The Gathering Darkness

The Gathering Darkness They say third time s the charm and for sixteen year old Brooke Day they had better be right She s been here before twice in fact and an evil demon witch wants her dead a third time When Brooke i

They say third time s the charm , and for sixteen year old Brooke Day, they had better be right She s been here before, twice in fact, and an evil demon witch wants her dead a third time.When Brooke is forced to leave Boston for the small town of Deadwich, she thinks her life is over Before long, her new friends start acting strange downright evil But worse than that,They say third time s the charm , and for sixteen year old Brooke Day, they had better be right She s been here before, twice in fact, and an evil demon witch wants her dead a third time.When Brooke is forced to leave Boston for the small town of Deadwich, she thinks her life is over Before long, her new friends start acting strange downright evil But worse than that, nightmares she s had her whole life become reality.Enter Marcus Knight popular, hot, and the only person Brooke can trust Not to mention, they ve shared the same nightmares.With the discovery of an ancient Celtic amulet, Brooke and Marcus unravel the secrets of her past, which reveals the key to her future.As the equinox approaches Darkness and light merge for the first time in a century.Soul mates reunite.Magic awakens.

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The Gathering Darkness

  1. Lisa likes to write dark and twisted tales of magic and romance She has a passion for Young Adult and New Adult Paranormal When she s not conjuring tales about witches, demons, and other magical beings, she can be found leathered, and bound to the back of her husband s Harley, touring her homeland of Nova Scotia, Canada.Enter Lisa s imagination where realism ends and fantasy begins But heed these warnings it s dark, it s magical, you may experience tingles.

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  1. I REALLY loved this book I received the final draft to proofread, and half of me is worried that I was too engulfed in the book to catch mistakes It was so good I had the pleasure of reading this without having ANY idea what it was about hadn t even read the blurb This made for a very mysterious ride, and kept me guessing throughout I haven t read many books about witchcraft or witches, but I loved LOVED the take on witchcraft in THE GATHERING DARKNESS Brooke was a girl with a past not a bad pas [...]

  2. This review also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoThis book was wonderful, absolutely fantastic I adored it I went into this book thinking oh, this seems like it will be a nice story And, wow, did A Gathering Darkness exceed my expectations and blow me away.I m very fond on the idea of reincarnated soul mates It just speaks to the romantic in me There have been a few books I ve read that follow that idea, but The Gathering Darkness is probably the best of them all.Brooke and Marcus wer [...]

  3. FINAL RATING 4.60 STARS CATCHALLI received this as an ARC a little while ago, and it may have sat in my TBR stack indefinitely if not for the recommendation of one of my wonderful friends I m so glad she pointed it out to me, because I absolutely loved it I don t read many books about witches and witchcraft, mostly because there just aren t that many out there But this one well, this one was wonderful The characters came to life, the plot was full of both action and romance, all wrapped up in go [...]

  4. Jesus Christ Where do I start.You know, if I had read this book 2 3 years ago I probably wouldn t be so harsh on it, but at this point in my life when I m so, so, so tired of YA clich s, especially in paranormal romance, I cannot forgive The Gathering Darkness since it is literally a compilation of all of them, happening in the story one after the other I mean, there s insta love, love triangle with brothers involved UGH , tragic past lives, the heroine is the new girl in townschool, the love in [...]

  5. I went into this book after reading the blurb and hoping it would be what I wanted Beautiful Creatures to be when I read that blurb After way too many pages and countless yawns and even a few flings across the room i did in fact finish reading B.C and was utterly disappointed that I had actually paid for it This was years before I found and discovered a whole bloggerverse full of lovely people who could help me find books to my liking I ve noticed B.C has good ratings and plenty of rave reviews [...]

  6. When it comes to young adult fiction, there are certain clich s that are typically found The love triangle, the instant love, the star crossed lovers, down to the brooding love interest and the Mary Sue main character with the personality of stale moldy toast or better yet of a cockroach And YA paranormal romances are infamous for incorporating all of these things Together they create an abomination and these said abominations saturate the market They thrived best during the paranormal boom but [...]

