St. Clair

St Clair I never want to hurt you You get that right Skylar knows Rafael wants something very specific from him and Skylar wants him to have it Convincing Rafael is going to take some serious innovation Skyla

I never want to hurt you You get that, right Skylar knows Rafael wants something very specific from him and Skylar wants him to have it Convincing Rafael is going to take some serious innovation Skylar lost his voice twelve years ago to the Nettlebush Indian Reserve s first and last serial killer That serial killer was Rafael s father.Rafael s father, Skylar learns, I never want to hurt you You get that, right Skylar knows Rafael wants something very specific from him and Skylar wants him to have it Convincing Rafael is going to take some serious innovation Skylar lost his voice twelve years ago to the Nettlebush Indian Reserve s first and last serial killer That serial killer was Rafael s father.Rafael s father, Skylar learns, isn t the problem Something else happened when Skylar survived that blustery summer night Something Skylar never thought twice about Something Rafael can t look past.The Supreme Court ruling on Kelo v New London changes the face of US property laws, plunging the reservation into an insidious tug of war between the Bureau of Land Management and the Plains Shoshone who have called the soil home for centuries History, Skylar realizes, is repeating itself Their parents powerless, the law their enemy, Skylar and his friends are going to have to get creative if they want to keep what s left of their land.

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St. Clair

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  1. Disappointing It s not bad, it s just that we see the same things happening all over again The book doesn t tell anything new We see the same things as in the first two books with few changes.Too many fairs and gatherings Where is this story going The plot doesn t flow like before, it s like the characters are citing parts of Native History from Everything s too formal.There isn t a real development in Skylar and Rafael s relationship Rafael s always drawing and Skylar is always swooning over Ra [...]

  2. I m mildly pissed about where this series is going Namely, downhill.This review is going to be partly a, you know, actual review and partly a collection of observations on the series as a whole, because I feel like it.For starters, I would like to draw attention to the fact that in this series, 97% of the non Native American characters who don t live in a reservation are almost cartoonishly evil The other 3% are the Hargroves, and they re black Care to explain that, Christo Because I m feeling a [...]

  3. St Clair is the third book in the Gives Light series and in my opinion it s the most heart breaking book People who know me will know I love this series For me, it s the greatest YA series I have ever read and Skylar and Rafael are my favourite YA couple and on my top ten list of favourite couples But for those who have no idea about the series I would encourage them to give it a go, even if you don t like YA.This book was a really emotional journey for me Not only did Skylar have to deal with s [...]

  4. The first 2 books of this series Gives Light and Looks Over are some of the best reading I ve done in a long time The books are exquisite I love the main character Skylar and his coming of age story Rose Christo continues Skylary s journey in book 3, St Clair.St Clair pretty much picks up where book 2 left off and we ve got the whole cast of characters back Rafael, Granny, Dad, Annie, Aubrey, and even Balto, the coywolf It feels familiar by this point feels like home with these characters And by [...]

  5. Well, what can I say about this one There were tears , there were laughs as usual, and there was a huge revelation which I m absolutely certain should have been mentioned in previous books, and hopefully readers of the series will know exactly what I m referring to, so for that reason alone I m deducting 1 2 a star 4.5 stars andfrom me for this book, which should have been the end of the series apparently.Sky and Rafael are, I have to admit, one of my favourite pairings in the whole of the m m Y [...]

  6. Edit review info about a possible 4th book at the bottom of the review the 4th book will be a freebie Now my review.Unfortunately, I can t give 5 stars to this book, as I give to the first and thesecond of the Gives Light series I will explain why in details.If the first book is a introduction to the Native Americans, the second is all about Natives children and their lack of rights, the last book is about their landNatives reservations can be take from natives, very easily and quickly giving no [...]

  7. Book 3 in the Gives Light series This book has a ominous and serious feel Skylar is growing up The threats to the Reservation, the Shoshone way of life and the relentless pursuit of Skylar s father by the FBI make for some dramatic scenes And Skylar faces another threat from within which is a lot harder to fight I could see the trials and tribulations changing Skylar and Rafael and slowly turning them into men Through it all though their love never falters Not for one second There are still man [...]

