After Forever Ends

After Forever Ends Orphaned by her mother and brushed off by her dad fifteen year old Silvia Cotton had lived a lonely life That is until when her father moved the family from the Highlands of Scotland to the Midl

Orphaned by her mother and brushed off by her dad, fifteen year old Silvia Cotton had lived a lonely life That is until 1985 when her father moved the family from the Highlands of Scotland to the Midlands of Wales It is there she was enrolled in Bennington, a private boarding school, met the charming and rebellious Dickinson twins, Oliver and Alexander, and her regrettabOrphaned by her mother and brushed off by her dad, fifteen year old Silvia Cotton had lived a lonely life That is until 1985 when her father moved the family from the Highlands of Scotland to the Midlands of Wales It is there she was enrolled in Bennington, a private boarding school, met the charming and rebellious Dickinson twins, Oliver and Alexander, and her regrettable life was changed forever Locked into a fierce friendship with Alexander and lost to a whirlwind romance with Oliver, Silvia found herself torn away from everything she thought she knew Married too soon, she moved with Oliver to a rustic cabin deep in a Welsh wood and embarked upon a life she d never planned for, surviving on hope she never knew existed and faith she never knew she had She made her way through university and onto a career, only to surrender her ambition to raising her children and living a life that was strikingly normal But what is normal Certainly not what ensued in the wood.True love, faeries, friendship, loves lost and gained Old magic, fate, doubt, strength and courage, Silvia s story could belong to anyone, but it is her own Simple yet extraordinary, told in retrospect with wit and candor, Silvia recalls a life of joy and sorrow, laughter and tears As she unravels the tangled web of her days, she reveals the secrets that exist in an ancient wood, how hearts given freely can become the stuff of magic, and how true

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After Forever Ends

  1. I m a wife, mother, keeper of fuzzy critters, author, speaker and certified Kitchen Witch When I m not creating Culinary magic, I can usually be found writing stories, reading books, relentlessly tweeting, knitting or delving into fringe Physics Super geek Oh, yeah What else Well, I m funny and quick tempered, older than I look and young enough to be able to fall on roller skates and still move the next day I m short I have curly, red hair My favorite color is emerald green I like Japanese Anime, rainy days, cats, kids, and any movie that includes Simon Pegg I m obsessed with the Science of Physics, particularly Particle Physics, although in the last few years I am drawn and toward Astronomy I m fascinated with Outer Space and what s going on out there Hubble and the Mars Rovers have sparked a passion in me that goes back to the first time I saw Star Wars And that was a long, long time ago I m a curious person by nature I want to know everything about everything, I want to see it I want to understand it so I can understand the origins of our universe But, then again, I want to understand everything in general Some things I never will I will never understand hate I will never understand ignorance I try to let them wash past me, but sometimes it s hard I think, in some ways, it s why I write So I can leave behind a world I don t always understand, one I sometimes find too painful to stay in, and create my own universe One that parallels this one, one that is similar, but one which I, ultimately control One where everything, at least to me, makes sense.In short, I m a happy person I m not perfect and I m not entirely sane, but I don t pretend to be In the end, when I look back at my life I will see an amazing smear of color All the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the strength and weakness that was me I ll see all I did and all I failed at And I will sigh and I will say that I lived I really, truly lived I was real I wrote books And that, I think, will be good enough for me.

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  1. Of course I gave it five stars I wrote it Hee But it s not the stars that count as much as I put my soul into this book So much of it is based upon my own life Based upon people I ve known, places I ve been, and things I have experienced in my own time If I had to break it down, 90% of this book is true Many of the conversations involved actually occurred, almost word for word as I recall them Names are changed, places are switched, but I dug deep into my own life and pulled from way down at the [...]

  2. This review and at Sab The Book EaterThere are love stories, there are Nicholas Sparks books, and then there s THIS This masterpiece by Melodie Ramone This has got to be one of, if not the most touching books I ve ever read I enjoyed every page, every detail, every minute I spent reading it Before everything else, I think it s only fair that I warn you, dear reader, that this book is quite long At 3% I was already complaining how long the book was But the further I got into the story, the I ap [...]

  3. I love you, Just Silvia Don t be hurt or ticked off today Be just fine I don t know how I finished reading After Forever Ends in 2 freaking days, but I did Well, maybe because I can t put it down, and because Oliver and Silvia are just so adorable that I can t afford to waste my time not reading about them Right now, I really don t know how to start this review, because of the overwhelming emotions that I feel about the story Let s see We ll start at the first part of it, where Silvia was with h [...]

  4. Well, I just finished the last book I will ever read for 2012 and what a way to end the year I m a bit at a loss of words of what to say with this book, as it s incredibly touching and moving I have always loved tales of coming of age and reliving past life lessons and love, but this one was a keeper This book is a love story that will have you at times smiling and holding your sides from laughter, but don t be fooledhave the tissues ready It s a tear jerker but in a total good way So do yoursel [...]

