Paradise Kiss, Vol. 4

Paradise Kiss Vol One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art Oscar Wilde The school fashion show is finally here and it s a last minute fight to the finish to get the awesome ensemble ready on time The

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art Oscar Wilde The school fashion show is finally here, and it s a last minute fight to the finish to get the awesome ensemble ready on time The drama escalates when a stressed out Yukari literally passes out from exhaustion in George s car No one knows if she ll recover in time to model for the show Meanwhile One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art Oscar Wilde The school fashion show is finally here, and it s a last minute fight to the finish to get the awesome ensemble ready on time The drama escalates when a stressed out Yukari literally passes out from exhaustion in George s car No one knows if she ll recover in time to model for the show Meanwhile, a mysterious female friend from George s past shows up to support him on the big day Are they just friendsor something Yukari s not sure who she can trust All she s 100 per cent sure about is that she wants the Paradise Kiss posse to take first place at the fashion show, no matter what it takes Will they reign victorious or be forced to taste the agony of defeat

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Paradise Kiss, Vol. 4

  1. Ai Yazawa ,Yazawa Ai, born 1967 03 07 in Hy go Prefecture, Japan is a Japanese manga author Her pen name comes from Japanese singer Eikichi Yazawa, of whom she is a fan.Yazawa started her manga publishing life in 1985 throughout 15 years of publishing, she wrote over 10 series in Ribon While most of her manga continues to be published in Japan by Shueisha, publishers of Ribon and Cookie in which Nana is serialized , series like Paradise Kiss now appear in other magazines such as Zipper, published by Shodensha 1 Yazawa s most famous manga include Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai I m Not an Angel , Gokinjo Monogatari Neighborhood Story , Paradise Kiss, and Nana All five volumes of Paradise Kiss have been released in English by Tokyopop Nana was formerly running in Shojo Beat and is now being released by Viz Media, bi monthly In Japan it continues to run in Cookie and is currently up to 80 chapters, plus three side story chapters about different characters early lives In 2003, she was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award for Nana 2 Nana was made into an anime produced by Madhouse Studios and a successful movie with a sequel in Japan.Yazawa s works are most popular among women and young girls The storylines generally are centered on young women and their relationships, something with which her young fanbase identifies The characters are always very stylish, and she is known especially for her hip sense of fashion Yazawa herself attended a fashion school after high school but did not complete her studies there Another key point is her strikingly unique, often rebellious characters, who tend to be juxtaposed against the traditional ones.She has also published three artbooks.Works in chronological order 15 nenme 1986 Love Letter 1987 Kaze ni Nare 1988 Escape 1988 Ballad Made Soba ni Ite 1989, 2 volumes Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete 1990 1991, 4 volumes Usubeni no Arashi 1992 Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai 1992 1995, 8 volumes Gokinjo Monogatari 1995 1998, 7 volumes Kagen no Tsuki 1998 1999, 3 volumes Paradise Kiss 2000 2004, 5 volumes, published by Shodensha Nana 2000 ongoing, 20 volumes in Japan so far Princess Ai 2004 2006, 3 volumes character designs only Other references authorsmonandschuster A.uff stuff ai yazawa

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  1. Fue un lindo volumen Yukari se est convirtiendo en una persona completamente distinta a como era al comienzo del manga, pero esta vez no se centr tanto en el desarrollo de los personajes sino en la historia en s Al fin lleg el momento de ver el famoso vestido terminado, es verdad que George no cree en el minimalismo XD.Me encant la peque a historia que se vio sobre Isabella, casi logra que deje de despreciar a George Aunque en mi lista negra ahora est primera que nadie la madre de Yukari.

  2. It took me three days to read a manga volume LOL cries Thank goodness they updated the rating to Older Teen 16 It s a lot fitting.Putting those aside, this was my least favorite volume of the series so far Yazawa s very self aware of the machinations of this story and her self deprecating bite is fun, but the content here, even with the fashion show, felt flat to me At least we know George and Yukari are doomed there s this very foreboding feeling and everyone s calling her Caroline even her li [...]

  3. PARADISE KISS n 4Wow qui leggiamo la storia di Isabella, tenera E finalmente ecco la tanto attesa sfilata Alcuni momenti sono stati proprio toccanti Ma come cavolo finito il volume Datemi il prossimo subito

  4. Review is for the entire series OMG I ve got such a book hangover from finishing this series The ending Aaaaaargh It s beautiful, but a little heart breaking too Or maybe a lot heart breaking I m a bit emotional right now.Paradise Kiss follows the story of Yukari as she approaches the end of her high school years and her final exams, when she is discovered by a group of local art college students, who instantly want her to model for them in their end of year show Initially outraged by these weir [...]

