Forever and Beyond

Forever and Beyond Hidden from mortal eyes and divided into three factions are the creatures of darkness that coexist with mortals In the witches town Morganefaire an ancient legend tells the story of a mirror that was

Hidden from mortal eyes and divided into three factions are the creatures of darkness that coexist with mortals.In the witches town Morganefaire, an ancient legend tells the story of a mirror that was once shattered into four fragments, each able to entrap a powerful soul Eighteen year old Amber is a struggling necromancer on a mission help vampire Aidan stop the PropheHidden from mortal eyes and divided into three factions are the creatures of darkness that coexist with mortals.In the witches town Morganefaire, an ancient legend tells the story of a mirror that was once shattered into four fragments, each able to entrap a powerful soul Eighteen year old Amber is a struggling necromancer on a mission help vampire Aidan stop the Prophecy of Morganefaire and protect the innocents from the inevitable fate that will befall them should the wrong faction win When bodies begin to pile up, Amber realizes she has no choice than to work together with the fashion savvy yet irritating ghost of a young witch to solve the mystery and protect the one she loves.In a world of forbidden love, of ancient enemies and bonds spun by fate, nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted Amber s life will never be the same again unless she finds out who the murderer is, and quick, before everything she ever loved is taken from her forever

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Forever and Beyond

  1. Jayde Scott Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Forever and Beyond book, this is one of the most wanted Jayde Scott author readers around the world.

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  1. Review also on chillinwithbooks Plot Wow, a cliff hanger, that s rare in this series I know from the Feature Follow post this week that many actually hated cliff hangers, but I actually really liked them I don t mind waiting, but if the book comes out 2 years later than the previous book, I would be really pissed I guess it all depends on how the cliff hanger was set up and how long til the next of the series was out In Forever and Beyond s case, I love the cliff hanger Although, to be fair, Sha [...]

  2. I have been a fan of this series since A Job from Hell and I have no idea how Jayde Scott is able to come up with such a gripping story with each book Seriously, this was book 5 and I am still enthralled with this story I was lucky enough to receive a copy from the author and couldn t put it down Forever and Beyond is in our lovely Amber s point of view again I really love these characters Amber is probably my favorite She has been through a lot recently She is dealing with being a vampire and t [...]

  3. Book Review Forever and Beyond by Jayde ScottAmber and Aidan are now in Morganefaire meeting with the council trying to decide what the next step is As they try to reason it out young women are being found dead Amber starts her own investigation into what is going on She now has a ghost named Julie to think about Julie was the first girl found murdered and left behind by a reaper Amber is shocked by that fact and knows something isn t right.The vampires are outsiders and the witches don t trust [...]

  4. This was my favorite so far in the series, and now I am bummed that I have to wait to read the next one until October Amber is getting into her necromancer skills in this series, as she works directly with a ghost who died but does not know how or who killed her Amber and Aidan s relationship continues, and it is better in this book because they aren t each trying to hide things from each other That was pretty frustrating in the last book The only thing I didn t like about this book was that al [...]

  5. Amber, the main character in this book, is a necromancer and a vampire, who thinks in such an amusing, self deprecating and cynical manner that I had to laugh out loud and often She is not the usual heroine you imagine she is far from perfect She is strong and in this book I could connect with her.Although this book was very funny, what I admired most was the author s ability to entrance the reader There is non stop action from beginning to end If there is something I can say about this series i [...]

  6. I loved Dead and Beyond, so I was than eager to jump into the sequel and believe me, it did not disppoint It was every bit as good as the last one and within 2 chapters I was hooked I love the way the author develops her characters makes them grow and makes them learn from mistakes Noone in her book is perfect and yet she makes them so strong, likeable, unpredictable, and distinct that it s not easy to forget them Whenever I ve finished a book in this series, I already miss them Beside the char [...]

  7. Rating 3.5 StarsFirst of all I have to say I absolutely adore Jayde Scott and all of the other stories in this series However, this book left me a little disappointed and wanting a little I really felt like there was story to tell, and the ending seemed abrupt, and completely took me off guard I enjoyed the story but felt like there were a lot of unresolved storylines from the last book and would ve liked to have seen how Aiden and Amber resolved all of the things that happened in the last boo [...]

  8. Once again we follow Amber now a necromancer with Adrian as she starts to use her gift and solve some mysteries.Still having to deal the supernaturals such as vampires, devil s daughter, voodoo priestess, The Shadows, a Seer and Ghost plus all the dangers of the Lore Court Succubus, and now Witches There is a prophecy of war and Aiden and Amber are trying to find allays There gave been murders in Morganfaire and Amber is determined to find at what is happening This book like the others in the se [...]

  9. This is it THE perfect curl up book you want to read under a blanket no matter if it s raining, the sun s shining, or if it s night outside What captivated me most about Forever and Beyond was the plot the relationship between Amber and Aidan and the relationship between Kieran and Patricia, the spirit that is lost but wants so dearly help, the deaths of witches and accusations and the mystery about the witches town This book was a delicious read Sometimes I laughed and sometimes a chill went do [...]