  7. 4 4.5 stars The Gathering Darkness has it all witches, fairies, reincarnated souls, a heart melting romance, and bone chilling spooky evil The main characters, Brooke and Marcus have been sharing the same nightmares since Brooke moved to the town of Deadwich And when Brooke and Marcus see each other for the first time at school, they can t keep their eyes off each other It s than attraction, it s almost like they re drawn together by invisible magnets But Marcus isn t the only one in his family [...]

  8. Brooke and Marcus, or Clair and Christian any name, in any lifetime, through centuries, these two struggle to overcome the curse of past lives, and the spells of evil witches to finally have a complete life together Very well written I spect it will be a hit in my high school library.

  9. My review can also be found on Reading Lark readinglark 2012 13.5 starsWitches and Fairies and Reincarnationoh my Lisa Collicutt cleverly blended all these supernatural phenomena into a story that I couldn t help but fall into It was equal parts creepy, equal parts romantic and equal parts sometimes a bit too far fetched mystery.Brooke Day has been brought by her parents to live with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin in creepy Deadwich, Massachusetts, in an attempt to set her back on the straight and n [...]

  10. This review can be found on my website susreviewsSynopsis 16 year old Brooke Day has been packed her off by her parents to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin in the coastal Massachusetts town of Deadwich Brooke likes her relatives but doesn t like living there because whenever she goes to bed, she has horrible nightmares where she s surrounded in darkness.At her new high school, Brooke quickly garners the attention of popular twins Evan and Marcus Knight, but while Evan is charismatic and fri [...]

  11. 4.5 Stars I knew I wanted to read this one after reading the synopsis and I had a feeling it was going to be a bit mysterious and maybe even a but creepy but I had no idea just how creepy it was going to be I made the mistake of starting this right before bed I thought I would just open it up and read the first chapter real quick and get it started.Yeah, not a good idea Not only was it dark outside but then I couldn t just read one chapter, not after that creeptastic scene at the Inn Seriously, [...]

  12. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review Brooke is sent Deadwich from Boston cause she can t seem to stay out of trouble Sent to live with her uncle and aunt she is feeling like her life us over She soon begins to make some new friends including her cousin She also has an immediate connection with a boy name Marcus One problem with Marcus is his brother seems to think Brooke and he are a couple Soon all her new friends begin to turn against her except [...]

  13. The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt is one of the best YA paranormal romances I have read so far The author has a unique way of dealing with witchcraft in this story and I am pleased to report that it didn t feel like a repeat of other books that deal with the same subject I liked the main character, Brook She was intelligent and I thought the fact that she expressed fear instead of coming off as an untouchable character, gave her the depth I needed to see in order to care what happened to [...]

  14. What a nice reading treat Witches Magic and twisted fate raises fist in the air, while screaming Yes perfect mixture.This book will take you into a very interesting place Deadwitch A small town close to Salem where Brooke, our main female character is forced to move for a year to live with her aunt, in order to have some time off from her crazy life in Boston She is sixteen and will soon realize everything is not what is seem We ve got an eerie Inn that can be the setting for a horror movie it h [...]

  15. The Gathering Darkness is a fun ride Founded on the concept of reincarnation, it is a story of two soul mates running from a jealous jilted lover At first the story is slow in unfolding The characters Brooke Day, Samantha her cousin , Marcus Knight, Evan Knight, Maggie and Jenny are a few of the main characters Brooke is sent to her cousin s house after an issue that occurs back home She feels this is a torturous trip, especially since every time Brooke visits Deadwich she has night terrors and [...]

  16. Loved loved loved this book, It had all the my favourite things, Witches, magic and soul mates what could I ask for, oh yeah a super hot swoon worthy guy.Marcus is going straight into my top ten book boyfriends, what I loved about him was he was a decent, sweet guy, most of my top ten list is made up of the Bad boys but Marcus was just Sigh perfectBrooke was easy to relate to she felt so real awkward like a typical teenage girl who as moved to new place and school, but she was strong too and br [...]

