, April 1812 On the eve of eighteen year old Lady Helen Wrexhall s presentation to the queen, one of her family s housemaids disappears and Helen is drawn into the shadows of Regency London The [...]

  12. Historical fiction fantasy, Australian author whose previous books I love, beautiful tempting cover what is there to ask for I enjoyed this one very much Someone described it as Regency romance meets Buffy and that is not far off the truth Alison Goodman is a big Regency fan and it shows She writes excellent descriptions of life at that time from the rich to the poor And then she throws in some supernatural beings and the drama begins Great fun Lady Helen is a really good main character The aut [...]

  13. 2.5 starsRounded up for old times sake, because I was mostly bored by the novel.This story is simultaneously well written and yet so incredibly slow Frankly, throughout the book I kept wishing for it to be a fun, smutty Regency romp instead of a dour historical paranormal fantasy Goodman is just so good at writing historical details and manners, and her characters are all over the age of 18, there is some fornicating and pornographic cards included in the story But I just couldn t care less abou [...]

  14. Actual rating 3.5Look at the picture belowsourceIt is Alison Goodman at the Jane Austen Festival She is a great fan of Regency era and while writing her book she did not only researched the era but had an experience living in the Regency era Quote I checked the historical weather reports, read military and crime accounts in The Times, made notes on the phases of the moon, perused the fashion plates in La Belle Assembl e, studied numerous eighteenth and nineteenth century museum exhibits, consult [...]

  15. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review 4.5 starsI really enjoyed reading this book It was so well researched and bursting with historical details I could tell right away that Alison Goodman really spent a lot of time learning about life in 1812, London I ve since been to her website and Pinterest board and I think it s amazing how she included important figures of the era, artists, fashions, buildings, etc She even researched the moon and weather patterns so it [...]

  16. Upon hearing about this book, I was super excited I mean, it s written by an Australian author and the premise alone sounded fantastic In between high society parties, socialising and living in polite society, Lady Helen Wrexhall soon discovers that her world is much darker than she could have anticipated Demons walk among society, sucking the life force and energy out of unsuspecting humans quite literally and Lady Helen is one of the few people who are able to do something about it so our hero [...]

  17. This is a fantastic historical fantasy which I thoroughly enjoyed There is a great heroine, Lady Helen, whose housemaid goes missing Instead of wallowing in a world of society parties and marrying a suitable Duke, Helen opts to find out what has happened to her Especially as she and the housemaid had a good relationship and are close She gets involved with Lord Carlston with a view to asking for his help and embarks on a thrill ride that includes magic and demons However, there are also murders [...]

  18. Review posted on Fafa s Book Corner Beware spoilers ahead This book was recommended to me by my GR friendAlyssa I had heard about this author years ago along with her infamous series Eon Back in November the publishing company released a sample for all the upcoming books This book was amongst them At the time I had been hearing so much about this book that I decided to read the sample It was slow but I fell in love with the setting and Lady Helen Alyssa s review convinced me even so I bought it [...]

  19. Preview chapters review Honestly, I wasn t very interested in this one before I downloaded the SNEAK PEEK on NetGalley, but now What is it about the idea of prim and proper early 19th century ladies fighting demons and monsters la Buffy that is so appealing Lady Helen is an orphan raised by her childless aunt and uncle She exists under the constant gloom and speculation of her parents deaths Her mother, you see, is rud to be a traitor As in treason Against England So that s interesting Not man [...]

  20. 4,2 5 stars Sometimes there is no right choice The best part of The Dark Days Club was the amazing mixture of historical and paranormal world building, and especially how greatly historically accurate the book was Alison Goodman researched so many historical facts from politics, food, weather, clothes, dancing, real historical figures, to living conditions and opinions of people from Regency era It felt like I moved through time and was really there with Lady Helen I d say that this book is His [...]