  10. I absolutely loved the Ancient Legends books In less than one week, I ve read all 5 books Right from the start each book is engaging The story builds dramatically and the characters are varied and intriguing But what I love most about this series is that you can read each book in the series on its own There is always something in each book that is appealing I find some characters Kieran, Amber and Julie incredibly hilarious Even if they are just work of fiction with some paranormal, romance but [...]

  11. I had no idea what the book was going to be about But i heard that so many people loved the ancient legends series so it must be good I am always cautious when i read books because you just never know But Dead and Beyond and Forever and Beyond are probably one of my favorite books ever The characters are really likeable and its easy to just feel what they are feeling I loved the concept of a mortal becoming a vampire then getting the choice to become human again All this for a very reasonable pr [...]

  12. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed this series of books, especially Aidan and Amber, I must say this one part of the series wasn t quite enough for me, personally I was expecting a little to the plot, maybe a little adventure or at least a new development to Aidan and Amber s relationship, or maybe Kirean s character being developed or focused upon.However, despite my slight disappoint I did enjoy this chapter in the series and look forward to the following book.

  13. Amber visits the witch town for protection Unfortunately for her, witches disappear and everyone becomes suspicious A dead witch starts to haunt her Amber has to work with her With her help she finds out something that changes her life Then she gets the chance also to become mortal and human again Will she use this chance And if she does, will it have consequences

  14. A refreshing story filled with vibrant characters, feisty humor, and an irresistible romance that left me swooning for The premise is not something I usually will dig my teeth into but I found myself getting excited and blitzed through this book in a matter of hoursAnd that ending, it doesn t exactly help me to quit smoking as I am waiting for the next book in anticipation.

  15. I think I read this book in 2 days It was easy to get lost in her story and when it was over, I started from page one again just to get a different point of view knowing the story It was nice to see her being strong but also see her weak It made her real to me I can t wait to start the next book

  16. I loved this book however I wish the author would have concentrated on the plot rather than the mushy stuff as I said in my last review on this series, I love the mushy but sometimes it takes away from the book and puts me in the mind of a romance novel not exactly what I was hoping to read with a vampire book.

  17. It s difficult to express how I feel about Forever and Beyond in a typed review when it evokes so many emotions In my head and with my hands, I can, but it s hard to write and put together on a keyboard I would say I loved everything about it but even when I write this, it s still a vast understatement.

  18. What a great follow up first i was swooning the chemistry between Aidan and Amber is amazing And Kieran is super hot chapter 10 i was totally absorbed, unable to stop and had to laugh a couple of times at some scenes by chapter 17 was totally freaked out and kept checking my surrounding all in good ways and by the end, I just wanted .

  19. When you say Jayde Scott the words that come to my mind are spine tingling read, sarcastic strong characters, hilarious situations value for money Thankfully the author doesn t disappoint me even this time.

  20. I ve been dying to read this book for forever Well, now I finally have and I am hooked Insightful and addictive I am truly convinced that Scott is the master of scintillating and epic storytelling and plots that I am always incapable of putting one of her books down

  21. My favorite Ancient Legends book so far The ancient war background was very interesting and I can t wait to see which court wins What I love about this series is that the books are funny but not mindless romance reads There s actually an actual backstory and a world full of drama and intrigue.

  22. I really enjoyed this book It was packed with adventure and has one hell of a cliffhanger ending The only sad part is that so many of the great characters from the previous books are not in this one Perhaps we will see them in the next.

  23. My fav new author I bought Dead Beyond and Forever Beyond on a whim, and I am so glad I did I loved Amber but I also loved Julie even if I am not really into paranormal stories It took me a chapter or so to really dig into the book, but it sure does pick up after that

  24. I decided to purchase this So very glad that I did I had so many laugh out loud moments and moments where I just skipped work that my family was starting to question whether I was crazy or what I literally found myself wanting to read it again when I was finished.

  25. Although I loved the previous books I feel like the author just stopped this one at the halfway point and closed up shop Very few questions were answered and, after reading the preview of the next book they won t be answered anytime soon.

  26. Even though I love Jayde Scott s books and the Ancient Legends series, this book left me so confused I don t get the majority of the information that we re being fed and just can t figure out how it relates to the original storyline I get the feeling that I missed a book.

  27. Beyond and Forever was thrillingly engaging, romantic, action packed, seductive, tempting, funny, and had me on the edge of my seat And begging for once the novel ended It was perfect it wasn t too short, it wasn t too long I loved the first 3 books, but this one was so much better.

  28. I love this author and her style of writing I was not expecting much however this series is fantastic The writing is so detailed and colorful that you can picture the characters as you are reading Can t wait for the next book.

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