  5. En esta parte del manga ya vemos una evoluci n diferente, ya la historia nos da un panorama completamente distinto, esto por que Yukari por querer lograr sus sue os decide contarle lo que pasa a su madre, cosa que no sabe que consecuencias le va a traer, pero por lo que se ve en la historia no son las mejores dado que ella tiene que irse de la casa y la linda de Miwako le ayuda y le da asilo en la suya, como dicen siempre es bueno contar con amigos que te apoyan y te dan lo mejor , pues Yukari t [...]

  6. Overall Rating A Summary A fashion drama romance Josei series created by Ai Yazawa who is also the creator of Nana , which follows Yukari Caroline Hayasaka Yukari is an attractive high schooler, but her life consists of traveling from high school to cram school to home, and back again The manga opens with Yukari running into Arashi a punk and Isabella a transvestite , who are part of a group of fashion students that call their label Paradise Kiss Yukari thinks they are perverts did I mention she [...]

  7. Wow, finally the Yazawa show takes place I was completely stunned by everything I never really thought the characters had it in them At first everything seemed to be going really well Then another element was thrown in Now I m beginning to predict an ending I just wish Yazawa didn t throw it in so close to the ending It s a nice twist I suppose I m really becoming concerned for Yukari s future now view spoiler I have a feeling that George is going to be whisked away by Kaori She seems like a str [...]

  8. Paradise Kiss Volume 4 Manga Rating 5 stars out of 5 Story Line 5 stars out of 5 I read the manga because I watched the anime I wanted to see how close the anime came to the manga This volume represented episodes 10 and 11.Characters 5 stars out of 5 All the characters have grown on me except for George Yukari s character is growing bolder and stronger I started loving her than in the first three volumes I really did hate her mother Her mother held her back so much Miwako still is and always wi [...]

  9. Yukari s made some big decisions about what she wants to do and finds herself playing catch up back at school, and what with studying and rehearsals and fretting over George, she s not sleeping or eating well, which is leading to a few new complications Luckily the show is just a couple days away I love the way Yukari gows up a little in this volume though she s still definitely got some maturing to do and Tokumori is super sweet The moms in this series thoughesh One volume

  10. Paradise Kiss was an interesting Manga to read, for most of the time, I forgot I was reading a Manga an thought I was just reading a really powerful and intense book series I really like all of the book to be honest, how the story develops, and how much the characters grow it s amazing, I really like the Author s work, and I am must defiantly gonna finish Nana series If you like Nana, you are gonna like this.

  11. The student fashion show finally happens Yukari s struggle with her feelings for George are still aggravating me, as I think he treats her badly and is emotionally abusive I like the return of his mother, as she provides a lot of insight into why George is so messed up Now that the show is over, the real question remains, What will Yukari do about George And who is this pretty girl who has returned to see George What is HER motive

  12. Solid volume, not quite the page turner the third volume was, but close If the third volume was an 8.9 out of 10, this one s an 8.3 definitely better than the first two volumes, which are like 7 s Biggest and best cliffhanger so far Even though it s kind of easy to figure what s going to happen in the final volume My heart is breaking a little.

  13. For a manga that only spanned five volumes, Paradise Kiss was incredible and had a really fun story In this volume, everyone scrambles to finish off their ensemble for the fashion show, and the stress is getting to everyone, including Yukari All in all this is a really good volume and builds up for the volume 5 conclusion.

  14. I really liked the fashion show, Yukari was stunning I also liked Kaori, she seems to be such a good person but I really feel that something is going to happen between her and G and I don t know what to think about it because ughhh there is just one volume left And Hiroyuki just saved a little place in my heart he s such a cute, adorable and handsome boy

  15. After all the doin s a transpirin in the 3rd volume, 4 gets off to a slow start, but then the fashion show hits and this baby is back on top Gorgeous artwork, and the characterization remains top notch.

  16. Generally I love Ai Yazawa manga I love the complex characters, their unusuall way of thinkink and their intense lives A few people that read it were disapointed with the ending but if it would end the way they wanted, it would just end up being another cliche romance manga

  17. Oh, je suis accro Et c est pas bien Mais j aime tellement ces personnages que je n arrive pas m en s parer J adore la robe, en fait, et d ailleurs je ne suis pas trop d accord avec la fin de ce tome Mais bon, ce n est pas moi l auteur, heureusement d ailleurs XD

  18. I absolutely loved all the fashion and different styles in this series The characters were so serious and it definitely added to the drama and tense atmosphere of the story line.

  19. This one seems a bit boring I suppose the beginning was somewhat interesting, continuing on from the 3rd volume, but it really doesn t seem to catch my attention Oh well, just one to go.

  20. The shojo I compare all others to Love the style Yes, it s fairly insipid but it s adorable and I love it My volume 4 has an alt cover.

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