The Steward

The Steward Maggie O Shea expected the worst when her family relocated from the lively beaches of Boca Raton to the secluded forests of the Ozark Mountains What she didn t expect was a new beginning one full of F

Maggie O Shea expected the worst when her family relocated from the lively beaches of Boca Raton to the secluded forests of the Ozark Mountains What she didn t expect was a new beginning one full of Fae, magical powers, dangerous physical and mental trials, and two surprisingly gorgeous young men These aren t the fairies you re familiar with, but dangerous superpowersMaggie O Shea expected the worst when her family relocated from the lively beaches of Boca Raton to the secluded forests of the Ozark Mountains What she didn t expect was a new beginning one full of Fae, magical powers, dangerous physical and mental trials, and two surprisingly gorgeous young men These aren t the fairies you re familiar with, but dangerous superpowers embroiled in an enduring struggle among themselves over the fate of all humanity Some want to protect us, and others would love nothing than to see us, and especially fifteen year old Maggie, dead and buried Now, torn between her new duties as Steward of the most sacred Fae land and her burgeoning love for Gavin, a powerful Fae, Maggie must fight to protect her family, her friends, herself, and the fate of the entire world.Join Maggie as she learns that fairy lore is not as far from the truth as she had believed, but neither is it anything like the tales in books or movies As she navigates the treacherous schemes of the magical Fae, Maggie must become a quick study if she hopes to protect the lives of many, and possibly all, people from the insidious plot the Unseelie Fae have planned for centuries.The Steward is the first book in the four part series the Weald Fae Journals by Christopher Shields.

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The Steward

  1. Christopher Shields lives in Northwest Arkansas with his family and three dogs Following what he considers to be his calling, he is a professor of criminal justice at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville He loves working with students during the day, and writing at night Christopher also enjoys spending time with his circle of close friends, playing his sax, and indulging his life long passion for the Arkansas Razorbacks.Founder of the Group Modern Good Reads

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  1. I started reading this novel through the holidays It dragged me back to its pages despite all the holiday insanity I launched one of my own novels Christmas day, camped in front of my PC for hours, but I couldn t escape this book I kept trying to find the time to snatch a few minutes of reading.About a 1 3 of the way in I was thoroughly seduced by the 2700 acre Weald I found myself contemplating the purchase of real estate in Arkansas, and I ve never been there The author transported me to this [...]

  2. I really should dislike Christopher Shields I never have enough time on my hands and diverting my attention to what I expect to be a YA book is not how I want to send my time these days But I started it and therein lay my first mistake.The story grabbed me, the style of writing grabbed me and the characters grabbed me I m tempted to sue for assault.Maggie is forced to move from her home in Florida to Arkansas where the family will live with a relative of her father s The relative, Aunt May is th [...]

  3. The Steward Weald Fae Journals, Book1 by Christopher Shields is an excellent and magical piece of fantasy fiction In an Arkansas forest of the Fae, the Weald, the human world edges on to the world of fairies and nature s elements Maggie, a teenager, comes to live there and is chosen by the council to be their next steward What follows is a delightful labour of love about Maggie s duties and her training as steward, about the tribes, their characters, the mythical and magic world and Maggie s pla [...]

  4. The Steward by Christopher Shields is the first book in the Weald Fae Journals , a series aimed at young adults.Sadly, I find many of today s fantasy writers sloppy and lazy in constructing their worlds , but Shields has clearly put a lot of thought and time into his portrayal of the shadow side of our otherwise familiar planet His fae fairies to the uninitiated are immortal creatures of pure energy They can, however, take physical form, and when they do so they become endowed with powers to alt [...]

  5. Mr Shields interweaves a rich, fantastical world with the fabric of our own, creating a new reality which exists just under the surface of the mundane, invisible to all but a few The Steward is a well written book with fascinating story line Its intricate plot reveals a complex supernatural world of Fae or fairies, as we know them living among humans, influencing us, and in some cases, fighting over whether or not they should exterminate us Maggie, the protagonist, unwillingly falls headlong int [...]

  6. Maggie O Shea s life has seemingly turned disastrous at fifteen, she s been jerked out her Boca Raton beach life and plunked into the Ozark Mountains in the middle of nowhere Okay, so there is this hunky neighbor, Gavin, to distract her, and she does make some new friends, but she still longs to return to her old life.What she soon learns, however, is that the forest is chock full of faeries, and she is a key player in a power struggle between warring factions And when faeries fight, they don t [...]