  5. This was one of those stories that come into your life for a short time, but leave a profound effect on your soul.Melodie Ramone s AFTER FOREVER ENDS traces the lives of four young people from their early days at Benington, a private school, where they fight for love and honour It is about their rites of passage to university, marriage and parenthood The story then accelerates, much as life seems to, and takes us to some extraordinarily moving chapters as the quartet move into old age It is with [...]

  6. 10 magical stars I m going to start off by saying that I ve never read a book that has inspired me It s reminded me to cherish the ones I love, and never take them for granted It s reminded me to always believe in the magic of this world This book filled my heart with so much love and joy, that by the end I didn t know what to do with myself cause I missed Silvia, Ollie, and Alex so much.This book is a love story Not just between two people It a love story about 4 people, who I truly believe ar [...]

  7. In her debut novel, Melodie Ramone reaches out to readers and invites them to a lovely place in her heart Her passion as a writer is reflected in this uplifting tale that begins with teenagers Sylvia, Oliver, and Alexander, and stretches into the golden years The experiences that come with raising a family and having lifelong friendships run the gamut of emotions in the story, and in than one instance, I found myself thinking, I can relate to that Melodie Ramone s writing style is candid, her c [...]

  8. Thank you, Melodie Ramone, for NOT chopping up After Forever Ends and selling it in sequels, for it is most beautiful the way it is a complete whole love from adolescence to old age, love given freely and completely and returned in kind No need for politics or religion, unless you count the faeries in the Welsh wood, which I do since I believe it was God speaking with Oliver and Silvia through the elves What a unique and wonderful life to love one identical twin as a husband and the second as a [...]

  9. One of my favorite quotes from AFTER FOREVER ENDS is Love is the oldest and greatest of all the magic in the world I open up my review with this quote because Melodie Ramone s novel is absolutely magical True love the high, lows and in between is captured in this remarkable novel about Oliver Dickinson and Just Silvia Cotton you have to read it to understand this reference After Forever Ends is not only a splendid journey of love, it s a lifetime of living set on display for all to experience.Th [...]

  10. How I enjoyed this book called After Forever Ends by Melodie Ramone This is a story of love and life as we go through the days of Sylvia, Oliver and Alexander All the ups and downs of their journey bring you back to your courtship days and family ties Family comes to mind, with love and hate, laughter and tears You can t help but go back in time to when you courted your mate and when you had your first child You put your feet in their shoes feeling everything they went through I love this quote [...]

  11. I have once heard of a quotation saying that while ordinary people live only once, a reader lives many a lifetimes I never really grasped the true meaning of this statement before this book After reading it I feel like I have lived an entire lifetime I have lived, laughed, loved and cried along with the characters in this book that felt so real that I actually miss them now The author writes the book in first person as Silvia a very engaging and interesting protagonist This is her story her life [...]

  12. This is a love story about Sil and Ollie And Alex and Lucy And all their kids and grandkids and their parents, too But mostly, its about Sil and Ollie.Silvia is a teenager, sent to boarding school by her grieving father She is immediately taken in by a group of friends, including twins, Oliver and Alexander The story takes you through their lives from the time Silvia first meets Oliver, the love of her life, to Oliver s last breath at age 85, and there isn t a dull moment all through it.The book [...]

  13. After Forever Ends by Melodie Ramone is an absolutely charming and enchanting love story Told by Silvia, an old widow it is the tale of her love to her husband Oliver, whom she meets at the age of 15 and whom she loves ever since.Their wonderful, sweet, honest, romantic and deep love for each other crosses the paths of a few other significant people, not least Oliver s twin brother Alexander and Silvia s sister Lucy This is the story of their life in Wales, their struggles and their forever.The [...]

  14. Wow wow wow.autiful story, beautifully told Melodie Ramone is truly a very talented author and I can t believe this is her first published book I have read so many books, but none have touched me as deeply as this one I see myself reading it over and over again.I have gone through so many emotions as I ve read this book, nostalgia, sadness, happiness I have cried and I have laughed But I have mostly felt that life should be lived to the fullest I too want to look back one day and have wonderful [...]

  15. After Forever Ends is this sort of the stories that are fitting with no particular genre but just pull you into their world and wouldn t let you go They grab you most firmly and take you along on their journey regardless of your original intentions That s how I felt reading this book taken into someone s life, kindly and warmly, so that I felt completely at home, not a nosy outsider peeking into someone s life but a part of it, invited to learn all I wished about those amazing, interesting, fasc [...]

  16. Wow, what a read If I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring 5 books, After Forever Ends would be on my list I love it that much I could say it s a story about growing up, family, love and the circle of life but that doesn t do justice to the magic contained within the pages It made me howl with laughter and later with tears and then with laughter again The dialogue is as sharp as a knife and totally realistic as are all the characters Sil, the main character, is strong, feisty, lo [...]

  17. Some books stay with you, long after you ve finished them For me, this is one of those books I follow Melodie on Twitter and honestly bought the book because she is a doll I also remember seeing a review on that had plucked out some quotes from the book The quotes read like lyrics or poetry, they were absolutely beautiful The story of Silvia Cotton pulled me right in, the contrast of her loneliness to the love and friendship she found in Oliver and Alexander This beautiful book made me laugh til [...]