  21. A copy of this novel was provided by Harper Collins Australia for review.I d heard a lot of good things about this author s other books, so I jumped at the chance to read and review Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club Except that I knew by the end of the first chapter that we were not meant to be.Because I like lists, and there are a few things about this book that were off for me, here are some weird unlikeable things about Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club 1 The writing style Now, I am not the b [...]

  22. An ARC of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review My thoughts are my own This review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue.Did you enjoy Buffy the Vampire Slayer Do you like Regency era fiction Then hold on to your bonnets because you are going to loooove this book It really is an incredible cross between the two, with Lady Helen battling demons in her petticoats, while also trying to maintain her reputation as a well bred lady.There s also a Chosen One vib [...]

  23. My dearest friends,I am convinced that Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pride and Prejudice and Zombies had a book baby and named her The Dark Days ClubHOLD LADY HELEN WREXHALL Bio eighteen avid reader curious cat die hard romantic assumes the strength of two grown men when necessary rebellious loyal friend witty no filter.Seeking Answers surrounding the mysterious death of her parents and a man that loves unconditionally, and isn t in a rush to get married.I PRESENT TO YOU THEE EARL OF CARLSTON Bio fiv [...]

  24. WrensReads Review I absolutely loved this book.The world building was so unique and beautiful There was such detail in every word that Alison Goodman put in there I usually am not the biggest fan of Regency Era books, but it s books like this that make me believe I am born in the wrong Era.There were like two different words building for me because I am not that knowledgeable in this Era as I am in others So I was learning about that while learning about the paranormal side gracing the story.H [...]

  25. Maybe it s a 3.75, but I have to think about it I ll gather my ideas around and then write something.When it comes to Alison Goodman s works one word always comes to my mind underrated I do see why her books might not appeal to some people, but I still think they do not get all the hype they should They re well written, the characters are well developed and the author knows how to write good settings and magic systems There is enough attention paid to the plot and there is slow burn romance I s [...]

  26. I actually DNFed this a month ago, but picked it back up again due to positive encouragement from my co bloggers and needing to cover this book live on radio which you can listen to here.While the pacing of the first half of the book was rather slow and arduous, with a LOT of world building and setting up of the story, it begins to speed up in the second half Helen gets integrated into the Dark Days Club as she learns about the scandalous deceivers and how reclaimers can fight against them Lady [...]

  27. AND ANOTHER THINGIf you haven t read this, oh boy, you should You really, really should.This was my first read by Alison Goodman and since Eon Eona have released, I ve heard nothing but amazing things about her books.I can totally see why.Guys, the WRITING It s so amazing I was blown away and this is a person who talks about writing in her reviews though sometimes doesn t even care about it The world felt so genuine, so realistic, and you can tell that Goodman did her research thoroughly.And THI [...]

  28. A finished copy was provided by the publisher for review.Wowza, what a ride Allison Goodman is a master at depicting 18th century London in all its glory She brings her own fascinating twist though Reclaimers versus deceivers are thrown into battle every day and no normal human being even knows I loved everything about this book The detailed imagery and scenes, to the slow burning chemistry between our two main characters, to the detailed descriptions of gowns and carriages, loved it all The onl [...]

  29. I took a while to get through this book because I loved it right from the beginning and I wanted to savor it I adored Lady Helen from page 1 She s smart and so logical while in the middle of an illogical situation Lord Carlston was enigmatic and perhaps unintentionally swoony, but I just couldn t get enough of the two of them together Even though much to my disappointment there wasn t much that happened between them The few long gazes and silent conversations that run rampant in the regency time [...]

  30. ACTUAL RATING 3.75The Dark Days Club begins with the protagonist, Lady Helen Wrexhall s Court Presentation before Queen Charlotte Helen is an orphan Her parents perished at sea ten years ago leaving her and her brother, Andrew in the guardianship of their Uncle and Aunt, the Lord and Lady Pennworth Helen is constantly reproached for her natural intelligence, curiosity and wit, which is of course unbecoming in a young, unmarried lady Her resemblance to her mother is frowned upon, especially since [...]

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