  7. This book was straight Ill be generous and give it the four star rating 3.5 is my real rating for The Steward The Steward starts of extremely slow, it really starts to pick up about half way through The main character can be a complete dumbass at times, but whats new Its YA I did like the world and the different take on the Fae The lack of logic behind some of the characters actions kept taking me out of the book I think I have read too much YA and now I get annoyed by the small things easily Ma [...]

  8. A must read for anyone who loves magic and adventure Any word, short of awesome cannot describe this book, I loved it The author creates a timeless tale, which speaks to old and young alike, seamlessly weaving the simultaneous macabre and splendor singsong of Celtic and Ozark folklore together with the modern world His storyline balances the real life challenges of the story s teenage heroine Maggie she is the chosen one, but I will say no , you have to read this book with the realm of the other [...]

  9. Unique and enjoyable loved it.I met the author via social media and managed to pick his book up through a free promotion I d heard great things, but hadn t read any reviews so only had the blurb to go by I knew this book formed part of a series I hadn t realised that the story really spans the series The Steward ends with an exciting finale and one of the best cliff hangers I have ever read It is not a standalone novel I reached the last page and wanted to howl my frustration There is still too [...]

  10. The Steward Weald Fae Journals, 1 by Christopher Shields is a wonderful teenage romp in fairyland gone bad This is not a Disney version but dark with a war between good and bad Fae.15 year old Maggie is uprooted from her home and friends and starts a new life in rural Arkansas Could life be any worse But what follows is a delightful journey as Maggie discovers the nearby forest leads to a magical Fae Land and she is made The Steward She learns her new duties through trial and error as any teen [...]

  11. Wow, this book was AWESOME If you are anything like me, and love Fae tales they really don t like to be called fairies , magic, myth, and mystery you have found the right book or series as it looks I was interested by the brief book description, but once I started reading, I found I was no longer on my front deck, but had stepped through to the incredibly real, and full world of Maggie O Shea I have said before that a character was real or fleshed well, but I have never read through the eyes of [...]

  12. The story is fast paced and the characters well defined Maggie is a strong protagonist It is an excellent book for young adults and also for other readers.Uprooted from Boca Raton, Maggie O Shea is brought to the Ozark Mountains with her mother, father, and younger brother, because of her father s lack of work What she finds in her back yard is a magical world of the Faes fairies who rule the Weald To her surprise, her Aunt May informs her she is selected to become the next Steward as a human li [...]

  13. really it s a 3.5, The world building and details of the Fae in this book is genius but i really don t feel to attached to Megan, she annoys me Somethings that she does just don t make since How can you be so smart about some things and make such stupid choices with others Gavin Also, i don t buy it that her Dad doesn t know something is going on and hasn t even asked her about it I will read the next book The Changeling because the book really picked up at the end and i am hopeful that these th [...]

  14. I just finished reading, and would have been done sooner if my family vacation had been less active Thecharacters are all very well written, the plot is exquisite, and the lead female character is strong I loved reading how she overcame her obstacles.Chalen I wanted to see destroyed He was the epitome of Unseelie to me I very much enjoyed the way that the clans were portrayed, with even the Seelie having darker aspects.I am very glad to be able to read the next in the series, because I ve got to [...]

  15. I enjoyed this story and have already added THE CHANGELING Weald Fae Journals, Book 2 to my wish list I did find that it was a little slow moving It contains lots of dialog which provided back story and world building but distracted me from seeing and investing in the emotional connections between the characters I truly believe this series will have huge potential and am giving it 3.5 stars.

  16. Took me a few chapters before being taken by the story After that, a hard time to put down the book I really like the Celtic, fae lore, and the world created by Christopher Shields is really appealing i m attacking right away book 2 The Changeling.

  17. 3.5 stars, and truly, this is probably a me thing than a book lacking thing That said, I just could not get excited about this one I didn t care what happened I didn t care about the characters I just wanted to move on to something I did care about.

  18. Welp, after nearly 3 years, I had to reread this book It just stuck in my mind of how much I enjoyed it I must say, I enjoyed it even Yes it has been upgraded to 5 stars instead of 4 I can still see why I gave it four, and that s because I m not a fan of constant flashbacks, and it did a lot of that in the beginning when Maggie went cave exploring Maybe it s because I took a few creative writing classes and started to do some writing of my own that I actually began to follow it better I admit t [...]

