Mortal Fire

Mortal Fire Sixteen year old Canny Mochrie s vacation takes a turn when she stumbles upon a mysterious and enchanting valley occupied almost entirely by children who can perform a special type of magic that tell

Sixteen year old Canny Mochrie s vacation takes a turn when she stumbles upon a mysterious and enchanting valley, occupied almost entirely by children who can perform a special type of magic that tells things how to be stronger and better than they already are As Canny studies the magic carefully, she realizes that she not only understands it she can perform the magSixteen year old Canny Mochrie s vacation takes a turn when she stumbles upon a mysterious and enchanting valley, occupied almost entirely by children who can perform a special type of magic that tells things how to be stronger and better than they already are As Canny studies the magic carefully, she realizes that she not only understands it she can perform the magic, too, so well that it feels like it has always been a part of her With the help of an alluring seventeen year old boy who is held hostage by a spell that is now powerful than the people who first placed it, Canny figures out the secrets of this valley and of her own past.

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Mortal Fire

  1. Elizabeth Knox was born in Wellington New Zealand and is the author of eleven novels and three novella and a book of essays.

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  1. My blog review Even though Mortal Fire isn t out till June I want to write about it now to get the word out as it is simply spectacular And to encourage those fantasy fans among you unfamiliar with Elizabeth Knox to go and read her two other also fabulous young adult books, Dreamhunter and Dreamquake, the later a Printz honor book What, you may wonder, are they like I would agree with Knox s own answer about her newest book, but applicable I think to these earlier ones too in this recent intervi [...]

  2. This is an unusual book Demanding at its outset, then compulsively readable once I was into it It s a love story, with a very endearing heroine, Canny, and an intriguing and slightly mad hero, Ghislain But it isn t just a love story It s mostly a book about Canny learning who she is, and what she is good at, and what use she can be to herself and other people It s a book where people have occupations, they work and make things The setting is very much part of that The Zarene Valley is a kind of [...]

  3. Sometimes the stars dictating my fictional and factional reading align, forming the constellation Serendipity a sublime fantasy novel like Mortal Fire alongside Ursula K Le Guin s brilliant essays on genre, magic and criticism Leave it to Le Guin to identify why Elizabeth Knox s YA fiction means so much to me, a woman in her early to mid 30s I n talking about fantasy, she points out, one can t exclude children s literature Please indulge my emphatic head nodding The capacity of much fantasy lite [...]

  4. Mortal Fire is the first new novel from Elizabeth Knox in 4 years and well worth the wait as it is one of her best Set in an alternative New Zealand in 1959, the novel follows 16 year old Canny as she travels with her step brother and his girlfriend to Zarene Valley It is here that Canny encounters the mysterious and often morally ambiguous Zarene family, their lush and alive valley, their magic which Canny finds she is capable of using as if it were her own and a house hidden by magic that hold [...]

  5. I decided to pick up a book that I haven t heard too much about, called Mortal Fire by Elizabeth Knox I read her Dreamhunter duology a few years ago on the recommendation of Stephenie Meyer and they were so strange, but also really good They ve stuck with me over the years and I ve often found myself thinking about the world Elizabeth created I felt the same way about Mortal Fire.I have no way, really, to describe this book, or explain how I felt about it It was slow and strange, but beautiful a [...]

  6. Can this woman write like an angel or what Not as broad a canvas here as in the Dreamhunter Duet, but completely satisfying down to its final sentences Here s hoping we don t have to wait six years for the next book.

  7. Originally published at yAdult Review.You guys I loved this This was like a book that was written specifically for me When I requested this one, I didn t know it was set in the Dreamhunter universe, so there are a few things I didn t understand though I intend to read that series soon , but that didn t take anything away from the book for me The story is slow to unfold at 17%, I have a note saying, still no clue how magic works, but unfolding nicely , but I liked Canny and I liked discovering th [...]

  8. Reread in July 2017 and I realized this might need a trigger warning view spoiler references to past, unsuccessful suicide attempts by one character hide spoiler Also, Cannie, the main character, is Pacific Islander and the brownness of her skin comes up a few times on the page, as does her feelings of belonging or lack thereof specifically related to her heritage I have literally no idea if this is authentic or good representation.I thought I reviewed this yesterday but apparently not This book [...]

  9. So tired Stayed up all night reading Why didn t anyone in my excellently well read circle of friends tell me about this awesome book What a lucky accidental library find.This compelling, contemporary ish YA fantasy has all the whispering magic of Juliet Mariller s Heart s Blood, refreshing New Zealand cultural elements of Karen Healey s Guardian of the Dead, the spine prickling subtlety of Margo Lanagan s Sea Hearts , with the addition of an endearing, unique heroine whose adventures I never wan [...]

  10. Okay, for the last few months I ve been wondering if I was being chintzy giving some really good books four stars No Just, NO Books like MORTAL FIRE are why you save those five stars Because when a book comes along that s this good, you want to be able to tell everyone that it s better than the rest.Elizabeth Knox grounds MORTAL FIRE so firmly in the real world that she makes you believe in magic again The kind of magic you knew was real before the world broke your heart.Thank you, Elizabeth

  11. The author of DREAMHUNTER and DREAMQUAKE has created another mysterious fantasy set in New Zealand Forget a need for logic and enter her realistic world which introduces unusual magic The action builds until the reader is immersed in a magical hidden valley where the heroine strives to solve problems and discovers a first love.