  18. Ahhhhh This truly may be my favorite love story of all time Dammit I miss Just Silvia Cotton and sweet Ollie already I don t know that I have ever read a book that was this lengthy but it was sooo worth the investment The typos bothered meI won t liebut somehow in the end I didn t even care which is unheard of for me bc I am a grammar typo freakazoid Every character was perfect Like totally perfect I felt like they were a part of my own family and I miss them already I sobbed during the last 10% [...]

  19. This book made me realize how simple love is I wish i can find an oliver or even an alexander in my life Will read it again if i m sad or even if i m happy it celebrates love, life, family and friends Made me cry throughout.

  20. After Forever Ends is one of those books that once you ve read them, stay with you for a long time And you ll go back, in time, to read a page or two here and there Just because you don t want to forget what was that made you fall in love with the Dickinson brothers, the Cotton sisters and all the characters of a book that is very much like life is Often beautiful, sometimes cruel but always, always magic.

  21. After Forever Ends is new favorite book of mine full of laughter, great characters and a wonderful story that flows smoothly from beginning to end I loved this book especially Alexander Who doesn t love the bad boy But I want to go out into the world and find my Oliver now, too I m inspired that true love does exist and is not a fairy tale that no one can ever have This book inspired me in a number of ways to see the world a little differently than I have It makes you stop and look at your own l [...]

  22. This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read Of course we all love books full of adventure and romance, but I have never been so enraptured by a story that simply told the story of someone s life It was amazing to finally finish a book and not wonder what came next in the lives of the characters you fall so in love with This book is the entire story of two people so in love, and I am so glad to finally finish a book without feeling like I deserved Everything you could ever want in a [...]

  23. Melodie Ramone just cost me a night s sleep.I couldn t stop reading AFTER FOREVER ENDS I simply could not put it away for the night, not while reading phrases such as, I understood none of it Not a thing of any of it, but it was still real and it was beautiful and it was savage and I hated what had happened, but I loved my life I loved my life because of him, because he was in it And, He looked away I just stood with him and shared his shock and sorrow while the world we knew crumbled around us [...]

  24. I love you, Silvia I have always loved you I loved you before forever began and I ll love you still after forever ends The story is one of those typical boy girl happily ever after stories But yet, it is so much Like the synopsis says, its simple but extraordinary This story makes you want to laugh along, smile, be mad, and cry like there s no tomorrow This is the story of Oliver and Silvia They were fifteen, fell crazily in love with each other, eloped away and got married at seventeen, had a [...]

  25. Two stars is generous for this book I m astounded by the number of five star reviews here The book was way too long for a boring story of two people who get married in high school and have a family The fairy story line didn t resonate with me at all, just seemed weird Less important but two things I have to mention 1 This book needs a real editor The nook version is riddled with grammatical errors 2 Someone else mentioned this but the timeline didn t make sense It was clear Silvia was in high sc [...]

  26. Don t ever forget to laugh, even when things are a mess It s the secret of it all Such a beautiful story I was literally living inside the story when I read it I don t want to go back to my real life Hehe The twins, oh Oliver and Alexander, they are inseparable Oliver s love for Silvia is just beyond words Love indeed is the most powerful thing in the world Reading this will put a smile on your face when you think about the story It s also very true to real life, how we respond towards things th [...]

  27. This book grabbed me and pulled me along It was like finding list lifelong friends and catching up The laughter at the twins antics kept me chuckling and every once in a while a stab of recognitionYes thats how it feels The mist important part was falling in love with the twins and Silvia they grabbed my heart and never let go I shared all the joy and all the sorrow I Lived each moment what a wonderful ride What every Melodie writes after this I will be waiting in line a definite writer to follo [...]

  28. This is an incredibly moving tale of family, friendship, magic, and a love that lasts longer than a lifetime Thecharacters are so lovable, they simply pop off the pages and into your imagination with hardly any effort If you enjoy stories that make you laugh and cry sometimes at the same time , than you will love this book

  29. It isn t often that I gush over books in a teenage sort of way, but since the very first chapter, I ve been telling every woman I know about how much I enjoyed reading it It has been a long while since I ve felt so thoroughly connected to a set of characters as I have been with Just Silvia Cotton and the Dickinson brothers After Forever Ends traces the love story of two souls who share life s journey in a way that is so authentic and powerful that it left me in tears and in stitches, often simul [...]

  30. I genuinely enjoyed After Forever Ends Ms Ramone spins an enchanting and highly emotional tale around the themes, of love, loss, family, and magic The author writes of both the joyous, predestined love affair between Oliver and Silvia, and the heartbreaking losses they experience in a way only someone who has known love and loss intimately can Honestly of the faeries Beautiful, and just enough They set the magical tone of the story without becoming ridiculous The characters of Silvia, Alexander, [...]

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