  8. Talk about mixed feelings, I m really enjoying this series but at the same time its hard to read.The love between Skylar and Rafael is one of the most beautiful I have read Skylars story is full of excitement and love, not just for Rafael but for his entire Indian family There is plenty of intrigue and drama to keep the reader enthralled Plenty of romantic moments and a few chuckles too.But OMG The Indian history is extremely upsetting view spoiler I am so eager to read the next book I really wa [...]

  9. It all started so sweet and nice Skylar was strengthening his relationship with Rafael, they were taking it to the next level, the transition being eased by jokes and embarrassing moments.Then sudden shift Skylar is not Paul s son He feels cheated out of a Shoshone legacy He throws a small fit but then comes to his senses and decides to honor the Shoshone way, legitimate son or not Before the waters settle, another crisis Out of nowhere, Skylar hints that he had been raped or abused when he was [...]

  10. While I didn t like this one as much as the previous two books in this series, I did enjoy it very much.The thing with this series, however, is that there is almost every conceivable conflict in it Sickness, crime, secrets, betrayal you name it, it probably has happened It s not a bad thing but towards the end of this book, I was a little exhausted Then again, I had so many emotions throughout this series from anger to love to heartbreak that it s no wonder it pulled so much from me Regardless o [...]

  11. Oh boy This one did a number on me Just when I think Rose Christo was done making my heart into happy mess and couldn t make it any bigger with the love I had for Skylar, Rafael and all that inhabit the Nettlebush Reservatione tore my heart from my chest Now, this was still a great read How can you go wrong with Skylar and Rafael You can t But there were a few things that didn t sit well with me in this book I hate saying that but it has marred the beauty a bit and it s now what I focus on when [...]

  12. The story continues for Sky Raf this book really highlights the inequality of laws and rights for Native Americans and certainly made for some annoying and angry moments This is a sweet love story but it is secondary to life on the reservation, the sense of family and community is the greater focus Really beautifully written

  13. This book made me angry I had a similar response to Gives Light and Looks Over, but it was nothing in comparison to what this book brought out of me The way Native Americans are treated, the fact that the law is so brutishly twisted so it s always in the white mans favour, and how powerless they are to do anything against it It s repugnant The message of this book was coming through so clearly that at a couple of moments I had to question whether or not it was Sky who was talking to me or Rose C [...]

  14. With every book that I read in this wonderful series, I feel extraordinarily happy that I took the leap and purchased Gives Light Like its predecessors this 3rd book is superbly written, so of course I was completely engrossed in the trials that present themselves in Sky and his family s life this time around I say family because that s how it is in this community, their ties are so strong I can t think of it otherwise.Sky s summer is not off to a good start He s dealing with how to take his rel [...]

  15. Okay so this book took me a bit longer than the others did because I was reading Les Mis rables and Spring Awakening fanfiction meanwhile shhhh but this series is honestly so good And like it s a light read but also very much not because so many things happen and just my poor baby Skylar oh god someone protect him already okay he does not deserve all of the things that are happening to him okay just saying But yea, I ll definitely be picking up the next book in this series soon

  16. TW Brief mention of past sexual abuse of a child no graphic details brief mention of rape no graphic details The plot and pacing was much tighter in this book than in the previous one, so it moves along at a brisk pace There are a few issues that I want to get out of the way first.First, there were a couple of forgotten plot points with the main plot of the kids trying to save their reservation from the government s attempts to seize it And for those wondering if our government really is that f [...]

  17. Okay, so this is a DNF at 68%Loved the first book in this series it was a deliciously comforting bear hug of a story.The second bookwell, although it was great to revisit the reservation and catch up with the loveable characters, it did lack the heartwarming magic of the first And it didn t really get started until about halfway through I think I was fairly generous with the four star rating I gave.This one just really isn t doing a damn thing for me I don t even particularly like any of the cha [...]