  17. This was a sweet love story with plenty of suspense I enjoyed the mysteries surrounding the witches of Deadwich and had to leave the lights on while reading some of the scarier scenes.With Halloween around the corner, I was looking forward to reading a creepy book This was where The Gathering Darkness really delivered Brooke s nightmares along with the portions on Skull Island and the Inn were very nerve wracking The author has a talent for writing vivid descriptions that force you to keep readi [...]

  18. The Gathering Darkness is one of those novels that really surprised me I didn t think this story with Brooke and Marcus was going to blow me away Yep, kind of thought it was going to be a okay read, but man, I was wrong, it s a fantastic one Lisa Collicutt has created an awesome world with witches, wonderful charters, and swoon worthy romance And Collicutt gave me Brooke and Marcus s wonderful story all in one novel No waiting for sequel Brooke is sent to the country to stay with her Uncle and A [...]

  19. This book is filled with cliche twists there is a new girl at a new school Two boys like her BUT she knows what she wants, so it s not really a love triangle Insta love BUT they are reincarnated souls This was very cliched for me and I have no idea if that s a good thing or a bad thing There was a whole lot of destiny and fateblahblah.witch wants them dead and has no motiveyada yada.Brooke is OK She s not horrible but I don t love her I do want her to succeed but it s no big concern of mine What [...]

  20. I received this ebook as an ARC from netgalleyI want a Marcus All to myself Now that that s out of the way, I will continue I adored the plotline and concept of this book In full disclosure, I am a huge fan of books with witches in them and this one ticked lots of boxes for me Girl who doesn t know she s a witch Check.Strong, silent, hot guy who doesn t care Check.Evil witch set to destroy girl who doesn t know she s a witch Check.Oblivious parents Check.Random family member who knew all along C [...]

  21. Brooke doesn t want to be in Deadwich, but that doesn t mean she can leave Her parents have shipped her off, but that just might be fate playing of a role than anything In Deadwich she has to confront the nightmares she always had had there and soon finds she is not the only one with nightmares The introverted twin Marcus Knight might just be the answer to her dreams in way than one if she can live long enough to find out.This was a complete book there were no cliff hangers, nothing that was l [...]

  22. I was hooked the moment I started reading this book I give this 5 stars Love the plot, characters are realistic, the main protagonists Brooke and Marcus are likeable I became fond of them, really like the paranormal factor, and the list goes on Romance is not my favourite genre I m not into cheesy romance where you can predict the outcome before reading the book This left me guessing and wanting This was so much than romance Really like how the equinox ties into this story A great read for the [...]

  23. Thought provoking, captivating and sometimes frightening, this book is very well written and without any monotonous elements that you often see in other novels A page turner that will keep you reading until late into the night.

  24. The Gathering Darkness is a well crafted story with a sweet ending It has everything you want a little romance, a creep story, a nice plot twist, and a satisfying ending It s a witchy good time I m looking forward to from this talented author.

  25. I read this book on a cloudy, cold day while snuggled in bed It was the perfect atmosphere for this read Just a fun, slightly creepy story to get lost in The romance is very young adult and I liked it Made me feel 16 again.

  26. Young Adult Books of a Paranormal Persuasion are not usually my Genre I met the Author Lisa on Twitter and was intrigued by her Story.I found her book to be delightful.I felt like I knew each character rather quickly and each Chapter flowed into the next with ease.Good Job Lisa

  27. I honestly was never a fan of romance novels and fantasy novels My past readings consisted of murder mystery The Gathering Darkness was the first fantasy romance novel that I absolutely loved It was truly so good that it brought out the romantic side of me that never existed.

  28. Brooke is sixteen and her latest adventure gets her sent from the city for a YEAR Her parents feel she d be better off with family in the small town of Deadwich Brooke would rather be confined to her room for a year She has strange dreams and weird feelings about Deadwich The only good thing about this year in the country is her cousin They are best friends, so it should be tolerable Brooke never dreams she d meet a guy Then things get really strange Lisa Collicutt did a fantastic job with this [...]

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