Tidal The magical world of Watersong is about to change forever The answers Gemma and her friends have been searching for are finally revealed but evil is closing in and time is running out Gemma and Harper

The magical world of Watersong is about to change forever The answers Gemma and her friends have been searching for are finally revealed but evil is closing in and time is running out.Gemma and Harper Fisher are facing the fight of their lives Gemma has been cursed with extraordinary powers that have a terrifying dark side, but she s finally found what she needs aThe magical world of Watersong is about to change forever The answers Gemma and her friends have been searching for are finally revealed but evil is closing in and time is running out.Gemma and Harper Fisher are facing the fight of their lives Gemma has been cursed with extraordinary powers that have a terrifying dark side, but she s finally found what she needs a way to break the curse and become human again However, finding the means to do it will be her greatest challenge yet And now Penn, Lexi, and Thea the gorgeous but deadly creatures who cursed her are determined to kill her before she has a chance Making matters worse, Penn has her sights set on Daniel the guy Harper loves and Penn always gets what she wants.As Gemma and Harper race to break the curse before it s too late, they re thrust deeper into a mythical world of immortal secrets They must look into their enemies past to find the answers they need, even if it means being drawn deeper into their savagely beautiful world But one of the girls is not what she seemsd Gemma finds an unlikely ally as she struggles to save herself Will it be enough to break an ancient curse that no one has ever escaped from alive

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  1. Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.Several of her books have made the New York Times Bestsellers list, including the Trylle trilogy and Kanin Chronicles Her zombie series, The Hollows, has been adapted into a graphic novel by Dynamite She has published over fifteen novels, including the Watersong quartet and My Blood Approves series Frostfire, Ice Kissed, and Crystal Kingdom all three books in her bestselling trilogy, The Kanin Chronicles are out now.Her latest book is Freeks a standalone YA paranormal romance novel set in the 1980s that follows a travelling sideshow, and it is a available now Her next books will be a duology about Valkyries The first book Between the Blade and the Heart will be out January 2, 2018, and the the sequel From the Earth to the Shadows will be out March 27, 2018.For info about her and her books, here are some other places to check out and ways to contact her Website hockingbooksFacebook facebook amandahockingfans Author Page author amandahockingPinterest pinterest aehocking Wattpad wattpad AmandaHockingTumblr amandahocking.tumblr Publisher Website worldofamandahockingInstagram instagram amanda_hocking YouTube youtube aehocking

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  1. I feel like I just spent the past two hours reading a mermaid related version of Real Housewives of Orange County So much bitchiness So much bickering So much name calling So little combined intelligence in one single book Apparently, daughters of men and daughters of Greek gods have one thing in common idiocy.Putting aside the unrealistic premise of mermaids this book, the whole story and the characters actions are pretty lacking in credibility I m not talking about the fact that mermaids do no [...]

  2. I took part in lot of discussion based on Daniels immunity to siren s song, and when well I actually read this book, all I can say I was making a mountain out of a molehill.HOLY MOTHER ofat s Daniel faints well, IDK but i m having a feeling that he is a siren too And what the fuck Penn is doing with himat bitchleave him now.aaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh

  3. Whoa Just whoa Is that Daniel BEYOND SEXY loving the tattoo, for sure And from all the comments, that s Penn I want to kill her Total bitch Why is she with Daniel And now that I think of it, it does make a lot of sense for Daniel to be a siren Or something related to a sirenBack to the point Killer gorgeous cover Really need the book to come out though REVIEW June 5th, 2013Wow I don t even know what to say Tidal was very interesting I mean, yeah, I was pretty pissed at some parts, but it was fre [...]

  4. ZERO STARSWarning Contains major spoilers Read at your own risk, not because of the spoilers, because the stupidity depicted in this book can make your eyes bleed I don t know why I keep reading this series.The writing is dull and plain.The characters are forgettable and boring as hell The main character annoyed the hell out of me from the very start.The story was too damn cliche The events, the plot and basically everything worked out according to the favor of the main characters and the worst [...]

  5. Loved this book But preferred the last 2 Alert if you havent read this book it might show spoilersbut i was so upset with the ending i was like Penn, crazy much i honesly wanted to turn into a siren just so i could rip her head off honestly i think the siren thing is so cool besides the curse bit my family is convinced i am part fish anyway because i can swim for hours and not get wrinkled so i just need to use that turning into a bird nd killing people thing i could use it on a lot of girls in [...]

  6. Remember Percy Jackson and the lightning thief,or something like that, it was a good story but I can t remember quite fine the name right now , XDyway this one is a bit like that cause we also go against time with the characters in order to save Emma and her loved ones.It s a hell of a great journey,a bit ridiculous with the introduction of the greek mythology but pretty good, nevertheless.

  7. Actual rating 2.5This was slightly better than the last one, but not by much.I still found quite a lot of it dull, and I still didn t like the characters.Overall, Dull, but not as bad as book two.

  8. I think my biggest dislike about this series is that nothing happens for the first 75% of the book, and then there s a big fight, and somehow everything works out ok ish at the end or as ok as it can for a multi book series I will be SHOCKED if Gemma, Harper, Alex, and Daniel don t survive the end of the book And I wouldn t be surprised if the following things happen either a Nathalie is somehow cured and comes home b Bernie s wife was a muse and is somehow the key to ending this curse c Penn an [...]