  18. I love these two characters, Skylar and Rafael, they are just so beautiful together This is the angsty novel of the four in the series The coupling eventually happens but is handled in such a sweet, humorous way that blink, and you ve missed it No descriptive sex here.Such a sweet chapter when Rafael is playing home movies in the basement and Skylar sees himself as a baby in his mothers arms The toddler Rafael strokes the baby s head See, I ve always loved you Yeah, I cried, it was just such a b [...]

  19. awwwwwww Sweet Can these two get any cuter I LOVE Rafael and Sky so much Their relationship and their interactions are so perfect, beautiful and powerful I wanna hug both of them so bad I can t wait to read adult Rafael and Sky in the next book I also keep learning about Native American culture and how unfair the rest of the society and government are with them It s really sad I wish people would realize how important is to try to live in harmony.

  20. I adore these characters all of them and it was delightful to see them grow, but damn was there D_R_A_M_A and then some 3.5 stars

  21. Review for books 1 4 Reviewed previously at BMBR.My first question iswhy have I not heard of Rose Christo before How come this author isn t as well known as JK Rowling Why is book one not a film It would make the most amazing independent film Just WHY Okay, so I m reviewing the first four books of this series together, and then I ll review the fifth one separately There are a couple of reasons for this Firstly, I have only just found out about these books and literally read the series, so far, s [...]

  22. 2.5First let me say this I LOVED the last two books in this series and enjoyed the stories of the Shoshone people s history But this book was such a let down Ms Christo can write so well but this book annoyed me and was almost a DNF at about 65% because I was just frustrated with the mis information I m a law student and this book is heavy with federal law, procedure, and cases I have read Kilo one of the cases that was a focus in this book and it s just not how the world works Law cases are fac [...]

  23. This is not a proper review, just some thoughts about the story construction.I loved first two books in the series, but had some serious problems with this one First, I found it disconcerting how the author blends facts and fiction without any kind of disclaimer when one ends and the other begins There are references to numerous historical events and several legal cases, and they are interwoven into Skylar s family history A history that in this book becomes overly dramatic and just unbelievable [...]

  24. oh God, i don t know what to say It was good, very good i really, really enjoyed it i love how much i have learnt about Native Americans and their culture from Gives Light series, i love how the story goes, it is so easy to forget that this is only fiction, that it never happened i love how all Nettlebush ppl help each other, how incredibly united they are i love Rafael and Sky, they are perfect for each other and the xmas tape Rafael showed Sky only prooved they were meant to be together i know [...]

  25. St Clair Gives Light 3 SKYLARIn this story Skylar continues to take us on his journey with Rafael, and the rest of the colourful characters.Fighting the threats to the Nettlebush Reservation, the Shoshone way of life and the relentless pursuit of Skylar s father by the FBI.RAFAELWhilst I didn t enjoy this one as much as the previous two books in this series, I was still drawn to this poignant story between Skylar and Rafael whose lives have been intertwined before they even met by one horrific e [...]

  26. This was a great little addition to the series with the whole reservation playing a part in saving their home Skylar and his friends go through a ploy to save their home when the government tries to find a loophole in the laws from both sides This is all done to try and get Skylar s father who murdered the man who killed Catherine.It was a great addition and the relationship between Rafael and Skylar continues to grow amazingly We find another heartbreaking story from Skylar and he and Rafael to [...]

  27. this is the best book in the series so far both Rafael and skylar are growing up now and there futures are working them self s out.The reservation that they live in is under attack by the american government They want the land for them self s and they will take it by any means they see fit So all the Nettlebush tribe have to work together and ward off this attack U cant help but feel angry at the government for taking the reservation away from the Shoshone, it is there home and its been there ho [...]

  28. This was a lovely addition to the series There was some hard stuff to read regarding treatment on indigenous people Not that this was a bad thing, but the ratcheting of tension within the book was hard in my nerves I often found myself online reading a few opinion pieces about stolen children too Really interesting, but terribly sad This whole series is well worth reading The fact that is makes you think, and rather deeply at that, is the mark of a good read.

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