  19. This was a fantastic book by the end I could barely put it down It tells the story of Maggie O Shea, a 15 year old girl who just moved from sunny Florida to cold Eureka Springs, and tiny middle of nowhere town, to help her ageing Aunt take care of their sprawling estate But her aunt soon has a big secret to tell her the forest that the family owns, known as the Weald, is a sacred place to the Fae, a magical fairy like race who are deeply in tune with nature, and Maggie s family has been their hu [...]

  20. One page into the book, I wondered what I had gotten myself into As I delved deeper, the story hooked me a trout on the line Maggie is such an interesting character She has flaws like the rest of us, and, also like us, wonders about the meaning to every event Why me Where do I go from here The inner turmoil is so endearing a look inside her character and moral compass We are sucked into the vortex to learn as Maggie does not everything is as it seems The Fae are real What we took as superstition [...]

  21. The Steward SPOILER ALERT I caught a chill within the first 2 pages of The Steward when David and Kyle were being watched by the Unseelie Fae, Chalen When Maggie first went to the caves for her first test, the anxiety, trepidation and plain old scared spitless was written so perfectly, I felt all that she went through When she got stuck in the hole, I had a hard time breathing I enjoyed the bouts of humor that is spread throughout the story, especially Maggie s little arguments with her younger [...]

  22. AMAZING Captivating, original, and consuming, all ingredients for a 5 star book The characters are so well developed and relatable Maggie is spot on Realistic as a high school girl deflated over her move, adjusting the her new surroundings and reluctantly awakening to the opportunities for new love, friendship and growth the development of the complicated relationships between family, between worlds, and between Maggie herself was done to perfection The antagonist is awesomely done fearsome, gru [...]

  23. I enjoyed this YA fantasy novel about a high school girl Maggie O Shea being forced to move from Florida to Eureka Springs, AR and finding that it holds promise than she realized In Shield s novel, faeries are real, and can be lifesize hunks of well dressed teenage males or little creatures flitting around with wings Underneath appearances, they are other life forms that can be pure energy or can take other forms, both human and animal It turns out that the O Shea farm guards a portal between t [...]

  24. Fun, different, and magical, this YA novel captured me and took me into the lush and beautiful world of Maggie O Shea Set in the Ozarks, where Maggie is forced to move with her family, she soon falls in love with the land her family has owned for many years And with some of the Fae who inhabit the surrounding area But the Fae are not what we expect and Shields has given a twist to the tales we know He also gives a dark and edgy feel to the Fae, making them both enticing and horrific at times, bu [...]

  25. The Steward is the story of 16 year old Maggie O Shea who finds out that she is the next Steward of the Weald,which has been in her family for than a century.We follow her journey as she faces challenges and takes tests to determine her affinity to the elements along with deciding whether she wants to accept this job to protect the humans from the unseelie Fae.The story is very well written with lots of descriptions.My favourite part about this book was that the magic and everything was explain [...]

  26. Well that was an unexpected delight Apparently I m very much into books about the Fae lately I actually went through my To Read list and realized that I had marked The Weald Fae Journals, by Christopher Fields awhile ago, so now was the prefect time to get started with this series.There was so much that I learned about the Fae world of Seelies and Unseelies after reading The Steward, and I enjoyed this take on the magical creatures living among humans in our own world Maggie O Shea is living th [...]

  27. Christopher Shields has a way of bringing his characters to life and making you want to know about them, yes, even the wicked ones He has created a wonderful world filled with Fantasy, intrigue and magic.The Steward Weald Fae Journals is fast paced with a very strong protagonist It s setting amidst the beauty of the Ozarks in Arkansas is described beautifully who would expect to meet the Fae there Maggie, 16 years old, has been uprooted from her home in Florida and learns there is to her backg [...]

  28. Maggie O Shea discovers in The Steward that the world is not at all what she thinks it is Her family returns to the Ozark in Arkansas to live with their aunt after running into financial difficulties in Florida As Maggie reluctantly settles into her new setting she discovers there is whole another realm interacting with her physical world, call the Fae She also finds out she is slanted to be the next Steward, or protector of the intersection of those two worlds Of course, this only happens after [...]

  29. I only got this book because it was free After I read all the books that usually interest me, I had nothing left but this one Once I started reading, it became very clear to me that this is not your typical Fairy Book and it s nothing I expected I realized I couldn t put it down The story gripped my imagination and held it I had to force myself to put it down so I wouldn t finish it so fast and tried to make it last The story haunted me into my dreams I am amazed at the authors imagination and b [...]

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