  12. Loved this book I adored Knox s Dreamhunter and Dreamquake This book can stand on it s own as a story, however I loved the references to the other books So clever, beautifully written, evocative of Te Waipounamu s places and people LOVED it

  13. I paid a hefty reading tax aka library fine for the pleasure of reading Elizabeth Knox s Mortal Fire in my own good time And I ll tell you I don t mind the fine, because the extra time allowed me to find a day when my mind was clear, my stress levels low, and my imagination ready for a fantastical mystery unlike any I d read before Mortal Fire is a brilliant book, and certainly one of the best I have read this year.Canny Mochrie is one person, but she s got layers of identity than anyone else h [...]

  14. Genre wise, Mortal Fire isn t magical realism of the Jellicoe Road You named yourself sort It doesn t have that kind of wonder It doesn t fit the same not quite fantasy mold of Frances Hardinge, either it doesn t have that playfulness Nor does the novel belong in the non historical fantasy niche of Attolia, because it is decidedly contemporary.Instead, it s set in a slightly skewed, off kilter but recognizable world, though one that s populated by ideas, not people It s so deliberately construct [...]

  15. Mortal Fire is a delectable slow burn of a read This is a book to sink into, slowly unwinding the secrets of Knox s alt history Southland and its inhabitants through the setting s summery haze of unease.Canny is a gem of a protagonist, and reminds me of Diana Wynne Jones child protagonists intelligent, inquisitive, and considerably self centred than saccharine children s writers allow their characters to be.Mortal Fire follows Knox s previous YA duet Dreamhunter and Dreamquake, but is not a di [...]

  16. Well, Ms Knox, this is an astonishing, marvellous book The intelligence and imagination that permeated the Dreamhunter and Dreamquake books is in this one too.The overly detailed description in Knox s adult books is pared back here so that it informs without becoming dull The characters are vibrant and interesting with all the nuances required in good characters dark and light, small spirited and grand, and ordinary , the plot was clear but twisted about like a well made, silvery wind chime, and [...]

  17. I found this book astonishing in its inventiveness Dust still settling after reading it one of the those books that you process after the fact I love the central character of Canny so original and unlike a number of teenage female characters around which stuff happens Canny makes the stuff happen So heartening to see this.

  18. DNF at page 235.I am just too bored to continue with this Nothing happens, no one is interesting, and the writing style just did not work for me.

  19. Loved it Dense and rich and brilliant I want to go back and reread the Dreamhunter duet and then reread this one just to immerse myself in the world Although it really really needed a map.

  20. The story is like the two rivers in the novel, lucent, deep and powerful, and full of deceptive twisty currents It starts slowly, then goes on getting deeper and weightier The characters were a little hard to get a grasp on at first Knox is all show don t tell Then I just found myself laughing at them with affection Sholto and Cyrus , or getting a kick out of their plans and schemes Ghislain and Canny But it is wrong to say and Canny because she s the heart and main mover of the book What a grea [...]

  21. This book Just this book It was amazing to visit Southland again, at mid century, and the story was so beautiful Loved the characters, loved the story, loved Knox s writing Magic and history, rolled into one.I saw an interview or a blog post from Knox and she mentioned that her research took her to Springhill s mining disaster and the accounts of the rescue I had that in mind as I was reading, and it definitely had the story resonating a little closer for me my mom is from the next town over fro [...]

  22. Gorgeous As weird or weirder than some of Elizabeth Knox s other book, and that s a very good thing She makes you keep up as a reader I don t always want to be held to this standard when I read, but when the language is this lovely and the characters this compelling it s the best Knox can t go wrong for me I hope for books in the Dreamhunter world.

  23. I was intrigued from chapter one and have just loved immersing myself in the world Elizabeth Knox has created Had no idea where it was going so was on a hurry to get there Am sad to have finished it and expect I will read it many times.

  24. I m going to write my review for this a bit later when I shouldn t be working , but I loved it I wish I could give it 6 stars.

  25. Elizabeth Knox s books are always top notch MORTAL FIRE is no exception Gorgeous prose and devious plot twists.

  26. Ihave no idea whether I should rate this book at a 2 or a 2.5 or a 3 or a 3.5 There s something enormously complex and beautiful in Mortal Fire, the writing style rangse from good to gorgeous, its insights are deep but intercut with just the right amount of appropriate tension breakers and or humor, and there is a complex, detailed, and almost too fleshed out magic system and mythology history I was also excited when it became apparent that this book is set in the same world as Dreamhunters set [...]

  27. Nalini Haynes reviewed this book for reviews by Nalini, seeNalini Haynes on Dark Matter Zine.Canny, also known as Agnes or Akanesi, is a brown 16 year old girl graduating from high school, already with entry into a university program because she s a maths prodigy.Canny sees writing no one else sees this writing seems to be telling bridges to be stronger than they are and giving similar mystical instructions.With her best friend in an iron lung in hospital after contracting polio, Canny doesn t [...]

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