  9. Right after reading Lullaby,I immediately picked up this book and WOW Nelly Did it blow me away Remember in my Lullaby review I said things looked like they will get worse or put to the test Yup Ms Hocking took this up several levels leaving the reader absolutely astonished I think when I was done with the book I just could not believe that in the short time that I read it, it all changed so quickly Some characters were killed off, others were added, deadly betrayals of deals were made and not t [...]

  10. After being rescued by her sister, Harper and her boyfriend, Daniel, Gemma is back with her family Unfortunately the sirens, Penn, Lexi, and Thea have followed Gemma back to her home town They are in no hurry either to leave It seems that Penn has her eyes on Daniel Also, she is on the look out for Gemma s replacement Once she finds her than Gemma is history That is until Gemma and Harper can find a way to stop the girls without killing Gemma herself Tidal is the third book in the Watersong seri [...]

  11. Oh my god I am so relieved right now I m just so glad that this wasn t as bad as I thought it would be Oh god It was just heading in a really bad direction and something tells me that there is definitely trauma on the way in the last book but at least that will be the end and honestly I can t wait for it So this book is filled with drama and surprisingly some very emotional moments In the last book I wasn t really that connected to it, but this time I actually found myself crying at points I al [...]

  12. Para empezar, la historia sigue el mismo curso que los dos anteriores pero especialmente el mismo esquema que Lullaby y como yo pens que Lullaby hab a sido un libro relleno, esper que este libro se desenvolviera de otra forma mis expectativas fueron tiradas al piso y pisoteadas bastante r pido.El mundo que presenta Amanda Hocking no es de mi agrado simplemente porque no tiene un desarrollo profundo Cuando explica como funcionan las sirenas y las reglas que deben de seguir es muy sint tica y no d [...]

  13. Something about Amanda Hocking is just extremely disappointing Even when she does things right, which she does in TIDAL, it s hard to let go of the mistakes and blandness.Review to come.

  14. I really liked this book, it was a good sequel I just need to read the last book Read my full review here booknerd777 2017

  15. Protect your cuticles readers, because Amanda Hocking is raising the standard for supernatural suspense Tidal, the third nail biting installment to the Watersong series, is keeping the sirens in Capri and with Harper gearing up to leave for college, the race to free Gemma from the sirens is dire than ever.Oh, how much has changed since Lullaby Gemma and Alex are no longer an inseparable item, but what really stuns me is the aftermath of Gemma s siren song taking effect on Alex His change is th [...]

  16. 3.5 stars again The cover is weird, by the way I saw a review somewhere that said it s Daniel and Penn Penn Things are starting to get kind of crazy A lot of things happen, particularly at the end of the book.I hate Penn Like, really hate her I did before, but now I hate her even view spoiler The fact that she is trying to blackmail Daniel into sleeping with her to protect Gemma and Harper really makes me mad And I hate that Daniel finally relents and says he will Is he STUPID I really hope it [...]

  17. I m happy I took my time reading since so it isn t a tortuous wait for the final book in the series.In this installment in the Watersong series, it is a race to the finish line as sister Harper and Gemma try desperately to find a cure to the Siren Curse before Penn and Lexi find Gemma s replacement and kill her.As usual we have Harper and Gemma s point of views as well as a few new additions which includes sexy Daniel, evil Penn and also flashbacks to the original four sirens from Thea s point o [...]

  18. I really don t understand why I continue reading this series because it lacks a serious amount of depth that any book should require All I can say is that the plot to Tidal was vastly interesting than the previous two books in this series and I am curious to see what happens in the last book But the characters are vapid and, dare I say it, just plain stupid The only one who is remotely real, with a unique character and depth, is Daniel, and even he is lacking in some respects Maybe I have a sup [...]

  19. Este se convirti , hasta ahora, en mi libro favorito de esta saga Y una de las principales razones es que el sarcasmo de Marcy me encanto Desde que empece esta saga con Sirenas, me gusto mucho este personaje, pero definitivamente se convirti en uno de mis personajes secundarios favoritos, me r o mucho con sus comentarios y sus expresiones Sin dudarlo, cada vez que me pregunten, cuales son mis personajes no protagonistas favoritos, sin pensarlo dos veces Marcy estar entre ellos, y a decir verdad [...]

  20. I ve already ordered the last book on Linkcat I m looking forward reading it I hope Gemma destroys the scroll but Thea stays I don t like Penn very much Alex needs to get a grip Either say he loves Gemma or move on

  21. M s largo que los anteriores, mantiene al lector pendiente de que pasar la mayoria del tiempo, hay ciertos cambios en los roles de los personajes y el final simplemente me encant Esta saga mejora con el paso de los libros, me encanta y espero con ansias el cuarto

  22. This was so good, and the ending has opened up lots of possible storylines, I m so excited for the next one SPOILER ALERT PS it ll only make sense if you ve read the book I cannot believe that Penn just kills Lexi Seriously For ages, she was planning on getting rid of Gemma, but noooooo, she kills Lexi instead Besides, her replacement Liv , seems a little weird This was the gist of what happened, and she doesn t even freak out Hey By the way, I m a siren, and I m super gorgeous If you want to be [...]

  23. Tidal like Joke s on You, Reader Amanda Hocking continues to push this series at readers, hoping that maybe this time around that they ll actually enjoy themselves See guys, I m not writing about vampires or angels or zombies, I m writing about scary mermaids Aren t I a trend setter No, you re not In fact, the events of this entire series especially Tidal feel like something the CW shit out for a new summer line up We ve got drama, boys, sex, and blood What s not to love Eugh I ll watch Superna [...]

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